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Drink up edition.

Any further /pol/ threads will be deleted.

0fdbab92 No.3660214

3B is a pedophile

de33817b No.3660217

File: 1655762882258.jpg (215.17 KB, 900x1246, angry_herpe_by_brucetheban….jpg)

I got sent to the emergency room a few days ago because my prostate exploded from horniness.

A 32 year old man should not be able to cum 62 times in one day. I proved them wrong.

Don't let your age fool you. The democrats want you believe you have a time limit, but my dick proved them all wrong.

Don't trust the global elites, or big pharma.

0fdbab92 No.3660218

I don't trust any gay man that's exclusively a bottom or top. Versatile master race are the only sane gays

de33817b No.3660222

File: 1655763784424.png (292.15 KB, 623x836, af919717e14da9eaff5f1c58e0….png)

I'm a switch bro

de33817b No.3660224

File: 1655764870662.jpg (80.08 KB, 800x666, 57ea0cdec3ac438817102ce084….jpg)

ask my boyfriend, he's horrified of when I get dominate.

0fdbab92 No.3660225

>Size queen with a thing for chastity cages

I don't trust you

de33817b No.3660226

File: 1655765054159.gif (5.59 MB, 1100x619, aa4681834ec9a595a0642f2a9e….gif)

I swing to the bottom side of things, and even when I'm on top I'm more of a power bottom, but lord have mercy if the cage comes off. I go full top, aggressively.

de33817b No.3660231

File: 1655766493436.gif (1023.68 KB, 500x281, tumblr_mwzu7jxaPn1sk2k7ro1….gif)

I go from switch to top so once my cage is removed that its fucked up to the most switchiest of switches.


de33817b No.3660232

still back to pol, I had to spend the entire time after my shockwave orgasm in the actual emergency room because they had no beds for patients

de33817b No.3660233

When I left, there were like 30 people waiting to get in, most of them seemed pretty ok, but when I was staying over night, I heard lots of people yelling, especially one guy that was all "OH GOD SAVE ME. HELP ME." and there just wasn't enough room for everyone. It was loud, it was chaotic, It was never like a anytime ive ever been in the ER.

America's healthcare is really going to shit, either that, or people are getting increasingly retarded.

0fdbab92 No.3660234

Maybe the ER wouldn't be so packed if people would stop inserting things into their ass that they shouldn't. Fucking size queens ruin it for everyone

cdd3694d No.3660235

don't care didn't ask

1f0ba499 No.3660237

File: 1655767962096.jpg (826.48 KB, 1031x1364, FVkWH7cUYAE4oMu.jpg)

Thankfully, the local cops were smart enough to realize that the white nationalists walking around picking fights with people followed by groups of armed and armored "body guards" ready to gun down entire crowds of people was a recipe for a mass shooting and sent them all home before anyone took the bait.

It's Rittenhouse's maneuver of picking fights then when ever someone fights back you murder everyone in sight then claim self-defense even though it's clear you came there looking to murder people.

Cops are wise to that shit now. Any white nationalist with a gun is asked to leave protests because no police department wants to deal with another shit show like Rittenhouse.

72fc3cb3 No.3660238


You're retarded.

1f0ba499 No.3660239

File: 1655768170613-0.webm (2 MB, 640x360, Hunting-Republicans.webm)

File: 1655768170613-1.png (161.05 KB, 723x856, Sen-Republican-Greitens.png)

Get your official RINO hunting license today!

Go to EricGreitens.com and donate to the Republican senate candidate so you too can get a Rino hunting license and join the "MAGA crew" in hunting and killing Republicans! Do your part today!

(No, I'm not kidding, this is really a real Republican's real political ad. He was Governor before he got arrested and forced to leave office after a sex scandal and it was revealed he beat his wife and child but in 2022, that's just appealing to the base with conservatives!)


I am so happy Republicans are finally starting that civil war they always wanted by hunting other Republicans!
Truly, these are good times.

cdd3694d No.3660240

File: 1655768405422-0.jpg (9 KB, 225x225, gdmnthisgiad.jpg)

File: 1655768405422-1.jpg (10.9 KB, 225x225, nagonmydick.jpg)

File: 1655768405422-2.jpg (547.69 KB, 818x876, NotThisShteAgan.jpg)

gugh fucke im retarderd

cdd3694d No.3660245

File: 1655772795734-0.jpg (210.16 KB, 574x1351, Evangelion_Unit-02_Type_II….jpg)

File: 1655772795734-1.png (1.1 MB, 658x1652, Evangelion_Unit-02_V2_fron….png)

File: 1655772795734-2.jpg (156.83 KB, 1144x960, 64a6f176-c1e1-4b77-919c-15….jpg)

File: 1655772795734-3.png (450.61 KB, 860x976, 540-5406567_evangelion-ani….png)

File: 1655772795734-4.png (468.15 KB, 860x889, 220-2207731_evangelion-ani….png)

lol just fuck my shit up fam

1f0ba499 No.3660246

File: 1655773492047.png (73.49 KB, 724x463, Bad-boys-bad-boys.png)


Looks like the Republican Missouri Senate Majority Leader Caleb Roden called the cops on "Rino Hunter" Eric Gretiens.

Eric shut down his twitter account, facebook has already banned him but his youtube account is still up for now.

It's almost like running a political campaign where you openly call for the murder of your political enemies is illegal? Oh, wait…

09e61725 No.3660251

File: 1655778855547.jpg (210.32 KB, 900x1350, Mittens_Population_Control.jpg)

By the way, I feel guilty about not including this place when warning people about the covid injection scam. I know a lot of other image boards were pretty sharp and onto the scam very quickly.

While I was gone, was there at least one human/animal posting reasonable deathshot counterarguments and evidence here?

Looks like the next scam "Monkey Pox" hasn't been given up on, and the World Hell Organisation is going to decide on whether it's safe and beneficial for them to imprison the world's goyim population again.

→ Also, since the old thread's been left to die in shame, for newbies here, some practical and easy things that "slow down" china's/AI's progression and threat:

cdd3694d No.3660253

they wont last…the protein spikes. they are coming.

cdd3694d No.3660255

My predictions:

Regional Blocking and Forced Ad Sanctioning of data is what you are going to be dealt. The cold hand serving a plate of ice. Hope you can handle the taste of dread and fear of neighboring tumultivity as we turn borders into a full population crisis. They will look to non existant fuel and food supply while corn fields run scarce. (That's starvation). And assuming the sanctuary country makes it through yet another year of its ritualized domestic terror campaign (it calls freedom) By the time the world blows itself up we will be called on once again like a washed out-past his prime superman. More than likely fact here, Russia will pose such a threat that someone will be expected to do something. The Canadian Air Force will be left scrambling for its own weapons system to once again meet up with the times. I dunno Really, I don't think there will be a great change over and more of a fall out of several countries forcing back into the age of fuedalism. Then we will need once again asian imports to solve everything just like in the last 60 years.

d19c605a No.3660264

File: 1655787816643.jpeg (76.79 KB, 1080x1350, FVqU0lIX0AIOcat.jpeg)

>Also, since the old thread's been left to die in shame,
If it gets too big, a new one is made. You're probably going to call me a n1ggerjew or something.

155574f5 No.3660267

you non abort

09e61725 No.3660268

File: 1655789663035.jpg (152.89 KB, 900x1170, Dramatic_Flair_Bolt.jpg)

Clearly you're not as poetic as I am. :P

>the protein spikes. they are coming.
Yes, and that reminds me - I came across some information on types of antidotes to the protein spike shedding, by those who've been injected.

People have been turned into walking bioweapons, making those around them sick by expelling spike proteins and graphene oxide, which also causes blood clots in those who haven't been injected.
Here's a website that discusses this and has some solutions:

Apparently, breathing around someone who's been injected is already enough to become infected with the bioweapon. (At least there are still ways of "detoxing", see the website.)

BTW - consider sharing this information with others, the battle isn't over just yet.

9511c166 No.3660271

women have a time limit, men do not.

d9cb877e No.3660273

File: 1655791469121-0.jpg (190.04 KB, 790x638, nothowitworks.jpg)

155574f5 No.3660275

>putting trust or your life in the hands of someone over the internet

d19c605a No.3660279

File: 1655792874414.jpeg (48.59 KB, 469x736, FVUlXTNXEAET9gW.jpeg)


Good old Dr. 4chan

09e61725 No.3660281

File: 1655796182240.jpg (88.28 KB, 900x1200, Supportive_Bolty.jpg)

You should check the sources, little troll puppy. The website I've linked to has extensive sources, including links to Pfizer's own documents which mention that uninjected people may still be affected by spike protein shedding.

PS: You're cute and fluffy, but this is life or death, so checking sources and not just believing the mainstream media and (fake) "consensus" is a wise thing to do - it could save your life.

c05b6576 No.3660287

File: 1655809345570-0.gif (152 KB, 276x275, R.b60bf57195c3eecb7f558af1….gif)

File: 1655809345570-1.jpg (181.24 KB, 2010x1500, Commandnobg2fa-min.jpg)

File: 1655809345570-2.jpg (38.74 KB, 256x400, R.2945bdcdbd4f7cf8877827af….jpg)

File: 1655809345570-3.jpg (63.38 KB, 600x849, d439c22f0436902793fd6fd6cf….jpg)

File: 1655809345570-4.jpg (284.28 KB, 1920x2197, 655ab64a60f4585935b72682ff….jpg)

Welcome to 2022 where we have concepts of things that we haven't made yet but plan to and when we do we will straight fuck you with them. Also we know you don't think we won't but that's part of the game isn't it.

80c5a131 No.3660289

File: 1655816557844-0.webm (2.84 MB, 271x194, portland 1.webm)

File: 1655816557844-1.webm (1013.2 KB, 280x290, portland 2.webm)

File: 1655816557844-2.png (923.77 KB, 932x596, portland.png)


The socialist utopia of Portland….

Defund the police….its just White Supremacy

Nothing is a crime….its just systemic racism

95fb060a No.3660290


You might want to open your mind a little on this one. What he's talking about isn't nearly as 'far out there' as you've been lead to believe.


Unless NatGeo is too much of a far-right conspiracy therrorist source for you to listen to. I could pull some medical journals if you like.

4cfe51a5 No.3660291

File: 1655820653395.jpeg (203.37 KB, 534x2410, hh9aIWv.jpeg)

4cfe51a5 No.3660292

File: 1655820939422-0.png (442.42 KB, 1170x762, 61GG658.png)

File: 1655820939422-1.png (161.22 KB, 720x759, GYnIYBX.png)

File: 1655820939422-2.png (269.36 KB, 500x505, f6a5TyS.png)

cabc3cd4 No.3660293


STFU !!!! Or all those poor uneducated FAT americans will move here!!!!!

155574f5 No.3660303

"you" silhouette fags should sniff your own ass lol.

155574f5 No.3660306

File: 1655839856328-0.jpg (4.59 KB, 262x193, another bogleech.jpg)

File: 1655839856328-1.jpg (320.59 KB, 900x600, kd-phoenixart.jpg)

File: 1655839856328-2.png (201.38 KB, 350x350, 33547687_350.png)

File: 1655839856328-3.jpg (321.7 KB, 800x619, dnd5-otyugh.jpg)

File: 1655839856328-4.jpg (141.96 KB, 1024x768, bushviper.jpg)

I can almost smell the newports and car exhaust wow from those crow's nests. How enlightening to tend about streets like wild animals and yet to expect an air of obedience at the same time. Anyways it reminds of the myst but with poverty stricken hood rats stuntin with danger for clout and no real sense.

80c5a131 No.3660307

File: 1655840231112.png (51.81 KB, 267x766, sillouette cuck.png)


I smell a 3B sock puppet post.

80c5a131 No.3660308

File: 1655840682157.jpg (59.89 KB, 680x412, demoralized left npc.jpg)


With regards to Exxon, since I am a shareholder, I have info on this.

Exxon took a loss of $20 billion in 2020 to 2021 while it invested the money in infrastructure improvements. Exxon did not ask for a bailout on this loss.

Now Exxon is reaping a return on that investment by improved efficiency. Suddenly, the prudent investment return gets criticized as a 'windfall'.

Bernie is a pandering idiot as well as 3B for posting that.

If return on investments are equated with 'greed', you will discourage any kind of improvements in the US…..

Oh, yeah, Facebook, Twitter and Google has record profits. I wonder by no one is demanding windfall taxes on them????

The left is truly a cancer.

95fb060a No.3660309


>I wonder by no one is demanding windfall taxes on them?

Because that wouldn't create artificial scarcity. How else can they market the "solution" to the problems they created?

1f0ba499 No.3660312

File: 1655852626549-0.png (115.37 KB, 1080x536, Prices.png)

File: 1655852626549-1.png (91.91 KB, 1264x540, hrmmm.png)


Exxon didn't take a loss to "invest in it's infrastructure" they took a loss because the price for oil bottomed out during the pandemic when no one was traveling and you know who saved them? You know who bailed them out using your tax money?


Not only did he make a deal to save American oil companies he gave our tax dollars to the OPEC partners in return for shutting down facilities.

This limited the supply and brought the price of gas back up.

He literally spent YOUR MONEY to raise the price of gas so they could keep up corporate profits.

That's who Republicans are.


cd428ee8 No.3660313


Yeah. Republicans suck. What's your point? It's not meant to be a race to the bottom.

80c5a131 No.3660314

File: 1655858764312.jpg (137.54 KB, 1024x1010, 3b fragile.jpg)


Your article said none of the things you posted.


Oh, and by the way, futures trading is NOT the same as buying oil. They are simply contracts in the future. It has an effect on oil price 3 months later…..but has nothing to do with todays oil supplies.

By the Elder Gods, you are a retard.

155574f5 No.3660315

How's that summer vacation going in jamaica while you are all buying out in the bull market as -shows-. You're such a stereotypical communist poised to gouge their people of a rightful economy and replace it for personal luxury, oh well I am not the one pointing it out except that it's very obvious.

80c5a131 No.3660316

File: 1655858952999.gif (2.53 MB, 400x356, reply no no no.gif)

>You know who bailed them out using your tax money?

Since you mentioned money, you SHOULD have said that President Trump bought 75 million barrels of oil and added it to the Strategic Reserve. The price was negative, so the COMEX traders actually paid the government to take the oil.

But that does not fit your narrative - does it?

Biden has since squandered that oil.

12acc39f No.3660321

The oil companies are EXPORTING gasoline to other countries.

And they are bragging about their profits going through the roof.

cdd3694d No.3660325

File: 1655877895821-0.jpg (18.95 KB, 400x400, dave-melvin-demonic-slug-s….jpg)

File: 1655877895821-1.jpg (56.03 KB, 500x357, tumblr_35482785448e32d8b4d….jpg)

File: 1655877895821-2.jpg (28.95 KB, 400x400, james-bousema-beholder-jam….jpg)

File: 1655877895821-3.jpg (18.94 KB, 500x568, tumblr_92bb40edc02ed9aee9e….jpg)

File: 1655877895821-4.jpg (154.01 KB, 1024x1307, R.b7e42da5685b819fecf72861….jpg)

"Hey its me POL look I am not here to destroy your site I just want to end humanity lol. I am not a site killer or anything"

Ok then. Looks like I didn't really care about breaking people either, so I at least that's common ground.

b30d4040 No.3660326

File: 1655878098543.png (413 KB, 1000x750, trap.png)

I wonder if Putin is prolonging his minor conflict in Ukraine to keep oil and gas prices high.

Keeping this up he can break not only Ukraine but also EU.

cdd3694d No.3660327

see what thru this disguise as its the loathed pol spam incarnate trash 3b

cdd3694d No.3660328

no it is a protege of his, a weakling mason

cdd3694d No.3660329

notice me 3b senpai says the undercover agent

cdd3694d No.3660330

"i want to kill all conservations just like 3b"
"i bet he is a conservative for calling me out"
lol pathetico you might be surprised

cdd3694d No.3660331

ya take your shit on your way out

cdd3694d No.3660334

File: 1655888078714.png (234.5 KB, 680x680, bf9fe909fa8f413fd3d7c00934….png)

lol never had a chance the goat bastard

1f0ba499 No.3660344

File: 1655900888259.png (116.91 KB, 883x569, You-are-wrong.forbes.com.png)

>Trump bought 75 million barrels of oil … COMEX traders actually paid the government to take the oil.

No he didn't you fucking retard.

He did throw a tantrum and demand free oil but everyone just ignored him like the petulant potato-child that he is.

Even his own administration ignored him.


4dd8ee5e No.3660356

More 3B lies

4dd8ee5e No.3660357

3B is many times banned user for posting CP and making terrorist threats on here and he keeps evading bans.

d0f3b4cc No.3660359


If we where that agile, we would do something else…..

2d6c14af No.3660385


Yeah, Putin wants to destroy Europe. That's why he was selling fossil fuels to it all these years, sneaky sneaky Putin.

A more likelly culprit is the USA.
- Poke the bear with Ukraine till it snaps.
- "We are stopping oil purchase from Russia !"
- Dumb as a rock Europe follows suit, destroys itself.
- USA saves Europe, sells fossil fuels to it.

cd428ee8 No.3660389


I think Putin is prepared to do as much damage as necessary to get Europe to the negotiation table. Hopefully our glorious rulers decide peace is something they want to pursue before winter hits…

9f69fa45 No.3660398

File: 1655947024761-0.jpg (87.44 KB, 875x612, Capture.JPG)

File: 1655947024761-1.jpg (137.54 KB, 1024x1010, 3b fragile.jpg)

>Media propaganda

Here is the US Gov website.

1f0ba499 No.3660399

File: 1655949409536.png (54.03 KB, 727x362, dumb-foxes.png)


I'm announcing the solicitation to buy the Brooklyn bridge. Guess what? It's not going to happen.

Saying that the orange retard wanted something didn't make it come true.

That's what conservatives don't seem to understand. Presidents are not Kings. They are not all powerful.

Read a book, idiots.

155574f5 No.3660401

the relief you needed is not coming.
not even the relief you dont need.

1f0ba499 No.3660410

File: 1655964540319.png (245.91 KB, 910x658, sports.yahoo.com.png)

It turns out Trump's people are even dumber than we thought. The Jan 6th committee just announced that it has footage from a team of documentarians that followed Trump and his family around during the length of his campaign including on Jan 6th.

The Trump team had no idea the moron had hired people to film his life and given a the team virtually limitless access to the Whitehouse.

They must have just assumed the people were supposed to be there because they were always around and not thought anything of it because boy were they upset about finding out months of raw footage being turned over to the cops.


9ae4709e No.3660412

It turns out 3B is even dumber than we thought.

9ae4709e No.3660413


9ae4709e No.3660414

Blondit hiukset laineella L'Orealin aineilla
Niinkuin Suosikin kuvissa
Vieressäsi sohvalla koitin sulle kertoa
Kaiken Maradonasta
Oli soundtrack elämän, Stock, Aitken ja Waterman
Oli Sabriina uimalan altaassa
Jaoin kanssas kokiksen
Katsoit mua himoiten
Huuma rakkauden niin ennenaikainen
Liian pikanen, vähän likanen, mielenvikanen, niinku Maradona
Liian pikanen, vähän likanen, mielenvikanen, niinku Maradona
Kesä kasikuus, kasikuus, kasikuus
Kesä kasikuus, kasikuus, kasikuus
Kesä kasikuus, kasikuus, kasikuus
Kesä kasikuus, kasikuus, kasikuus
Loppu aika juppien,
Kunnon takatukkien,
Se oli niin kaunista,
Nuoruutta raikasta
Ei sitä voinu pysäyttää
Se täytyi maaliin rysäyttää
Tästä paikasta pakko on laukasta

9ae4709e No.3660415

Blondit hiukset laineella L'Orealin aineilla
Niinkuin Suosikin kuvissa
Vieressäsi sohvalla koitin sulle kertoa
Kaiken Maradonasta
Oli soundtrack elämän, Stock, Aitken ja Waterman
Oli Sabriina uimalan altaassa
Jaoin kanssas kokiksen
Katsoit mua himoiten
Huuma rakkauden niin ennenaikainen
Liian pikanen, vähän likanen, mielenvikanen, niinku Maradona
Liian pikanen, vähän likanen, mielenvikanen, niinku Maradona
Kesä kasikuus, kasikuus, kasikuus

9ae4709e No.3660416

File: 1655975552255.jpg (58.62 KB, 768x548, 03-Bowing-Down-LA-1080-768….jpg)

1f0ba499 No.3660446

de33817b No.3660452

File: 1656015363838.jpg (252.71 KB, 1200x675, latest (1).jpg)

for the love of god man, there is nothing you can do at this point but *hehe* *coughs* vote. Its not in your hands

92175481 No.3660453


a499a87f No.3660459

File: 1656023795980.gif (1015.83 KB, 1018x721, temp.gif)


Ok….the propaganda media makes it hard to get the truth.

