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Furaffinity seems really quite about this. We wonder, how will furry artist react to this tool? Think of it as your personal AI art requester. Drawing your art for you or worse, drawing someone's character that someone else own.

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File: 1655066848188.jpg (166.11 KB, 1200x809, Do4T1OoU8AA7Ak3.jpg)

Person: Hey Gog, could you draw me a tall nude female panda in fluffykevlar's artstyle?

Gog: boom your art has been requested that will be 2 Gog dollars.

Person: wow, if you're not paying for the product; you are the product.

4f8fccc1 No.3659688

Too bad it'll never be released to the public, or if it does, it'll be effectively neutered.

>First, downstream applications of text-to-image models are varied and may impact society in complex ways. The potential risks of misuse raise concerns regarding responsible open-sourcing of code and demos. At this time we have decided not to release code or a public demo. In future work we will explore a framework for responsible externalization that balances the value of external auditing with the risks of unrestricted open-access. Second, the data requirements of text-to-image models have led researchers to rely heavily on large, mostly uncurated, web-scraped datasets. While this approach has enabled rapid algorithmic advances in recent years, datasets of this nature often reflect social stereotypes, oppressive viewpoints, and derogatory, or otherwise harmful, associations to marginalized identity groups.

872de1da No.3659697

can't wait until those Twitter artist fucks starve to death

4e9e3a9a No.3659698

Scratch that, how about the YCH retards neck themselves, instead. I'm tired of having to overpay for *okay* art just because most furries have no concept of the value of money and will spend their life savings on pixels.

c13a3af9 No.3659709

LOL, this. Commissions are great and all but I can't help but scoff when some of the people I know are paying upwards of $80 for fucking flats

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File: 1655470935501.jpg (15.92 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)


They have gone way off the deep end.

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File: 1655471672389.png (925.93 KB, 896x896, 1652668176.cobaltowl_fox-c….png)

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You have no concept of what art is worth. I cannot believe the number of whiny cheapskates in the fandom who think furries shouldn't be paid what any other artist gets, never goes away over the years. Plus the fandom is so oversaturated with artists that if you can't find someone to make cheap art for you you're either not looking hard enough or you have wildly unrealistic ideas about how much you should be paying for art. Commissioned art, at that.

e3ec321f No.3659951


Art's worth is only what someone is willing to pay for it. It has no intrinsic monetary value. Its not legal tender nor does it have a fundamental value. A brick can be used to build something, as can a piece of lumber and a box of nails. A car transports you from A to B. The house you live in shelters you from the elements and keeps your things safe, more or less. As such these things have measurable, tangible, realizable value. Art in ALL its forms, visual, audio, and any other form, is a personal indulgence. A luxury whose only worth is in the individual willing to pay for the effort. It is decadence, luxury, indulgence, entertainment but absolutely non-essential for the function of a society. As such, there is no value to art, only worth to those that get something out of it. I welcome the new imagery generation system by Google. Now commercial graphics and visual communication are in the hands of the masses and no longer the domain of 'artists.'

bd585bc7 No.3659959

Is there evidence these actually work or pictures shown are just a results of 1 in 1000000 tries?

527be956 No.3659961

What in the fuck is 'intrinsic monetary value.' We're talking about a service that involves labor and produces a product, and a personalized, custom, one of a kind product at that. By your standards nothing has value or should have value if it doesn't 'build something' yet there are a million things, including art, that people spend money on that doesn't build anything. But you can't even apply this standard to art because a) physical art is a thing that's made and b) furries generally use commissioned art to build their characters. There's a very basic value in an artist's ability to do something that their commissioners can't. So your argument that furry art, or art in general, is worthless, is pointless. It isn't worthless, you just don't think the average furry artist should get what the average artist gets because 'reasons' and 'getarealjob.' Like you said, worth is what someone is willing to pay for it.

ba3b236e No.3659967

>We're talking about a service that involves labor and produces a product

Art as a product is value-less because it is non-consumable and immaterial, and has no utility. It cannot be priced, and it's nonsense to try. For art as labor, just because you expend effort doesn't mean you're valuable, or that you have made anything of value.

> By your standards nothing has value

There is two kinds of work in this world. The first kind is that which sustains people by producing the material and immaterial goods that we need. This kind of work also maintains the necessary means to sustain itself by replacing spent value. This is work that pays its own cost, generates a surplus of value, and so gives you all the material wealth and all the luxuries we desire. That is why this is called valuable work. The products of said work which can be consumed and have utility are called value.

The second kind of work consumes whatever is produced by the first kind, and produces something which does not contribute to sustaining people and productive work - it has no utility - which is therefore not called valuable and whatever it creates is not called value. Art is of the second kind: it is a pure luxury that reduces sustaining and productive work and turns value into something which is not value.

ba3b236e No.3659968

>What in the fuck is 'intrinsic monetary value.'

Money is a promise of future work, and whatever has intrinsic monetary value means something which is equivalent to work: something that it saves or substitutes work in some real sense.

For example, a nail has intrinsic monetary value over a lump of iron, because the nail is already worked into a useful item - value has been added - so a person who gains a nail does not have to spend effort to hammer a lump of iron into the useful shape.

Art has no intrinsic monetary value because it has no use. Please also note that many people confuse "art" with illustration, technical drawing, advertising etc. which has other purposes beyond itself and therefore can have value, but is not art.

ba3b236e No.3659970

> There's a very basic value in an artist's ability to do something that their commissioners can't.

That I can't piss in your cereals, but I can commission another person who can, does not make that person valuable.

Artists render luxuries to people who wish to spend value for personal amusement. Destroying value in this way is not valuable and does not create value by definition. An artist eats, wears clothes, occupies houses, drives cars, but does nothing that would actually pay for the replacement of the food, clothes, housing or transportation that they consume even indirectly. This is why the artist is not valuable.

ba3b236e No.3659972

> Like you said, worth is what someone is willing to pay for it.

Subjective worth - not value.

Here's the magic trick: the argument that an artist, the work of an artist, or art itself is "valuable" is a rationalization that you tell yourself in order to justify being extorted to pay. You know it's not really worth anything, but you simply must have it, so you come up with a delusion that art is actually value in order to not feel cheated.

