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Candyass roodypoo im racist and not very bright edition

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.
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File: 1655603193810.jpg (295.15 KB, 1280x1024, Bolt_One_Step_Ahead.jpg)

3. Smash your smartphone with a hammer, or at least leave it at home. If you must take it with you, enable airplane mode and put it into a shielded pouch, because smartphones can still receive/transmit even when in airplane mode, and they also spy on you using their speakers (as data transmitters/receivers) by communicating your location to other smartphones in the vicinity.
Instead, buy the cheapest POS "dumb" phone you can get, and disable its data service - that way you can still make calls, send/receive texts, etc but greatly reduce the amount of spying.

If you "must" have Internet while on the go, consider using a small "netbook" or laptop and connect to the Internet using a SIM card USB modem, or your own portable Wi-Fi hotspot, as normal Wi-Fi hotspots are generally very insecure in many ways.

Also remember this very important point - if you own a smartphone that has a SIM card in it, the governments/lizards will know they are one tiny step closer to their plans of enslaving the population! That's because the population requires a certain percentage of smartphone users in order to enslave them all.

By rejecting the use of smartphones yourself, you're already "fighting back" without having to stick your neck out.

4. Pay with cash whenever possible, when someone rejects cash then tell them it's legal tender, if they refuse tell them you're taking your business elsewhere and do so.
Paying with card/smartphone/embedded implant of course tracks your every purchase and lizards/commies can shut it down if you've used up your carbon credits for the month.

c09d6ad0 No.3660065

File: 1655603664712.jpg (823.59 KB, 1587x2473, Happy_Toony_Bolty.jpg)

5. Consider installing Linux on a spare computer, and start dabbling with it. It's not a miracle solution, but it's better than microshaft or temptation-apple, as most Linux distros will spy far less on their users - some don't spy at all.

6. Consider always browsing through a paid-for VPN in a non-Eye-of-Sauron country. It's not perfect, but better than your ISP collecting, selling and passing on your every move on the Internet. Consider a VPN that doesn't require an email address. As far as I know, only Mullvad and IVPN are that way. Pay with a VISA (or other) gift card or Monero if possible.

7. Reduce TV/streaming. They're fucking with you, even if you believe they're not, or you're hardcore enough to block it out. Use your spare time, to level up in real-world life skills and preparedness. TV/streaming/gaming is nowadays created by the absolute worst kinds of people/lizards/NPCs - woketards, pedos, satanists and of course jews, we can't forget about them.
This is a form of "not consuming known poisons" that's actually quite easy to do - only eating organic, growing own food, drinking pure water without fluoride/graphene oxide etc. might be more difficult.

That's all for now, gotta go do stuff. Make sure you mention some easy ideas yourself - especially ones you have experience in.

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File: 1655608027922.jpeg (50.41 KB, 680x511, 75c.jpeg)

>Those who "gave up and did nothing" unsurprisingly tend to be forgotten

Then do something, little bitch! You're the biggest bottom in history! You spend all day on here talking a big game but you do nothing.

Do something! I fucking dare you! Get out of your chair and go do something!

But you won't, will you? You'll just keep crying and whining and you will never accomplish a single thing of note.

You'll die alone and be forgotten.

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File: 1655609963510.png (564.42 KB, 521x454, replysmug.png)

>Do something!

We are, if you even bother reading our posts. The proof is that you come here every day, with a tear on your cheek, bemoaning everyone elses actions. All /POL threads are full of your butthurt whining.

I will share some things I have learned so far.

Whenever the media starts talking about a 'pandemic', I will stop accepting applications for leases on my properties. I will also refuse to renew expiring leases. Rather, I let them go month-to-month only.

Then, when the media begins talking about lock-downs on businesses, I take all those expired, monthly only leases and give 30 day notices to decline the option for renewal because I know now that the government is going to interfere with my livelihood at any time and terminate my cash-flow. It is better to have empty properties than have occupied non-paying tenants.

When asked by tenants why I am refusing to renew the leases, I will pull out printouts of news articles about eviction moratoriums by the government that lasted two years. The tenants will not be angry at me. They will be angry at the government - and you leftists that championed it.

You're welcome.

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File: 1655633175252.jpg (80.75 KB, 651x591, 028_The_Magnificent_Milkma….jpg)

Build a monster in a my laboratory!
A sexy sexy monster.
That's what I'm doing about it.