What really happened…

1. Trump orders the Dept of Energy (DOE) to purchase oil.

2. DOE starts accumulating oil.

3. Democratic congress passes legislation and defunds DOE.

4. Oil purchases stopped. About 1 million was added to the SOR rather than 75 million.

In any case, the Democrats interfered with President Trump adding to the Strategic Reserve.

At todays prices, The Democrats have cost the American taxpayer 9 Billion dollars.

In any case, what you posted is absolute bullshit.

3B fingers my anus.

09e61725 No.3660460

File: 1656027411277.jpg (379.67 KB, 1000x1003, Bolty_Whut.jpg)

Steam, you've been here for ages too - can you answer my question here please:

de33817b No.3660466

File: 1656029438120.jpg (40.65 KB, 500x658, c7ee6ce7d4597943e8a1649c62….jpg)

of course mah dawg.

I think the covid vaccine is bs because it was rushed and came from companies that have not only never produced vaccines before, but have had many rejected in the past.

I had straight up covid in the past and it wasnt worse than a summer cold, and I've heard a lot of people say that. Its exaggerated.

I got the vax, cause for reasons at the time I legally had to, but I wouldn't have otherwise. The side effects of the vaccine were infinitely worse than when I had the actual virus.

This "monkeypox" thing I shudder to even think about it. I have a foresight on things, and its going to go two ways, absolutely nowhere, or southpark wwz levels of bs. If it goes the second rout, I'm am already just stocking up on like 3 months of essentials in my basement. Cause It wont last that long.

de33817b No.3660467

File: 1656029925699.jpg (503.77 KB, 2560x2560, 3M-Reusable-Half-Face-Mask….jpg)

keep your butts happy and your body clean fellas. Stock up on just a few things that wont go bad, because the world is crazy.

Bleach, antibiotic soap, your favorite bath soaps, your favorite soups, you know the simple stuff that you might miss. Its not going to be like a WWII level catastrophe, but people will start panicking if the pox comes to america.

And for the love of god, don't be a moron, if you really want to feel super safe and you're in a high risk zone, pre purchase a 3m mask and a bilogical filter. Not those dust mask bs things…

acf3e53e No.3660469

File: 1656031437647.jpg (114.79 KB, 1280x952, 4168460.jpg)

>How to be president directions, written by someone who's not the president:

YOU enter the Roosevelt Room and say hello to the participants
YOU take YOUR seat
Press enters
YOU give brief comments (2 minutes)
Press departs
YOU ask Liz Shuler, President AFL-CIO a question
*Note: Liz is joining virtually*
YOU thank the participants
YOU depart

Whew, after that tough day of presidenting, then YOU back to your mansion in Delaware

a499a87f No.3660472

File: 1656032523036.jpg (34.62 KB, 474x348, th-875141740.jpg)


>Stock up on just a few things that wont go bad

Also, toilet paper, sugar and cans of gasoline.

>Press enters

de33817b No.3660477

never really thought about sugar coffee, and tea… Just make a list of the things you use daily and stock up on those and you wont be effected

f712c419 No.3660490

File: 1656052187249.jpg (8.21 KB, 279x181, dontcaredidntask.jpg)

blood is also a delicious liquid.

f712c419 No.3660492

File: 1656052810464-0.jpg (30.8 KB, 442x411, tumblr_ac1d08f61330932d94e….jpg)

File: 1656052810464-1.jpg (48.76 KB, 736x805, 20af21bfe808f32b0ce23813ea….jpg)

File: 1656052810464-2.jpg (1.12 MB, 1366x1366, esemiel-magma-snake-1-2b7e….jpg)

File: 1656052810464-3.jpg (7.43 KB, 196x257, fatdragon.jpg)

File: 1656052810464-4.png (649.8 KB, 1080x1120, 75798b94378165fde184ee1870….png)

silly meatdemons of course i will feed you snaxors. Just let my dragon mistress finish laying all her deatheggs. Yes, watch your step of course, that ledge is a doozy.

(actually some of these monster pics are pretty much on the mark)

1f0ba499 No.3660495

File: 1656054792962.png (32.25 KB, 725x208, GOP-Raising-your-taxes.png)

>I think the covid vaccine is bs because it was rushed and came from companies that have not only never produced vaccines before

Covid has been around since the 70s and they have been making cures for it all this time. This was just the latest mutation.

The only reason you know about it is that it was more efficient than the average mutation.

ca4a7943 No.3660496

As a conservative, I choose to not fund companies that support wokeness or socialistic agendas. Our money and votes can fix much of this. Maybe companies will continue moving in the right direction. If they dont they will suffer.

7bc397e5 No.3660498

so do you live innawoods? literally every single company is owned by the same (((people))) and they all support the pozz. on june 1st, like clockwork, they all get that little faggot flag.

if you purchase any food, any drinks, any cleaning supplies, you support faggotry and aids. the only way to truly not support any of this is living in the forest, hunting for food, and chopping wood for warmth at this point.

09e61725 No.3660501

File: 1656067826935.jpg (135.61 KB, 900x1200, Real_Bolt_Hero.jpg)

It's not that bad at all.
The lizards/khazars/chinks/commies, etc. want it to become that bad, and they want people to believe it's already that bad so they'll give up, but it's not that bad just yet.

Supporting local small business, farmers, markets, communities, etc. can still turn things around for the better.

09e61725 No.3660502

File: 1656073455014.jpg (24.99 KB, 640x360, Do_You_Want_To_Change_the_….jpg)

New Max Igan walk and talk. Here he discusses the Gaza Strip, chinese weather modification, even more people/professors not knowing what a woman is, having "virtual babies" instead of real ones, "real" silicon baby dolls with working asses, emerging AI threat, Kanada's Internet censorship and people hoping to escape, Ausjailian gov intentionally destroying homes with wildfires and floods so they can build Orwellian "smart" cities there, idiots deciding to become "transabled" by cutting off body parts, and more.

Max has been mentioning that it's time to look beyond the jewish bogeyman, and I have to agree - the paid gov/NGO/jidf trolls have clearly been faking anti-jew comments over the years for all kinds of reasons.
About 12 years ago I suspect they might have even thought I was "on their side" after me starting a TORChat session here once, due to my frequent (but correct) blaming of most bad things happening in the world on the jews. I was asked about the one world government, new world order, etc. within a minute or so of starting the chat - not exactly the far more pleasant "show us your knot" comments that I had actually expected.

I can't help but wonder if the latest trolling attacks against Max have been due to me posting his video links here. What a crazy world.
While I don't believe the whole "aliens" angle, the people inflicting this misery upon the rest of the human population are so unbelievably inhuman, that they don't really qualify as human anymore. Also, those videos coming out every now and again with the strange reptile-like throat movements, frozen faces, strange behaviour etc. from "higher up" people and also those black-eyed babies being born… it's pretty unsettling at the very least.
I shouldn't be overly surprised though - I'm not "human" myself, but at least I love them as a whole, as well as other animals and only want the best for them. It makes sense from that point of view that there's other non-humans out there who hate them, and want to destroy them.
Those "inhuman/non-human" evil creatures, are more likely local Earth-bound "creations" of some kind - I agree with Max there as well.


Please do consider going to that Website I posted and following their "detoxing protocol".

c39e2838 No.3660506


Take your fuckin meds.

155574f5 No.3660507

the world is run by love and fear. its common and was evidenced even in donnie darko. the technique that becomes a killing strike, even animals can fake their love if it means it gets them closer to food. you cannot pay for protection, without paying for more protection, it would seem, you cannot trust your own arms not to choke you out for want of your own desires, so too in muscle memory beg acknowledgement. A phantom that seeks the world power, it is what has everyone looking over their backs, even if they are kidding themselves for the trope, it is very real.

c39e2838 No.3660508


Alright, I'm going to give you the best little cheat-code to understanding the world and understanding yourself. You ready for this?

Imagine for a second that none of the stuff that bothers you here is real. Imagine the world in which none of these things are happening.

So, now, I'm going to give you a choice:

Would you prefer to live in a world in which none of these things were true, or a world in which all of them are.

Now, before you answer, there's a caveat. In order to live in a world in which none of these things were true, all you'd have to do is admit that you're delusional, and mentally unwell.

So, you can have a world in which there's an evil cabal of reptillian jews out to destroy everything, and you're right about it.

OR you can have a world in which no such shit is going down, but you'd have to step off your high horse and admit that maybe you don't actually have a concept of reality.

Everyone else would be spared the pain, everyone else you claim to love so much. But you would have to live knowing that you're clinically insane. That would be your heroic sacrifice to 'save the world' from this evil.

Would you do it? Or would your pride about being 'right' all the time prevent you from actually considering such a thing?

155574f5 No.3660509

File: 1656078519703.jpg (115.36 KB, 850x638, e6258224083b5cf42fc9a46357….jpg)

this is the only thing that is real to me right now

155574f5 No.3660510

File: 1656078643849.png (1.86 MB, 1262x704, 1655770407890.png)

yikes, actually we are here.

09e61725 No.3660511

Why do you guys (or whatever) even bother? What's in it for you?

09e61725 No.3660512

Meh, I meant the 2 posters after my post.

155574f5 No.3660513

Ok let me tell you…because its fresh as shit. synthetic flexweave…is the future of suiting which will integrate with your cellular structure and reforming your bodily figure to suit your needs, it isnt so bad, its made of nanotech and allows you to put your old ways behind you and move on into the transcedant form you truly desire (for me that currently could be the optimum survivor model, a robotic mech weapon, or a bestial dragon type) but it will take alot of work to make a mundane person believe in it. Which i have all the paperwork now, it is only a matter of time before I leave this place for the betterment of my life experience.

8768ed6e No.3660514

File: 1656079225112.jpeg (30.78 KB, 640x431, FQPCIVqWYAUgctP.jpeg)

09e61725 No.3660515

NVM, it's you assholes, my original question applies.

155574f5 No.3660517

File: 1656079850287.jpg (25.3 KB, 200x252, imprettysureyouasked.jpg)

155574f5 No.3660518

im prety sure im right about it but maybe i will just start out with prosthetic cock sleeve extensions to get funded

dfa610e4 No.3660519

ffc4d758 No.3660520


It's only weird because you don't understand what the purpose of the court is. If you take the time to read up on civics it will make a LOT more sense.

1079e971 No.3660521

You're going to need to carry a gun in order to deal with all the blacks that should have been aborted. Abortions should be mandatory in some cases

acf3e53e No.3660525

File: 1656099642285.jpg (117.23 KB, 817x940, 684064064.jpg)

One is a constitutional right, the other is not. Where's the paradox?

Screeching that abortion is in the constitution doesn't magically make it so.

Besides, no one's coming after whore's precious abortions, this is just common sense abortion control.

e833370c No.3660526

It is mandatory in some cases for all red states.

They permit abortion in the case of rape, incest, or medical emergencies. The ruling makes it so that all states wouldn't permit anyone to kill babies out of convenience anymore.

e833370c No.3660527

>One law to save lives and the other to take them faster….
Actually, there were two laws to save lives.

The majority of women abort out of convenience. Less than 1% of them did it for medical emergencies and rape, which are already protected by existing lawd in red states.

1079e971 No.3660528

Show me one fucking state where getting an abortion is mandatory for any reason

c58600da No.3660530

>The ruling makes it so that all states wouldn't permit anyone to kill babies out of convenience anymore.


e833370c No.3660534

All red states allow abortion thanks to heart beat bills. The purpose of the heart beat bills were to permit abortions for emergency reasons (incest, rape, etc) while limiting it to a set amount of weeks for anyone who wanted to do it for any reason.

Stop believing in left wing fearmongering and lies, go read your existing bills and laws.

e9e74ed0 No.3660537

This week in ABC News
Former Theranos
executive Sunny Balwani's
fraud trial heads to jury

SAN JOSE, Calif. — Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes was convicted Monday of four federal charges of fraud for exaggerating to investors what her blood testing company's machines could do, how much money the company could earn and how widely the machines were being used.
Holmes faces up to 80 years behind bars and a $1 million fine after her conviction on one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and three counts of wire fraud related to defrauding investors. Each count carries a maximum sentence of 20 years and a $250,000 fine. Legal experts agree Holmes is headed for a cell.

Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of the failed blood testing start-up Theranos, was found guilty of four of 11 charges of fraud on Monday, in a case that came to symbolize the pitfalls of Silicon Valley's culture of hustle, hype and greed.

They couldn't decode the memes.
If their company worked like they said it would we would have cracked the human criminal profile and been able to predict crimes before they happened like in Minority Report. The high sentencing shows that "something struck a nerve"

2965dd5c No.3660538

File: 1656109255883.png (117.17 KB, 456x225, th.png)


Bro, you don't need a blood test to predict if someone will be a criminal or not.

4715befd No.3660540

File: 1656112385959.jpg (238.58 KB, 1125x1194, x.jpg)

2d6c14af No.3660541


Now imagine that everything is real and *you* are in denial. Would you prefer to be a victim of the illuminati plot to halve world population or rather be one of the survivors ?

e9e74ed0 No.3660542

imagine not cringe posting

1f0ba499 No.3660546

File: 1656116678800.png (51.4 KB, 727x292, 202000_twitter.com.png)

Now that the SCOTUS has stripped away states rights to create their own gun laws and a woman's rights to an abortion, they are turning their focus to making condoms illegal.

I guess they are trying to make the rest of America as STD ridden as the hicks in the south are.

1f0ba499 No.3660547

File: 1656117199160.jpg (65.19 KB, 680x546, FV5hUN6XwAANR4E.jpg)

>The majority of women abort out of convenience.

Not being strapped with a kid you can't afford, that ruins your life for 18 years, and incurs 30 thousand dollars in medical debts over 9 months with an extra 10-20 grand just for delivery is "Convenience"?

So you support giving all those mothers forced to have babies a 100 grand to help raise them then, right?

d0463cab No.3660548

Want more rights?

Kill more whites.

de33817b No.3660550

File: 1656119115932.jpg (174.57 KB, 1500x1500, bluefema.jpg)

Don't want dead kids in sacks?

Kill more blacks.

e6358ef2 No.3660551


They could always just… not fuck around. That's still an option.

Not having sex is actually completely free and anyone can do it.

de33817b No.3660552

File: 1656119497785.gif (456.42 KB, 209x200, 200.gif)

Oh no you din'n

1f0ba499 No.3660554


Considering how many incel mass shooters we have now I don't think the school system can handle more white men going without sex.

e833370c No.3660555

>Not being strapped with a kid you can't afford, that ruins your life for 18 years, and incurs 30 thousand dollars in medical debts over 9 months with an extra 10-20 grand just for delivery is "Convenience"?
Yes. Animals have no problem with it, so why do humans? It is funny that liberals think that women are equal to men and perform extraordinary fears, yet believe that women can't handle activity that they were biologically designed to do.
>So you support giving all those mothers forced to have babies a 100 grand to help raise them then, right?
Yes. I would rather give 50 billion a week to families instead of Ukraine. That is what Viktor Orban does.

The US government is fully capable of supporting American families, but they're told to sacrifice themselves and their offspring to fund useless wars, woke corporations, and left-wing NGOs. From this day forward, that will forever change.

992c5375 No.3660557

Sluts are all retarded and mentally ill. They're too stupid to keep it in their pants.

It's better to abort the results of their poor decision making than to deal with how terrible their children will be after being raised by people too stupid and mentally ill to refrain from fucking like stray cats.

Offering them $5,000 to get a vasectomy/tubes tied would make the world a better place and there's no argument against doing it

09e61725 No.3660559

File: 1656127233082.jpg (1.49 MB, 2480x3508, Boltys_Adventure.jpg)

One of the many things better than an enforced welfare state with a spiritually/emotionally/physically depressed and downtrodden/dependent population, is an environment which overall promotes and supports personal responsibility and acknowledges individual strengths and weaknesses - such environments will automatically recognise and support those unable to look after themselves, until they learn to pick themselves up and carve out and earn their own place in the world.

Of course, the influences of evil know this and therefore artificially promote degeneracy (so that the natural human/animal environment can never learn to become better than) and viciously suppress honour, virtue, morality, community, spirituality, responsibility and all other things that lead to any kind of natural life-affirming growth.

Whenever anyone is in ever in doubt about whether something is good/healthy or not, it's worth taking a good look at those most feverishly enforcing it - not just at the feigned surface or the actors, but at the layers beneath.

There's a bigger picture beyond the immediate problems and degeneracy that has resulted from decades of it being artificially grown and spread.
As long as people fight over the smaller details and effects, they'll likely never manage to see those who are creating the poisons in the first place, and unite and deal with the source of the problem more directly - a problem that's a whole lot easier to deal with, than all of the trouble it causes.

de33817b No.3660560

File: 1656127826659.gif (181 KB, 400x499, PoliticalBountifulFlatfish….gif)

a lot of people fail to realize that we religifags, don't just give food. We we also give aid for food, but also, electrical, gas, rent.

But I yeah I benefited from it once, and donated way more than I got since then.

The church is also there to help, its just rarely the route taken, everyone wants state funding for everything. Cause its more permanent and you get to be more lazy about it.

de33817b No.3660564

File: 1656128500526.gif (2.96 MB, 324x182, how_do_i_type_all_these_fo….gif)

I mean when you're in a flat, and you're both working two part time jobs that are just 15 minutes below being full time jobs…

Then having to sell plasma between each other to make thing meet, because you came from low income areas and your blood can literally be made into tetanus vaccines, the church will help, the state will not.

de33817b No.3660565

just think if you ever got a tetanus vaccine there is a very low but real chance that my blood might have been flowing through you.

d0463cab No.3660566

Want more rights?

Kill more whites!

992c5375 No.3660567

Religious "charity" is always just poorly disguised proselytizing with an added layer of holier-than-though bullshit on top

e9e74ed0 No.3660569

Charity is not going to do shit unless its controlled and set to applications.

Giving hand outs to the uneducated will only cause more harm than good as the uneducated only learn you are a smuck

1f0ba499 No.3660570

File: 1656136242166.png (391.59 KB, 721x697, Onion-twitter.png)


100% this.

There is a food bank in my town that people have to sit through 2 hours of preaching before they can get food.

A local newspaper thought it was so tacky they did a write up about it.

Making people sit there hungry for 2 hours while the preacher drones on is just cruel.

e9e74ed0 No.3660571

that picture is pretty much a diversification promotionary and no one should have a problem with it.

1bfeda38 No.3660576

Then why do they go there, idiot?
Did they sell their SNAP EBT card for dope again this month?

1f0ba499 No.3660578

File: 1656151300599.png (153.47 KB, 725x501, OZ-Thanks-suckers.png)


Fun fact: You can't be homeless and get SNAP benefits in many states. Mine was one of them. You have to have a permanent address to qualify.

