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Because i noticed a charity i am in that helps special needs people didn't put any LGBT pride thing on their facebook page or such.

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File: 1654750019936.png (620.19 KB, 580x761, monkeypox hugs anthrocon.png)

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Free republic and Conservapedia and /pol/ are that way >>>>>>>>>>

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>a charity i am in that helps special needs people
Are you one of those "special" people the charity helps?

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Yes,i have aspergers and i think ADHD.

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bump back to top

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>When company use rainbow in their logo on pride month:


>When company didn't use rainbow in their logo on pride month:


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File: 1654907542382.png (449.56 KB, 782x616, b9d707e8657ace5b7e281e9404….png)

the gay pride thing is almost insulting, for more reasons than I can spout. The only one waving around those rainbow flags are ass hats. In military terms I'd put it as stolen valor.

99% of the ones waving the flags are shit head kids, or corporations like walmart that were historically anti gay. The few of us that actually struggled, and still struggle with being gay don't hold parades or wave flags around.

d533ce9a No.3659520

seriously, so many corps that wave that rainbow flag, have historically not promoted people past a certain age if they weren't married, cause they didn't want faggots up in their corporate ladder. Then suddenly it became politically correct and they started bending over backwards like history wasn't a thing.

d533ce9a No.3659522

not to mention that california gays and pride parades make people who "just happen to like guys" like me, look like hyper sexual super bimbo freakazoids, and then everyone want to be understanding of your "interests" to not seem homophobic…

its a real pain in the ass.

Its like christmas last year, my mom bought me a bunch of makeup and glittery nail polish. And then was all upset when I got pissed, cause she thought that its what "you people like."

2a8216f3 No.3659525

Don't forget all the boring straight white chicks who call themselves "queer" just so they can feel special and claim to be oppressed.

The whole point of pride in the beginning was to show other that us gays were just regular people like them who happened to be gay. Knowing regular people who happened to be gay is what made people ok with us. Trannies and coroner's are ruining it for the majority of gays.

cb783c1b No.3659526


And this is important - why?

83f13d7b No.3659530


But meanwhile, there are still straight people assuming other people are straight just like them.

Like last night when i was walking in public, a man was telling another man in a group of two men and two girls "marry her"

I wonder,if we should be like OMGERD, stop assuming everyone is straight, that is heterosexist and straight privilage and erases gay and bisexual identities.


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File: 1654935654389-3.jpg (901.85 KB, 1832x2560, transregrets-scaled.jpg)

File: 1654935654389-4.jpg (86.52 KB, 1044x712, DNxtVzoUMAASAJT.jpg)


You mesn like some 'tran' people who decided to transition because of "the phase" without knowing the cons of society stigma, then regretting it? And somehow the tran community decided these people aren't a real tran and consider them as part of the transphobe agenda?

03a0f57d No.3659560

e62ceb4d No.3659561

How about they survey all the trannies that killed themselves and ask if they are satisfied?

65b77dea No.3659565

>>How about they survey all the trannies that killed themselves and ask if they are satisfied?

Well, I'm pretty convinced that most normal people are satisfied about it.

03a0f57d No.3659571

File: 1654952664583.jpg (380.49 KB, 1080x968, Screenshot_20220611-191858….jpg)

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File: 1655001781083-0.png (901.76 KB, 900x629, D3679B6E-EEF1-4D1F-BFBA-2B….png)

File: 1655001781083-1.jpeg (73.54 KB, 500x554, 9387E88D-BF8E-4FEE-9875-C….jpeg)

File: 1655001781083-2.jpeg (121.96 KB, 1024x829, 0E09D1A4-9F8C-420C-A6E3-4….jpeg)

File: 1655001781083-3.jpeg (149 KB, 795x1024, 7B22DE03-B68D-487C-8805-7….jpeg)

File: 1655001781083-4.jpeg (79.93 KB, 640x553, A2AC115C-201C-43CF-8FF2-2….jpeg)

Hats off to gay people who are not shills for globo-homo!

But to those who don’t think trans regret isn’t a thing then just let people speak.

I used to at least go with hormone treatment but now I question that!

138c82c4 No.3659608

It's actually worse than that. I'm pretty sure that pole was self-selected and online or something. It was made up only of people still alive and who still considered themselves trans.

