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Drink up edition.

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.
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eebe1fe7 No.3663290

File: 1658497105944.jpg (20.55 KB, 474x223, quotestalinvoting.jpg)


And like clockwork, you post something that self-refutes.

Congratulations. You played yourself.



It refers to the Electoral Count Act.

Currently, the Vice President has the ability to question shady election processes in rejecting certification of a particular states electors. That would kick back the electors to be reselected by that states legislators. It makes fraud harder.

The Electoral Count Act seeks to eliminate this safety valve.

It shows that the Left wants to commit fraud and seeks to codify fake elections into law.

Pence had a duty to question shady election results and failed to do so.


Reminder that pic related is a socialist position. Think 2020 election poll workers.

be7778c8 No.3663304


Says the Dude from the Nation who favored Diebold Election Systems

Commies may have invented it, USA implemented it.

On a side note ; Now that the Supreme Court has decided to only enforce the things stated in the constitution, which in many ways WAS their job, when will they decide nobody private shall pay taxes except voluntarily as decided by same Supreme court in 1913 ?

Any pure blood Republican should contact their Senator and put this up for the test as next.

be7778c8 No.3663311


But….what about the Taxes ???

They are not stated in the Constitution , therefore paying taxes IS communism….

be7778c8 No.3663322


Taxes are not specified in the Constitution.

Taxes are used to Finance things like Communism.
Therefore taxes ARE active part of communism.

So stop paying taxes.
Its unconstitutional, end of story.

be7778c8 No.3663326


But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….But….I am not a Communist. However I do pay taxes (by force) so by that definition that makes me a communist….



e8090047 No.3663333


Occurs to me somebody are denying the tax issue to hard and keep talking about communist. I think the only pure-blood left on the planet are North-Korean and they would eat you alive if given half a chance.

However : Taxes are unconstitutional and by supreme court it was decided in 1913 that taxes only applied to business and was voluntarily for private citizens.

So it would only be proper to enforce the 1913 decision through the present conservative Supreme Court , just like they just did to the second amendment (guns) and Abortion .

42cebdbb No.3663338


buckwheat for you.

decb922a No.3663341

HAHAHAA he's literally censoring me en masse

decb922a No.3663342

thread bans, threads being deleted and remade, IP deletion. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA choob is a CUCK!!

9cdb17c2 No.3663348

File: 1658516882725.webm (2.79 MB, 640x360, Bad-news-cracker.webm)


Conservative states only pay in taxes because they get out more money from the federal government than they pay in.

I'd be more than happy to let red states go tax free if we could also cut off all support from the federal level for them.

Let them live in their libertarian utopia until they all die of dysentery.

9cdb17c2 No.3663358

File: 1658517666353.jpg (68.98 KB, 640x763, 280210613_508293200982504_….jpg)

>Currently, the Vice President has the ability to question shady election processes in rejecting certification of a particular states electors.

No, he doesn't. Mike Pence's role that day was purely ceremonial.

What Trump, and you, believe is true, is the equivalent of thinking that the fan who throws out the first ball at a baseball game gets to decide who wins the game by choosing his friend to control the score. The players wouldn't matter, the game wouldn't matter, none of it would matter because the person who controls the score would pick the winner.

That's not how the game works. It was never, ever, a power the VP has had.

decb922a No.3663364

File: 1658518279740.png (63.66 KB, 1584x469, edited.png)

@dog. If you can check on the auto archiver or said archiver is fast enough, there might be proof THIS was edited. I have no idea how fast that archive is for this site but I also can't delete the post, it gives me 'wrong password'

So yeah for all we know Ids mean nothing and 3b actually does have a bunch of them he can spawn at will, for example, and the admins abuse them at will

c6b35b51 No.3663366


Sharp idea…but you are asking the Supreme court to enforce taxes for business and none for citizens.

Which is kinda odd since today business pays close to none and citizens the lions share.

I have a gut feeling they will not enforce the Tax decision of 1913, sorry!

bc376e3e No.3663367

>It was never, ever, a power the VP has had.

You don't know that and neither does anyone else. It's never been litigated.

bc376e3e No.3663368


Income tax isn't used for anything though. It's just destroyed.

The government doesn't need to collect money before spending it. Taxes are just theatrics.

decb922a No.3663371

in b4 you're actually choob

9cdb17c2 No.3663373


It's never been litigated if the vice president can declare all the gold in Fort Knox belongs to him either but it doesn't mean that he can do it.