People were able to use homeless shelters for a while but Republicans made regulations against that.

I am so glad I left the shit hole south when I did. Especially with the way SCOTUS is acting now. The red states are going to go to hell in a handbasket.

With SCOTUS outlawing contraception and abortions it's going to be the opening to Idiocracy playing out in real time.

1f0ba499 No.3660579

File: 1656151516488.jpg (43.95 KB, 360x360, FV5QKHXWQAY6MBf.jpg)


It's not diversity when 6 of the 9 judges are part of a cult and they are.

#WhiteISIS has seized control of one of the branches of our government and they will do everything they can to destroy America.

0b5a23d3 No.3660580

Fucking bums just use someone else's address.

0b5a23d3 No.3660581

Liberals losing their minds because they think they can't kill babies anymore!
Being violent and terroristic as is their nature.

e6358ef2 No.3660583


Is that a bad things? If you're a slut pumping out kids you can't support maybe you need a little more religion in your life.

We can talk about why there is more poverty in red states… but you're not gonna like it. (Hint: Abe didn't give a shit about slavery.)

e6358ef2 No.3660585

File: 1656152742644.jpg (43.19 KB, 591x1280, photo_2022-06-25_01-53-00.jpg)

Time for 3B to melt down and implode. It's happening bro. The Republicans are gonna come git ya!

Better hope your house is Jewish space laser resistant!

ca68b802 No.3660588

File: 1656164266295.png (302.27 KB, 800x971, matrix.png)


This guy gets it.

Its all about control through dependency.

1f0ba499 No.3660589

File: 1656164303164.jpg (916.44 KB, 1280x1229, FV9Hx3IaUAAnLvr.jpg)


Bring it on. We know how it ends when the right-wing gets uppity.

We always put you back in your place.

e6358ef2 No.3660590


>We always put you back in your place.

Wow… You actually got me for once. Credit where credit is due. You said something that actually pissed me off for a minute there. Maybe you are growing as a human.

It's so frustrating because you're the right-winger and this statement is correct because liberalism can never secure an enduring victory over authoritarianism as long as evil lurks in the hearts of men.

It's an eternal battle we are forced to fight while crypto-fascists like you can just kick their feet up knowing there will always be an army of hate filled goons trying to destroy people like me.

The difference is those on the side of good will occasionally for a shining moment taste freedom and feel the sun on their faces. You on the other hand are doomed to suffer eternally in the hell you've created for yourself.

f712c419 No.3660593

File: 1656170494070-0.jpg (56.28 KB, 568x752, dc794936049b40bec6a44398cf….jpg)

File: 1656170494070-1.jpg (92.35 KB, 736x1031, a1d436bb106fd5ab2bd780a9a0….jpg)

File: 1656170494070-2.jpg (95.74 KB, 736x1515, a07d4389063ab6cf48d14d5519….jpg)

File: 1656170494070-3.jpg (111.6 KB, 601x850, Creepy creatures art_385c8….jpg)

File: 1656170494070-4.jpg (53.84 KB, 474x673, ed19de4341368bd710e0747573….jpg)

nice meme did you know memes are pictures with funny texts illustrating a provocative but humorous or "catchy" or sometimes begrudging nuance to an otherwise meaningless or unrelated depiction of 'random content'. Memes are very clever and people enjoy them.

Offering Insight to alternative viewpoints or introspection of the poster, memes can open the door to a new range of conveyed interests otherwise un-noted or left to speculation. Allowing the use of communication on terms of a new medium, memes can accompany or enrich a discussion or be used to set social trends.

Good memes are usually hit or miss but sometimes do provide a social-scoring system in comparison to bad memes. There begins a popularity contest between content providences but often it reserved as a supporting element to subject matter, some use memes are discount material for deflecting an argument or in submission as evidential components to their logic.

Others see memes as a programming tool used to manipulate or base a propoganda in the terms of availiable content, entire media campaigns can be driven under a single meme, much like a faction or powerbrand, the commutation of this content can be considered weaponized.

And further still be used as a forum of controlled enrichment likening to a PSYOP. Memes are a powerful tool in how people can communicate and illustrate data. The data and memes of a derived social experiment therefore is shaping the world.

ca4a7943 No.3660596

Leftists like 3B will simultaneously spout two opposing points of view and argue both are correct.

c8fb72b1 No.3660604

File: 1656179755434.gif (2.01 MB, 360x640, reply animal cat animated ….gif)


>Spouts leftists nonsense.

>Supporting images are fascist or right-wing.

Its amazing how the doublethink is totally unrecognized to 3B.

c8fb72b1 No.3660606


Trips of truth

ca4a7943 No.3660609

The hilarious part is the left wingers protesting at the Supreme Court or the Justices homes, still trying to change the abortion ruling.
Here is a clue for AOC and her minions. The Supreme Court cannot take up the Roe issue again even if they wanted to.
They can only examine cases brought to them with a petition of grievance against some specific legislation and Roe doesn't exist any more.
Just temper tantrums with no viable result or end game, or clueless Marxists, if you prefer.

f712c419 No.3660630

politics isn't really that funny i mean its funny but its not ha ha funny. only if there is a punch line…like punching a pregnant woman in the stomach will get her arrested.

ca4a7943 No.3660635

I always thought it was odd the left was pro-abortion since it was primarily for exterminating of ethnic minorities which they often use to win elections.
If the right were evil racists we would support abortion ESPECIALLY in major cities and the ghetto.

c8fb72b1 No.3660636

File: 1656202545822.jpg (35.99 KB, 570x238, r-CHRISTIAN-DOMINIONISM-la….jpg)

>If the right were evil racists we would support abortion ESPECIALLY in major cities and the ghetto.
>Blocks your path.

Christianity will be the death of the West.

f712c419 No.3660645

Anti-matter Nuclear Weaponry will be the death of the west.

2d6c14af No.3660669

Gender neutral toilets will be the death of the west.

f712c419 No.3660673

holy fuck you niggaz ever tried making a virtual reality while you are spouting off bullshit?

1f0ba499 No.3660674

File: 1656224377029.png (49.85 KB, 725x425, Bring-Back-Segregation.png)


The left is pro-choice.
The left is pro-freedom.
The left is pro-democracy.
The left is pro-opportunity.
The left is pro-America.

Everything that the right-wing hates.

1f0ba499 No.3660676

File: 1656224748348.jpg (48.77 KB, 571x680, FV5kr-SUsAArXPZ.jpg)

>If the right were evil racists we would support abortion ESPECIALLY in major cities and the ghetto.

Ding ding ding! You just figured out a greater truth about conservatism!

They don't care about abortions. The pro-life movement was never about saving babies!

The pro-life movement was about stopping women from having sex. It's old, white men trying to make the punishment for young people having sex so life destroying bad that they won't do it.

That's why the first thing Uncle Thomas did after the SCOTUS overturned Roe was say they should come after the right to birth control next.

They want to control women. That's what it's all about. Conservatism is the party of incels trying to make everyone else as miserable as they are.

1f0ba499 No.3660680

File: 1656227702493.png (298.05 KB, 722x742, Pentagon-reporter.png)

The DoD stepping in to say the SCOTUS ruling might just result in some unfortunate things happening to military bases in red states.

Kiss that property value goodbye and get ready for red state's economies to collapse when the military reconfigures to maintain readiness.

1f0ba499 No.3660681

File: 1656229571729-0.png (347.63 KB, 545x791, FUCK-U-SCOTUS.png)

File: 1656229571729-1.webm (5.82 MB, Fuckyou-the-song.webm)

In more fun news, Lilly Allen dedicated a fun song to the SCOTUS judges who overturned Roe.

071b910a No.3660682

File: 1656230792198.png (1.03 MB, 1319x642, melitopol.png)

Meanwhile queue for Russian citizenship in former Ukraine territory.

1f0ba499 No.3660683

File: 1656231615251-0.jpg (385.03 KB, 2851x1500, FV5SAQbXoAAJumn.jpg)

File: 1656231615251-1.jpg (512.19 KB, 2982x1500, FWEYJXsX0AAH0st.jpg)

File: 1656231615251-2.jpg (340.46 KB, 1500x2283, FQwGJTYXsAco-EH.jpg)

File: 1656231615251-3.jpg (577.75 KB, 1900x3000, FQQ-MheXoAQrDux.jpg)


Russia is handing out passports to use as identification so the Russian invasion force doesn't shoot you. That's hardly a sign they are beloved by the people.

They are likely unpopular because the Russian military supply chain is so stretched thin they are forcing farmers to give up half their crops at gun point and paying them $80 per ton.

It's almost half the cost spent in growing the stuff they take. Almost.


1f0ba499 No.3660684

File: 1656231852500-0.png (523.18 KB, 1142x718, 10kreward.png)

What's even more amusing is the locals have gotten together and offered a 10 thousand US dollar pot for the head of the Russian puppet in charge of the take over.

10K doesn't sound like a lot to us, but in Ukraine that's silk-socks-for-life money.


071b910a No.3660685

File: 1656232758962.jpg (158.84 KB, 861x1200, South_Park_Imaginationland….jpg)

d62835ca No.3660688

Then why does 'the left' keep voting for and supporting the Democrats?

>Uncle Thomas
Just call him a i am racist and not very bright. We all know that's what you mean.

1f0ba499 No.3660689

File: 1656246422956.png (389.08 KB, 725x683, Women-be-like.png)

He's perfectly willing to stand with the worst of humanity so I would call him a monster and evil. But I wouldn't call him what you did because I'm not a racist.

Race has nothing to do with evil. Assholes come in all shades of human. Burn off the skin and all greedy, evil, assholes are the same on the inside.

a3703008 No.3660691

File: 1656248619543.png (299.99 KB, 1140x570, Activists-dance-on-flag-11….png)


>The left is pro-choice….

Now put that mask on!

>The left is pro-freedom….

You are fired for your tweet about Fentynal Floyd.

You are fired for your support of President Trump.

Your small business was burned down because you…..well just because…Black Lives Matter!

>The left is pro-democracy….

Stolen election

>The left is pro-opportunity….

But you applied for a job and you are White. Sorry. We need a diversity hire.

But you applied for college and you are White. Sorry. We need a affirmative action quota applicant.

You have your farm loan forgiven….unless you are White.

>The left is pro-America….

Pic related….

Not only is everything 3B said is wrong, the left is incredibly racist.

a3703008 No.3660692

File: 1656248724725.jpg (79.63 KB, 889x659, reply your bitterness is g….jpg)

>Uncle Thomas

Racist bigot!!!!

d62835ca No.3660693


>I'm not a racist

Yet your go to is racist insults? Neato.

1f0ba499 No.3660695

File: 1656251092161.png (331.42 KB, 477x710, Bannon-melt-down.png)


Why should women love a nation that wants to force them to carry rape-babies?

>Saying someone supports racism is racism!

In other fun news, Steve Bannon has turned on Fox News and lost his shit on Twitter because they DARED admit that the Jan 6th Committee provided clear evidence of the insurrection.

ca4a7943 No.3660698


99.9% of them are not rape or incest babies.

There's an ACTUAL Insurrection going on right now.
Stop being willfully ignorant.

d62835ca No.3660700


>Campion of The Left™ stumping for Fox News

Cool cool. Now call me a right-winger again.

155574f5 No.3660702

Insurrection of the Unabortable. The societal womb is quivering from the migrant natal invaders

a3703008 No.3660703

File: 1656260404893.png (216.37 KB, 393x391, laughinglioncheetahatcompu….png)

>>Saying someone supports racism is racism!

Lets see….3B could have said…

"He is a racist"

but he chose to say….

"Uncle Thomas" because he is black.

3B is unable to distinguish the difference and does not view it as racist.

And he STILL does not understand his cognitive dissonance.

28a2d136 No.3660711

I would think that if conservatives REALLY were all racists, they would be super pro-abortion and be pushing for abortion clinics in inner cities and black neighborhoods. Yet for some reason, it seems to only be liberals and progressives that are trying REALLY hard to convince black people to kill their babies…. I wonder why that is…

de33817b No.3660712

Racism is subjective to the viewer. Liberals go into full meltdown if you can't read their minds and know whether to call them him, her, zir, zhor, khor, khan, or vib, ect.

Conservatives aren't "that" racist, its just libs flip out over even the slightest of eye twitches.

d62835ca No.3660713


'Progressives' are conservatives. They just use propaganda and word games as a smoke screen.

>What? Why don't you support the "We are the good guys" bill? No! Don't read what's in it! I already told you the name of it. Are you a bad guy? Why else would you want to pick apart the "We are the good guys" bill???

Judge people by their actions, not what they call themselves.

28a2d136 No.3660714

Brother Malcolm broke this shit down pretty perfectly.

a3703008 No.3660715

File: 1656274217330.jpg (194.47 KB, 894x768, replyleftrightgoodpoints.jpg)

ca4a7943 No.3660719

File: 1656278170553.jpg (20.29 KB, 320x180, 96a077d812ddb5052c7d07fa90….jpg)

de33817b No.3660720

File: 1656279148889.jpg (349.56 KB, 2000x1000, o-DOGS-PREFER-PETTING-face….jpg)

pretty much this. I was centrist, and got kick over to the other side by radicalism. The right was all like "whose a good soldier, you are!" "who are the bad guys, yeah those mud slimes are the bad guys" go get e'm

Never really recovered, and its the left folk who booted me from the party.

de33817b No.3660721

File: 1656279330894.gif (2.34 MB, 214x185, Cupcake-dog-war-flashbacks….gif)

then I went all pew pew pew.

de33817b No.3660722

once upon a i a asked a reublican why he'd be so psychotic, to be part of such assholes, but democrats gradually pushed me into their party

ca4a7943 No.3660724

The left is to blame for the over turning of Roe vs Wade, not the supreme court, not republicans, not pro lifers, not christians, the only ones to blame are themselves. It is 100% their fault. They went from safe, legal and rare abortions to up to the moment of birth. No one wants a teen ager or anyone to have a baby they don't want but when the left kept pushing and pushing the bounds to include infanticide, that's when things changed. We gave an inch and they took a mile. We drew the line when they decided to murder a fully formed baby up to the moment of birth. The left is totally to blame.

09e61725 No.3660727

File: 1656293390917.jpg (22.94 KB, 640x360, How_Globalist_Billionaires….jpg)

Catherine Austin Fitts may (or may not) also be a type of final-safety-net of controlled opposition sort of like David Icke, "catching" those who are very close to the realities of what's going on, but she does make some really good points and is in a qualified position to do so:
"How Globalist Billionaires and Technocrats are Taking Over the Planet, and How We can Stop It"

>nice meme did you know (commence wall of crazy-talk)
Did you know the transhumanist fake-covid injections (which apparently you're a huge fan of) cause prion disease - turning your brain into dementia-mush? Which booster are you on now? Number 5?

Which globalist pet said that in the near future, human thinking will be down to "neglible" levels, and be replaced by "the cloud" (like a Borg drone)?

d8bb3099 No.3660728

File: 1656294838407.jpeg (120.07 KB, 554x626, C0DBF592-55C9-4B51-8504-6….jpeg)

It’s like sex actually has consequences…..

f712c419 No.3660732

That doesn't change whether or not you are a good soldier, a good soldier knows how to condition others into recruitment, the death is just to weed out competition for potential fill-slots. Even if they don't join the military they can still serve the military. That is why whenever soldiers go anywhere they are constantly talking to natives because once you win over the natives its over for the domain holders.

Anyways imagine going deep into the Korean Jungle and trying to score a win for both the military corporation by securing an outpost (in the middle of the jungle) and then a win by turning it into a hentai-lounge where they start pumping out mangas with relatively decent monster-p0rns. And you will see why their government fights so hard to keep "G.I.'s" from stealing away their essential market trade. Same thing happened with Oil in Middle East, oil is good and all, but that Korean naynay is where it be.

dcb250ff No.3660737

File: 1656303857029.png (317.55 KB, 582x832, Conservative-self-own.png)


Conservatives are the masters of self-owning.

dcb250ff No.3660742

File: 1656305423126-0.png (940.08 KB, 900x697, 2530582.png)

File: 1656305423126-1.png (641.16 KB, 530x865, 2834934.png)

File: 1656305423126-2.png (1.47 MB, 1250x843, 2244286.png)

>They went from safe, legal and rare abortions to up to the moment of birth.

That was never legal. Women could never just decide at the last minute to kill their kid in the womb. Even the hard core women rights activists agree there is a point where the life becomes a baby. We just don't think it's the moment you jizz in a vagina like you morons do.

But hey, good for us! Gregg Abbott just outlawed all abortions in Texas with no exceptions. Rape, incest, threat of death to the mother, no exceptions.

He just pissed off half the population of his state. At this rate Texas will be blue by 2024.

dcb250ff No.3660744

File: 1656306993467-0.png (69.45 KB, 727x432, MTG-Patriotic-murders.png)

File: 1656306993467-1.png (128.19 KB, 727x848, MTG-Patriotic-murders2.png)

File: 1656306993467-2.png (96.69 KB, 727x695, MTG-Patriotic-murders3.png)

Holy shit, Marjorie Taylor Greene is losing her shit on twitter because some Republicans DARED vote for the weakest of gun reforms.

She went on a 10 tweet long rant about how Red Flag laws will be used to take away guns from people who are only using them to shoot gays, immigrants, trans people, non-Christians, and politicians who disagree with the right-wing.

She is OUTRAGED just OUTRAGED that the left wants to create a law which would stop people who murder people over politics from getting more guns!

You think I'm kidding, you think I'm making this up, but no, she is so fucking insane she is saying murdering people for being "righteous" enough should be consequence free.

She's especially upset that Twitter is allowing the shaming of right wingers just because they murder people.

f712c419 No.3660746

politicians are control freaks that is nothing new

dcb250ff No.3660753

File: 1656313907322.jpg (191.52 KB, 779x1039, FV0IQKqXsAIdReW.jpg)

I'm just surprised that the most bat shit insane Republican in America isn't from Florida or Texas.

dcb250ff No.3660755

File: 1656317537260-0.png (899.61 KB, 1058x504, Opera Snapshot_2022-06-27_….png)

File: 1656317537260-1.webm (1.06 MB, 480x270, Whats-up-scumbag.webm)

Did you hear about poor Rudy getting assaulted by a radical antifa activist angry about the abortion ruling? They apparently came up behind him and hit him in the back while saying, "Hello, Scumbag!"

It was an employee working at a store where Rudy is helping his potato son try to run for governor of New York.

Because, you know, that's how it works! It's his turn no matter how fucking stupid he is!

Well good news! Video was released from the horrible assault! The whole thing was caught on film. Here is the attack with the voice of Rudy describing it moment by brutal moment!

f712c419 No.3660756

Bro all I can say is that dood who tapped his back is probably in deep shiate.

2965dd5c No.3660757


Speaking of unhinged ranting…

But yeah, she's out to lunch. We all know red flag laws will be used almost exclusively to disarm black people.

933cddfc No.3660761

File: 1656347175416.jpg (120.83 KB, 1216x912, blackpeacefulprotestsminne….jpg)

>Did you hear about poor Rudy getting assaulted by a radical antifa activist

That is absolutely assault …. by todays definitions.

Unwanted touching, spitting, saying defaming things are all types of assault.

No surprise you have no idea how that works being part of the group that burns down city blocks and calls it protesting.

933cddfc No.3660762

File: 1656347645367.webm (1.71 MB, 480x480, negro loses fairly then c….webm)

>Bro all I can say is that dood who tapped his back is probably in deep shiate.

He most certainly is if Rudy chooses to press charges. Of his claim that he almost passed out, here is some more info.

If you, say punch someone, and it is light and in your mind, totally ineffective….if they have a medical condition, likely with elderly, that causes severe outcomes…..it is NOT a positive defense to say "How could I know that?"