These people live in an absolute fantasy, which is why no criticism is ever allowed, because it shatters the fantasy.

7e7904fc No.3659609

No one can tell if you are a boy or a girl unless you are explicitly showing skin no one is going to know so stop trying to identify as it outside your own social groups and then once you are back in their welcome arms you have all the support to go about feeling normal with the normies. I don't get how this is such a challenge to just off/on something but I guess if you are sick in the head that you need to be given special treatment from everyone (because it doesn't fit your world view that you aren't some pussy on a pedastal even tho you weren't born with it/ same goes for the other side who the fuck cares about your fucking dick size unless you are using it then youre on the block as they say) then I guess you need to wear a crown everywhere you go stating specifically as well what your royal highness needs so we don't offend the ticking time bomb.

d533ce9a No.3659613

>no one can tell if you are a boy or girl

I disagree, my epic goatee stash combo gives me not just 20% more guyness, but also karate powers.

Plus no matter what I do, since my hair is black as hell at night and my mustache and eyebrows do this thing where they're always pointy, and pointy in the same direction, it makes me permanently chaotic evil, even though I'm true neutral at worst.

d533ce9a No.3659615

File: 1655010351061.jpg (30.04 KB, 1280x720, bearded-lady.jpg)

I only say 20% because in today's world, plenty of women have full blown wizard beards.

Really, I'm part native american so my beard is splotchy at best, more than a few trans girls can blast me out of the water with their beard's power level.

7e7904fc No.3659617

Gender doesn't matter in a workplace where a vocational expertise is favored, if you are being hired for gender solely on your profile you have achieved maximum bigot-subservience so either it works for you or it doesn't.

You aren't going to melt a bigot's heart with intellgence and tolerance for his prized lack of ethics, it just so happens in a workplace it doesn't work because of profits. Either you are making the company money or not, it has nothing to do with your looks unless you are a supermodel, then imo be glad you have anything at all.

There are cases where maybe your hot secretary will win a deal but good luck unless you are dealing with straight up kinky perverted japanese working class being a tranny. You are technically doing the jobs missy normal pillowbags won't.

Ok, sorry to put it out there, trannies in the work place aren't going to make any difference for the company unless they can threaten a business deal into a handshake at detachable dickpoint. So just aim for entry level and float around until you wind up in tranny-lowe's sucking composite out of the stockroom port o johns like all the rest. That is the only cubicle they don't complain about imo.

Bigots are just as socially backwards as sex-activists but they aren't going to swap places if their companies are generating revenue then that's how things work. Social acceptence has nothing to do with the market and the only thing that matters is advertising halfassed work/pretty colors more than doing actual business. There are no real morals to a successful trade, but seeing two evils work together could also have a drastic difference, it still will never last.

d533ce9a No.3659627

surprisingly accurate.

7b828e33 No.3659820

File: 1655265768558.jpg (86.93 KB, 902x960, a4eaf83747b7b845cbfe449db8….jpg)

One thing too is bigots, who will be against LGBT types, but yet will vote for rich people to get elected, when the bible says that rich people suck.



And Jesus was actually a hippie.

But repugs when told to give to the poor are "that's socialist" when Jesus himself said to give to the poor.


9c850df0 No.3659837

File: 1655311671325.jpg (156.76 KB, 964x1042, terf pride.jpg)

Why are the arms so Photoshop blurred?
My guess: To hide all the fugly tattoos to hide their identity.

c9140cad No.3659876

Yes… Jesus was a hippie and I can't worship a hippie.

d533ce9a No.3659898

File: 1655392781703.jpg (8.3 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

on the surface, but in reality he was a total dick. The church at the time were total assholes, and dicks fuck assholes, and he fucked a lot of assholes. Hippies are pussies, and pussies can't fuck assholes. Figuratively speaking. A hippie would have just chilled out and made a drum circle or something.

afed79ae No.3659910


Jesus did buffalo.

f33cfed5 No.3659913


Answer me this: What does it mean to dress like a woman, without using the words woman or female?