18381931 No.3660093

this is based as fuck. Are you a real estate guy?

180e4395 No.3660096

File: 1655639084630.jpg (127.74 KB, 667x680, FVYOzPoUUAshnNl.jpg)

>We are, if you even bother reading our posts.

It's true, I skim most of your posts and if it's talking about A.I. or future energy sources I skip them because that's all day dreaming and wishing. You're never going to actually achieve any of that in your life time.

It's just losers trying to make yourselves feel better by imagining a world where white nationalism isn't being crushed under the boot of capitalism.

180e4395 No.3660098

File: 1655640501500.jpg (201.75 KB, 1920x1080, FOkVCNNVUAIwE05.jpg)


I can't imagine a life so empty that you pretend to be a landlord willing to bankrupt himself to get back at the left because we hurt your feelings.

That's just sad on so many levels.

4cf9c81b No.3660099

File: 1655640652024.jpg (23.65 KB, 512x512, funny-teddy-wait-what-meme.jpg)

Teaching children how to properly & safely use fire arms a skill that is and has always been a part American culture is "grooming" ?
I… I'm at a loss for words to describe just how ridiculous that is … It boggles my mind that any one would make that or post that as
a meme and think it was even remotely clever.

01c61afe No.3660102

File: 1655643235703.jpg (51.83 KB, 603x452, 6k664r.jpg)

>a landlord willing to bankrupt himself
>bankrupt himself
>government forcing me to house tenants that do not pay while risking damage to said properties

Any business owner will recognize that this is risk management. Getting a property destroyed by someone who is obviously UNABLE to PAY BASIC NECESSITIES is poor risk management.

You get them out. Simple as…..

You clearly have not worked a day in your life in any kind of capital risk enterprise.

Confirmed: 3B is a communist - or stupid.

01c61afe No.3660103


Small business guy renting properties. Buy run down houses and fix them up then rent them.

01c61afe No.3660104

File: 1655643936485.jpg (87.82 KB, 720x650, gunsafety children crewser….jpg)


You are completely correct….it is difficult to understand what his mindset must be like - the cognitive dissonance must be staggering.

Meanwhile, in China…..


d843237c No.3660105


Yet he would also defend grooming and start spewing NAMBLA talking points. Tell us all about how fucking children isn't as harmful as teaching them how to hunt.

726b8919 No.3660108

File: 1655652833456.jpg (61.4 KB, 680x465, 1655442069195~3.jpg)

9fdb253a No.3660110

File: 1655655654417.jpg (38.73 KB, 480x360, rgb-pedophile-quote.jpg)

>Tell us all about how fucking children isn't as harmful as teaching them how to hunt.

180e4395 No.3660113

File: 1655660912141.jpg (263.35 KB, 1500x2459, FUrpoxgWUAIWLtY.jpg)


These people aren't teaching their kids just gun safety. They are teaching them insanity.

Frankly all of them should have their children taken away and deprogramed then put into a home with mentally stable parents.

180e4395 No.3660114

File: 1655665352749.jpg (74.43 KB, 679x403, FVoRu8pXoAIMuyx.jpg)

Texas Republicans on Saturday acted on a raft of resolutions and proposed platform changes to move their party even further to the right.

The new platform calls for:

Removing the state legislature's ability to regulate fire arms in any way.

Treating homosexuality as “an abnormal lifestyle choice.” So basically making being a bigot the official platform. Which does explain why they uninvited the Log Cabin Republicans (The gay republican coalition) from the meeting.

Defining "Gender Identity Disorder" as "genuine and extremely rare mental health condition."

Requiring all official documents to always show your biological sex. (Which honestly I don't have a problem with because sex and gender are two different things.)

Defining sexual transitioning services as medical malpractice.

Creating civil penalties for both the doctor and the patient who under goes gender reassignment surgery.

Creates a (Socialist!) fund to pay for people to "de-transition" by going to the doctors to get the kind of surgery they just said they want to make illegal.

Changing the U.S. Constitution to cement the number of Supreme Court justices at nine.

Repeal the 16th Amendment of 1913, which created the federal income tax.