The proper course of action is Simply keep your hands to yourself. You are responsible for the consequence of your actions you initiate.

Notice how 3B defends the assault.

1f0ba499 No.3660765

File: 1656349931166.jpg (49.07 KB, 680x507, FWPCq3uWYAEgyYv.jpg)


Not really. He was arrested but given the video evidence even if Rudy presses charges it will end in nothing and you know he'll just start a kickstarted and become a baby millionaire when people donate money to help him fight Rudy.

Hell, I bet Rudy would be his own lawyer! It will be great TV!

f22baf1a No.3660768

File: 1656351194257.jpg (52.11 KB, 640x480, Joseph-Kennedy-Prays-at-SC….jpg)

The Supreme Court on Monday sided 6-3 with a football coach who was fired for praying on the field after games, marking another win for religious liberty delivered by the conservative-leaning court.

The case surrounds high school football coach Joseph Kennedy and Bremerton School District in the state of Washington. Kennedy, a devout Christian who began working at Bremerton High School in 2008, was fired from his role as varsity assistant coach and as the junior varsity head coach after he refused to quit praying on the 50 yard line in full view of the public following games.


1f0ba499 No.3660769

File: 1656352079090.png (844.38 KB, 1200x675, EcuKhGzUYAEUIcM.png)


If he wants to humiliate himself in public I don't care. I don't even see why the school cared. Let me google this… and…

Oh, he wasn't fired because he was praying. He was fired because he was forcing the students to pray even though many of them weren't religious or even were part of other religions.

So he didn't get fired for praying, he got fired for violating the student's constitutional rights.

f22baf1a No.3660773

Waiting for his mega-lawsuit now that will make him a Millionaire.


de33817b No.3660777

File: 1656355198482.png (37.57 KB, 300x169, thumb_according-to-all-kno….png)

praying doesn't hurt anyone, only hyper sensitive leftist atheists get offended by it.

Far as I can tell he prayed whether he won or lost, he was just thanking God for a good game. There is no reason to be upset.

de33817b No.3660780

football can be pretty risky to the health of the players.

Concussions aside, my cousin (never was close to him) was a v12 diesel turbo charged asshole, but he got a full ride scholarship for football, but in his 2nd from last game he got hit with this thing. I don't know what its called, but its when one guy tackles your upper thighs from the front, and another guy tackles you from the back. Shattered his knees.

He had to get artificial ones put in, his side of the family is rich AF, so he still got to go to college.

Still my guess was the coach was praying to thank that that kind of thing didn't happen during that game.

1f0ba499 No.3660781

File: 1656356010303.jpg (447.69 KB, 969x1526, Conservatives.jpg)


The prayer wasn't he issue. The problem was the forcing children to do things that made them uncomfortable.

That was why he was fired. The children complained that he was being a creep.

de33817b No.3660782

what was he doing that was damaging to children?

1f0ba499 No.3660784

File: 1656356232175.jpg (235.2 KB, 920x896, Slippery-slope.jpg)

>what was he doing that was damaging to children?

Is "damage" the line you want to base what is right or wrong on?

Because let me tell you, that's a slippery slope.

There are a lot of things people can do to kids that don't physically harm them.

01e658ea No.3660786

Kill yourself pedo

70217eb5 No.3660788

File: 1656357212110.png (392.44 KB, 700x700, drawn by crab_man.png)

>There are a lot of things people can do to kids that don't physically harm them.
Sounds good to me.

70217eb5 No.3660791

File: 1656360908660.jpg (268.56 KB, 2078x2476, kb3udftibdds7vzct.jpg)

You first.

9307bec0 No.3660794


See, this is one of your problems. Your exaggerations are SO over the top I don't even need to bother looking up what you're saying to know you're full of shit. You've completely decoupled from reality.

Sorry champ but there is simply no way SCOTUS gave the green light to forced religious conversion.

fc673cae No.3660796

Want rights?

Kill whites.

de33817b No.3660798

I hardly think having a coach who prays is any way abusive towards children at all.

And the Supreme Court agrees with me.

933cddfc No.3660799

File: 1656374710118-0.jpg (235.04 KB, 605x656, 1656353228436.jpg)

File: 1656374710118-1.jpg (1004.52 KB, 1284x1170, niggerkillsoversandwichatl….jpg)

Diversity is o..out…st…s..trengh……..


de33817b No.3660804

File: 1656378419757.jpg (41.1 KB, 376x419, rofl.jpg)

9307bec0 No.3660809


The bald men having gold in their heads isn't new. I heard about that ages ago.

They also really REALLY like killing people with albinism in those areas.

1f0ba499 No.3660822

File: 1656383108385-0.jpg (71.58 KB, 494x900, FS6ebrMXwAAK_eU.jpg)


You're not getting it. They can't force you to convert but they sure force you to follow the rules of their religion and that's what they are trying to do. It's not about God, faith, or saving babies, it's old, angry, pathetic losers trying to use the law to tell everyone else what to do.

The SCOTUS today is exactly the kind of injustice we went to war with England over when we founded America in the first place.

Modern conservatism is just Nazi fascism wrapped in a flag and holding a bible.

de33817b No.3660826

File: 1656385430741.jpg (58.41 KB, 348x430, 331309703.jpg)

nothing racist about black guys killing white guys at all as a cultural thing. Nothing to see here, go along like nothing ever happened.

1f53ffa4 No.3660827

File: 1656385682626.png (63.05 KB, 223x187, Apollo_23 (2).png)

Apollo 23 was an aborted mission as the Saturn V was destroyed before launch on August 24, 1974 in an explosion that killed 12 NASA staff, including Gene Kranz. The 3 crew members, Commander Michael Collins, and astronauts Henry and Emondson survived, but were injured after their command module spacecraft landed on the beach instead of in the Atlantic Ocean.

The mission was to replace the crew of Apollo 22 on board on Jamestown.

de33817b No.3660829

you do realize that by inflicting on people's entirely harmless religious rites like praying after a game, you are doing exactly what you just said is bad right?

You're preventing people from being able to harmlessly do what they want, on their own free will, without hurting any other person.

de33817b No.3660830

I mean, if a kid/teen wants to do the whole jesus thing cause of his coach, is it really that bad of a thing?

01e658ea No.3660831

Stop trying to argue with 3B like he's a real person with a functioning brain.

He's a self admitted brain damaged pedophile that parrots whatever the blue checkmarks tell him

de33817b No.3660833

you're probably right, I really need to start picking my arguments

1f0ba499 No.3660840

File: 1656394153600-0.jpg (450.35 KB, 1035x1600, RCO005_1487502082.jpg)

File: 1656394153600-1.jpg (420.1 KB, 1035x1600, RCO006_1487502082.jpg)

>You're preventing people from being able to harmlessly do what they want, on their own free will, without hurting any other person.

We are preventing someone in power from forcing children to do something they don't want to do.

I would think the party of smaller government would be all for protecting children from overbearing authority figures who try to use religion as an excuse to be a bully.

But then again, being a bully is the foundation of conservatism.

1f0ba499 No.3660841

File: 1656394294117-0.gif (4.86 MB, 480x270, boom.gif)

>I mean, if a kid/teen wants to do the whole Jesus thing cause of his coach, is it really that bad of a thing?

No, it's not, but the kids who don't want to shouldn't be forced to.

You're all about defending the liberty of the Christians but fuck everyone else's rights, ain't ya?

01e658ea No.3660842

3b wouldn't complain about religious liberty if the supreme court upheld a muslim's right to rape little girls like their prophet did

He'd convert to islam the day that happens

1f0ba499 No.3660843

File: 1656400446848.png (301.75 KB, 590x377, 1Million-Blue-Invaders.png)


Forcing kids to have sex and forcing kids to pretend your religion is real are both forcing kids to do things they don't want to do so they are both wrong.

That's the difference between people like you and people like me, I have standards and morals where as you have brand loyalty.

155574f5 No.3660845

he might be his own lawyer because the evidence clearly is showing physical aggression.

as great tv tho not in my respectful opinion.

the guy was pompous and arrogant and enough so that he struck out of context probably as a personal bet that he had to prove his own alpha abilities in public

there really was no other "immediate excuse to personally seek out a mayor and hit him" while making his rounds.

What was he doing in the store? Directly attacking a person in a premeditated fashion.

2ece4565 No.3660847

File: 1656413247594.jpg (243.91 KB, 850x1063, sample_043daf86fdfb4ce5286….jpg)

2d6c14af No.3660851


> I mean, if a kid/teen wants to do the whole jesus thing cause of his coach, is it really that bad of a thing?

It's a bad thing, because then another coach can make kids do the Shahada islamic prayer, or the equivalent in other religions. Coaches are there to teach them football, not spirituality.

2965dd5c No.3660852


Do you have ANY evidence at all that any kid was forced to pray, or does it just make your 'gina tingle to imagine that's what happened?

b9378b68 No.3660855

File: 1656421624723-0.jpg (72.32 KB, 526x388, 0 1 a aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaleft….jpg)

File: 1656421624723-1.jpg (41.76 KB, 500x384, left brainwashing movies.jpg)

File: 1656421624723-2.gif (1.15 MB, 640x347, left two minutes of hate.gif)

File: 1656421624723-3.png (239.06 KB, 462x506, leftmisinformation.png)

File: 1656421624723-4.jpg (114.87 KB, 680x648, leftoldandnew.jpg)

>I have standards and morals
>You have brand loyalty.

Posted unironically.

Cognitive dissonance is a hell of a drug.

1f0ba499 No.3660857

>What was he doing in the store? Directly attacking a person in a premeditated fashion.

He works there.

1f0ba499 No.3660858

File: 1656423983869.png (290.91 KB, 935x756, vox.com.png)

Parents complained because the kids were lead to believe if they didn't participate in the prayer they would be benched.


1f0ba499 No.3660859

File: 1656424148173.jpg (130.19 KB, 1170x1168, Superior-Burn.jpg)

>Being unironically angry because people keep making movies about Nazis being the bad guys…

1f0ba499 No.3660862

File: 1656425533333.webm (1.72 MB, 480x270, Taliban-in-a-good-way.webm)

Leave it up to "America First" Nick Fuentes to say the quiet part out loud…

155574f5 No.3660864

lol deez isen funy tho u r a trole

155574f5 No.3660865

case in point, all the better to slap him

b9378b68 No.3660866

File: 1656427824976-0.jpg (44.36 KB, 720x687, reply stalin no lives matt….jpg)

File: 1656427824976-1.jpg (94.25 KB, 580x501, ww2communistsstalinorder42….jpg)

File: 1656427824976-2.png (414.77 KB, 587x527, stalindiningwhileeveryones….png)

>3B is too stupid to get the reference….

Ok, I will slowly break it down for you because you are clearly simple.

They make movies about someone who causes people to die.

They ignore others that commit mass genocide on a grand scale by their own orders.

They and (((you))) differentiate those murders on politics only and not morality - for some reason.

1f0ba499 No.3660867

File: 1656429630798-0.jpg (1.26 MB, 3600x2973, FR3dzpAVIAE3MlP.jpg)

File: 1656429630798-1.jpg (1.05 MB, 2456x2360, FVMCLFQUAAAhQqV.jpg)

File: 1656429630798-2.jpg (345.15 KB, 2048x1137, FWCmX5_UAAARgR-.jpg)


You're surprised that rich people don't want to make a movie about Lenin?

You do know he came to power by overthrowing a corrupt government that replaced serfdom with corporate slavery, right? Workers were forced to work 11 hours a day in factories under corporate rule until Lenin showed up and lead a revolution.

Do you really think "Let's murder Jeff Bezos: The Movie" is something the American government would ever allow to be produced?

01e658ea No.3660868

Keep calling republicans pedos while defending child drag shows and posting drawn child porn

db1a1ba6 No.3660869


Unfortunately for you we don't order society based on what neurotic weirdos think someone else might have been trying to lead them to believe and the consequences they fear might result from the scenario they concocted in their own head.

Nicky and his 38 followers are gonna take over America! Better watch out!

Seriously… why do you watch this kid? Nobody else does. Only you and his army of bots.

db1a1ba6 No.3660870

File: 1656431875067.png (1.16 MB, 882x853, Capture.PNG)


Can we assume you're adamantly against things like this as well?

70217eb5 No.3660871

File: 1656432439832.jpg (213.74 KB, 1200x1717, 1200x0.jpg)

How do you get a nigger out of a tree?

Cut the rope.

de33817b No.3660872

As much as I think it would cause problems, it looks like they at least kept a uniform color code and style. The allowing beards thing isn't that much of a stretch either, even in the military you can get shaving wavers if your skin reacts badly to shaving, usually its black people who get razor bumps.

Like I said I'm all for religious freedoms that don't actually hurt anyone in their practice.

b9378b68 No.3660874

File: 1656433391465-0.jpg (70.87 KB, 760x506, nutters1.jpg)

File: 1656433391465-1.jpg (57.23 KB, 1024x579, nutters2.jpg)

File: 1656433391465-2.png (1.1 MB, 980x654, nutters3.png)

File: 1656433391465-3.jpg (1.07 MB, 1600x1067, nutters4.jpg)

File: 1656433391465-4.jpg (50.25 KB, 865x452, nutters5.jpg)

>we don't order society based on what neurotic weirdos think

I have bad new for you, Anon….

f712c419 No.3660875

its not really that big of deal since they look like arabian sultans i guess and that the p.d. peddles alot of cp i guess it really goes hand in hand.

de33817b No.3660882

well, there are arab communities that don't take well to police officers, same as black communities. Maybe the turbans will help them patrol those areas better.

01e658ea No.3660884

Sikhs wear turbans and Sikhs and Muslims fucking hate each other. Also not all Arabs are Muslim or all Muslims Arab.

Muslims are subhuman regardless or race and converts are the worst

f712c419 No.3660888

not all muslims are arabs but all middle easterns are sodomites.

01e658ea No.3660891


de33817b No.3660897

File: 1656442555626.jpg (86.8 KB, 721x590, Sikhism-smoke-C.jpg)

I was going to mention the Sikhs and how funny it would be for police officers to walk around with swords…

I just figured this was more of a mudslime thing.

de33817b No.3660898

File: 1656442722133.jpg (182.65 KB, 1920x1080, 7784856b449b3038f2b978b562….jpg)

It would be ridiculous, but plausible, never thought Agraba would manifest itself on American soil.

c05b6576 No.3660899

File: 1656443097272.jpeg (71.7 KB, 564x804, 1 6IvAG6YRWZvCMpPr2pe5dg.jpeg)

who is the jannie now bitch

c05b6576 No.3660904

File: 1656443829578.jpg (281.15 KB, 619x713, BigGayTime.jpg)

1f0ba499 No.3660930

File: 1656449743114-0.png (949.96 KB, 886x657, Duck-Duck-Dont.png)

File: 1656449743114-1.jpeg (72.07 KB, 750x422, Yes-Daddy.jpeg)


Yes, religion has no place dictating government policy.

Also, all cops should be allowed to grow beard if they want, within reason.

I wouldn't let them go full Duck-Dynasty but lots of police departments already let them rock a leather-daddy trim.

Mandating all cops be clean shaven is being a control freak.

b9378b68 No.3660931

File: 1656449930610.webm (2.74 MB, 576x320, nigger robbery gas statio….webm)

Anything is a weapon when being attacked by 13 percenters.

b9378b68 No.3660933

File: 1656450227528.jpg (26.47 KB, 434x326, pelosi punched child.JPG)

Pelosi gives a brown child an elbow to the shoulder because she did not want the brown rubbing onto her designer clothes.

Later characterized it as 'Good for her'.

Leftists everyone…..

3969deab No.3660941

File: 1656453092920.jpg (211.77 KB, 881x1280, brics vs g7.jpg)

1f0ba499 No.3660943

File: 1656456123329.jpg (141.28 KB, 708x1031, FWSp82NVEAA4gsG.jpg)


She gently nudged the child in the shoulder and moved her to the side a little so that she wouldn't hit her.

If she had actually struck her you would have a very different picture there, wouldn't you?

Only a conservative can look at someone thinking about the safety of a child and think it's evil.

1f0ba499 No.3660945

File: 1656456910874.jpg (43.27 KB, 648x648, FWXwHLrXkAAlQ_R.jpg)

The Jan 6th committee surprise witness today turned out to be someone who had an account of Trump's actions directly after his speech where he sent the rioters to hang Mike Pence.

He was expecting to go from the stage to the capitol building so he could personally lead the insurrectionists into the building but his secret service agents saw the shit show that it was turning into and took him to the White House instead.

Trump was furious demanding they take him to be with the mob and when they refused he tried to grab the wheel of the presidential vehicle (Code named "The Beast")

After the driver calmly asked him to please let go of the wheel he realized he couldn't force the vehicle to turn around he instead tried to choke the driver.
This also proved ineffective because he's a weak old man.

At least now we know why he didn't keep his word and go to the capitol building himself.
He wanted to! He tried!
He wanted to lead them in to congress himself to stop the certification but the security personnel wouldn't let him because there was no way they could keep him reasonably secure.

01e658ea No.3660946

How the fuck is trump going to grab the wheel from the back of a fucking limo?

Any evidence other than "some guy said so"?

b77350b9 No.3660947


I have to concur, this is hearsay from one person. From my understanding, the Secret Service wants to respond to these allegations under oath. Initial reports indicate they will refute the claims, which means she purgered herself before Congress. Nothing will likely happen to her since her 'testimony' supports the Dimorats narrative just like the lying bitch did with Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation falsely and perguratively claiming sexual assault with absolutely no evidence and no corroborating witnesses. She's a hit piece, simply put. The Dims can't shadow-impeach Trump with what they have now so they manage to get her say this. Now, what the Secret Service and other people she mentioned will say in their testimony will make or break her.

1f0ba499 No.3660948

File: 1656462649668-0.jpg (233.2 KB, 2000x1294, FUPcTbBWUAAUH4A.jpg)

File: 1656462649668-1.jpg (354.18 KB, 1400x1909, FUPc30KWAAAnL31.jpg)

File: 1656462649668-2.jpg (221.67 KB, 1200x1672, FVsXXD1XEAIgmSE.jpg)


It's not a limo. It's an armored SUV.

1f0ba499 No.3660949

File: 1656462860384-0.jpg (138.91 KB, 1000x1006, FWRo1BqUUAAfOdc.jpg)

File: 1656462860384-1.jpg (107.68 KB, 1000x1002, FUxLMvhUUAAHZ4C.jpg)

>which means she purgered herself before Congress.

She said that someone told her it happened, not that the event actually happened so she avoids all legal liability.

01e658ea No.3660950

File: 1656464011835.jpg (205.6 KB, 1920x740, President_donald_trump_(49….jpg)

4cfe51a5 No.3660951

File: 1656465175629.jpg (187.74 KB, 1200x900, cybertruck-1.jpg)

Replace it with a Tesla version that runs only on lithium batteries, what could possibly go wrong? Pretty sure Lockheed Martin could be bought off from Elon Musk.

4cfe51a5 No.3660953

File: 1656465896489-0.jpg (77.3 KB, 940x529, 18117256_403.jpg)

File: 1656465896489-1.jpg (440.06 KB, 2119x1415, united-states-federal-rese….jpg)

File: 1656465896489-2.jpg (70.17 KB, 1100x619, 220213192207-lockheed-mart….jpg)

Remember, we are just lemmings.

4cfe51a5 No.3660954

File: 1656466025151.jpg (200.15 KB, 1024x512, 2012-06-14.jpg)

db1a1ba6 No.3660959


>She said that someone told her it happened, not that the event actually happened

So… complete bullshit? Cool. Why do you let these assholes waste your time with this bullshit? Is there really nothing else you'd rather do with your day?

de33817b No.3660962

Thats still false accusation under oath. Just because someone says well I heard from a very accurate source that YOU raped and murdered this missing child while in court… and they were just making the whole thing up, it doesn't make it any less of a malicious lie.