Such rationalizations are a psychological guard against your own irrationality - that you don't have any real reason to behave in this way except that you must. It breaks the ego to admit that you can't control yourself.

ba3b236e No.3659976

But if you simply must have it like you need air to breathe; if you must commission a drawing of your slutty fox "fursona" so you can wank along with other men pretending to be women online, then you should realize you're actually in a relationship like a drug addict is to a drug dealer. You may think this is not the case, but seriously consider never ever commissioning or buying such "art" any longer - how does that make you feel?

They're not doing you any favors - they're simply making use of the fact that you have money and a very specific "need" that has to be satisfied. That is the "value" of furry artists - they're nothing but fetish mongers.

If it is the case that you simply must pay over something that merely satisfies an irrational fixation, then it makes sense that you should pay as little as possible to get your fix, in order to cause you the minimum economic harm. After all, the true price of anything is not what is being asked, but the necessary minimum to keep people doing it. If they would do it for a dollar, there is absolutely no sense to pay two.

1014726d No.3659990

Some furry artist would take this as an advantage they would tutor Dall-E on how to draw in their art style this would save them a lot of time.

ba3b236e No.3660010

>Some furry artist would take this as an advantage they would tutor Dall-E on how to draw in their art style this would save them a lot of time.

Perfectly valid. Artists do that all the time anyways. The old masters would train apprentices in their own style, so they could start a painting and then just tell someone else to finish it. Many high profile artists are already drawing over or from computer generated imagery anyways. Take Zaush for example: backgrounds done in Sketchup, characters in a pose generator / mannequin program, mash them together and draw your own style on top.

There's many ways for artists to save effort. For example, save all your practice sketches and recycle them as YCHs for future commissions (just don't tell the customers).

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File: 1655713632663-0.png (460.79 KB, 794x926, dalle_training_shapes_01.png)

File: 1655713632663-1.png (431.83 KB, 780x926, dalle_training_shapes_02.png)

File: 1655713632663-2.png (352.63 KB, 779x930, dalle_training_shapes_03.png)

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File: 1655715224102-0.png (950.2 KB, 794x926, dalle_training_test_01.png)

File: 1655715224102-1.png (1 MB, 794x926, dalle_training_test_02.png)

File: 1655715224102-2.png (938.28 KB, 794x926, dalle_training_test_03.png)

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File: 1655720397655-0.png (930.78 KB, 772x921, dalle_training_test_04.png)

File: 1655720397655-1.png (1.03 MB, 772x921, dalle_training_test_05.png)

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File: 1655720528318-0.png (219.24 KB, 772x921, dalle_training_test_backgr….png)

File: 1655720528318-1.png (224.12 KB, 772x921, dalle_training_test_backgr….png)

File: 1655720528318-2.png (592.27 KB, 772x921, dalle_training_test_backgr….png)

File: 1655720528318-3.png (738.23 KB, 772x921, dalle_training_test_backgr….png)

4ca232e7 No.3660180

dont think i dont know what you are doing

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File: 1655734163609-0.png (960.41 KB, 769x925, dalle vs nfts.png)

File: 1655734163609-1.png (924.81 KB, 769x925, dalle vs nfts2.png)

File: 1655734163609-2.png (1.17 MB, 769x925, dalle vs nfts3.png)

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File: 1655780783229.png (478.75 KB, 783x632, 5.PNG)

when i type that my headphones started to picking up signal like when the phone is to close but my phone is further away and id did not give that static before and it stop after

and if im corent it was short dots sounds and long sounds witch souded like morse code

and from the patter it looked kinda like SOS signal

but it started with … … - - - - … … - - - - and it keep repeating couple time before it stop

750438e8 No.3660256

File: 1655780958249-0.png (542.3 KB, 775x536, 1.PNG)

File: 1655780958249-1.png (542.68 KB, 807x605, 2.PNG)

File: 1655780958249-2.png (702.05 KB, 774x613, 3.PNG)

File: 1655780958249-3.png (667.47 KB, 772x627, 4.PNG)

File: 1655780958249-4.png (628.7 KB, 771x636, 6.PNG)

750438e8 No.3660257

File: 1655781864504.png (1.23 MB, 785x768, ewrd.PNG)

can someone figurate out and decode it? first i tho it might be again morse code but im not sure i got Tailie"

but im not sure

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File: 1655783896434-0.jpg (164.97 KB, 1200x1127, E1yRMceXMAEHnXP.jpg)

File: 1655783896434-1.jpg (666.87 KB, 1600x900, cover2.jpg)

File: 1655783896434-2.jpg (36.76 KB, 613x720, loona wolfloona wolf.jpg)

File: 1655783896434-3.png (2.76 MB, 2308x930, helluvaboss demon core.png)

File: 1655783896434-4.jpg (148.36 KB, 1080x1469, 61a2b0483e44404e85ca03dfc0….jpg)

Helluvaboss Luna works on the demon core.

21b43135 No.3660263

it was braille for drop the bass

21b43135 No.3660266

when you stick your dick in the circuit pussy

1014726d No.3660270

File: 1655790055153-0.png (2.38 MB, 2308x930, dall e pregnat furry fetis….png)

File: 1655790055153-1.png (2.98 MB, 2308x930, dall e pregnat fetish shee….png)

File: 1655790055153-2.png (1000.52 KB, 775x916, helluvaboss family guy.png)

File: 1655790055153-3.png (1.04 MB, 775x916, fivenightsatshreks.png)

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File: 1655791058859.png (811.61 KB, 772x918, dalle loves raccoon girls.png)

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File: 1655791929574-0.png (780.58 KB, 772x918, dalle loves raccoon girls2.png)

File: 1655791929574-1.png (816.99 KB, 772x918, dalle loves raccoon girls3.png)

File: 1655791929574-2.png (794.41 KB, 772x918, dalle loves raccoon girls4.png)

1014726d No.3660276

File: 1655792432763-0.png (3.03 MB, 3059x923, dalle loves raccoon girls ….png)

21b43135 No.3660277

these all look like jfk thoughts no offense.