Abolish the Federal Reserve and diversify America's monetary policy to include cryptocurrencies instead of only dollars.
(Which would absolutely destroy us but no one ever claimed Republicans understood economic theory)

Declaring "All businesses and jobs as essential and a fundamental right." so your boss has the legal right to force you to come to work even during a pandemic.

Ensuring "The freedom to travel by opposing Biden’s Clean Energy Plan" which created bike lanes and mass transit and that is somehow bad?

And lastly my personal favorite….

Requiring Texas students "to learn about the humanity of the preborn child," including teaching that life begins as soon as your cum shoots into a girl's vagina.

They also want to require students to listen to live ultrasounds of gestating fetuses while they talk about what abortions are. You know, to maximize the psychological trauma done to a teenager just before they start puberty.


ce27bba5 No.3660117


ce27bba5 No.3660118


180e4395 No.3660120

File: 1655668349778.png (561.2 KB, 600x600, FVobSMtUsAU2Ose.png)

Oh, I forgot one thing from the Texas Republican platform. On the last page they added a special note saying that it is the official stance of the Texas Republican party that Joe Biden did not win the election and is not president.

So they are fully and officially embracing the crazy.

d843237c No.3660125


Step 1: Move out of Texas

Step 2: Quit your bitching

Why does it bother you SO much that someone else might want to live differently than you?

6f3dedc3 No.3660130

> the legal right to force you to come to work even during a pandemic

No. You can quit your job. If you feel at risk living in a state with that kinda law, move to California instead.

180e4395 No.3660138

File: 1655683581368.jpg (29.62 KB, 396x342, FVnx3lQWAAEkf6J.jpg)

>Why does it bother you SO much that someone else might want to live differently than you?

Because conservatives "Life style choice" is to strip the rights away from other people and criminalize simply existing in ways in that the religious right doesn't approve of.

You don't get the freedom to take away other people's freedom. That's not how America works.

01c61afe No.3660139

File: 1655687516626-0.jpg (101.21 KB, 633x490, gunclassschool.jpg)

>These people aren't teaching their kids just gun safety. They are teaching them insanity.
>High School teachers teaching insanity.

No, you are thinking of kindergarten teachers in sex grooming classes.

688b813a No.3660141

File: 1655691107629-0.jpg (18.82 KB, 458x570, gyroscopemechanism.jpg)

File: 1655691107630-1.png (1.26 MB, 2409x1964, applsci-06-00052-g004.png)

File: 1655691107630-2.jpg (43.32 KB, 850x345, Gyroscope-components-and-g….jpg)

Physicists argue that there is no such thing as centripetal (inward) force. Only centrifugal (outward). A tethered object may similar centripetal force (but it cannot actively do so in remote usage)

A way to illustrate the transfer of potential energy that lies on CENTRIPETAL force theory and doing so remotely, is to use a universal trick in which you are also passing an ION through a magnetic field. The ION charge does not charge and must remain unchanged as it passes the center of the magnetic field or EMP, then as it passes through the other end of the field (it has achieved a same-state in polarity, that the contact of that Photon with a conductive surface exchanges POTENTIAL energy into a free resource of energy. This however requires a gyroscope to zap the photon or ion through an ATOM (this causes nuclear reactions on a subatomic level of course but the photon remains uncontacted until it reaches the end of its trajectory in ellipsooidal spacetime. This is basically the same as simulating a hyperspace tunnel, except there is no warp involved (just a luck of the draw straight shot of a photon) Of course the energy to do this is required but the result is a cleaner purer transfer of "free energy". The costs of doing so however outweight the effect of it overall, it does generate a trick of polarity in the diffractions of many photons doing so the ones that succeed in "avoiding having their poles switched over by heat deaths or random casuaulties).

688b813a No.3660142


It happens that centrifugal force is applied in the wave mechanics of those photons and ions. That there is a quantum build up of other particles (aside from the ones going fully nuclear) That we essentially are passing particles directly through a state of fissile fusion in which many things involved may effect the flow of particles in the wave being diffracted. BUT overall the ones we expect to cheat the system here are the ones that pass through correctly and are picked up by the other end of the gyro. The gyro will balance the system out that it picks up alot of course there are gravity mechanics seeing as how generating energy at that order of magnitude is important to note (that each successive gyroscopic layer enhances and balances the others within their own placement and margins). Simple gyroscopic technique to create a synchronicity in particles we are then harnessed by whatever way possible. A dyson sphere basically. BUT centripetal force is only used in the ideal that a tethered object spinning, and using remote gyroscopic rings will lose out on centripetal force (uh oh.) How do we solve this? Simple, we get another gyroscope binary to the first. And relay the particles between themselves tricking the system that we use as well, that centripetal force exists in this remote scenario. (Generating a Supercritical particle likely the higgs boson itself) We now can rewrite the universe.