54decd68 No.3659914

It's a fetish

b9d2a12a No.3659915

Mental illness

c6ed1663 No.3659924

d533ce9a No.3659926

breaking social norms, there is nothing definitively feminine or masculine about wearing a skirt. Its just clothes, unless you start taking hormones all it is, is wearing unacceptable clothing.

d533ce9a No.3659927

then again there is the whole thing of taking it too far, which drag queens like poly tend to do.

d533ce9a No.3659928

the worst thing to do in that case is letting them take it too far, thats what leads to little boys getting raped. Its the main reason I stopped being friendly to polly, once someone breaks social norms, it just seems natural to them to break all of them.

b318501e No.3659935

Being openly gay also used to be against social norms you absolute numpty

0e2ae3be No.3659949

Jesus H Christ bro do you think you're socially normal in any way? Posting 15+ times a day on 'le underground furriez' board and all of the insane shit you say over and over again, and you're judging other people on their SOCIETAL NORMS??

d533ce9a No.3659953

definitely not, but irl I'm in stealth mode. Im not like Poly who lives with transgenders, makes being an inflatable bimbo a life style, and keeps getting evicted for sexually harassing people.

Thats the difference. I put up a normal persona in day to day life, freaks like him just embrace it. The guy has like 6 transgender roommates at this point? That says something about a person.

d533ce9a No.3659955

I had a huge problem with this back when I was a teen and was going to fur meets. There were this select group of guys who thought they could act like they were on the internet 24/7. They'd just randomly see a dog and just loudly blurt out how cute it's balls looked or how he probably had the best knot.

Its one of the main reasons I quit going to furmeets, freaks for days.

54decd68 No.3659965

The Burned Furs we're right. Just like furries, the "gay community" has a problem where they refuse to gatekeep in the name of "acceptance" and as a result it gets inundated with shitheads and pedophiles (trannies) that ruin it for all the sane gays

31c1f4fa No.3659977

The "community" itself was/is created by the freaks, so that comes naturally.

The core influencers of any movement based on social/sexual deviancy are those who are the most deviant. Their motivation is to hide or dilute their own actions and gaslight the public with a collection of moderate deviants and "vaguely interested" people around them.

Never forget: the first furry cons were fetish parties. The evidence is still on youtube.

bd694a2f No.3660002

File: 1655524254167.jpg (111.44 KB, 840x840, 10422109_902519099800759_8….jpg)

207af371 No.3660003

So if they're the same, why does the left LOVE MUSLIMS but hate Christians? Answer me that.
And last time I checked, Christians were out helping the poor, and Muslims weren't, and Christians weren't flying airplanes into skyscrapers.

ce62215d No.3660005

File: 1655533509508.jpg (36.45 KB, 302x512, buddychrist.jpg)


Most christfags like to project that image. End of the day, they're just as big a piece of shit as any other Joe Schmoe. Most wouldn't think twice about letting some ni­gger in Africa starve to death.

05f38a3a No.3660020

Because they're cowards. Christians are easy targets.You criticize a Christian the worse you'll get is a snarky passive aggressive "I'll pray for you". You criticize a Muslim they thier liable slit your throat.

d533ce9a No.3660025

File: 1655558538215.png (768.81 KB, 600x582, fbb.png)

You know the Catholic church has a series of priests praying for your sake constantly, its like literally their jobs, to just tag team an eternal prayer. So if being prayed for rustles your jimmies, have fun knowing that someone is praying for you at every second of every day.

As a matter of fact I'm going to pray for your return from the dark side right now.

05f38a3a No.3660029

File: 1655559587530.png (95.83 KB, 580x378, file.png)

K, good luck with all that.
I'd rather get "prayed for" than get my throat slit.

d533ce9a No.3660040

8ef089b6 No.3660041

File: 1655566584157.gif (184.02 KB, 267x186, reply pichachu bueno.gif)

8e56906f No.3660049

File: 1655580312469.jpeg (450.47 KB, 1454x1726, FVi8hqsVUAA7viZ.jpeg)

Being gay is far better than being into bimbos

58525485 No.3660066


Jesus i read was actually Black or Middle Eastern and not white like how the Italian artists have drew him as.

9e2ff7d7 No.3660080

File: 1655625719208.jpg (51.15 KB, 419x433, chinese-jesus.jpg)

I would just like to point out that because no actually knows what Jesus actually looked like that it is only natural for members of a particular race to depict Jesus as what ever race they themselves are and used to seeing.