If she had a credible source that could have been proven to have said those things, then it would be an entirely different issue. The thing is, her false allegations were just whipped up out of thin air.

de33817b No.3660963

also hearing something on 4chan or facebook is not a credible source.

1f0ba499 No.3660971

File: 1656474284217-0.png (621.19 KB, 900x673, Beast1.png)

File: 1656474284217-1.png (520.72 KB, 902x675, Beast2.png)

File: 1656474284217-2.jpg (45.19 KB, 600x450, Beast3.jpg)


Limos don't have doors as thick as most people's torso. It's an armored car with a SUV engine in it for more power.

The president can easily reach the driver from the back seat.

1f0ba499 No.3660976

File: 1656474842291-0.jpg (574.52 KB, 1280x720, FUBUAHkXwAAt0c5.jpg)

File: 1656474842291-1.jpg (458.93 KB, 1280x720, ErEirWQXcAMfSpk.jpg)

>That's still false accusation under oath.

No, that's an accusation under oath and now that she has made it, they have legal recourse to call the people who were actually there as witnesses.

The committee is not a court. That's what conservatives are too stupid to understand. The job of the committee is to establish a chain of evidence.

They turn that chain of evidence over to the DoJ and let them do the trial.

The witness testimony today was establishing a link to the witnesses they will be subpoenaing in the future.

Do ya get it?
Do I need to somehow make it more simple for you?
Maybe pull out a hand puppet?

01e658ea No.3660985

Nice deliberately not showing the full vehicle there. What do thick doors have to do with vehicle length? Now look at the person's face in the back seat in a photo that shows the LENGTH of the vehicle such as >>3660950

1f0ba499 No.3660997

File: 1656480896250.webm (2.68 MB, 640x360, Fox4.webm)


Ok, once more, dumbass. Read the words on the screen in front of you.





7f5ced26 No.3661003

Want rights?

Kill whites!

e9e74ed0 No.3661004

Jan 6. this and that. Strange how that he had basically done what he was supposed to do as President who had rightfully won the whitehouse, letting the people who were rightfully able to walk into the whtie house do so. It is not his fault if he was President or not, in a world where they had not rigged everything there would have been a different sentiment. People are not locked out of the White House unless there is a crisis. The crisis they made Jan6 into is their own fault. Still trying to point fingers and blame, because they bought the idea of a Constitution being for the people. Pro Tip it really isn't.

1f0ba499 No.3661011

File: 1656500262241.jpg (60.14 KB, 678x874, Trump-Disarms-Capitol-Poli….jpg)

>Strange how that he had basically done what he was supposed to do as President who had rightfully won the whitehouse, letting the people who were rightfully able to walk into the whtie house do so.

>People are not locked out of the White House unless there is a crisis. The crisis they made Jan6 into is their own fault.

Interesting theory! You think that Trump is innocent because if he had won he would have been allowed to send those supporters into the White House?

f712c419 No.3661014

I don't cart people into places they don't want to go so I don't know how that is going to work out for me. But obviously since every politician is a trafficer in some way I guess its all their faults then isnt it.

2ece4565 No.3661023

I keep telling people to look at the 45 Communist Goals as read into Congressional Record 1963.
Point 8 is about all this LGBQT crap.
P L E A S E take a look at the listing.

f712c419 No.3661024

communist more like coomunist

3e2a2aca No.3661028

Ha ha! Even reichwing conservative host doesn't buy Giuliani crying about a pat on the back:


Look who is turning out to be the REAL SNOWFLAKES! Ha ha! I love it!

3e2a2aca No.3661029

"We are the Christian Taliban" - says reichwing idiot.

Hint idiot incel reichwingers: don't say the quiet part outloud and online where the world can see what your real intentions:


3e2a2aca No.3661030

Pathetic incel reichwinger and fake Latino Nick Fuentes also says the quiet part out loud.

Man you reichwing losers are so fucking stupid!


3e2a2aca No.3661031

Typically stupid reichwing gringos- "Freedumbs for me but not if you is a woman or colored folk"


3e2a2aca No.3661033

Stupid reichwing anti-masker and anti-vaxxer fired himself because he's a typical stupid white guy:


3e2a2aca No.3661034

What do you know- a black conservative, but he's still extremely stupid as expected. He's very anti-gay but also proven to be a closeted fag: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r3PPUp6fhIQ

Typical hypocritical conservative- anti-gay people always turn out to be closeted. And now you loud dunces crying about fictional "groomers" are also turning about to be the real pedos.

de33817b No.3661040

just to throw out a gay landmine here, does anyone actually have a real worldly reason who two guys can't kiss?

f712c419 No.3661041

degrading them and humiliating is funny

de33817b No.3661042

and I applaud you for your trollery, but still the argument does not stand.

de33817b No.3661044

File: 1656529676815.jpg (98.05 KB, 1200x675, 26ee5305089eda3afc44da0c8d….jpg)

the key to devising a true troll argument is making something up that is indefensible against the opposition.

de33817b No.3661045

a mix of truth just enough that everyone swallows the pills

f712c419 No.3661046

ok hmm…arguing the fact that two guys can't kiss each other actually would not take alot to say that convention says not to.

But that answer is not good enough. There is an appeal for conforming to norms and then there are those they defy it or feel exempt or are not inclined to, deviancy, or simply do not view deviancy or norms and find it in their own interests. So the interests in failing societal concordence makes the case that they should not kiss, in which case if they do…they should pay taxes for having done so. Only the rich are provocative only to make the case against society being that they hold sway in the shares and stocks for what is "proponent" in driving the caste system as otherwise, society itself may drag its feet. The celebrity status is therefore the only exemption for being gay. If you aren't rich, you shouldn't be able to "entertain" yourself because you have obstructed the mannerisms of society and its intent, then is that being a burden is why two men should not kiss. And to whom they are a burden to as well (which is a money issue and not anything personal, business wise) you might offend someone who takes business in the directives of the physical/biological facilities within society, that women should not have to be disregarded or some other "bullshit that actually just means you should pay money to be allowed to do anything" in which someone(or largely the community in front of you) is being afforded for the luxury of, two gays indulging against the invested efforts of an otherwise productive enforcement (manual labor or productivity again mentioning that being gay is not productive). So you see, that is why you are exiled because it is more of a benefit to outcast a gay than it is to include them.

2ece4565 No.3661049

File: 1656530706521.jpg (24.82 KB, 450x450, 61e5tfV4COL._AC_SY450_.jpg)


de33817b No.3661072

File: 1656534403545.jpeg (47.8 KB, 429x600, 2857860E-273C-4E86-B8C8-3….jpeg)

Holy wallsoftext batman!

2ce7a714 No.3661081

File: 1656542899333-0.jpg (66.7 KB, 562x439, 3B is unhinged.JPG)

File: 1656542899333-1.jpg (137.54 KB, 1024x1010, 3b fragile.jpg)


Even the Secret Service driver that was allegedly grabbed is calling out your bullshit.

Do you ever get tired of being so unbelievably, completely, thoroughly wrong all the time?????

2ce7a714 No.3661082

File: 1656543430001-0.jpg (44.17 KB, 306x392, liberal.jpg)


If he is a pedo, its not because he is a conservative, its because he is black.

2ce7a714 No.3661084

File: 1656545426447.jpg (40.8 KB, 630x437, 3B cope.JPG)

Another broke promise by 3Bs candidate….

2965dd5c No.3661085


Guys… What is wrong with 3B?

Do you suppose he actually believes the version of reality he spouts? Does he have memory problems? Severe brain damage? Is he just a troll pretending to be a retard?

Where does he even get this shit? Whatever retarded bullshit MSNBC makes up he just rolls up with something 10x as retarded.

His arguments are so outside the realm of anything any reasonable person would say out loud he must be creating them all by himself.

I've never seen anything quite like it in my life.

2ece4565 No.3661086

File: 1656545750536.jpeg (60.08 KB, 476x720, (10).jpeg)

01e658ea No.3661088

He's admitted to having severe brain damage before and is clearly autistic as fuck as well.

Why won't they just ban this retard. His posts are just spamming the thread with whatever shitty leftist talking point is currently trending on Twitter. That counts as spam, right?

09e61725 No.3661090

>His arguments are so outside the realm of anything any reasonable person would say out loud he must be creating them all by himself.
That's a dangerous thing to believe, because it dismantles in your mind the possibility of there being a controlling element behind the world's evil.
He (and those like him) are proud to be lapping at one of many teats on the beast's many tentacles, giving him permission and energy to try and destroy anything that he perceives (and is) Godlier/better than him.


01e658ea No.3661091

At least 3b isn't retarded enough to LARP as a dog

2ce7a714 No.3661092

File: 1656551661590.jpg (70.66 KB, 655x900, crazy_anthro_wolf-36552783….jpg)


I put image filename into a search engine, and this was the top result.

http://iraaa.museum.hamptonu.edu/page/The-i am racist and not very bright-Head-Deep-In-All-Of-Our-Heads

1f0ba499 No.3661093

File: 1656553215753.webm (1.69 MB, 640x360, Church-should-run-America.webm)


He should add Anti-constitutionalist, Anti-Democracy, Anti-American and newly re-elected Republican rep Lauren Boebert to his collection of WhiteISIS radicals.

She's not being shy about her opinion that the Church should replace the government and everyone should be forced to live under religious rule.

1f0ba499 No.3661095

File: 1656553920704.jpg (49.32 KB, 446x1024, She-man.jpg)

>There is an appeal for conforming to norms and then there are those they defy it or feel exempt or are not inclined to, deviancy…

Deviancy from the norm is a part of every society every day.

Think of it like social evolution. Deviancy are the random mutation that catch on or go extinct.

Conservatism is a deviancy from normal society, made up and founded on the beliefs of sheep fuckers and child molesters who lives thousands of years ago.

Conservatism has been trying to drive homosexuality into extinction for the entire history of modern society because they desperately need someone that they can point to and claim the other deviancy is worse then their own.

The only thing conservatism is succeeding at doing is killing itself off by highlighting how deviant and unappealing it is.

Using our evolutionary model, the gays are the more successful deviancy and are propagating through society where as the religious right is so unpopular and desperate to cling to social power they are using violence.

Conservatism has lost the the fight in the market place of ideas so it has to use guns instead.

2965dd5c No.3661096


But… He has to know it's bullshit right? They just like being liars and ruining everything? It's hard to wrap my head around how people like that can exist.

Doesn't it hurt when they fill themselves with lies and anger? Is that part of their mind dead or missing?

09e61725 No.3661098

File: 1656557187463.png (38.08 KB, 816x289, nigger-website.png)


← Looks like those niggers are having trouble with their SSL certificate.

I'm not sure myself how much energy should be invested in trying to understand such people, but I'm guessing that it should be only a little, but enough to understand that they exist and how they operate - sort of like reading up on and practicing basic hygiene.
One learns the basics about bacteria and preventing infections, and then washes the hands after using the toilet and avoids eating rancid foods.
Reading up on "old-fashioned" humanity and morality would IMO be a better investment.

I suppose good way of understanding is picturing a scenario where there's someone lying on the ground in the street, clearly in need of assistance.
A decent human being would at least check if someone is already looking after that person, or call an ambulance, or check for themselves, because a decent human being wouldn't want someone to just die alone in the street.

Someone who is not a decent human being would see an opportunity to rob someone, or get in for a photo-opportunity to look heroic, or walk past and hope for that other someone to die alone.

Those two different mentalities can explain a lot of behaviour - one has its humanity/soul mostly intact, the other has its humanity/soul mostly dead.

Whether they know they're lying/making sense or not doesn't really matter to them, because they see an opportunity to be inhuman and then take it, the same way another would see an opportunity to be humane.

09e61725 No.3661099

File: 1656557903286.jpg (56.15 KB, 595x600, Nigger_Polish.jpg)

BTW, re that website, their links to the larger images are "potato", so to get the big image one can open the thumbnail in a tab and replace the word "small" in the directory/URL with the word "expanded". :3

1f0ba499 No.3661104

File: 1656564761425.jpg (234.82 KB, 1164x1552, Mike-Flynn-fucked-up.jpg)

This is how stupid Republicans think their conservative voters are.

Let's see if they are correct.
Can you spot the problem?

a6f59aad No.3661105

This is how stupid 3B is.

f712c419 No.3661109

All animals kill because they feel like it. If they feel like it you're their personal rag doll for as long as they want to keep you alive. They don't even do it out of hunger just boredom. nature is boring.

1cd55665 No.3661114

File: 1656580563530.jpg (77.42 KB, 1020x574, ezgif-5-bf51eaca84.jpg)

1f0ba499 No.3661115

File: 1656586685972.png (69.71 KB, 727x618, They-aren't-here-to-hurt-m….png)

I guess this explains how the MAGA rioters got all those guns, flags tipped with spears and guns into the capitol area.


d3327574 No.3661116


Were they vampire guns? Do they not show up on film or reflect in mirrors?

Is that why the capitol police had to unlock the doors? They can't enter the house unless invited in?

b53761c8 No.3661117

File: 1656593805207.jpg (82.7 KB, 650x965, past america paint ad.jpg)


>their links to the larger images are "potato"

It seems that the link issue has been fixed.

c05b6576 No.3661118

they built a fence later so its ok now

1f0ba499 No.3661156

File: 1656654896891.png (54.21 KB, 755x419, Breath-less-conservatives.png)

Get ready for some black lung in your red states!

The conservative courts ruled that the EPA has almost no power to regulate emissions from power plants. The case allows coal burning power plants to resume dumping deadly toxins into the air order to maximize profits.

While it's bad for climate collapse in the long run, it's great news for America!
It will primarily allow corporations to poison heavily Republican states and the more dead conservatives there are the better off the nation is!


1f0ba499 No.3661157

File: 1656655210959-0.jpg (454.74 KB, 800x1244, FVJHCYaXsAIBMof.jpg)

File: 1656655210959-1.jpg (517.6 KB, 800x1244, FWhCHoTXEAM1HFo.jpg)

File: 1656655210959-2.jpg (450.39 KB, 800x1244, FWMHq1CXkAEiztV.jpg)

File: 1656655210959-3.jpg (903.77 KB, 1600x1143, FV8yXAKXwAIV56I.jpg)


Oh, no, Trump had the fences put up way before Jan 6th because he's a baby who was scared of all the BLM protestors.

You remember, he hid in the emergency bunker in the white house for like a week.


2d941a9a No.3661159

More lying horseshit from 3B

2d941a9a No.3661160

Hey Professor Pedo, it's past your bedtime.
What are you doin ng up?

7c7ab79c No.3661161

>>3661160 ← The actual pedo deflects by accusing others of what he is guilty of.

1f0ba499 No.3661162

File: 1656670236384.png (1.23 MB, 938x857, June2020.png)


Why do you keep saying I am lying about things that are so easily proven true?

Do you just enjoy being humiliated?

2d941a9a No.3661163

3B even lies about lying.

2d941a9a No.3661164

Stop posting 'Anonymous' 3B your style of writing is known to all, you even make the SAME EXACT motherfucking spelling errors.

1f0ba499 No.3661185

File: 1656690964342.jpg (39.07 KB, 680x457, FUYE-JhWQAEQ-5f.jpg)

>Everyone I don't like is 3B!

2d941a9a No.3661194

Dont think we don't know you here, 3B.
We know you very well.

2d941a9a No.3661195

File: 1656703767546.jpg (74.36 KB, 717x468, 026921a3e65d98dca478f4b6.jpg)

796f0b8f No.3661199


you are right, its much much worse :


yup ; Biotech gone wrong.

9fbb3fd2 No.3661203

Want rights?

Kill whites.

0c28015f No.3661205

File: 1656712101316-0.jpg (86.27 KB, 569x552, commie lover.JPG)

File: 1656712101316-1.jpg (59.95 KB, 610x800, past america spark plug ad.jpg)

>Biden drops bans on Cuba

>Biden drops bans on Venzuela

>Biden lifts tarrifs on China

The Biden regime cant act fast enough to help and support Communist dictatorships.

They came through with 10% for the big guy I guess.

Remember that post where 3B tries to tell us the left is Pro-America?

Oh wait…here is is…


1f0ba499 No.3661206

File: 1656712323930.jpg (130.28 KB, 838x1200, FWiUag-VsAAmfRH.jpg)


This paper is two guys trying to get their colleges to fund them doing the same research that the CDC, WHO, The U.S. Military, and the CIA are already doing.

It's a grift that counts on suckers like you.

1f0ba499 No.3661207

File: 1656712468795.jpg (50.4 KB, 513x792, FVm7fi0XwAAstmk.jpg)


Conservatives, "Biden needs to do something about gas prices!"

Biden does something about gas prices.

Also conservatives, "How dare Biden support communism!"

Shut the fuck up you whiney, baby-dicked loser.

e1704f1f No.3661213

File: 1656723884533-0.jpg (31.51 KB, 502x260, eat cake.JPG)

File: 1656723884533-1.jpg (15.28 KB, 400x260, past america evolution.jpg)

Uh Oh. They said the quiet part out loud…..

Americans will have to endure high prices as the consequence of ensuring the 'Liberal World Order'

e1704f1f No.3661214

File: 1656723963713-0.jpg (28.97 KB, 253x259, reply look how hard this f….jpg)

1f0ba499 No.3661216

File: 1656728785769.jpg (750.57 KB, 3005x4096, oni-Beamboi.jpg)


Yeah, they said it and you know what? They're right and you can't do jack shit about it! We've already won.

The only thing your side can do it make your own people suffer. The abortion ban will mostly hurt red states. The voting rights restrictions will mostly hurt red states. The roll back of restrictions on coal pollution will mostly hurt red states.

Everything the GOP is doing will hurt you way, way, more than it hurts us so by all means, kill yourselves to own the libs!

079247ed No.3661217


So how about you fuck off to your utopia and stop trying to tell everyone else how they should live.

2112e237 No.3661228

Guess what,
you're living in the wrong country.

1f0ba499 No.3661230

We live in America.
America belongs to us.
If you don't like our nation then go live somewhere else.

2d6c14af No.3661232

>The roll back of restrictions on coal pollution will mostly hurt red states.

Those dumb red stater paying less for aircon and heat in the winter, while the enlightened blue staters will enjoy sweating and freezing.

2d941a9a No.3661233

Try again.
You're in the wrong country.

1f0ba499 No.3661234

File: 1656760802479-0.png (256.35 KB, 725x617, 4h4h6445r.png)

File: 1656760802479-1.webm (7 MB, 480x270, GOP-collapsing.webm)

Looks like the Republican race to the bottom is in full swing.

Even the interviewer reading the questions can't believe the shit he is having to say much less the insane nonsense coming out of the mouths of Republicans.

Watching you losers burn your own house down is so fun!

2d941a9a No.3661235

3B you are everything that's wrong with America.

You're being evicted.

1f0ba499 No.3661237

File: 1656761917731.webm (3.8 MB, 480x270, GOP-collapsing2.webm)


Even the people in the debate can tell the whole party is a joke.

I especially enjoy the fact that they unironically have a candidate named Karen who is a Karen. It's like they are all memes of the most stupid ideas humanity every had made into people!

What an amazing choice Arizona Republicans have to look forward to!

"Anti-vax, anti-mask, you don't have to obey the law" guy, "The election was stolen by 2000 mules" lady, "Mama-Mia I'm Italian!", woman or "I'm a good little Christian so I don't interrupt" lady.

1f0ba499 No.3661239

File: 1656762440514-0.jpg (64.08 KB, 776x1199, FUUV1GmVEAECygF.jpg)

File: 1656762440514-1.jpg (106.41 KB, 776x1199, FUdkZk2UsAAApS8.jpg)


Keep telling yourself that.