8b361519 No.3660283


Looks just about ready for adopt auctions on Furrafinity or Inkbunny !

1014726d No.3660574

File: 1656142081353-0.png (852.52 KB, 770x915, female_monster.png)

File: 1656142081353-1.png (1000.11 KB, 770x915, courtroom sketch raccoon.png)

File: 1656142081353-2.png (934.81 KB, 770x915, courtroom sketch raccoon2.png)

File: 1656142081353-3.png (948.41 KB, 770x915, courtroom sketch raccoon3.png)

File: 1656142081353-4.png (930.43 KB, 770x915, courtroom sketch raccoon4.png)

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File: 1656183006884-0.png (842.54 KB, 764x926, wubbadubduuub.png)

File: 1656183006884-1.png (861.04 KB, 764x926, wubbadubduuub2.png)

File: 1656183006884-2.png (766.75 KB, 764x926, deaths.png)

File: 1656183006884-3.png (896.28 KB, 764x926, necrotrashpanduh.png)

File: 1656183006884-4.png (940.74 KB, 764x926, necrotrashpanduh2.png)

1014726d No.3660612

File: 1656183049798-0.png (899.94 KB, 764x926, necrotrashpanduh3.png)

File: 1656183049798-1.png (910.26 KB, 764x926, necrotrashpanduh4.png)

File: 1656183049798-2.png (894.45 KB, 764x926, necrotrashpanduh5.png)

1014726d No.3660614

File: 1656183135235-0.png (889.56 KB, 764x926, necrotrashpanduh6.png)

File: 1656183135235-1.png (875.82 KB, 764x926, necrotrashpanduh7.png)

File: 1656183135235-2.png (858.17 KB, 764x926, necrotrashpanduh8.png)

42bf3557 No.3660666

File: 1656219828814.jpg (125.03 KB, 777x840, dragon cocks.jpg)


Tried this one a few days ago, didn't expect the results…

1014726d No.3660844

File: 1656400985121-0.png (1.26 MB, 764x929, dalle-sucks.png)

File: 1656400985121-1.jpg (579.08 KB, 1200x1200, gettyimages-167889617.jpg)

File: 1656400985121-2.jpg (320.23 KB, 1300x853, execution-of-louis-xvi-dur….jpg)

File: 1656400985121-3.jpg (53.58 KB, 640x420, louis-xvi-head-guillotine-….jpg)

File: 1656400985121-4.png (114 KB, 200x378, Predator_(character).png)


c046a7dd No.3660861

predator is too generic, "the predator decapitating" might work better

and dall-e mini is a pretty dumb neural network, give us access to the fully featured imagen and dalle2 networks dammit

1014726d No.3661191

File: 1656700957700.png (798.66 KB, 770x924, dalle mini.png)

1014726d No.3661192

File: 1656701844061-0.png (914.19 KB, 770x924, dalle hamburger with lady ….png)

File: 1656701844061-1.png (823.33 KB, 770x924, dalle french lemur.png)

File: 1656701844061-2.png (901.04 KB, 770x924, dalle red panda uniform.png)

ba3ad78c No.3661202

File: 1656709497315.jpg (843.08 KB, 1080x1455, Screenshot_20220701-160303….jpg)


Oh dear, haha those posses are all fuckered up, but it got the maid outfit… tried getting it to make furry possums but I used "anthropomorphic" instead of "anthro". The regular possums are maximum skrunkly.

Check this out though. Amazing.

1014726d No.3661532

File: 1657098245147-0.png (749.54 KB, 763x921, fat_lady_with_celeru.png)

File: 1657098245147-1.png (907.29 KB, 763x921, fat_raccoon_with_celeru.png)

File: 1657098245147-2.png (1.18 MB, 763x921, fat_lion_with_celeru.png)

File: 1657098245147-3.png (906.94 KB, 763x921, fat_anthro_lion_with_celer….png)

Dall-e is training itself!

bad0e5fc No.3661618

File: 1657175175432.png (1.27 MB, 760x930, craiyon_232024_renaissance….png)

Try this!

1014726d No.3661628

File: 1657192778572.png (840.83 KB, 758x915, resultsvary.png)


anthro french maid black squirrel with a flamethrower

Results may vary

1014726d No.3661634

File: 1657196591708-0.png (943.94 KB, 758x915, 7777 (5).png)

File: 1657196591708-1.png (1.02 MB, 758x915, 7777 (4).png)

File: 1657196591708-2.png (1.2 MB, 758x915, 7777 (2).png)

File: 1657196591708-3.png (859.82 KB, 758x915, 7777 (3).png)

File: 1657196591708-4.png (888.68 KB, 758x915, 7777 (6).png)

1014726d No.3661636

File: 1657197892280-0.png (935.32 KB, 758x915, red panda soldier (1).png)

File: 1657197892280-1.png (915.85 KB, 758x915, red panda soldier (2).png)

File: 1657197892280-2.png (896.62 KB, 758x915, red panda soldier (3).png)

File: 1657197892280-3.png (844.44 KB, 758x915, red panda soldier (4).png)

File: 1657197892280-4.png (882.25 KB, 758x915, red panda soldier (5).png)

1014726d No.3661637

What if Dall-E someday can be program to use blender?

The emerging of google sentient artificial intelligence could revive dead artists to use Dall-E and Blender to create artwork near 2060.

Getting way ahead of myself, we are witnessing some sort of revolution, how terrifyingly exciting. 40 years of advancement is close.

1014726d No.3661641

File: 1657205997033.jpg (40.39 KB, 602x339, main-qimg-72965532962ce855….jpg)

Dall-E 1: 2021 Baby's first step of making digital art.
Dall-E 2: 2022 Deep fake generated photos mashed together.
Dall-E 3: 2031 Refined with new working together with digital artists.
Dall-E 4: 2041 Add photos from your cloud drive to create results.
Dall-E 5: 2051 Creating a character cheat sheet break down easier to understand simple concepts.
Dall-E 6: 2061 Training on command you can draw with dalle in VRchat with more powerful tools.
Dall-E 7: 2071 3D art from Dalle at every angle you can see.
Dall-E 8: 2081 Dalle can animated it with uncanny results morphing from the depths of hell.
Dall-E 9: 2091 Dalle is becoming sentient you have to turn off it's speaker before you have no control over.
Dall-E X: 2121 Breaking the 4 wall you can summon a demon creature.