The fact it's never been established means it's not a power he has. He can't just make shit up.

decb922a No.3663378


bc376e3e No.3663408


I'm not sure if your understanding of jurisprudence is correct. In fact I'm certain it isn't.

Congress gives itself new powers without amending the constitution ALL THE FUCKING TIME. Both parties. Constantly. It's not even weird.

9cdb17c2 No.3663416

File: 1658530155543.jpg (63.9 KB, 506x680, Jesus-punishes.jpg)


Congress giving themselves new powers requires both houses full of argumentative people to agree on something then they have to send it to the president to sign into law.

Your party thinks Pence could just give himself the power to destroy democracy.

bc376e3e No.3663417


It's been almost two years and you still don't even know why the Jan 6 protestors were there that day.

bc376e3e No.3663418


and 'your party' thinks Pence had the power that day or else they wouldn't need to amend the law to prevent anyone from doing it in the future.

ac5d300a No.3663419

File: 1658535457084.jpg (51.85 KB, 511x520, cnn.igger.JPG)


These postings are correct.

Congress has the ultimate say and can create powers as long as they do not interfere with the other two branches.

The VP can refuse to certify a particular state. Thats how a state is prevented from committing fraud locally.

Congress cant make a law to prevent the VP from refusing to certify. Thats an imposition on the Executive. Expressly forbidden.


>Mike Pence's role that day was purely ceremonial

No. He is a small, timid man that got thrust into a role for a courageous man. He was found wanting.

Ironically, we remember those times in history when a great man was needed and he was there.

We forget those times when a great man was needed and he was NOT there. January 6th, 2021 was one of those times.

ac5d300a No.3663420

File: 1658535849204.jpg (38.2 KB, 720x595, feministtriggeredbychess.jpg)


WOW! There is a lot of butthurt here to delete all this.

What was posted that triggered the snowflakes and made them run to their safespaces?

ac5d300a No.3663422

File: 1658536260531.jpg (23.2 KB, 474x276, th-3087760498.jpg)


Eliminate the SALT deduction and see if you change your tune.

The blue states would scream murder.

9cdb17c2 No.3663437

File: 1658561103906.jpg (64.74 KB, 900x586, FYSyUhMXgAMBQdL.jpg)


The bills in question do not say that the VP has the power to do anything. In fact BOTH bills from the Democrats and the Republicans say the VP's job is purely ceremonial. They are writing this into law because of retards saying things like…

"You don't know that and neither does anyone else. It's never been litigated."

They are litigating it right now. They are making it VERY clear that the VP does not, and never did have the power to do what Trump wanted.

9cdb17c2 No.3663441

File: 1658564321691.jpg (1.54 MB, 1555x1177, FX53bemWIAIqOeJ.jpg)

The new laws will also make it impossible for people like Ted Cruz to hold up the election process past the date of the transfer-of-power by continuing to object and refusing to let the votes be counted.

Instead of every individual senator having the power to keep calling for votes to delay the transfer of power, now they will need one-fifth of each chamber before they can throw a prolonged tantrum that costs us all billions of dollars and ends up accomplishing nothing. This was part of the "Green Bay Sweep" plan but Trump's riot of got in the way of it.

The new law also proposes that only the Governor of a state gets to dictate who the electors from that state are unless the state specifically chooses someone else to do so.
That way the next loser like Trump can't do what he did and send fake electors to try and muddy the water about who won the state.
Only one person from each state gets to say who the real electors are so it can't get dragged out into a prolonged legal battle that costs tax payers a lot of money.

Nothing in either version of the bills from either party makes entirely new laws.
These changes just make it harder for people to do stupid, pointless, shit in protest because they are sore losers.

But you'll be happy to know that it also allocates more money from each state to a fund to help people who do think the elections are stolen pay for their court costs so the next time a republican goes to court over some nonsense rumor he reads on Facebook your red-state tax dollars will pay for it!

155574f5 No.3663444

Dood can u just stfu you aren't in charge of the country so just stfu about laws. You fuckin suit "nig""ger".

0e9a0825 No.3663448

Post bumped off screen for contaminating the board.

9cdb17c2 No.3663460


Did cho0b disable the syntax or are you just stupid?