Oh, and by the way, the Oathkeeper's lawyers just implicated Trump in a conspiracy to kill congress saying they were told he would be using the sedition act to turn them into an official militia which is why they brought a stock pile of weapons and stored them in a hotel near by.

They were hired as private security and fully expected to be told to take arms as Trump's personal army.

We came to murder congress because that's what the president wanted is the defense their lawyers are going with.

09e61725 No.3661244

File: 1656769940687.jpg (47.23 KB, 640x360, An_Emerging_Intelligence.jpg)

Don't forget that the theater wars and battles are all designed to demoralise and distract you from seeing the prison being built outside and inside your windows (and bodies and minds).

Max Igan's latest walk and talk was pretty interesting again. Talking in greater detail about emerging AI threats, but also kids/babies getting incredibly sick from the bioweapon injection, fake meats, mrna/graphene-injected modified-cows, ghislaine-creature, trans-kids and more.

Talking about all the stuff that you're not supposed to be thinking or talking about, basically.
"An Emerging Intelligence"
Watching this, certainly beats watching 3Broken viciously chafing his dick over RINOs and communist/cia media propaganda.

09e61725 No.3661245

File: 1656770226487.jpg (185.35 KB, 1262x587, max-igan-channel.jpg)

Consider watching a few more of Max's walk and talks, and sharing them around as well:
He's not a Christian, but he's doing his best to try and explain the crazy shit going on and give the occasional tip on how to avoid it.

8a597ed9 No.3661253

>They were hired as private security and fully expected to be told to take arms as Trump's personal army.
>We came to murder congress because that's what the president wanted is the defense their lawyers are going with.

Wow. That sure sounds like the kind of thing that would leave some sort of evidence. Look forward to seeing it.

Or is this going to be like the last couple thousand insane claims you've made where nothing ever materializes but you go to your grave believing a rumor you heard one time is divine truth.

e350a2a5 No.3661254

File: 1656780353601-0.jpg (28.97 KB, 253x259, reply look how hard this f….jpg)

File: 1656780353601-1.jpg (71.22 KB, 598x775, past america book.jpg)

>They were hired as private security and fully expected to be told to take arms as Trump's personal army.

>The Secret Service had the day off.

>We came to murder congress because that's what the president wanted is the defense their lawyers are going with.

''>Lawyers plan to use a "confession of guilt" as a defense '

1f0ba499 No.3661264

File: 1656788418736-0.webm (3.59 MB, 320x180, Pledge-of-WhiteISIS.webm)

File: 1656788418736-1.jpg (447.22 KB, 741x1057, Give-us-money.jpg)

Join the Christian right-wing and take the (poorly worded) pledge to overthrow America today!


Headed by the world famous grifters, Mr. and Mrs. Copeland, Mr. and Ms. Crank and the token black guy Creflo Dollar this organization of America's most famous evangelical con-artists needs you and specifically your money to fund right-wing extremists for taking over America!

Take the pledge today! But more importantly, send them your money! They need your money! All the money!

1f0ba499 No.3661266

File: 1656789139724-0.png (505.23 KB, 900x900, FT3786dWAAMNALf.png)

File: 1656789139724-1.png (626.44 KB, 900x900, FUQjXdVWYAEf3mv.png)

File: 1656789139724-2.jpg (113.69 KB, 1200x1500, FUQ4ClCWUAAGa_7.jpg)


Basically, they are going with, "We didn't think we were doing anything wrong because the president ordered us to do it so that makes it legal."

Remember, the Oathkeepers aren't your regular run of the mill weekend warriors pretending to be soldiers.

They are actual soldiers from all branches of the U.S. military.

That's why they call themselves the Oathkeepers.

They really believed they were upholding an oath to serve America against a coup by performing a paramilitary coup and killing congress.

d64c625d No.3661268

Happy July 4th

Kill white Christians!

2d941a9a No.3661270

Why did you change from your usual handle to anonymous to stack posts, 3B?

f712c419 No.3661274

File: 1656804712682.jpg (6.51 KB, 194x259, DantesInfernio.jpg)

Welcome to Summer 2022 (yes that is a gate to hell you are welcome to tour it if you like)

1f0ba499 No.3661280

File: 1656809721321-0.jpg (547.97 KB, 1920x1920, markella-stavropoulou-ash-….jpg)

File: 1656809721321-1.jpg (479.98 KB, 1920x2715, raijin-art-fire-elementar-….jpg)


I don't understand why conservatives are so angry about transexuals. At least now there is someone with an even smaller dick than them.

fedcd4af No.3661281

File: 1656811813540.png (248.68 KB, 534x548, reply muh dick nigger.png)

>Cross posts non-/POL/ 'muh dick' crap after getting BTFO repeatly….

1f0ba499 No.3661284

File: 1656813606688-0.jpg (544.47 KB, 2698x1500, FUwTopyWAAYcsGp.jpg)

What makes you think I am capable of creating a post as short as, "Want rights, kill whites."

You know how much I enjoy rubbing your face in how wrong you are about everything like a dog who shit on the floor.

I could never be satisfied with a short post like that. No, I want you to suffer with every humiliating letter you are forced to read.

I know you will read everything I type because you're such a tiny-dicked loser that you are furious because I think I am better than you.

You're wrong about one thing, I don't think I am better than you. I know I am better than you, in every way because you are human trash that needs to be put into the landfill with the rest of the garbage.

2d941a9a No.3661285

File: 1656814143398.jpg (33.51 KB, 640x480, GettyImages-1230427985-640….jpg)

A 2024 Republican presidential primary poll shows former President Donald J. Trump holding a colossal 40-point lead over the rest of the potential field if he decides to run.

The Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, obtained by the Hill, reveals that Trump drew 56 percent of respondents’ support, while 16 percent chose Gov. Ron Desantis (R-FL), making him the second leading candidate. Former Vice President Mike Pence garnered seven percent of the response if Trump were to run.

And a Trump/Desantis team-up, with Desantis as Trump's running mate, is considered unstoppable.

09e61725 No.3661287

File: 1656814698318.png (26.54 KB, 350x500, Super_Star_Bolt.png)

I remember seeing a video of the "insurrection" where people had barriers removed by the police, were being waved into the building by police, led through the building's corridors and up the stairs by police, the "insurrectionists" standing aimlessly inside an office for photo-ops when some "official" woman stuck her head through a window and gave them detailed directions on where to go next, and I even saw some photos of a cripple in a wheelchair (he looked like that 8chan guy) being led in, but don't know if that was real or not.
I even read that it turns out that some of the people were admitted hired "actors" for mainstream-propaganda/news cameras.

All of those things kind of destroy the "suspension of disbelief" that one needs to still look at this with any real effort or involvement. Even the fake monkey poo and Punchtin and Jewdy show is getting tiresome.

Bolt was so much better, and far more real. Totally real, in fact. :3

fedcd4af No.3661288

File: 1656815052667-0.png (970.55 KB, 856x834, reply how to be black book.png)

For those of you who wish to be correctly 'woke' and not the brainwashed kind, here are some articles as reading material.


4cfe51a5 No.3661311

File: 1656837198150.png (7.67 MB, 2048x1685, dub_BBC_textur_u18chan.png)

155574f5 No.3661312

pol the site killer strikes again

8a597ed9 No.3661313


I'm sure the oath keepers will be glad to hear someone out there still thinks they're cool and takes them seriously. Keep the dream alive bro!

1f0ba499 No.3661316

File: 1656857991564.jpg (63.8 KB, 552x680, FWsMtkwUcAAoGpI.jpg)


This is great news for Democrats. Can't wait till he loses again in 2024.

1f0ba499 No.3661317


The barriers were removed by the police because they wanted to gather the crowds into one place where they would be easier to control.

The capitol police were specifically forbidden from firing at the protestors or using any kind of crowd control on them by the office of the president.

It was only the secret service who shot insurrectionists.

>I even read that it turns out that some of the people were admitted hired "actors" for mainstream-propaganda/news cameras.

I'm sure you've read a lot of nonsense.

1f0ba499 No.3661318

File: 1656858521570.jpg (126.7 KB, 1000x768, FTaEobmVUAAWmlq.jpg)

>And a Trump/Desantis team-up, with Desantis as Trump's running mate, is considered unstoppable.

Having a 40 point lead in the republican primary polling just means you're really popular with a tiny fraction of America.

Being the most attractive leper in the leper colony won't win you any beauty contests.

2d941a9a No.3661319

You're in the wrong country 3B.
We're evicting you.

2d941a9a No.3661320

Never again will you commies be allowed to get anywhere close again to the shit you've pulled here.
Never again.

1f0ba499 No.3661322

File: 1656859517347.jpg (354.18 KB, 1400x1909, FUPc30KWAAAnL31.jpg)


Cry more loser. You're not going to do a damn thing. You're a pussy who will die alone and be forgotten while trans people take over the world.

Next we'll start making cyborgs socially acceptable so we can make sure that you can't even get a job at a check out counter at a Walmart without having one of our chips in your head.

Liberal world order, baby!
Get lubed up! You're gonna need it.

64a2af28 No.3661323

Lol how can trannies do anything when being referred to with the wrong pronoun is enough to make them kill themselves?

64a2af28 No.3661324

File: 1656863007314.jpg (349.42 KB, 1080x1697, 1656861203866.jpg)

155574f5 No.3661328

so after how many gmo hamburgers did you eat did you realize you were a pudgy little lady?

09e61725 No.3661330

It's so pathetic to see how you keep saying "we", "we'll" and "comrades".
Only the "highest up/lowest down" have earned any kind of respect, and they're so far above your chosen milieu, that they wouldn't even think of getting their fingers or even aura dirty by being associated in any way with even a residue of your existence.
There is no "we", and there are no "comrades" - not in the way the movie inside that prion-disease damaged mind is playing out anyway.

Your utopia-movie also has "trans people" running the world? Hah!
Deep down inside you meant transsexual of course, but in the case of genetically modified cyborg drones who you dream of ordering to have violent sex with you, they will no longer be capable of independent thought, and you'll be long dead before anything like that can even happen.

What have you done to cause such overpowering self-hatred?

2d941a9a No.3661336

YOU CAN REST ASSURED that when we are an embarrassment and a danger to other countries it is Biden, Obama, Bush, et al. AND NOT TRUMP that have made the world hate us.

If you polled the world right now you would find 98% of the citizens of earth want Donald Trump back in office.

09e61725 No.3661339

>>If you polled the world right now you would find 98% of the citizens of earth want Donald Trump back in office.
You talk weird. It's not like he was able to stop the military bioweapon/killswitch/transhumanist injections, and it looks like he didn't even want to. Perhaps he was killed and replaced by a body-double. Who knows. The whole thing is beyond insane by now.

Also - so much destruction has already been caused. Bad things will happen no matter who's in office.
Whatever evil force is currently wielding its power - it caused a lot of trouble around the world a long time before those other presidents you mentioned.

Trump was a short and final reprieve, and people would make a mistake to look to someone else for leadership (besides God) rather than within themselves like they were far more likely to, only a generation or two ago.

If Trump does come back, it may be another (shorter) reprieve like we had before, or it may further "corral the herd" into the satanic NWO objective/system.

It would be much better to no longer give away ones' own power to others - especially satanic psychopaths and pedophiles.

I don't think you actually believe what you typed there.

Even though Mike Adams is probably a jewish cabal shill, he (and a number of those he's interviewed) do make a lot of good points about re-learning life skills, re-learning independence and decentralising the control system/prison. Things were better, when the many had more power and independence.

1f0ba499 No.3661342

File: 1656880139411-0.png (436.1 KB, 809x453, h654j5jn645.png)

File: 1656880139411-1.png (397.93 KB, 561x519, gt4534t3f.png)


Trump is literally the person who hung out with the two most well known under age sex traffickers in America the most. He is the biggest pedophile in politics.

The thing he has fucked over more than America is his own daughter.

2d941a9a No.3661345

Lie some more, 3B, it's what you do best and it's entertaining.

ff5d6146 No.3661352

File: 1656894334652.png (1.69 MB, 2000x1500, 4f28c5d082e75ff30bc942d7d8….png)

If Trump was on Epstein's client list, you bet your ass they would have leaked it. As it stands, we've convicted 2 people for those crimes of child trafficking, and we have no idea who they were trafficked too, somehow.

Clinton went to the island, sometimes without the secret service even.

09e61725 No.3661354

Do calm your raging Trumpboner, I wasn't accusing him specifically of being a pedo - I was talking about the entire web of evil which the normies usually don't get to see, that probably now exists behind every major government and corporation.

I actually think that he was one of the few who managed to avoid that kind of stuff, and from what I remember, he signed several executive orders which could potentially be used (by "white-hats" if they even still exist) to destroy the high-level child-murder/pedo-activity that's going on.

d3aa072a No.3661355

File: 1656900070273.jpg (180.96 KB, 1920x1280, trump.jpg)


Dont care.

Still voting Trump.

4cc92df0 No.3661357

State out loud and often that Joe Biden is not a legitimate President of the United States, but a usurper, who was installed in office through an election stolen by organized voter fraud. We can begin the process of liberation by refusing to participate in the charade that Joe Biden is the legitimate President of the United States.

In any case, the time for action is now. The collective effect of even the smallest acts of non-compliance can have an impact.

8a597ed9 No.3661360


Okay. Now say it again but make it crazier

3f348667 No.3661363

Feels so right!
Kill a white!

1f0ba499 No.3661365

File: 1656911185625.png (266.93 KB, 488x347, 43223234gg4423.png)

>The collective effect of even the smallest acts of non-compliance can have an impact.

If your collective is the majority but it's not in your case. You're the majority of a tiny group of incel losers who only ever had power because rich people were willing to prop up your idiot candidates in exchange for lower taxes.

But guess what? You gave them everything they wanted! Now they have no reason to support you! You've made corporate America your enemy so unless Roger Stone is going to personally pony up the money to buy an army for you, you're already done. You just don't know it yet.

1f0ba499 No.3661366

File: 1656911377000.png (394.5 KB, 680x441, FWsp4FdXoAImeNy.png)


It's not me saying it. The orders are a matter of public record. Trump's people told the cops not to fire on the crowd.

Read the order yourself.
It's right here >>3661011

64a2af28 No.3661368

Patriot Front = FBI

1f0ba499 No.3661377

File: 1656923696301.jpg (243.58 KB, 983x2000, Kill-yourself-shes-waiting.jpg)


Sure, sure, it's all a demonic plot by the illuminati to use the Jewish space lasers to beam Satan into the brains of children using drag-wave radiation.

124414b2 No.3661378


I KNEW it !!!!…………….I KNEW IT!!!!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !

2d6c14af No.3661380

Trump = no inflation.
Biden = inflation.

Simple as that. We'll see how good Americans like inflation in the next elections ; I bet they can't get enough of being shafted at the gas station.

c05b6576 No.3661381

god damn stfu, you have no idea how physics work.

1f0ba499 No.3661388


That was sarcasm.

We all know drag-queen waves don't travel over laser beams. You have to use sound for drag-waves to infect people people with the beat.


f712c419 No.3661389

you're so fucking stupid

64a2af28 No.3661390

3b loves drag queen story hour because he's also a pedophile that wants access to vulnerable children

f712c419 No.3661391

File: 1656950610920.png (98.97 KB, 322x479, Bard.png)


imagine being in need of a dire bitchsmacking for the 100th time in a row.

2d941a9a No.3661392

File: 1656954552804.jpg (53.13 KB, 640x480, Former-President-Trump-Ral….jpg)

If you want to talk about the corporate media’s waning influence over public opinion… Donald Trump is currently the most popular politician in America.

According to the latest polling from Harvard Caps Harris Poll, despite seven years and billions of corporate dollars spent to destroy him, despite two fake impeachments and this Kangaroo January 6th Committee, Trump’s favorable rating is higher than any other politician in America—including politicians the fake media have spent billions of dollars propping up—like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-Fascist).
The poll was taken between June 28-29 of 1,308 registered voters. (The Supreme Court aborted Roe v. Wade on June 24).

f712c419 No.3661393

Doesn't matter when democracy is idiocracy

099b8b0c No.3661394

File: 1656955469415.jpg (119.46 KB, 1107x500, 6lr9ui.jpg)



1f0ba499 No.3661405

File: 1656963745969.jpg (104.52 KB, 680x671, FWxYjZEWYAIIdd5.jpg)


He was the most popular politician out of the people in the Republican primary, not the most popular politician over all.

Being the prettiest pig on the farm still makes you an animal in line for the slaughter and let me tell you, Republicans are going to get fucking slaughtered.

64a2af28 No.3661406

Why don't they demand gun control when it's blacks doing all the shooting?


f712c419 No.3661408

File: 1656966738632-0.jpg (5.4 KB, 194x259, FacerollSurprise.jpg)

File: 1656966738632-1.gif (2.29 MB, 640x360, funatwork.gif)

File: 1656966738632-2.png (172.66 KB, 499x309, PressFtoShitpost.png)

hey im 3b look at me shitpost all day tranny cock love my face i cant get a boner without shitposting

everytime u type i want to slam my pc ooo im so trolled with all the pol sitekilling shit

stfu u botshill-poser so pathetic

acf3e53e No.3661409

Bigotry of low expectations. Leftwing people understand that blacks cannot act any better, and besides, poor blacks from living in democrat run cities for generations don't pose a threat to the New Liberal Order Biden's been talking about like disarming white people.

099b8b0c No.3661410

File: 1656967324589.webm (2.92 MB, 720x900, negro public transit bus.webm)

>Why don't they demand gun control when it's blacks doing all the shooting?

Its a complete mystery.

099b8b0c No.3661411

File: 1656967442213.webm (2.65 MB, 640x800, negro family culture.webm)

>Why don't they demand gun control when it's blacks doing all the shooting?
>Systemic racism

Dem negroes are victims of whitey.

64a2af28 No.3661412

>A black father being around his children

Fake news!

1f0ba499 No.3661415

File: 1656976812801-0.jpg (213.74 KB, 1080x1434, FW27W37XgAIrxV4.jpg)

File: 1656976812801-1.jpg (24.34 KB, 461x467, FW218tKXgAIYCQW.jpg)

File: 1656976812801-2.jpg (244.82 KB, 1536x2048, FW23KcpWIAEFyxT.jpg)

File: 1656976812801-3.jpg (153.22 KB, 947x2048, FW220lTWYAEP5OH.jpg)


Police identify person of interest in #HighlandPark parade shooting as Robert "Bobby" E Crimo,. 22 years old. Believed to be driving a 2010 Silver Honda Fit, Illinois license plate DM80653.

He is a failed rapper and a Trump supporter who's father lost the election for mayor last year in that city.

It's a pretty safe bet he did it considering he made a music video that laid out the plan for the attack in detail months ago and had footage of himself planning out the attack on his youtube channel.

1f0ba499 No.3661416

File: 1656977939118-0.png (356.23 KB, 724x781, hisyoutube1.png)

File: 1656977939118-1.webm (955.44 KB, 360x270, parade-rout.webm)

He posted a subtle hint he was planning on doing something on his youtube channel shortly after his father lost the election.

64a2af28 No.3661417

File: 1656978235615-0.png (647.12 KB, 1200x900, 1656973075067.png)

File: 1656978235615-1.jpg (40.7 KB, 544x306, ss12.jpg)

If he was black you wouldn't say a word about it

The real cause is autism, just like every other mass shooter. The eyes never lie

f712c419 No.3661418

he was probably hi on fentanol or bathsalts or some shit like normal people dont do he was wearing a btard shirt so he clearly bought some sort of pol ticket just like you.

1f0ba499 No.3661419

File: 1656978584557-0.webm (4.59 MB, 368x270, subtle-hint2.webm)


He swears in one of his video that he isn't on drugs it's just insomnia, so I'm guessing he wasn't the most mentally healthy person and instead of actually parenting, his father just gave him huge sums of money to go away.