688b813a No.3660144

While I believe there is some cation or anion supply being delivered under molecular effects in the "relay" I also think they achieve a super critical state in transferring the photons and ions (ALOT of things can happen here) being that the higgs boson begins to unviel itself in the nature of breaking down these particles. One gyroscope is enough to succesfully generate free energy. While having a relay or extension of that delivered to another gyroscope provides a reciprocated quantity of potential energy being converted. This can build up very very quickly in the rebounding between each that represents not only a supercritical capability but also a way in which the cation/anions being built up in quantum space begin to also achieve this state. A singularity of these particles under the vectors generated in their orthganol retroactivity (there is a formula for this in guessing the position of their half life) f ai it or something but its not really important just helps to prove.)

The simultaneity has already been achieved between the state of the particles in the first gyroscope, and become super critical.
By the second installment of the relay we have developed not only a particle collider but a supercritical particle collider that will likely generate either a higgs boson or some other form of it such as a gravitron.

688b813a No.3660145

obviously that is alot of science to take in but the next steps are pretty much what it takes to make the "big bang so im not really going to just tell someone how to do that except that you know its easy to figure out if you know"

688b813a No.3660146

hmm hmm i prefer to instead milk probability and i think you should too.

688b813a No.3660147

instead of blowing up alot of the world we would make a plasma beam generator similar to a loic lol. and as science would use it to "blow away asteroids or whatever" it basically would act as a loic where it sends a plasma jet (basically a literal sunbeam that also shutdowns particles and annihilates them upon contact) (its pretty stupid how easy it is)

180e4395 No.3660164

File: 1655715353168.jpg (269.99 KB, 1235x1920, FICVP9gVUAMp1LC.jpg)


Again, the guns aren't the problem. Teaching kids that guns=freedom and the only way to find real justice in the world is to shoot people who you don't like is the problem.

No one complains about kids learning gun safety. People are complaining about kids being brainwashed into thinking that guns are part of their identity and culture.

I can't believe I have to explain this, again, but MURDER SHOULD NOT BE PART OF CULTURE.

8ef6c4c9 No.3660166

File: 1655716265092.jpg (20.33 KB, 389x382, 1492d8c7469f04b2cd275e3494….jpg)

I know I'm a bimbo but God Damn you're stupid. I may not own any fire arms myself but YES you stupid intolerant bigot gun owner ship is very much a part of American culture.

How many of these mass shootings could have prevented if there
was trained and armed staff on stand by who had been trained to neutralize these kinds of threats?

Oh I don't know… Literally all of them?

c09d6ad0 No.3660167

File: 1655716599199.jpg (62.07 KB, 600x674, Cheerful_Bolty.jpg)

Holy crap, those things sound amazing.

For the first time ever, I enjoyed reading a 3Broken post (which he just copy/pasted, but whatever) - the icing on the cake was the part where his spike protein induced prion-diseased mind/program once again defaulted to feigned moral and intellectual superiority.
So, how are those alien-like hydra creatures that you've had injected with that fake vax and its infinite boosters treating you?

8ef6c4c9 No.3660168

File: 1655716833225.png (18.1 KB, 900x842, png-clipart-my-little-pony….png)

>Conservatives want to strip you of your rights
>So let us do it instead.

How about we just respect each other's rights leave well enough alone?

You're siding with people who are out to disarm citizens, turn children against their parents, make untested experimental vaccines mandatory, silence and sabotage any and all decent what's so ever and you want to preach to us about civil liberties and the evils of "conservatives"?

Wow. Just wow.

7b90ef03 No.3660171

File: 1655718480068-0.png (976.5 KB, 5285x3762, 7ubjq2msin691.png)

File: 1655718480068-1.png (972.02 KB, 5285x3762, flqhdtmrum691.png)

8ef6c4c9 No.3660172

File: 1655719034067.jpg (118.9 KB, 800x400, pollworkersj.jpg)

This kind'a shit right here is why"the left can't meme" became a meme.