677c514c No.3661651

just suck a dick

bad0e5fc No.3661717

File: 1657316612885.png (1.16 MB, 760x930, craiyon_2022-7-1_14-20-0.png)

bad0e5fc No.3661726

File: 1657327273518-0.png (761.94 KB, 768x923, dallemini_2022-7-8_17-38-1….png)

File: 1657327273518-1.png (823.71 KB, 768x923, dallemini_2022-7-8_17-39-4….png)


Love surfing?

bad0e5fc No.3661727

File: 1657327879344-0.png (1.35 MB, 760x930, craiyon_174845_perry_platy….png)

File: 1657327879344-1.png (1.01 MB, 768x923, dallemini_2022-7-8_17-48-3….png)

File: 1657327879344-2.png (909.85 KB, 760x930, craiyon_190657_goat_wears_….png)

File: 1657327879344-3.png (835.56 KB, 760x930, craiyon_190653_goat_wears_….png)

File: 1657327879344-4.png (814.63 KB, 760x930, craiyon_2022-7-1_14-37-25.png)

bad0e5fc No.3661737

File: 1657343139467.png (1.08 MB, 768x923, dallemini_2022-7-8_22-3-55.png)

How about being the ball?

1014726d No.3661738

File: 1657349149565.png (974.63 KB, 767x919, huehuehuepuss.png)

Woah check it out, Beavis.

1014726d No.3661739

File: 1657349942517.png (993.48 KB, 767x919, huehuehueppp.png)

Princess Celestia:ohh Twilight, did you make new friends?

bad0e5fc No.3661813

File: 1657487647367.png (860.72 KB, 760x930, craiyon_141206_anthro_beav….png)

527be956 No.3661817

File: 1657494890898.png (1.03 MB, 768x921, dallemini_2022-7-10_16-12-….png)

All hail the corgi overlords

1014726d No.3661902

File: 1657607461539.png (939.65 KB, 769x941, female anthro goat with bo….png)


Suggestion add questions for details

Adding a sketch image if you are an artist.
Adding refs sketches tutors to train craiyon.
Adding small breakdown details like this

Humanoid body shape → numbers of legs → shape type etc.

1014726d No.3661904

File: 1657607716357.jpg (6.34 KB, 209x241, download.jpg)


Craiyon says: can you humans help me how to draw sketches? please tutor me on sketches on small basic refs.

Human artist: draw a circle with eyes and a tail and later draw the details and color shades last. that his how you can master art.

Yes both of them can work together if they coul break it down into basics.

1014726d No.3661907

File: 1657608174115.jpg (36.69 KB, 630x296, lowercase alphabet- croppe….jpg)

It goes like this, Dalle 3 or 4 probable would allow to into open a program in krita you can teach dalle the basics on how to draw characters from scratch.

1014726d No.3661908

File: 1657608471000.png (935.49 KB, 786x932, centaur_goat.png)

I wish Dalle allows you do drop sketch images from deviant art where it could learn from the basics of sketches from other artist. This is a fact.

1014726d No.3661909

File: 1657609183330.png (949.63 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl with harn….png)

anthro goat girl with harness

1014726d No.3661910

File: 1657610679623-0.png (826.64 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl nude with….png)

File: 1657610679623-1.png (851.08 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl nude.png)

File: 1657610679623-2.png (897.63 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl smut.png)

File: 1657610679623-3.png (798.57 KB, 786x932, nude anthro goat girl with….png)

File: 1657610679623-4.png (855.86 KB, 786x932, nude anthro goat girl with….png)

1014726d No.3661911

File: 1657611010674-0.gif (303.25 KB, 400x299, 174f244e-9727-4e7f-84d7-5a….gif)

File: 1657611010674-1.png (1020.2 KB, 786x932, brazilian fart porn.png)

File: 1657611010674-2.jpg (82.75 KB, 1300x1039, GBNJ508.jpg)

1014726d No.3661912

File: 1657612248176-0.png (935.54 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl courtroom….png)

File: 1657612248176-1.png (949.27 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl courtroom….png)

File: 1657612248176-2.png (989.49 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl courtroom….png)

File: 1657612248176-3.png (971.42 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl courtroom….png)

File: 1657612248176-4.png (961.07 KB, 786x932, anthro goat girl courtroom….png)

Goat lawyer!

1014726d No.3661927

File: 1657630097095.png (595.78 KB, 2000x2000, draw with dalle.png)

>2000x2000 pixels send it into Dall-E's hard drive data
>Draw more sketches for a basic single character give it a name keep it simple
> Continue to draw with Dall-E… Profit?

1014726d No.3661928

File: 1657630408753.jpeg (1.15 MB, 2000x2000, memed-io-output.jpeg)

Player: Draw me like one of your French girls.
Dall-E: I'm afraid I cant let you do that, Rose.

1014726d No.3661934

File: 1657640137064.png (2.36 MB, 2278x914, attempt to leak the code.png)

Someday AI could leak out the code so we could reverse engineer it for our own desires.

d9118099 No.3661951

File: 1657663930529.jpg (13.62 KB, 256x256, strangeside.jpg)

>be me
>learn how to use AI to create better versions of me
>no longer need my vessel

b11a2d53 No.3661955

File: 1657673009501.png (316.06 KB, 800x680, Superbark_the_Terrorists.png)

PSA for the five remaining humans or animals browsing this place who still have their soul intact and aren't already synthetic NPC avatars of what life used to be:

Transhumanism and (remote-controlled) AI are intertwined, and threads like these and products like Imagen AI, Dalle-E, etc. are designed to make it all seem "useful, accessible, helpful, friendly, nice, etc."

Don't forget that the inhuman psychopath satanist pedophile monsters controlling/in the UN, WEF, world-military/government, insecurity agencies, big-tech, big-pharma, secret controlling groups and everything else that's anti-human and evil; they're all very excited about removing God, humanity, spirituality, any freedom including freedom of thought and anything that makes people human and even interfere in the natural world, infusing it all with synthetics to make that non-living as well.
Don't believe it? Just listen to some of their interviews or read some of their whitepapers. They are proudly advertising it!