He literally built a fake class room for one of his music videos where he sung about a girl he wanted but had no chance with so instead he just became a terrorist.

It wasn't subtle.

f712c419 No.3661420

pretty sure its a hoax market for the news and they just decided to buy this story because they have LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE. fuck off.

f712c419 No.3661421

yfw the boy represents everything you've been saying and i bet you are just beyond estatic someone actually did go out and did the shit you have been saying this whole time in full in pretty the entire getup of a tranny democrat. so young so impressionable.

1f0ba499 No.3661422

File: 1656982932662-0.png (1.09 MB, 958x664, 4erwt234t3.png)

File: 1656982932662-1.png (534.07 KB, 591x590, FW3MipeXEAIpOi0.png)

File: 1656982932662-2.jpg (458.51 KB, 2048x1266, FW3KsCDXwAEGjL4.jpg)


If he was a left winger, he would have been targeting the cops. But sadly, he's a Trump supporter.

1f0ba499 No.3661423

File: 1656983365214-0.webm (3.73 MB, 480x270, sleepwalker.webm)

Good news though!

He's been taken alive by the cops so he can go to court and tell everyone how sad his pathetic, Trump humping, incel life is and how America has turned its back on white boys like him.

64a2af28 No.3661424

Meanwhile democrat voting nigs in democrat run Chicago kill far more than he did every single weekend

f712c419 No.3661425

you realize you are sympathizing cop killers too now right? what a fucking moron.

64a2af28 No.3661427

It's shitcago, it's as MAGA as Jussie Smollet

de33817b No.3661428

File: 1656989645600.jpg (66.32 KB, 915x551, d7xbwqu-a262cd91-152f-402a….jpg)

Juicy Smallet. Typical example of a liberal who thinks roaming bands of republicans wander cities during blizzards armed with bleach, a noose, and about a few burning crosses.

2d941a9a No.3661429

File: 1656989651964.jpeg (180.95 KB, 956x1240, FW24YG9ggX0AAZ6Hs (1).jpeg)

Yeah, typical Trump supporter with pink and green hair.
Fucking liberal/Democrat piece of trash.

Did the FBI give him the money for the ammo?

099b8b0c No.3661430

File: 1656989775248-0.jpg (75.61 KB, 750x1024, 1656986104884.jpg)

File: 1656989775248-1.jpg (122.89 KB, 980x1025, 1656986209361.jpg)

File: 1656989775248-2.jpg (137.54 KB, 1024x1010, 3b fragile.jpg)

>he's a Trump supporter


1f0ba499 No.3661435

File: 1656993105660.png (337.69 KB, 723x637, Opera Snapshot_2022-07-04_….png)

ff5d6146 No.3661436

File: 1656993752763.png (203.06 KB, 820x622, 6f8ccead3e2cda87f0138a8c6e….png)

The dude shot up an Independence Day parade. What fucking more evidence do you need of his political allegiance? You think anything you find on twitter will speak more strongly of his political affiliation than SHOOTING UP A MOTHERFUCKING 4TH OF JULY PARADE?

155574f5 No.3661437

he posed as a republican this is pretty much what i'd expect a vigilante snowflake to do republicans arent going to shoot each other.

584e5291 No.3661445

File: 1657028036203-0.jpg (60.65 KB, 617x415, Capture.JPG)

File: 1657028036203-1.jpg (28.97 KB, 253x259, reply look how hard this f….jpg)


Assuming the post is truthful about the claim of eight years ago…..

……which I doubt…..

1f0ba499 No.3661446

File: 1657028978503.png (110.39 KB, 1203x711, reddit.com.png)


Welcome to the internet here's your daily spanking!

The person who got that tattoo 8 years ago is posting on reddit so unless you think the cops are letting the mass shooter use their laptop from his prison cell, it's a pretty good bet it isn't him.

1f0ba499 No.3661448

File: 1657030192011.jpg (29.26 KB, 750x849, Conservative-math-skills.jpg)


Also, I know critical thinking isn't really your strong point as a conservative but you can do simple math right?

If the MAGA shooter is 22 now and the tattoo was inked 8 years go…

I know your not used to thinking for yourself but if you try REAL HARD I think you can solve the implications.

de33817b No.3661452

File: 1657030861041.jpg (112.26 KB, 1280x720, Wolf.jpg)

tattoos that people regret almost a decade later is par for the game when it comes to libs. I know its difficult for you to try to remember repeating history, and things that shitty humans do over and over again.

This is why I gave up on politics, its just a repeating cycle of hatred.

I don't hate libs and dems, I just wish they'd not burn as many buildings down or execute people that don't agree with them.

de33817b No.3661453

File: 1657031141497.jpg (12.59 KB, 210x240, wolf-odonnell-star-fox-64-….jpg)

or was that Muslims, its so easy to get liberals and Muslims confused now days

7ff1b539 No.3661458


Sure, but how do you reach people? Society is so dysfunctional and most are so far gone that you can't convince them to read even a single paragraph of text that isn't delivered from 'the experts'.

I feel like I need a degree in cult deprogramming these days. The thought control tactics are so entrenched in every aspect of society.

f712c419 No.3661459

go back to sleep

1f0ba499 No.3661460

File: 1657035665797.jpg (95 KB, 767x1006, FWxazp8XEAAeBnL.jpg)


Okay, you're still not getting it.
Guess I'll have to break out the crayons.

If the shooter is 22 today, what age would he have been 8 years ago?

Come on!
It's easy math!
You can do it!
I believe in you!

f712c419 No.3661461

its not so black and white

584e5291 No.3661462

File: 1657036507248.jpg (59.25 KB, 539x522, reply animal cat headshot.jpg)


>It was posted on the internet by an anonymous poster, SO IT MUST BE TRUE!

7ff1b539 No.3661465


Nobody fucking cares. Only retards like you look at a person like that and think "Oh wow, I wonder what well reasoned and coherent world view led them to act like that?" The rest of us see it for what it is.

You wanna talk about any of the other myriad of politically motivated murders of the past few year, we can. This one though? This ain't it.

Maybe you find yourself drawn to the criminally insane and have a certain empathy for them but this person was simply not a functioning human being. They are incapable of the type of complex thought you seem to want to project onto them.

de33817b No.3661471

File: 1657041994864.png (1.84 MB, 1280x1071, 99121170_p0.png)

You can't reason with Solid 3B, he isn't the real 3B, but he's just as delusional.

I talked the the original 3B, so Solid, what does 3B mean? Just a fun question, I know something about damn near everything, and even I didn't know this answer until I talked to him

de33817b No.3661474

File: 1657042692459.png (556.66 KB, 1000x1200, 1605630263.wicketrin_7120b….png)

also nullos for the win

de33817b No.3661475

File: 1657042814336.jpg (71.91 KB, 850x850, 1c67ae41c27afacd3846f2fcec….jpg)

because testicular cancer is deadly.

de33817b No.3661476

File: 1657043126747.jpg (361.39 KB, 800x600, d0640f5734e48e19d285331ae9….jpg)

also be sure to manually test your prostate for lumps daily

f712c419 No.3661477

those luvly femboy lumps

de33817b No.3661478

File: 1657044014398.png (3.08 MB, 3000x2000, 39de3a5e79e40ff6c5417799c4….png)

its no joke, get that finger up in there and keep checking

6d140979 No.3661479

File: 1657045343826.jpg (82.03 KB, 923x631, 1656903141951.jpg)

The shooter was wearing women's clothes. That along with the hair and tattoos makes it clear he was a tranny, just like the uvalde discord tranny

Trannies are the worst and only one side of the political divide is bending over backwards to appease them

Nullos are just a different flavor of coomer tranny

3e2a2aca No.3661481

>>3661479 Trump supporting shooter: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rR82Yn4o2wI

Rightwing loser incels responsible for the majority of terrorism in the US: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/sep/08/post-911-domestic-terror


Congrats useless white incels- you're know the real threat to the US- even above Islamist fundamentalist.

6d140979 No.3661483

Most trannies are incels.

They can't get their anime waifu so they pretend to be the anime waifu

f712c419 No.3661484

(puts the finger up in the air because everything is virtual and nothing is real might as well shove the fist in too but idc i have no feelings)

6f738cd4 No.3661487

155574f5 No.3661490

Random Question is there a way to take a photo of everything on the face of the earth in a giant snapshot at any given time? Just asking out of curiousity (i'd like to be able to use it for making a big ass nft and patenting everything as my own)

7ff1b539 No.3661495


Do you ever read the things you link, or do you just google for a headline that looks like it supports what you want to say and slap it down?

7ff1b539 No.3661496

File: 1657057848542.png (28.53 KB, 734x453, Capture.PNG)


At least find sources that agree with what you're saying ya lazy shit.

1f0ba499 No.3661499

File: 1657058723517.jpg (135.14 KB, 1433x869, FWyFGcVUsAAx79A.jpg)


Yeah, yeah it is exactly that black an white.

Unless you think a 14 year old magically grew a beard, developed the arm of an adult, traveled across America by himself to California, somehow got a fake ID and convinced someone to give him a socialist rose tattoo, posted about it on Reddit before traveling back to his parent's house without anyone noticing his wonderous transformation of having one adult sized arm and a beard, then you must accept the reality that the tattoo does not belong to the shooter.

You were lied to. That doesn't make you stupid.
Defending the obvious lie does makes you look stupid.

1f0ba499 No.3661500

File: 1657059006107.jpg (113.37 KB, 786x1200, FW1QoaoXkAEpqOV.jpg)

>But he put on a dress and blended in with the crowd so he could escape after the shooting!

The left has been laughing at MAGA all day on twitter because of this.

Conservatives are lining up to tweet, "He was smart enough to wear a disguise to hide his identity! He can't POSSIBLY be one of us! That's way to smart for one of us to think of it!"

I mean, I agree, conservatives are dumb as dirt but I didn't think you though all the other conservatives were as stupid as you are.

f712c419 No.3661501

i was just saying he might not be the age you think because of the words you said.

how old was he 8 years ago, ok if he is 22?

well 22-8years you would think but he could be older or younger depending on how you see the issue. at what point in this year?

He could be older or younger depending on his birthday you point it from, unless you are going directly in amount of days then you basically arleady know more than me because I DONT GIVE A SHIT.

1f0ba499 No.3661503

File: 1657059376499.jpg (111.24 KB, 865x1108, FWxaz2_XoAEECJa.jpg)


You do understand Jihadists are right-wing conservatives, right?

You get that don't you? They are the ultra-conservatives of their religion.

They are what the Evangelical Right-wing is, but for Islam instead of Christianity.

Just because they worship their imaginary friend in a different way than you do, doesn't make them any less right-wing lunatics.

1f0ba499 No.3661504

File: 1657059611725.jpg (46.94 KB, 560x680, FWzgFmbWQAAdzZ-.jpg)

>I don't give a shit and I'm going to prove it by posting a desperate, nonsense, stupid argument!

Sure thing, Karen.

f712c419 No.3661505

youre a fucking idiot moron
i cant believe you are this stupid
you nitpick over details and dont even realize the fine line of tattoo age requirements. or consent, you are dumbshit.

7ff1b539 No.3661506


>Congrats useless white incels- you're know the real threat to the US- even above Islamist fundamentalist.

No. I don't understand. How can I hope to understand what you're trying to say when you're arguing with yourself. It's very confusing.

Maybe just focus on one bogyman per post and you'll be able to keep things a little clearer.

584e5291 No.3661510

File: 1657069866916-0.jpg (97.04 KB, 630x657, quoteyuribexmenov demorali….jpg)

File: 1657069866916-1.jpg (137.54 KB, 1024x1010, 3b fragile.jpg)


Evidence has already been posted that shows what 3B said is just made up.

He is doubling down because he has nothing else. He is completely demoralized.

6d140979 No.3661511

3b is literally a brain damaged retard and pedophile. There's no point debating or arguing with him. He's a mindless drone. As close to a literal NPC as a human can get.

he's also a pedophile and deserve nothing less than a bullet through his irreparably damaged brain

f712c419 No.3661514

its made up because the world is a thought experiment that science has turned into a compost and nothing matters except policing the thoughts of others

de33817b No.3661526

180a2f14 No.3661530


I wonder if they raped the deer also =)

180a2f14 No.3661531


Breaking news :


Thats what you get for questioning the narrative!

Spike the dudes drip-bag and Chiao!

9cdb17c2 No.3661534

File: 1657110418413.png (129.77 KB, 844x634, wrong-again-dumbasses.png)

>Evidence has already been posted that shows what 3B said is just made up.

Where? All I see is a bunch of losers desperately trying to pretend that 14 year old can get tattoos to justify what is obviously a lie.

Even the owner of the tattoo in question spells it out for you. You continuing to defend the lie just makes you look even more retarded than you are.


7ff1b539 No.3661535

File: 1657110528229.png (171.79 KB, 500x500, Untitled.png)

>Breaking news

Dude was VERY sick. He knew he would probably die and left a message for the world before going into surgery.


9cdb17c2 No.3661536

File: 1657112124565.jpg (492.67 KB, 1014x882, FUrhiAWWIAA2uoH.jpg)


The magic three-drug combination of hydroxychloroquine, zinc sulfate, and azithromycin he sold to people didn't also cure his cancer? That seems like shotty planning on his part.

9cdb17c2 No.3661537

File: 1657112336792.jpg (218.04 KB, 1170x1396, Mock-the-conservatives.jpg)


Police clarified this morning that the MAGAt who shot up the Highland Park parade is actually 21. He turns 22 in September.

The previous statement was in error so now if you want us to believe that he got a socialist rose tattoo you need to be willing to accept a 13 year old traveled across America, grew a beard, one adult sized arm, and got a tat then returned home with no one noticing.

09e61725 No.3661539

File: 1657112792699.jpg (48.22 KB, 640x360, noack-dead.jpg)

Lots and lots of good people have been murdered recently, but also decades prior - it's just now coming to a head:

"Dr. Andreas Noack is one of the foremost experts on graphene in the world. He has studied data from Professor Pablo Campra from the University of Almeira. Dr. Campra used micro-raman spectroscopy to analyze the contents of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine. Dr. Noack reviewed Dr. Campra’s findings and found that the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine contains graphene hydroxide".

7ff1b539 No.3661541

File: 1657113665912.jpg (90.23 KB, 680x677, imagination.jpg)


What is something you love? What fills you with joy? Do you have any hobbies?

Help me understand who 3B is and what he does when he's not tilting at windmills.

09e61725 No.3661542

File: 1657114323902.jpg (352.92 KB, 2000x1403, Playful_Carefree_Bolty_Cut….jpg)

Personally when it comes to anything even remotely or metaphorically related to religion, I feel it's best to only focus on Jesus Christ. :3
(Although I still believe in keeping an open mind. Especially since once certain avenues have been exhausted, they somehow seem to lead back to Jesus.)
As a bonus - mentioning Jesus in a positive way seems to trigger commies and brainwashed NPCs.

BTW - you deleted some of your posts, so I thought you had gone away again.
I've started listening to Kastrup and have already written a pretty long review/response, but will listen to some more of his interviews before making up my mind about him and his theories.

2089c6c5 No.3661561

File: 1657128259829.jpg (118.78 KB, 639x1385, maga chud.jpg)

Prime MAGA chud, um Chad.

2d941a9a No.3661562


Hi, 3B.


f712c419 No.3661563

Well there's alot more to it than just a tattoo, people get "a pass" just for having a beard.

If you count time zones and stuff he could have looked 18.

f712c419 No.3661564

the prophecy is probably running bone dry at this point, its going to be apple upside down very soon when they found out there is nothing left to bullshit with.

155574f5 No.3661565

im so glad i can pretty much break bit coin patterns just to find out its the jews. everything thing is a scam even Science. Literally am just flipping polarized states like a quantum schizo-wizard is all humans can do.

5cc2aae3 No.3661566

Looks like the typical prime incel leftist NPC dressing up to infiltrate a free speech rally. Something they are quite known for doing.

155574f5 No.3661571

if they werent known for it they are now its pretty much the biggest expose thats hit them in awhile since it was a public execution.

7ff1b539 No.3661572


Oh come on. Don't act like being a fat disgusting estrogen laden sack of trash is party specific.

The problems of America, and most nations, are largely bottom up. Your society is sick and twisted because you turned to the state for direction in every matter. You get the politicians you deserve and they're more than happy to sit atop the grotesque throne you've built for them.

People are so desperate to be governed that they will openly accept any despot that crosses their path.

Act or be acted upon.

6d140979 No.3661573

Everything is the fault of baby boomers. Worst fucking generation in the history of humanity.

155574f5 No.3661574

The Big Cope of ostracizing Countries. Not just being a trannie schemer for which likely you are harboring closet contempt for any number of reason 'sex and drugs or overall money'. This is the level of your operation, attempted a world divide as a form of "overshadowing more local problems".

Basically how government tentacles work. If I point the fingers away It is not me. "Despot au Despot"

61e64e06 No.3661575

Breaking news :


Fight the Deep State and their creepy manifests !!!!

7ff1b539 No.3661576

>which occurred despite constant monitoring of the site with cameras that feed back to a 911 call center.
Is that… normal?

155574f5 No.3661577


Secret Societal Rivalry, its almost a perfect forget-me-now when yet another summer of slaughter is just too much, you can blame your local pagans for everything. It's why joining a group-think will ultimately lead to someone getting a misdeamenor or slapped for being associated with vandals. It's worse the more popular they get too. And there is still no winning if someone wants to target you for staying out of it. The love using the lone wolf - scapegoat for everything that actually is shit they do.

4761520e No.3661578


in a shadow-fascism society , yes.

6d140979 No.3661579

The rocks got blown up for being racist


dc7971be No.3661580

File: 1657146605956.jpg (529.73 KB, 883x1098, FUrhVJ2WUAA2-Nk.jpg)

>Why would he shoot up a parade for america? Wouldn't he just shoot you or a pride parade?

He hasn't made a statement about the motivations, yet but it's a good bet that he's mad because his planning for the event happened shortly after his MAGAt gun-worshiping father lost the election for mayor.

He probably targeted the 4th of July parade because it was the first large public event under the new mayor. He most likely wanted to discredit her by getting away with the shooting and escaping.

Make the people of the city feel unsafe, make her pay for defeating his father in the mayoral race and make the voters pay for voting against his dad.

dc7971be No.3661581


Humiliating incels like you is all the hobby I need.

9cdb17c2 No.3661583

File: 1657148900563.webm (6.32 MB, 320x180, Anti-furry-lady.webm)


This is because of that crazy anti-furry Republican woman who ran for office there. The Babies. Jesus. Guns. lady.

Full video here:

f712c419 No.3661584

its because he is fucing batshit insane and using excuses like his family didnt win an election when he is clearly batshit insane. anyone would have seen that guy as a sesame street killer the second he showed up in any public light, he is a fucking "PSYCHOPATH" what dont you understand? he may have had a reason but he basically pulled a columbine. he had a great life and threw it away. rich as fuck could literally BUY PUSSY but fucked up by trying to be about dat clout. zoomers think they have to be black i guess.

6d140979 No.3661585

We should just execute anyone with a face tattoo.

No one with face tattoos has ever contributed to society. If we killed them all nothing of value would be lost.

7ff1b539 No.3661586


Stop getting your 'news' from late night comedians and maybe you'll sound less retarded.

People have been talking about the guide stones for decades.

9cdb17c2 No.3661589

File: 1657152142208.webm (2.68 MB, 320x500, 70rounds.webm)

The cops had already spoken to him multiple times, warned his family about his activities at school, and had him on a watch list but the cops could only watch until he actually started shooting.

The cops had him on a "Clear and present Danger" list after he had threatened to kill several family members that he saw as too liberal.

Ironically, after he was put on that list he applied for a gun license and was only able to get one because his father sponsored him.

Otherwise he would have had to wait until he was 21 due to his previous bad behavior.