1. Hank Hill is exactly the kind of individual who would have supported Trump. So the premise right off the bat is ridiculous.
2. Isn't Hank Hill from Texas? Isn't he also a republican? Yeah he is.
3. Fucking GOOD. At least the Texas Republicans have the nuts to call out bullshit when they see bullshit and stand thier ground on jt.

4. You want to talk about crazy? How about an election where every single one of hundreds maybe thousands of affidavits made by election staff were r
ejected and ignored entirely, blocking ballots watchers from doing their job with card boarded up windows, a candidate with the the lowest turn out for campaigns wins an election with "the most votes in history" ballot machine audits repeatedly ignored and denied, voting machines with verified wifi signals when they are not supposed to have those at all and we're expected to just accept this as legit?

And now… You can't even accept your stolen election victory gracefully? The man isn't even the president any more and your still crying about him.

And you want to tell us they're the "crazy" ones?
Y'all won okay. You cheated and won. Congratulations.
They got away with it.

I'll accept that it was stolen and won but no I and the Texas Republicans Party absolutely refuse to go along pretend like it was legit.

You know it was stolen, I know it was stolen, literally every single American in the entire country with access to internet knows it was stolen.
Some of us are comfortable lying about it and playing along. Some us not so much.

180e4395 No.3660174

File: 1655720137668.png (748.86 KB, 1182x681, arming-teachers-for-teache….png)


Yeah, that's not going to work for many, many reasons. This nonsense has been disproven for decades.


2019 and 2022 update.


180e4395 No.3660179

File: 1655720652189.jpg (557.17 KB, 3183x1500, FUOmyWwXsAAUzRC.jpg)

>You're siding with people who are out to disarm citizens

No, I'm in favor of disarming CRAZY PEOPLE and CRIMINALS.

That's what background checks are for.

If you're not a crazy person or a murder then the background check shouldn't be a problem for you. The laws would be protecting you not taking away your rights.

If you are dangerously unstable or a murder, yes, we want to take away the tools you will use to murder people.
How can you be so stupid that you have a problem with taking away guns from murders?

The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun, right?

c09d6ad0 No.3660181

File: 1655720919329.jpg (58.06 KB, 700x515, Bolty_Call_4_a_Hero.jpg)

>You can't even accept your stolen election victory gracefully? The man isn't even the president any more and your still crying about him.
I'm no legal eagle, but if the election was fraudulent, which it was, then there's no way that "Biden" is president, and that Trump remained the president all along.
One can't "steal" an election, but one can certainly create a fraudulent one and pretend that someone was elected.
"Biden" wasn't elected - Trump was, which makes Trump the president.

Also - by responding to 3Broken's pre-programmed posts with any kind of emotion, all you're doing is getting upset over what a bot had posted, and then go on to try and argue with it. He's barely even sentient at this point.

8ef6c4c9 No.3660183

File: 1655721555209.jpg (89.24 KB, 700x699, 3139b0b2fc427ff34fe5394bd1….jpg)

Did say "teachers"? Did even say faculty? I said staff. People hired to protect. You are verifiably observably and objectively a lunatic and a habitual lair. You have no regard for logic, reason, fairness or objective reality. … Only your convoluted confused clusterfuck clown show communist narrative.
There is no point in engaging with you.
The only reason any of us do is because it's amusing to us to watch you continue defend it.

Me and Circus Fox are clowns because it's fun for us to be clowns and we like doing it. We may be a joke, we may be unironic clowns but at least we're honest about it. We know and embrace it.

You're a clown because you actually believe the bigoted intolerant bile you spew and would rather die than be honest about anything. You see your position as some grand noble "fight for social justice" rather exactly what it is.
A fucking clown show in clown world.

8ef6c4c9 No.3660185

File: 1655722023741.png (174.57 KB, 500x276, fuckin-magnets-how-do-they….png)

I'm not super into ICP's music. I wouldn't exactly call myself a jugalo nor do I agree with thier stance on everything… But ICP warned us… And they were absolutely right..
they said the dark carnival was coming and now it's here and we're all living in it.

Honk Honk mother fucker!