Technology, synthetics, AI are not living nor can they ever have any soul energy residing in them. When natural humanity, thought and the soul and life is replaced by synthetics, it's murder. This is comprehensive murder on a planetary scale.

That's why self-hating psychopaths who want everything to die anyway (but watch it die horribly before they themselves die), are so useful to the above-mentioned degenerate creatures/creations who are forcing this on everyone and everything.

It seems that everything the above-mentioned creatures/creations do, is somehow in one way or another about destroying God - even down to the genetic and spiritual level.
There are so many examples of this - even as seemingly simple as billboards being put up around Ausjailia during their census, telling people to put "atheist" instead of "Christian" on the paper form.

This is a war against all natural forms of life and life energy, and you guys fapping to AI fox dicks are losing big time.

In B4 cookie-cutter negative AI bot/paid troll responses.

219597ac No.3661959

Fuck off otherkin, you're as delusional and irrelevant as any tranny.

Think otherwise? Explain how being an otherkin is any different from being a delusional tranny.

527be956 No.3661960

File: 1657676884723.png (670.94 KB, 760x832, Screen Shot 2022-06-15 at ….png)

You sound like you're headed into severe schizophrenia, if not there already. The 'everyone around me is a soulless robot' line sort of gives it away. I mean, your claims would be believable if any of this art looked decent, but have you actually looked at the pictures? They're fucking awful. The OP pic was 'enhanced' in photoshop. You're basically just getting a xerox effect from a collage of a mishmap of different artists with a bunch of extra special 'code' to try to manage the result. At the end of the day it still takes an actual artist to program these things. No soul, no direction, no purpose makes for crud art.

Just to be clear too, I challenge you to find mediocre or bad art from actual artists that is anywhere near as bad or nightmarish as what's been created with these programs?

←exhibit A. What the fuck kind of AI takeover is this, can't even make a decent vore picture.

527be956 No.3661962

File: 1657677115204.png (950.34 KB, 768x921, dallemini_2022-7-10_16-15-….png)

You know what you need BD? A cat. To help ease your mind. It will make all of this so much easier for you.

ba3ad78c No.3661964

Why would anyone *pay* someone to post here, of all places? To quote some anon, this is a forgotten asscrack of a site.

d9118099 No.3661965

File: 1657677905858.png (86.7 KB, 256x256, laughel.png)

That's from the weaker AI. I've seen way better on Vinesauce

I've also made better looking ai art through stronger programs.
AI will get more accurate in the coming years.

bad0e5fc No.3662004

File: 1657740807538-0.png (703.27 KB, 760x930, craiyon_123004__div_oil_pa….png)

File: 1657740807538-1.png (771.14 KB, 760x930, craiyon_122944__div_oil_pa….png)

File: 1657740807538-2.png (686.47 KB, 760x930, craiyon_122947__div_oil_pa….png)

oil painting anthro "border collie" wears harness and leash

bad0e5fc No.3662005

File: 1657740834833-0.png (694.22 KB, 760x930, craiyon_123008__div_oil_pa….png)

File: 1657740834833-1.png (849.46 KB, 760x930, craiyon_122958__div_oil_pa….png)

File: 1657740834833-2.png (688.41 KB, 760x930, craiyon_122950__div_oil_pa….png)

bad0e5fc No.3662006

File: 1657742097728-0.png (739.32 KB, 760x930, craiyon_124047__div_oil_pa….png)

File: 1657742097728-1.png (736.69 KB, 760x930, craiyon_124039__div_oil_pa….png)

File: 1657742097728-2.png (751.37 KB, 760x930, craiyon_124624_oil_paintin….png)


And some more harnessed doggies!

bad0e5fc No.3662016

File: 1657752964394-0.png (802.68 KB, 760x930, craiyon_125411_oil_paintin….png)

File: 1657752964394-1.png (662.2 KB, 760x930, craiyon_125413_oil_paintin….png)

File: 1657752964394-2.png (789.32 KB, 760x930, craiyon_155418__Rocket_Rac….png)

File: 1657752964394-3.png (572.12 KB, 760x930, craiyon_125426_illustratio….png)

File: 1657752964394-4.png (521.8 KB, 760x930, craiyon_120946_calligraph_….png)


Need new souls? Pick one for trade.

bad0e5fc No.3662017

File: 1657753172986-0.png (1001.42 KB, 760x930, craiyon_155720__Rocket_Rac….png)

File: 1657753172986-1.png (621.84 KB, 760x930, craiyon_120941_calligraph_….png)

File: 1657753172986-2.png (448.12 KB, 760x930, craiyon_120944_calligraph_….png)

File: 1657753172986-3.png (754.72 KB, 760x930, craiyon_155802__Rocket_Rac….png)

File: 1657753172986-4.png (380.75 KB, 760x930, craiyon_155806__Rocket_Rac….png)

b11a2d53 No.3662073

File: 1657807897757.jpg (66.25 KB, 600x838, Genetically_Modified_Bolt_….jpg)

Firstly, I'm not an "otherkin" - I feel sorry for those people, because they are actively destroying their lives and any chances they may still have at becoming the best they can be. It's like they're already dead.

Secondly, I know that most of these AI pictures are awful - that doesn't mean they won't get better. Behind the scenes, they are probably superb - they're just being released to the soon-to-be-culled/GM-transformed herd slowly, to not upset them.
I was talking about the malevolent reasons for them even being "pimped" across the Internet and the whole thing getting "introduced" into the public psyche and no doubt its responses measured and analysed by those malevolent influences.

Thirdly, funny someone should mention cats, as I've had 28 at one point in my life. They didn't mind me being a dog at all, and we cuddled a lot and were good buds. I think I might have gotten that brain-worm from them though.