I get that it's the new hip in thing to condemn any historical action taken by white people as "motivated by racism" while dismissing literally all the rest of history and depict white people as rascist simply by virtue of existing… But in all honesty it should be no surprise to any one that x race would depict Jesus as x. But of course when white people do it… It's because "muh racism".

I am not implying that's the point you were trying to make. Only that it's one I've come across frequently.

9e2ff7d7 No.3660082

File: 1655626026955.gif (1.4 MB, 498x297, eyeroll-annoyed.gif)

Of course being gay is better than men being attracted to sexualized women in revealing clothing.

Because a society having any kind of standards and norms what's ever is "bad" now for… reasons that are entirely vague and unclear.

9e556f02 No.3660083

File: 1655626410357-0.png (333.05 KB, 595x645, 0B4DF0B3-724F-4D48-B5EE-13….png)

File: 1655626410357-1.jpeg (116.52 KB, 639x1024, 4D9FAE42-3D36-4FDC-9898-0….jpeg)

File: 1655626410357-2.jpeg (69.44 KB, 640x460, DE4FBDAF-17DC-4214-8BA2-8….jpeg)

File: 1655626410357-3.jpeg (150.98 KB, 708x668, 2578F0A8-F156-4704-815C-9….jpeg)

File: 1655626410357-4.jpeg (34.17 KB, 480x497, AE52A157-94FF-4126-A209-7….jpeg)

Probably most of the problem people are walking dead anyways….

bce86c3a No.3660101

File: 1655642454739.jpg (3.67 MB, 2432x4320, christianity jesus in japa….jpg)

1db1022f No.3660165

File: 1655715679363.jpg (66.44 KB, 1000x562, MV5BMTI0MTRiMmItMTQ5My00Zj….jpg)

I've heard about this… But if this is true then it explains the whole "resurrection" incident and means that whole thing was a magic trick and that the crucifixion narrative was a fucking lie.

Which is all the more reason to for me to continue being a Satanist.

8e56906f No.3660169

You're as much a satanist as the Hot Topic mall goths from my teenage years.

Just convert to Islam, you have the same concept of womanhood as the Muslims do

1db1022f No.3660175

File: 1655720146606.jpg (456.68 KB, 1600x901, l-intro-1644348381.jpg)

Tell yourself what ever you need to sleep at night. I became a Christian as an act of rebellion. I became a Satanist an act of faith.
Insult my drag? Have ever considered that drag in general is an exaggerated parody of feminity?

It's basically woman face. Like black face… But instead of black people being parodied by people who are not black…Its women being parodied by people who are not women?

Trixie has so on so much eye shadow and make up here you hardly tell she even has eyes.

d533ce9a No.3660220

>im not as bad as him

>so I'm not bad

only thing is he does it artfully, you… well I don't even know how badly to describe what you do.

a861838e No.3660248

File: 1655777347482.png (299.98 KB, 1153x649, its-burl.png)


Drag is a parody of burlesque performances not a parody of women.

Geeze, read a history book.


d533ce9a No.3660249

File: 1655777567696.jpg (101.22 KB, 736x736, d2ccb7b09581da0c83b9229429….jpg)

I have to agree with you
Do you have any teachings that are particularly striking and close to you or are you just on a rampage to offend Christians because you feel insecure? Or unsure of your place in this world? Or are you just an atheist cuck looking to make a scene?

d533ce9a No.3660252

File: 1655778934340.jpg (83.84 KB, 1087x725, ff4729_1e1037e734884fcda27….jpg)

Just saying aufy, you might not be able to say your's but mine is "Love is patient, love is kind, it isn't jealous, it doesn't brag, it isn't arrogant"

By my past actions it might seem condescending, but I try to make up for it.

I was a being of hatred and im trying my hardest to not be that thing anymore

a861838e No.3660260

File: 1655786159059.png (470.81 KB, 578x857, jeans.png)

>Love is patient, love is kind, it isn't jealous, it doesn't brag…

Funny how you quote 1 Corinthians 13 but leave out the next part which is a direct refutation of everything you ever stood for as a person.

"It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.

Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth."

You can't claim to embrace love and embrace MAGA conservatism at the same time. Conservatism is the opposite of righteousness.