9cdb17c2 No.3663461

File: 1658588926684.jpg (204.52 KB, 1200x662, FX-iHzGX0AA2TQR.jpg)

Huh, I guess you really are just stupid.

09e61725 No.3663462

File: 1658589380029.jpg (58.51 KB, 768x794, you are here 1 - 768x794.jpg)

It's not difficult to directly edit the database and change passwords, IDs, post content, names.
Not sure how many of these things can be done with the admin control panel. I probably need another 10 days or so, before seriously being able to research which image board software to use for my own board.

As a matter of routine since the beginning, I've been saving the entire thread after each post of mine (adding a dash, number or letter to the file name, so I don't overwrite the previous save), so therefore I now have a record of every single post I've ever made on here… ever.
Sometimes I just do a screenshot - I have screenshot software that automatically saves if I hit "print screen", so it's super-simple. You're on a phone (?), so I don't know if it's that easy then.

Maybe if I do somehow manage to reproduce one day, I can pass my /furi/ posts down to my pups and they'll be proud of me and my life achievement (or not).
Perhaps I'll just pretend this place never existed, so they can have a better and more innocent life than I've had.
Will definitely tell them though, that uncut humans have it better.

9cdb17c2 No.3663464

File: 1658589816428.jpg (417.21 KB, 2947x4096, FX7PEwOWIAAIi9U.jpg)


Are you leaving to start your own dog fucking white nationalist fan club?

Good luck! I hope you find the happiness you deserve!

09e61725 No.3663465

No, I'm staying - this place clearly needs me too much. Just look at how much it had decayed into mindless degeneracy since my temporary leave.

Also, I don't think I've ever seen you post something that's in any way genuine or spontaneous. It's like with every post you're attempting to advance or defend a particular subject of a downloaded-into-brain (communist) agenda.

Witnessing such a thing on a furry smut board is certainly one of the stranger things on here.

Most people and animals just come here to shitpost, let off some steam or just distract themselves for a bit, but your dedication is almost inspiring.
You'll probably be dead before the end of the year like a lot of your kind, so was it worth the effort?

522e3e58 No.3663470

File: 1658601629271.jpg (73.48 KB, 712x522, 1657650512703.jpg)

Reminder that the Democrats attempted a coup in the 2000 election. However, its OK when Leftists do it.

“Mr. Vice President, I rise to object to the fraudulent 24 Florida electoral votes,” declared Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif.

“Is the objection in writing and signed by a member of the House and a senator?” inquired Gore.

“The objection is in writing!” snapped Waters. “And I don’t care!”

Congressional rules require a House member and senator to simultaneously challenge a state’s electoral slate. Waters lacked a Senate sponsor. But she didnt care.

8a597ed9 No.3663471


From what I've seen it seems like there are a few screaming weirdos at every electoral vote count.

Pearl clutchers are running around acting like this is all some unfathomable thing that nobody could have ever even imagined before 2020.

Makes you wonder why they were SO much more worried about that election being questioned than any of the others
before or since.

e5837e60 No.3663477

File: 1658622966479.png (169.01 KB, 988x724, historynewsnetwork.org.png)

Ok, numbnuts, The rep from California was objecting because the state of Florida had stopped counting votes and declared Bush Jr. the winner. A decision which was made by his literal Brother Jeb Bush because Republicans sent a mob of Republican staffers to riot at the voting center and threaten the people counting the votes until they had to be evacuated.

The Democratic senator rose in protest to the election being stolen, which it was, when the votes in 2000 were actually counted Al Gore had won both the electoral college AND the popular vote by a thin margin.

She knew Bush Jr. had not won the presidency and was not the rightful president but the rest of the democrats believed that protesting the election results which had already been accepted would damage America too much so they let Bush be president.

That is what she was angry about. And you know who the person was that told her to sit down and shut up? It was Vice President Al Gore. The guy who had legitimately won and should have been president, but cared more about America than his own wealth and power.

The "Coup" you think the democrats tried to pull off in 2000 was actually them leading by example and showing that what is best for America is stability and order instead of greedy, narcissistic assholes starting a civil war over their ego.

Your example proves 100% the opposite of what you think it does because you are the dumbest piece of shit in America.

522e3e58 No.3663479

File: 1658625093844.jpg (28.66 KB, 474x362, itwasreal.jpg)


Everything you said was wrong.

It was explained clearly to you in this thread but you did not even bother to read it.