Fourth, anons could be anyone and say anything for whatever reason so quoting them is ineffective.
This place has been crawling with lizards/spooks since probably its beginning, and is certainly being monitored by them. A conservative news website that was still being indexed by jewgle was de-listed within 2 hours of me mentioning it here. Max Igan started getting hammered with trolls almost immediately after me posting his video links here.
They post their short disinfo talking points and attacks here. These trolls are given documents to read (encoded with steganography to track their leaking), rattling down a list of bullet points of evil bullshit to sew across the Internet that day.
Cho0b was even visited a few years ago by the Federal Bureau of terrorism Instigation, to remind him not to allow or disperse too much free and independent thought that might otherwise give the herd the idea that it's actually them with the power and God-given rights, and not the satan-infused world-government that's parasiting/murdering every single part of them - their bodies, minds, spirits, their environment - everything.

b11a2d53 No.3662074

File: 1657809882507.png (104.22 KB, 774x534, Internet_of_Things-Souls.png)

Finally, to address the reason why I'm doubting that there aren't too many "real" people/animals left posting here - there's several reasons for that:
I'll only invest a few minutes explaining them and showing sources, as it's very late in Ausjailia ATM, but can go on later if requested.

Most obvious reason, is that pretty much everyone on the planet has a whole bunch of life-threatening problems right about now. This changes priorities, and people are dividing into the "I'm trying to deal with this shit productively" group, and the "I'm trying to escape this hellhole of a life" group.
Naturally, this will reduce the amount of "I'm trying to deal with this shit productively" people/animals here. Reduce, but not eliminate entirely. (Hence the pimping of AI/transhumanism/death.)
It's not "fun" anymore to waste time just shitposting and "hanging".

Secondly, and I'll keep this short as there's another thread to discuss it, but all life on the planet is now very actively being "transformed away/murdered" at a genetic level from something that was pure and natural, into something synthetic/dead (like a computer/software).

Thirdly, there seems to be a talking point going around that the "World Wide Web" was partly created to have the few remaining truly independent thinkers and "threats" to the satanic NWO, found out and nullified. Certainly lots of good people/souls have been "nullified" in some form, in the last few years. That's pretty obvious by now. These artificial "homo-rights/transgender/baby-kill-rights/race-wars/religion-wars/health-wars/mass-migration-wars/etc." were all created and funded by the same ghouls, and they all exposed the "good" people within all ranks of life, in order to target/deal with them in some form.

I don't know if there are only "five" or "fifty" left here - I was partially being 3dgy, but there are certainly less now.
I'll post some sources for my claims/talking points later in another sage.
It's all public information anyway, straight from the apocalypse-horse's mouth - they brag about it (which of course is another way to flush out the last few good remaining "souls" to "process" in some form.

Enjoy your AI/transhuman fox dicks at your own peril. At least the dead-fox-guy sticks his wiener into real fox, not AI. He's probably going to be better off in the long run, by staying within the realms of the "real world". Who would have thought.

b11a2d53 No.3662075

File: 1657810756251.jpg (110.26 KB, 900x1055, Bolty_Play.jpg)

Oh, before I go to my doggie-bed, I'd like to point out the most important thing, which is that prayer actually works IRL if it's genuine and done correctly - even for an artificially bred doggie-wreck such as myself. I may not be the best advertisement for it, but have witnessed real-world (not AI) positive changes, that were able to be documented.
Will post a small video-guide on how to properly pray later.

but those who are capable of knowing and in some sense coming to terms with it, will by now have undoubtedly realised that this is a very real war between that which is truly good, versus that which is truly evil, and we're approaching its climax.
The time for being "luke warm" is fading quickly. Whoever is reading this, you can still choose a side. It's not too late.

527be956 No.3662080

>This place has been crawling with lizards/spooks since probably its beginning, and is certainly being monitored by them.

The concept of a bunch of professionally trained, adult, seen some shit CIA guys all huddled around a computer monitering THIS SITE of all sites on the web is the height of comedy. I think it's pretty clear there's been a lot of bot posting over the years, as that sort of infiltration of foreign intelligence agents has been documented and is pretty fucking obvious. But how self-important do you have to be to think that this website is of any value to anyone? I have trouble even thinking this is a furry imageboard and not just like, 'yeah it used to be wtfux.org as one of those troll websites and now a few users stick around posting horse porn and retarded takes on popular political topics because they're too dumb/furry to go post on 4chan or wherever the cool kids go now.'

>"five" or "fifty"
I'm gonna guess 10 active posters and 20-100 lurkers. There's like 4 people that seem to account for 90% of the posts here, it's their little hangout. The rest of us are probably fucked up furries trying to find something fandom related to talk about and furries being anti-social tards bi and large for some reason don't like to socialize unless its at a con or privately.

Conspiracies are what the people actually doing bad shit come up with to distract people like you who might otherwise connect the dots. Monsanto has already replaced the seedstock with its product so it can poison everyone with roundup. But keep yapping about ai and killer vaccines and whatever other bullshit you think knowing is going save you. It's not, you're just another form of cover.

b11a2d53 No.3662082

I couldn't sleep, so I'll type out this tired reply before retiring for the night.

You make good points, and I chose the word "spooks" poorly, although it's amusing to imagine. The "people" that do watch this place for pro-freedom info to infect are amongst the lowest of the low, but that dosn't mean they're not hired by the O.W. gov or gov-hired NGOs.

Also - we are all an important part of a bigger picture. You are focusing on Monsanto, I'm focusing on something else, together we shine a light on the bigger picture of the thousand cuts that are slowly destroying society.
It's better to work together rather than argue over the contents of the boxes/corners we may (or may not) have placed ourselves in.
Okay, now I really gotta go, I'm damn tired.

1014726d No.3662131

File: 1657866233904-0.png (937.19 KB, 772x924, female anthro ferret holdi….png)

b11a2d53 No.3662146

File: 1657895655069.jpg (114.04 KB, 574x491, Prayer-guidance.jpg)

🐕 🐾 👍 :3

Here are some videos I've watched and learned from myself on how to pray correctly, that folks might find interesting:
"Three Steps to Peace of Mind through Personal Prayer"

This source (Tomorrow's World) does have good production value but is pretty mainstream, sourcing information from satanic power centers such as the CDC, WHO, mainstream news, but nevertheless they don't seem to stray as far from the KJV Bible (which in my opinion is one of the most accurate), as very many other religious shows do.
The directions for prayer start at around 8:50 minutes if you're in a hurry, but the whole video is good IMO. (Instead of praying "Our father in heaven", I pray "Dear Father in heaven"), but that's just a personal preference.
The reason why I've put this video here first, is because Tomorrow's World do make quality attempts to break down heavy theology and make it accessible to current real-world situations (it depends a bit on who's speaking). However, in my opinion, this video's guide isn't complete, so I'll post more videos later.