554fb9c6 No.3660261

The difference of Good and Evil are a concept

The difference of Smart and stupid is a reality.

81f9ea7d No.3660262

im trans if that matters

8e56906f No.3660280

Get you inevitable suicide over with already

81f9ea7d No.3660282

im already dead inside if that matters.

e78251f7 No.3660286


Please message me if you need to talk. gaydisaster at protonmail dot ch

c57adbbe No.3660322

File: 1655871122247.jpg (111.84 KB, 850x1202, a16f39381e0bd394027accd05c….jpg)

With the 'snip snip' or without the 'snip snip'.

a1e2e052 No.3660323

With the wrist slit


88b7cf2e No.3660337

File: 1655892355265.jpg (64.1 KB, 500x663, c2d601235f540753c3de9ad397….jpg)

Steam… Why are you asking these stupid questions.
We've been over this.

This has literally nothing to do with "offending Christians"
I have stated repeatedly my support for Christianity.
I have stated repeatedly that being a Satanist with the intent to be offensive to Christian is fucking lame.
I'm not some Godless atheist either.
I certainly wouldn't recommend it to everyone.
This is just something I need do.
I've said this before and I'll say it again.
I'm actually really proud of you for coming to Christ and that you decided to become a Christian.
I have before and I still do speak highly of Christians.
I'm just not taking Jesus as my savior any more.
There was a whole thread about this. Come on man.

88b7cf2e No.3660339

File: 1655892580335.jpg (22.18 KB, 463x480, jnco-kid-1_large.jpg)

God damn right I have superior jeans!

You can have superior jeans too.
Just go to Jnco.com

81f9ea7d No.3660342

you're perpetuating a world without christ and that world simply is one that will not suffice, then turn back unto christ after shunning him is what we are frowning upon, not the issue that you are already chosen for yourself which is what free will allows you to do at all but that the burden of those who abuse free will by choosing again the exploit the difference, once you are off of god's property please stay off and that includes the company with it. That is direct from the Community.

a1e2e052 No.3660346

Jesus ain't real and neither is the jew god you worship fan fiction of

a1e2e052 No.3660347

All christfags are kikes at the core

Same for muslims

d533ce9a No.3660363

File: 1655926779555.jpg (10.9 KB, 210x240, tumblr_c91a10f784a6067dda0….jpg)

Way to totally avoid the question.

Someone else said this before. But you're about as Satanic as a 90's teen after their first shopping spree at Hot Topic.

88b7cf2e No.3660374

Say mine? Say my what … What are you even talking about?

d533ce9a No.3660376

I turned half of a new leaf, and I'm trying to be a better person. I decided to dedicate my worthless life to helping people rather than delighting in causing misery. I mean I'm still going delight in their misery, but I'm going to do it while trying to help them not be so miserable.

I mean, its not not like you can stop being a maso-sadist. But I'm doing the exact thing I told you to do years ago, going back to school to do something with my life, that thing is helping people. I just happened to be inspired by my conversion from the ToS to Catholicism.

d533ce9a No.3660378

File: 1655932156997.gif (692.28 KB, 500x281, giphy.gif)

Then again really when you come down to it 90% of your job as a Drug and Alcohol Councilor is just watching addicts be horribly miserable and making them feel guilty for it. Its right up my ally.

Added bonus, I get to torture myself at the same time.

e2f39421 No.3660387

Kill yourself you fat mexican autist

9e78d2e2 No.3660402


I wonder about this as well.

How can a tomb be empty?

I read that muhammad the founder of Islam was in his tomb.

There is a lot to the bible stories that dont' make sense.

d533ce9a No.3660406

Still can't answer what exact teachings draws you to the Satanic Faith, you're just a sad adult going through their teenage rebellious phase cringingly late

81f9ea7d No.3660407

he turned into a woman and woman are not counted as people or anything of value in those days.

d112e2d4 No.3660409

File: 1655964449166.jpg (808.18 KB, 1300x1515, 4f0b8fd36fc903a22b097f26e1….jpg)

Like your mom?

81f9ea7d No.3660411

lol jesus had no real dad

5b6f9614 No.3660418

File: 1655977523354.png (8.38 KB, 259x194, images.png)

It wasn't any teachings in particular perse but Steam was right about poverty not being a virtue. Being poor is lame, it sucks and if there is a way out of it then you fucking take it.

