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22a786ff No.3660121

Tiny Toons has became one of the most celebrated cartoons of the, as many fans see it, last great era of cartoons, to many it perfectly represents the optimism and happiness of the age, before cartoons tried too hard to become dark and serious. Yet it's actually pretty damn dark, when you think about it.

First off, i'm not literally claiming the cast grow up to literally become Bugs, Daffy and company, we all know that's not possible. Neither are they the children of the old Looney Tunes, that's been disproven long ago. They do however, embody many of their basic qualities - a much as they're different in some ways. And this is where the crutch is.

Start, for example, with Buster. He is one of the friendliest, most immediately likable main characters of his era. He's caring, compassionate, willing to help, and never puts anybody down for silly reasons, and yet never becomes boring or preachy. He's fun, witty, and suave enough to connect with the "cool people" while also staying friends with the outcasts. To many who were children when they first saw it, he was just the kind of friend they wish they had.

22a786ff No.3660122

Unlike Bugs Bunny, he never delights in sadism or pranks for selfish reasons.


Yet, he's going to grow up to become just like Bugs.

The seed is there. There's a few moments in the show when his cynical side shows through. You can just tell how all that compassion and friendliness is going to wither away in a few years, leaving him the same kind of absolutely insufferable prick Bugs has always been.

And this makes Tiny Toons frigging dark. The show is all about how the percieved innocence and fun of childhood just goes away, eventually.

Plucky of course, is nothing like the outright sadistic maniac Daffy. He tries all he can to be kind, responsible and not cause harm to anyone, but in the long run, it's not going to work. He's going to turn out just like Daffy, we as the audience are supposed to know it, but strangely few seem to have percieved it as the entire point of the series.

Dizzy tries not to let his enermous aptite control him like it does for Taz, but at some point, it's going to break. Calamity tries to find more meaningful outlets for his energy and determination than chasing poultry. Hamton tries so hard to be an upstanding, mature citizen and not a walking mass of complexes like Porky. But they're all gonna fail. The hints are there.

Yeah, i may have ruined the whole franchise to some of you now. But it was really the point along, you just didn't see it.

4af36e09 No.3660126

Show me Buster and Babs banging.

22a786ff No.3660127

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What, are you straight or something? It's all about the boys.

dfca9775 No.3660132

Then a human adopts them and they all die of neglect.

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>Tiny Toons is frigging dark


4af36e09 No.3660173

I'm surprised you didn't just blame the Jews for it explicitly

dfca9775 No.3660182

i have long repressed a dark memory of hols and what faols down them.

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22a786ff No.3663945

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The reboot got more interesting.

b5110811 No.3663949

Who doesn't love twincest?

11af4616 No.3663959

Even better not that it will be Incest!

4efc99c3 No.3663960

i think the reason they're making them siblings is because they always had a friend/romance thing going on, and they don't want to portray any form of normal heterosexual relationship in media. god forbid children don't want to transition at age 5.
so they'll personalities will be wiped and they'll start fresh, no straighties, and their chemistry will be more like dipper and mabel from gravity falls.

9a45d2f2 No.3664209

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