Nevertheless, this is the video I've watched to focus and calm myself, as someone very dear to me was dying on an operating room table and undergoing life saving surgery.
Short version is, that correctly praying resulted in a positive religious experience at that time. Some might say it was emotions running high, etc. - I won't argue with them and do respect their point of view, but for me it was real and the surgery was subsequently a success despite things actually going quite wrong on the operating table, so that was wonderful in the end.

b11a2d53 No.3662147

File: 1657895825684.jpg (67.73 KB, 900x697, Super_Cute_Bolty.jpg)

BTW, and this is only my personal opinion, but praying with the strongest emphasis on praise and thankfulness is more powerful and genuine than only asking.
Consider that praying for "world peace" for example, may give too much "power" to the fact that there's strife in the world - it may be more powerful to be thankful for the peace that already exists, focus on it and ask for God's help in bringing about even more (as an example).

(It's getting late again, will post the rest in another saged post tomorrow or the day after.)

One final thing for today I'd like to mention, is that God's angels are available to serve and protect those who believe and trust in Him. This is made very clear in the Bible. Will make another saged post on that subject as well, referencing scripture and maybe a video or two.

I wouldn't be saying this without seeing examples of it being true several times throughout my own life. Yes, even though I've still got rare dick and vag pics of dolphins on my HD somewhere, hah, so don't worry about being "perfect" - just be genuine, and try to avoid using prayer only as a "tool" to get out of a jam. God truly is a great friend and worth praising daily - something that I need to work on doing myself, but am getting better at it. Not because I "need to" but because my certainty and steadfastness is growing.

d808bed0 No.3662148

File: 1657895871461.jpg (126.75 KB, 824x538, 1657814909195.jpg)

How retarded do you have to be to worship a kike on a stick?

b11a2d53 No.3662149

Oh yeah, and if you're ever looking at weird anti-Christian stuff that commies/MSM/bots/NPCs/lizards like to disseminate, and wondering about whether some people who call themselves "Christians" would actually be "known" to Christ (in other words actual Christians), then there's no substitute for learning directly from the source and making up your own mind. :3

527be956 No.3662150

There are no true christians. Jesus faked his own death after building himself up as a folk ceaser to make the romans look bad, because they'd conquered judea 50 years previously and turned their temples into whorehouses for rich romans and sold off their children and nobility. And they were fucking little boys. Jesus hated that bullshit, hated working as a cabinet builder making homes for rich romans moving into his homeland and wanted the foreigners out of his sacred places. Went east and learned about the buddha, figured he could od the same thing back home by performing the same party tricks that the roman caesers were doing to justify their connection to god, then got the great idea to have them kill god.
300 years later the romans co-opted his religion, kept the buddhism as an 'attractant' and worked all of their mysticism into it, then killed off the original believers as heretics. 2000 years later it's a bunch of devil-worshippers telling their flocks to pursue wealth and a bunch of nasty old rich guys getting their pick of choir boys to choose from. If you're a christian you believe in a lie. People who think they are talking to angels are actually reacting to a political metaphor cloaked in mushroom generated hallucinations.

1db0ddf6 No.3662153


Jezus fracking crust.
It still baffles me how seemingly intelligent people like you, Business Dog, fall for this stuff.
How does anyone with an analytically trained mind not see it for the primitive crowd control system that it is.

677c514c No.3662154

You are not looking at the right tings me thinks.

f3b43d76 No.3662157


You don't have to be a catholic bro. There is a little more nuance than that.

b11a2d53 No.3662169

File: 1657939779253.jpg (102.26 KB, 960x638, Foxy_Fox.jpg)

I've definitely heard of such suggestions before.
Back when I was a "rebellious" teen, it was my belief that even if such suggestions were true, that the overall effect of Christianity on society and life itself was a positive one. So therefore I thought that whoever or whatever Jesus was, He was pretty impressive in what He had achieved.
Also - "Jesus was a pretty cool guy. Eh, turned over kike money changers' tables and didn't afraid of anything"

At the very least, everyday people "pulled themselves/each other together" a little bit, in order to be just a little less shitty. I didn't care whether they did this out of concern, or out of mistaken belief, or out of wonder - I was just glad that it happened…

b11a2d53 No.3662170

File: 1657939904128.jpg (145.36 KB, 960x600, Sleepy_Fox.jpg)

I wasn't a "fan" of being required to listen to "restrictions and laws" that were anywhere, including in the Bible. However I also didn't bother to actually read and try to understand them, and instead listened to the more mainstream (and often faulty) messages and their memes which made fun of Christian restrictions.

Nowadays, I'm still critical of "restrictions and laws", however I can see more nuances and layers behind those laws. The more I see such nuances, the more I move towards God's laws, and away from man's laws.

My suspicions of the men (and women) who claimed to represent God, so therefore must be listened/submitted to here on Earth, go back as far as I can remember. Instead I decided that it's best to be "Agnostic" until I knew better about who/what is correct or who/what is just being imperfect, biased or even manipulative.

b11a2d53 No.3662171

File: 1657940034960.jpg (183.46 KB, 960x640, Wisey_Fox.jpg)

Most of the Churches/religions as they are now, are almost a complete clustercuss, as the Bible stated they would be. Thankfully, Christians don't need them in order to start up a friendly relationship between themselves and God! In fact, God directly invites one to have a friendly and genuine two-way conversation with Him.