Let's just say a little foxy suggested that maybe I should try bringing my prayers and desires to the Baphomet, to Lilith, Samuel, Asmodeus and other Demons rather than to Christ and see how I fair.

All they will ask in return is my soul. The same thing Jesus would ask only with them you'll maybe get a little more than "peace of mind". And so far I gotta say he fucking delivers.

I had been fired… And I prayed to the Baphomet for guidance.
The next day they called me back and asked me to come back to work. Not only that … The manager who fired me? Well she ended up getting fired her God Damn self.
The other day last week in fact I had been feeling kinda down and prayed directly to Satan that I could really use some good news.
When I got off my break the manager told me he was putting me in for a raise at work.
When I went to the ATM tonight to get a bite to eat at the store and checked my balance I had over a grand in the bank. I've never had a 4 digit pay check before.
When I got home I was sure to thank him for all his blessings.

These but a couple of examples. I am still expected to be a good person. To be honest and fair. But I don't have to be meek any more. I don't have to worry about Jehovah rejecting me for being a bimbo and sending me to Hell.
If I accept Satan as my lord now and show him my love and devotion I'll still be going to Hell…
But I don't have to be so afraid of it.

b009f9d1 No.3660435

File: 1655998651177.jpg (57.65 KB, 1200x900, 1708.jpg)

Guess he went nowhere.

b009f9d1 No.3660436

All that stuff would have happened ANYWAY, Aufy, without you praying be to some fake impostor God wannabe for it, all of it would have happened ANYWAY.
But that's how they sucker people like you in.
Try praying to them for a million dollars and see what happens

d533ce9a No.3660439

File: 1656004732220.jpg (205.45 KB, 968x1200, dakvwyd-8d93eef9-6f07-4592….jpg)

The church of satan works in much the same way as scientology. You can't advance in "rank" or circles or whatever, without paying more and more ridiculously high membership fees. Its just LeVay put it bluntly and the scientologists try to be sneaky about it. LeVay basically said "If you can't manage to have a high standing in society, you can't manage to have a high standing in the church." Which is big talk coming from a guy who spent most his young life working as a traveling carnie.

Although it sounds like Aufy isn't actually part of the CoS, he's doing some kinda mushy fluffy wibbly wobbly wiccan "satanism" and just making it up as he goes.

d533ce9a No.3660440

Although, the power of suggestion is pretty strong. You tell something that things might happen, or in Aufy's case ask for them, and then you're looking for those things and then they happen. You blame it on he person who told, you, a higher, power, a false reality whatever.

Its why clairvoyants can scam so much money out of old people, or if you buy a car that you think is unique to you and suddenly you notice everyone else is driving one, or why those stupid astrology predictions and fortune cookies are still popular after what? 8000 years? Even though everyone knows astrology is bs.

Like there was a time long ago when me, Aufy, and Icono got along really well. We convinced brave that I could invade his dreams, and he freaked out for years. Even came here to beg me to stop way after I forgot about him.

9e78d2e2 No.3660443

d533ce9a No.3660447

well duh. Set was the basis for Satan.

d533ce9a No.3660450

File: 1656011486400.jpg (168.1 KB, 1280x1098, 1656007031.cooliehigh_luci….jpg)

I can't get over how fragile you athiests and Satanists are, its soooo cute~

Realy though if you're going to do anything why not just fap to an actually sexy fake satanic diety?


d533ce9a No.3660451

3000lbs of pussy and ass tm

4b777e8f No.3660483

File: 1656037131529.gif (2.59 MB, 498x420, queens-blade-melona.gif)

Those we're just a couple of examples okay.
Rather they would have happened or not is up for speculation.

Regardless the prayer to delivery ratio has been noticably on point.

93819bd4 No.3660561

File: 1656128201239.png (960.28 KB, 760x945, religion of peace.png)

Never forget that muslims are your true enemy

9ccfd2fe No.3660597

File: 1656174359014-0.jpg (88.78 KB, 599x914, 869.jpg)

File: 1656174359014-1.jpeg (60.76 KB, 1280x720, youtube-screenshot-anabso….jpeg)

File: 1656174359014-2.png (367.3 KB, 640x362, 4c88241ac7ae04ee145dcaf57f….png)

When you think about it, today's US conservative group is practically the same as those Taliban these days.