It is easy to verify my post on the internet by anyone who wants to look. I actually ENCOURAGE anyone to find anything wrong with my post because I value accuracy.

You are a braindead, brainwashed conspiracy nut spouting delusions.

8a597ed9 No.3663483


How in the world are you this fucking obtuse.

f712c419 No.3663500

im such a hardcore polt like just like at me flex my 2 inch boner

cd65f883 No.3663508

3B is owned by TDS 24/7/365 thank God he will never be cured.

acf3e53e No.3663542

File: 1658794404150.jpg (82.34 KB, 900x900, F8BB2FD6-696E-4632-A6E0-9C….JPG)

Literal election deniers.

In 2000, the Saudis had GW Bush in their pocket and helped him win. Thus Bush was an illegitimate and NOT president.

In 2016, the Russians helped Trump win through fraud. Trump was NOT a legitimate president.

In 2020, somehow, more people voted for a dementia ridden old racist, who's been corrupt for five decades in office. But that was 100% legit and no one should EVER question it.

e8fd632d No.3663543

File: 1658796628703.jpg (58.19 KB, 890x524, Screen-Shot-2020-11-04-at-….jpg)


I looked up 'Brooks Brother Riot'.

Well, color me surprised when I discover it was not a riot. Rather, it was Democrats doing their recount by taking all the ballots and locking them up in a private room away from prying eyes of the poll watchers and the media. It seems that these actions were in violation of Floridas 'Sunshine Act' which specifically forbids hiding ballots while counting. For some reason, everyone objected to that.

Now, Democrat poll workers with a bias preventing poll watchers from observing the count in key swing states…..where have we seen that before?

Also, color me surprised that 3Sneed posts bullshit … AGAIN!!!!!

747dfb1a No.3663546

Saudis wont respect America with a woman in office and cause an oil crisis. (this would matter if diplomacy had done its part in keeping the world from a full-blown revolt) Everyone is afraid of their own neighbor because their own neighbor works against them, because politics.

11b7b280 No.3663549

The deadliest 64 mass killings of 2021 — Race/ethnicity of suspects is as follows:

• Black: 57.8%
• Latino: 15.6%
• White: 15.6%
• Other: 4.7%
• Mixed race: 3.1%
• Unknown: 3.1%

("Media narrative collapse: White people made up a shockingly small minority of mass shooters in 2021" https://tinyurl.Com/2hduaz9z)

f596213d No.3663551

File: 1658839838910.png (65.86 KB, 671x637, chicago.png)


Welpl! We had ANOTHER MASS SHOOTING this weekend…. 6 dead and 51 wounded


It was a typical weekend in negroland aka Chicago.


9a4c70a8 No.3663555


Whites committing mass shootings is cultural appropriation and needs to STOP

fc37ba50 No.3663562


I was talking about what happened in the 2000 election in Florida. Why are you posting images from the Nov 2020 vote count where Trump sent a mob of violent "Stop the steal" crazies to invade the place Detroit was counting votes?

Fun fact: That room they "covering up" was so full of Republican observers they had to lock the doors because they were in violation of the fire code there were so many people in that room and on top of that, it was being live streamed the whole time by multiple groups on both the left and the right.

They covered those windows because they were afraid the crazy mob outside would start shooting at them.


fc37ba50 No.3663573

File: 1658894018605-0.png (523.76 KB, 517x584, Tiny-wood.png)

File: 1658894018605-1.jpg (224.73 KB, 1284x1624, FYdu5VjWAAAGxn9.jpg)

File: 1658894018605-2.jpg (86.44 KB, 679x543, FYdu6qfWQAEVurx.jpg)

File: 1658894018605-3.jpg (395.48 KB, 2048x1364, Desantis-country.jpg)

A bunch of Nazis showed up in Florida to the Turning point USA rally, marching in support of Ron Desantis.

They are encouraging other Nazi to turn away from Trump because he's to left wing and back Desantis instead.

fc37ba50 No.3663576

File: 1658894453280-0.png (187.29 KB, 249x472, infowars.png)


This is part of a growing trend where Trump is losing support from the wealthy and connected right-wingers.

Rupert Murdoc has already said Trump can't be trusted to be the next nominee and turned Fox News against him.

The Pro-Desantis Nazis were using the same megaphone that Alex Jones has been seen using at other events so many people suspect they were paid to be there by infowars to pull support away from Trump.

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