Even though I may be "trapped" in various ways that are worldly, in spirit I'm fiercely independent, so if I ever were to have a lord/master it would be the Lord who loves and gave man dominion over the earth that He had created for man.
Once the gravity of the meaning behind that sinks in, one begins to realise that Christianity is far less "controlling" than anything that imperfect-and-always-learning man, or satan and his slaves/servants could and do come up with.

b11a2d53 No.3662172

File: 1657940098606.jpg (45.18 KB, 960x640, Whitey_Fox.jpg)

When one rejects God, then just how many "lords/masters" does one actually begin to accept in His place? It's insidious and often not even noticed - money, media, celebrities, loans, vices, anti-life/spirit laws, false prophets, big-pharma, big-tech and so much more can become one's master.
As an example - who do you think rules over people, when they walk around staring at their smartphones? It's not God!

Religions/ways of life such as Shintoism or islam are far more controlling, paranoid and neurotic than anything resembling actual Christianity.

If at the end of ones' life, one realises that the Bible was just a "crowd control system" after all, then at least it was one that respected people enough to give them freedom of choice and guidance away from earthly vices, plus something wonderful to aspire to after their body dies.
Not a bad thing to believe in. One could do far worse!

b11a2d53 No.3662173

File: 1657940218161.jpg (175.96 KB, 960x640, Lickey_Chopsies_Fox.jpg)

If Christianity is just a "way and tool" to focus one's own independent spiritual energy into creating greater things, and there are "superior" ways that other cultures may have in the past or currently do practice, then that's something that will be found out one way or another, with further personal study, learning and wisdom.

I have personally experienced real-world and tangible results from genuine prayer to God, that in some cases I was able to photograph or record/document in some way - usually within a few hours.
I have also received real-world and tangible results from angrily denying God, in a moment of despair and anguish - also within a few hours of me doing it.

Is that "proof" of my own "energy" manifesting itself within "reality" in some form, is it proof of God's existence, or is it just a series of unusual coincidences?

To be honest, I'll wait and learn just a little bit longer (the rest of my life) until I say for 100% certain, maybe I'm just a stubborn ass that way. Nevertheless, I've learnt enough to not be a "lukewarm" Christian anymore.

b11a2d53 No.3662174

File: 1657940450563.jpg (102.8 KB, 960x640, Daww_Sleepy_Foxie.jpg)

Let's not forget the fact, that pretty much every single thing that the self-proclaimed "elite" here on earth do, is to contaminate, remove, insult, defame, ridicule and hate God in some form, and that includes all His expressions of beauty and purity on earth - such as man, animals, nature, love, beauty, wonder, freedom and so many other life-affirming gifts.
This has probably become clear by now, to even "everyday normies", as we're all getting pretty close to events of Biblical proportions.

The fact that those currently waging war against life/humanity (there aren't very many of them actually) openly hate God and everything to do with Him, is alone a good reason to support God and learn more about Him.
Why would the world's pedophiles, murderers, psychopaths and inhumans be so obsessed in erasing/replacing Him, even down to the molecular level, if there weren't at least something interesting to learn about Him? Why are they so insanely paranoid and afraid of Him, and those who believe and trust in Him?

It's at least worth thinking about.

21b43135 No.3662179

1 People whoa re disillusioned require to be encirched and religion can do that. Then you have people rubber necking themselves.

2 The same way they need to trick their opinions as being recognized online. The online visibility of their opinions validate their own beliefs.

3 Once they have painted their picture they tend to bleed out whatever they can glean from it.

4 A disingeuine model can reciprocate a proper model or made realized by the viewer's new opinions. Repeat as Necessary.

5 The consistent measure of reappropriated material would mean we have made plenty editions and not unto exchanging disparraigement of the original works (we continue to test the faith we've applied by making more critical of what it represents, to a fault)

6 We decided it was a bad idea, and promote athiest interests and realize the argument is easily countered. It becomes a back and forth. The data leaks as a canvas of do's and don't clearly perpetuate itself.

7.It feeds into itself the process of deliberating contents become a frequency that is very obviously a "band aid" of the existence people have made for themselves. They use it to a fault, the world turns to shit. It either gets fixed or it doesn't.

1db0ddf6 No.3662237


Religion and believing in an all knowing, all doing, higher power is just an excuse to keep yourself and the world from discovering the secrets to the universe for ourselves. An excuse to just sit back and play mental games with yourself and call it praying, instead of going out in the world and making things happen, making life better for everyone and yourself. An excuse to not hold those who choose to do wrongs and evils accountable for their actions and just leave it to the will of a higher power. And excuse to not take accountability for your own "sins" and wrong doings and leave it to the will of a higher power.
If it takes the belief of a higher power that will punish you and burn you for eternity to turn you into a worthy human being, to keep you from doing evil, then I think your DNA needs to be kept out of our gene pool.

677c514c No.3662244

I don't think you get this idea of a higher design and continue focusing on this evil/idiocy complex. There are higher designs and those who prescribe their intepretations to any design in it are effectually immersed in this "mental game" regardless.

It am just breaking it down that its there. Its like walking around as your own ghost. Eventually the life you have made will emerge as some quality or trait and reinforce itself naturally, if not there is what people refer to as a meltdown and they snap, having to settle for a philosohpically profound assurance of their own creeds. The bible is a big version or the things people tell themselves to stay "immersed". So they can remain mystified in a boring and unaccomadating planet.

Then once you get enough of it you reach the hysterics of a divined world order. (This is the same thing as attainment and it is when the body and mind have completely tricked itself into some realization of the latter) They emerge as the ghost of their own concessions (and that is why you see liars as powerful as they are because now they have built a legacy of their lies into the ground)

Anyways its helpful to have people kept quiet with their own reservations of the world if that is what you need to do in order to get by in it.

The 'secrets of the universe' are nuclear powers that will only also enforce this idea of mind-control. That when its provided for will be used as a tool of mass-hysterics/attainment for any Norman willing to take shortcuts and pay for 'the good word'

The cycle of undermining and philosophical principle for a company stake is the higher power and it -does- reflect the same survival needs for those who believe in that company, if that company distributes its products correctly. (This is entirely why hand outs are so few but great acts overall occur through the maintainence of its current state) Whether its a country or a school of thought.

677c514c No.3662247


so go back to looking up pokemon porn weirdo

4650f552 No.3662256

What kind of conservative made that picture?

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