>Child marriage

Oh don't worry, the church has plenty priest/boy relationship.

>Homosexual execution

Don't worry, we're almost there. Next time for sure.

d533ce9a No.3660600

that 3rd image, just claims they were a white nationalist group, and just said arrested.

I've been arrested several times but its usually because I'm an asshole who hates the local police, and I'm kinda a night guy. Most of my arrests were from just walking my dog at night and being a suspect of a robbery, and one time because I got a pierced and my card was declined and I didn't have the 200 dollars to cover the bill, and couldn't get it from atm's. That last one was just because the internet was out, the payment went through days later, and I got released.

Its really easy to point at an arrest and say guilty, without looking at the actual end result, or the conditions of the arrest.

d533ce9a No.3660601

I have a 100% clean criminal record, I'm usually let go within 1-3 days with no charges.

e69856f7 No.3660602

>Most of my arrests were from just walking my dog at night and being a suspect of a robbery
You're not caucasian?

d533ce9a No.3660605

My town is so white it might as well be a blizzard. Being caucasian doesn't really matter much here, if there is crime 99% of the time a white person did it, cause there are no black people. Plus I really like to wear either black or dark colors, so it makes me suspicious at night.

We have the extremely rare few times that black people will take a long drive from the city to try and get some easy pickings, but it almost never happens unless its a drug deal.

d533ce9a No.3660607

File: 1656180136871-0.jpg (49.44 KB, 512x512, download.jpg)

File: 1656180136871-1.jpg (146.87 KB, 1600x800, landscape-1505342255-refle….jpg)

although here recently I have taken to wearing a reflective belt and arm band, and got a reflective collar with a little blinking light on it for my dog. It makes me less suspicious. When the police see me, they're less likely to think im hiding in the shadows and not just walking my dog at night.

0638e941 No.3660629

File: 1656193073270.jpg (147.37 KB, 900x747, gay-pride-democrat.jpg)

One thing i dislike are these LGBT groups that are pushing too far.

They want to push LGBT books and such in libraries to young children.

I'm Bisexual and i just want to be left alone to enjoy my life

d533ce9a No.3660639

File: 1656203797295.png (662.56 KB, 1024x767, 2d1b4bac361278dc699ad95f1e….png)

I think LGB books should be available for kids to read the same as floofy fairy tale princess romances are let into school libraries, its just the LGBT+ community smears it on so thick.

When I was growing up gay, I learned what its like to be alone in the world, with no gay lit to fall back on other than super erotic gay smut. Middle school and up I'd say its alright to have gay and lesbian novels available to read in libraries, but making them mandatory is too much even for my bookish faggy self.

Also Wraeththu is an amazing gay series if you want to read something thats like 6 books long and only has like 6 sentences worth of erotic lines in it.

a0075b37 No.3660643

The problem with all the "gay" literature and movies/tv is that it all is either just smut or too geared towards the retarded concept of "gay culture" that I abhor. Drag queens and slutty city faggots disgust me. I just want cute wholesome gay romance about two gay men falling in love or otherwise interesting stories with characters who happen to be gay.

a0075b37 No.3660644

Forgot to add that I also hate "gay" stuff that's made straight women for straight women. Fujos are trash and don't know anything about what men are like, let alone gay men.

d533ce9a No.3660657

its a brave new world, every straight man thinks every gay man wants to bone them, every straight woman doesn't understand why gay men don't want to bone them… oh how times have come.

3a707bff No.3660658



Like it seems mostly centered around circuit queens and such.

I mostly can't stand any music made on a computer.

Anyone can fire up napster and download fruitloops and make phatbeats on it.

3a707bff No.3660659

computers should only be for porn or for shopping or for discussing politics.

d533ce9a No.3660662

File: 1656218162638.jpg (299.17 KB, 1024x768, Gimli2.jpg)

>fruitloops and napster
Dude, have you ever even shaved the beard off your neck?

3a707bff No.3660678



7601d0d4 No.3660686

File: 1656236083580.jpg (192.12 KB, 1891x1800, FQBOK3lXEAQlWFz.jpg)

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