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Where can I vote for him?

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you know, growing up being gay is hard enough without adults mucking things up.

I don't support people who want to force the gay and trans things on kids, but I don't support the ones who want to just go in x-men style and assassinate us all either. Just let fags be fags and stop being assholes. Most of us just want to fuck each other in our own bedrooms and be left alone and blow each other in peace.

aa98171a No.3659736

and yeah the psychos need to be slapped down occasionally, same goes for both sides.

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Gee, I just can't imagine why…

375253c9 No.3660319


The SOB not only lost, he claims now he never wanted to execute LGBTQ's.

Fucking liar, my prediction: Mark Burns will be in a gay sex scandal in 3-2-1…

375253c9 No.3660320

f3ff873f No.3660332

Lame…. So a black pastor is tired of lgbtqqip2saa indoctrination of small children and this equates to him genocide any one who isn't straight.

Ya know "Terminate" when referring to a job position usually just means them loosing thier job.

It doesn't mean literally killing them.

f3ff873f No.3660341

Don't get why they feel the need to push thier sexuality on literally everyone.

Like when is enough going to be enough?
Equal rights? They already have that… Infact they have more.
And it's still not enough.
I'm a pervert okay… But God damn I don't fucking need a parade about it.
But oh no these people do.
Pride day became pride week now it's a month.
Privacy of your bed room? What happened to that?

9882ee84 No.3661774

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63442c92 No.3661778

Another tragic victim of black on black crime

dd49233d No.3661805

Kill Whites
Get Rights

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