180e4395 No.3660187

File: 1655722763253-0.png (1.42 MB, 1452x759, Republican-protestors-FL-2….png)

File: 1655722763253-1.png (287.49 KB, 619x405, fake-protestors.png)

>One can't "steal" an election

Actually, one CAN steal an election and one has been stolen by Bush Jr. from Al Gore in 2000.

After 2 terms of Clinton the election was a close margin between Bush and Gore. It was so close that it came down to one state. So unthinkably razor thin, the election was practically a tie.

The states had all turned in their results and while Gore won the popular vote, except for Florida (A state run by Jeb Bush, George's Brother).

Jeb! declared George the winner of Florida by less than 1 thousand votes in the state.

Because of this razor thin margin, under Florida law, a recount was required.

However Republicans didn't want the votes counted. For some reason they were afraid that the total would change if they were counted the second time.

In fact Republicans were so upset that the votes were being recounted that they sent congressional aids to literally storm the recount center and stop the count in Florida with threats of violence.

Since Florida couldn't complete it's count, the Supreme Court stepped in and surprise, surprise, the majority Republican court picked the Republican to be president.

You know what Al Gore did? He stepped down because he isn't a child and he realized that even if it was stolen, the peaceful transition of power is a corner stone of our republic and we shouldn't let our own ego be more important than the country.

By the way, when the recount was completed, turns out, Al Gore had won both the popular vote and the Electoral College.

He still didn't demand the presidency because he put America first.

Once again, everything Republicans claim Democrats do is projection.

688b813a No.3660188

there is something worse than magnets lol. protein manifolds. which respond to them (unleashing what i can only refer to as a cosmic space virus)

180e4395 No.3660189

File: 1655723291120-0.png (713.96 KB, 1186x776, uvalde.youtube.com.png)


Schools in Texas have armed guards. How did that work out for them?

Most schools have armed officers already. It's stopped almost NOTHING.


d843237c No.3660191


The socialist can't tell the difference between self defense and murder because they are, without fail, the aggressor.

So…. fuck running free and fair elections. The only thing that matters is the supremacy of the state? Of course that would be your stance…

Someone spouting off like this ought to know that Bush would have won the recount anyway even if SCOTUS hadn't halted it. The recounts that eventually returned results for Gore included ballots that wouldn't have been a part of that original recount anyway.

93cc4019 No.3660196

File: 1655736525632.jpg (24.95 KB, 288x213, gw_al_gore_fire.jpg)


Ughhh! What a shitshow of a post.

You are going to make me defend that idiot Bush Jr, huh? By the Elder Gods you are an asshole.

I will address the legal aspects only since it is the only relevant part.

When it became apparent that Gore was not going to be able to close the last 300 votes he needed to carry the state of Florida, he attempted to game the system.

He chose heavily democratic precincts and demanded recounts there. That triggered a lawsuit from Bush since that violated the 14th amendment of equal protection. You do not get to cherrypick a recount that way to get a few more votes from partisan districts. It is all or nothing.

The statewide recounts began….some areas before others. It became clear that irregularities were showing up on ballots in Democratic precincts. That triggered more lawsuits that ended up in the Florida Supreme Court. That court is filled (at the time) with partisan Democratic judges who sided with Gore. That forced Bush to appeal to the supreme court.

Those appeals outside of the Florida Supreme Court destroyed Gores chances of winning at his gaming strategy, and at that point, Gore conceded and went on to invent the internet and global warming.

To say that Gore did anything "for the American People" is just laughable.

>3B posted it

Of course…….

b61250c5 No.3660208


I have said this before, I will say it again.

If Bin Laden had actually planned and envisioned the development inside USA , post "war on terror" with the Fear, Paranoia, mistrust and fragmentation of the American society triggered by 9/11 then he was an unrecognized Savant.

USA does not need outside enemies anymore. You people will do all the work yourself now.

Pure and simple.

180e4395 No.3660209

File: 1655748798824-0.png (826.26 KB, 725x821, white-replacement.png)

File: 1655748798824-1.png (60.98 KB, 656x462, www.williamsonhomepage.com.png)


Yep. You can always count on fragile white men to be terrorists.

8a0390b4 No.3660210

Just more feds trying to justify their inflated budgets

d843237c No.3660211


Oh no. How many black people did they kill!?

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