They all knew exactly who he was and that he was likely the shooter because he had a long history of right-wing extremism but his conservative father was obsessed about gun rights so he helped the kid buy 4 different guns even knowing that the kid was mentally unwrapped.

Conservatism killed those people just as much as that nutter kid did.

The shooter pulled the trigger but conservative gun-mania put the gun in his hand.

de33817b No.3661590

File: 1657152221175.jpg (1.65 MB, 3024x4032, 7dp9zg1yhrk21.jpg)

>worst generation in history
Tell me about it, just about everyone horrible I know in life are boomers. Or zoomers, but they have the out of being young, boomers don't.

I do volunteer work at the local dog park, and im like the only not boomer there. Its always a 50/50 split of whether I buy too many tools and piss boomers off with them, or I don't have enough tools and piss boomers off with my lack of them. Or boomers getting pissed that I buy makita, and they hate Japs and think I should buy dewalt.

Also get some gd webp compatibility in here, I shouldn't have to open a "save as" in microsoft paint everytime I post.

9cdb17c2 No.3661591

File: 1657152314962.jpg (866.12 KB, 3840x2160, FWy0EH5XkAI8XBm.jpg)


And yet they didn't get blown up until litterbox lady made it her platform against Satan.

Face it, this is just another example of how unstable and dangerous MAGA terrorists are.

They all need to be locked up.

de33817b No.3661592

File: 1657152501673.jpg (1.52 MB, 2448x3264, fd1637ff1e5864071f2e42df08….jpg)

hell boomers also either love or hate my dog, half the boomer women at the dog park think I shouldn't be up there with "an aggressive breed" the other half think he's adorable.

Then half the boomer men are all "thats one hell of an american dog right there" which doesn't make since because its a GERMAN shepherd, and the other half are all pissed that their wives make them own tiny dogs.

Fuck boomer, they're sensitive and moody.

de33817b No.3661593

theres one boomer woman up there who constantly bad mouths me about being a kid and "always on my phone." I usually bring books to the park, one time I was on my phone and my dog pooped and I didn't notice it.

Now she yells at me every time im up there like were on the internet, I like to belive that most of you don't act like you do on lulz in real life. This woman acts like shes on lulz, constantly.

7ff1b539 No.3661594


I dunno. I think it's pretty fuckin rad.

You're making MAGA sound cooler than it really is.

9cdb17c2 No.3661595

File: 1657153055196.jpg (600.47 KB, 3146x1958, FVFS1-0WIAM5OSj.jpg)


Idiots with explosives rarely end up being rad for long.

6d140979 No.3661596

I hate how boomers have destroyed my generation due to their greed and stupidity

9cdb17c2 No.3661597

File: 1657153613131.png (476.38 KB, 805x451, Do-something.png)


Yeah, I agree, that shit is the bane of the internet. Fortunately most furry places don't use it. When I do run into it I just use the snapshot feature to capture the image as a PNG.

de33817b No.3661599

File: 1657155756879.jpg (34.37 KB, 400x400, congratulations-chuck-you-….jpg)

for the first time in history, you made a statement that I doubt anyone would disagree with

155574f5 No.3661600

schizo wizard magician republican raised closettranny couldnt be more any liberal other than shooting someone.

c61cb551 No.3661604

File: 1657157931443.png (530.06 KB, 543x483, reply animal cat smug.png)

>Even the owner of the tattoo
>Anonymous reddit post

You see?

He just makes shit up.

If I shop up a reddit post you will believe it?

c61cb551 No.3661605

File: 1657158108641.jpg (61.81 KB, 478x508, arizona.JPG)


They arent even trying to hide it anymore. The Biden regime is trying to get illegals and legal NON-CITIZENS to vote in elections.

2020 was stolen. 2022 is now trying to be stolen.

6d140979 No.3661606

Any arguments against voter id laws are all just a bullshit facade hiding their true intentions which has always been voter fraud

155574f5 No.3661607

2022 doesnt fucking matter its the same term you moron.

2965dd5c No.3661609


At least there is an easy solution. Just take the presidential race off the ballot.

You have to let em vote. You don't have to let them vote for anything specific. gg ez.

9cdb17c2 No.3661621

File: 1657179272154.jpg (45.72 KB, 510x680, FXB9okqWQAIyKwM.jpg)


The reddit user is still posting from California while the killer is in prison in Illinois with no internet access soooooooo yeah, not the same guy.


But please, keep clowning yourself by denying reality for no reason.

Never admit you're wrong about anything! I'm sure that will work out great for you!

9cdb17c2 No.3661622

File: 1657180137358.png (281.92 KB, 677x353, symbol_.png)


Why is it that conservatives are like "Everyone should have a gun! Never require a license! Never do a background check! Never have any restrictions!" but also want you to bring a photo-ID, a bill at your current residence and proof of citizenship to get to vote?

Why is it easier to get a gun than it is to vote? Because conservatism is a death cult.

6fa47da0 No.3661632


>Every developed country except America has government subsidized healthcare


>Every developed country except America requires a photo ID to vote

Liberals: Uh…well…uh…there's a certain population that…uh…might not be smart enough to…uh…obtain such identification…and…uh…they all vote for my party…so…uh…

9a4c70a8 No.3661635


Think about this very carefully. Look at the word 'conservative'. Think about what other words it could be based off of. Look it up if you have to. A dictionary could be helpful here.

Try not to think about Jews or republican primary candidates or tranny porn for a few minutes and just focus.

Now think. Why would a group that call themselves "conservatives" want to follow the constitution. Why would they favor deferring to existing laws and systems.

I'm sure even you can puzzle this out. I'm pretty sure I could explain this to a cat if I could get it to sit still long enough.

f712c419 No.3661638

Oh great its a deep state manifesto.

In the same term pretty much sets a window that people do or do not honor in the system of who's party leadership and laws are enacted. The basis for their being sudden crime groups and new police targeting is largely depending on who is in charge of them so when a corrupt politician siezure the power to impersonate as a working leader, those who are sideswiped as non compliance to a new agenda fall into new categories, if you don't vote for the guy who is right which means if you dont just guess the right way you are suddenly flipped into the wrong side.

Being the whole term means the the laws are now targeting the specific groups which the agenda is counter, the preface for revolution is that you can supercede these conditions by voting for the next guy that comes along. That democracy is still possible. (It ends up being that democracy is a weapon designed to instigate riots from either side, therefore gouging the principles of society it has promoted and endorsed along the way)

Those who see treasonous intents from leaders and gatherings (party identity) have now made deep seated rivalries in all aspects, but the agenda continue to exploit the system so the system remains.

People have been playing the chords of this all term long, its lhas a variable lifeline or tolerability but in the end boils over and up to a resource grab in foreign countries by outsourcing the intenal civil tensions into a memetic war-machine. When you vote anything if you arent the ones rioting over who wins you should realize you are being played from the very beginning to "conform or oppose" into a warmind.

9cdb17c2 No.3661644

File: 1657218332198.jpg (337.36 KB, 835x1200, FXBvQsRWAAECFQO.jpg)


Those nations also provide those IDs to people at no cost.

That's the issue we have with photo IDs in America. Republicans want to require them but they don't want to provide them to citizens because they don't want poor people voting.

They want voting to be only a thing the wealthy get to do.

9cdb17c2 No.3661646

File: 1657218875660.jpg (227.26 KB, 1097x1200, FUwBkTqXwAICqRh.jpg)


Andy Ngo calls himself a moderate liberal.
Prager U is full of conservative nutjobs who call themselves libertarians.

Joe Biden calls himself a leftist.

Nancy Pelosi calls herself an activist for women.

It doesn't matter what you call yourself, what matters are your actions.

The actions of conservatives, every single day in America, define them not as conservatives but as ultra-nationalist fascists.

If you don't want people conflating conservatism with these horrible people, then maybe stop defending them?

The left is very clear we don't want Biden, we don't like Pelosi, we want to purge corporate Democrats from Washington.

"Conservatives" on the other hand are ride-or-die for every Republican no matter how insane, racist, corporatist, and bigoted they are.

If you don't want to be associated with bad people, stop associating with bad people.

9cdb17c2 No.3661647

File: 1657219297793.png (82.78 KB, 1006x480, chroniclelive.co.uk.png)

UK's Trump, Prime Minister Boris Johnson resigned as Conservative Party leader due to pressure from his own party.


It's too bad we can't do that to Biden.

de33817b No.3661648

File: 1657219816983.png (211.74 KB, 1818x1363, 7338ede8c6.png)

I doubt biden even realizes he's president.

Its funny, liberals were screaming about Trump taking golf trips between actually getting shit done. Biden is basically on a permanent golf trip in his own head while hiding in a bunker doing absolutely nothing, and liberals love him.

f712c419 No.3661650

you are fuckin dumb as a bag of rocks if you dont think the BIDEN body double knows he is President.

9cdb17c2 No.3661653

File: 1657225364159.jpg (104.66 KB, 827x900, FWhrt3mXgAExRsm.jpg)


Of course liberals love him! They love him for the same reason Mitch McConnel does! They are all on the same team! They are rich and they want to stay rich! That means killing off you broke, stupid, conservative mother fuckers so you'll stop draining the system.

Do you really think overturning Roe was about having more babies? Fuck no! They want you poor, dumb, mother fuckers to stop having sex all together and it's working!

Women are leaving their men in DROVES especially in Red states where abortions are harder to get.

Your dick is easily replicable thanks to modern technology. Men are no longer required.

de33817b No.3661654

I'll just ignore the insults and assume you're agreeing with me, cause we're all trolls.

9a4c70a8 No.3661657


What a weird thing to say.

9a4c70a8 No.3661659

>They want voting to be only a thing the wealthy get to do.

Your cutoff for 'wealthy' is $58?


I'm sorry man but if someone can't manage to save up a few dozen dollars every four years I don't care if they get to vote. It's probably better if they don't.

9cdb17c2 No.3661661

File: 1657231721055.jpg (153.86 KB, 818x900, FWRK5rrXgAArV3z.jpg)

>I'm sorry man but if someone can't manage to save up a few dozen dollars every four years…

>every four years…

I love how well informed Republican voters are.

9a4c70a8 No.3661662


What's your issue?

de33817b No.3661663

File: 1657234121711.gif (88.64 KB, 401x348, e14e6f590ff869981dca853fd0….gif)

delusional psychosis.

If he can afford to pay for internet, he can afford to pay for a voter ID.

6d140979 No.3661664

I'm sure his parents/welfare pays for everything. He's clearly too fucked in his brain damaged head to hold down a job of his own

140da96e No.3661667

File: 1657235387121-0.webm (2.76 MB, 270x480, negro nyc restaurant.webm)

File: 1657235387121-1.webm (2.99 MB, 480x874, negro street car.webm)

>It doesn't matter what you call yourself, what matters are your actions.

Thank you.

Now why are niggers like this?

f712c419 No.3661668

I'm trying to wrap my head around this pony sensationalism because its so "esoteric" and relating to "flavor of the week" trend setters. Twilight Sparkle is incredibly trendy and cliche of a name and they all are, even Celestia. Yet the character development while just a cartoon seems to harken to a very real power structure, where Even Celestia has to deal with what I am guessing is Pegasus Powers? This level of power structure ends up putting the rather "mundane" or "luck of the draw" power marks in a degree of :military: protocols. They do not just rely on their own personal "brands or speciality" but -have- to rely on each others as well to defeat darker forces at work. The Queen Chrysalis and Umbral Ponies are no joke really overpowered ideals. While Friendship is Magic the Universe is absolute-evil. Discord being the original baddie was really just a joke compared to the stuff they have to face. And it seems they are well over their heads for a general cartoon show. It's downright existentially critically for these cute little ponies not to straight up die to what will probably end up being some Meteor of Death Pony of a Hell Portal. Honestly, the creativity taking place in this show is very subliminal but if this were to escalate in situations as to real life, the chances for these ponies to have what they have at all is very very limited. Friendship is a complete fallacy and MAGIC is a crutch that is uncertain in the face of certain doom. A celestial Pony ALL-POWERFUL pegasus is all they can really hope to save them from what they fail to recognize as CERTAIN DEATH. And it's a little kids show. It's really is going to have to call the shots at some point that "a happy ending" is all that they can bullshit themselves into believing.

Reality sinks hard that ponies don't even live that long in nature because they are basically walking happy meals for other genetically lethalized creatures such as a wolf pack. Would otherwise tear a ponie into little bits if they didn't have some sort of japanese special move up their sleeves.

de33817b No.3661669

File: 1657238110923.png (944.97 KB, 5557x3000, R.png)

i'm not even interested in ponies, they're just fun to use as macros.

Still, either you're cobalt or you post exactly like him. I'll tell you the same thing I told him. Use the fucking enter key.

de33817b No.3661670

File: 1657238280984.png (372.66 KB, 2000x2250, d4xb9z6-87ae5eee-5d0c-47fb….png)

really, its one button, just press it occasionally. Its not hard.

f712c419 No.3661671

File: 1657239175054.jpg (417.57 KB, 1920x1080, TWmvvUekefbiXyyiEuYhPV.jpg)

that is me using the enter key you dolt. do not make me break out the real shit have thousands of bots waiting to spam you with more spacebar than you can possibly fathom.

de33817b No.3661675

File: 1657240047982.png (1.75 MB, 4820x7622, d5iklhl-a5afbd22-ee65-4673….png)

if thats you using the enter key, you need to take a remidiatory english course or exercise your right pinkey finger more.

f712c419 No.3661677

File: 1657240388768-0.jpg (1.52 MB, 1920x2484, jimmy-pale-beholder-sketch….jpg)

File: 1657240388768-1.jpg (44.02 KB, 540x349, tumblr_dbce37ffd48ee21e483….jpg)

File: 1657240388768-2.jpg (238.62 KB, 1500x1500, beholder-dnd-monsters-prin….jpg)

File: 1657240388768-3.jpg (44.02 KB, 540x349, tumblr_dbce37ffd48ee21e483….jpg)

File: 1657240388768-4.jpg (39.65 KB, 640x536, 026ec64ce6ae0b195d4c7ef48e….jpg)

theres only one button i really want to press with my pinkie and that aint it.

also wait until you see my laser.

f712c419 No.3661678

File: 1657240734066-0.jpg (16.1 KB, 350x350, 7a0ceb00a529a3fe98c4aca2da….jpg)

what am i gonna do with all these double posting

6d140979 No.3661682

File: 1657286655533.jpg (297.65 KB, 1174x1024, 1174px-Tokyo_Stabbing.jpg)

Gun control doesn't work, prove me wrong

f712c419 No.3661684

Only japanese has the balls to do anything to change their government in the ways of old world. Or was it just some random crook gangster? It certainly wasn't anything NWO related. This is why I enjoy my zen garden and carbonation tank. Having CLEAN water and a Clean Mind is the only sane thing a person should be concerned about. Politics and Society are poisonous for the body and mind.

4cfe51a5 No.3661685

File: 1657295861739.jpg (198.49 KB, 1170x1977, EJuI0l2.jpg)

$433,500,000,000 in total

6d140979 No.3661686

Now do this but for politicians like the Clintons and Biden

b4da52f8 No.3661687


ALL of them !


Just do the same as them, they ALWAYS profit….because they are soooo skilled…..not because of insider info……absolutely not……How DARE you !!!

4cfe51a5 No.3661690


Real question, what got him killed besides a person with a gun? who hired the hitman? where are his security personals that was supposed to watch him? Ask yourself?

d12a5c95 No.3661697


he got killed because he was a TURD ! An american boot-heel-licking TURD !

Got elected on the promise of booting USA out of Okinawa and did the opposite once he was elected the little CUNT !

f712c419 No.3661699

Humans are such lowly creatures. It's like watching a festering toilet in the sweltering heat.

de33817b No.3661712

File: 1657313403685.jpg (75.37 KB, 620x1080, 937a7f240292cbc5677ac1aecd….jpg)

honestly, I hate humans, its why I troll.

Still you have to learn to get along with them, its just the loud ones that are terrible. Most people want to just be left alone and do their things.

The loud ones though, I don't think are completely all beyond redemption, but most of them deserve whats coming to them.

9cdb17c2 No.3661719


Vivziepop drama is happening again.


126ef3e9 No.3661721

File: 1657323091008.jpg (509.93 KB, 1602x1604, 8b990df26b534614a51adf3a37….jpg)

There was no drama, just an attention whore lying for attention. Also we've been over this before, you're two weeks late to the discussion.

Post happily married gay dads. They give my heart romance boners

bfab645b No.3661722

Horrible artist

a0daeab9 No.3661724

File: 1657325963449-0.webm (2.71 MB, 640x800, black chicago police car.webm)

File: 1657325963449-1.webm (1.52 MB, 1280x720, black culture.webm)

>It doesn't matter what you call yourself, what matters are your actions.

Why are niggers like this?

4cfe51a5 No.3661730

So are the rich American top 1% oligarchs going to replace their loss? There's a reason that China will get involve too this has to do with Taiwan being under threat because of rising price of advance silicon chips for computers. China will took the opportunity for Japan's political instability because of it's low aging population.

9cdb17c2 No.3661731

File: 1657333126673.png (42.8 KB, 729x296, Conservatives.png)

>Why don't black people respect cops?!

For the same reason you can't beat your wife into loving you. If all you do is hurt people people won't like you.

Cops are not owed authority or respect, they have to earn it just like everyone else.

They fail at that every day.

126ef3e9 No.3661732

Source on that Ohio bill?

9cdb17c2 No.3661733

a1fc940f No.3661734

That's not the text of the bill.

What's wrong with teaching something like this?

As a gay man I'm deeply offended by how the jews make the crimes of the Nazi party all about them. They weren't the only target of genocide no matter how much they try to make everything about them

4cfe51a5 No.3661735

Store Clerk Arrested After Stabbing Man
Yeah they go too close to some old people too…

afefff5e No.3661736


Propaganda needs to be as simple as possible to work well

4cfe51a5 No.3661742

World leaders mourn assassination of former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

News: Let's talk about guns!
People: How about we question more about the root political instability that the elites who are responsible.
There is still a Ukraine war we are dealing with. China is getting ready to slap Taiwan's butt cheeks.

4cfe51a5 No.3661743

Was he going to return some of Japan's Northern islands to Russia? If that is the case?


4cfe51a5 No.3661744


Looks like he got killed by a sniper rifle from another building that homemade gun that looks inaccurate.

4cfe51a5 No.3661745

Gravitas: Japan says Russia has "illegally occupied" disputed islands

4cfe51a5 No.3661753

257b5607 No.3661757

I really wish more than anything else that Americans would stop with the pretense that the Biden regime and the Democrats are incompetent, bumbling, idiots. They are not, and the Establishment Uniparty Republican RINOS and Never-Trumpers are not spineless idiots either. They are all, every one of them, shrewd and calculating; and none of their actions are random nor incompetent. Everything that has been done since January 20th 2017 has been deliberate and contrived. None of what we see from Washington DC is genuine. It is all theater. It is professional wrestling drama, though not nearly as colorful nor entertaining. As long as people remain duped into believing that the Biden regime is incompetent, they will continue to accept what they are being told. Joe Biden is the political equivalent of a suicide bomber. He is a "fire and forget" weapon. Once they staged the November 3rd 2020 coup and attained control of the Executive Branch, his purpose then became to be a rubber stamp for every radical policy of the Marxist-Leninists' ideological subversion. The purpose; do as much damage as possible to our society, economy, government institutions, and critical infrastructure before cashing him in as the scapegoat. He was never meant to succeed as President. He is a decoy for the Marxist-Leninists, meant to take the blame from American citizens for the extremely unpopular and destructive policies they needed to force upon us in order to weaken America to the point that we cannot defend ourselves from the conquest from within. Look at the history of every single Socialist/Communist country in the world. The Establishment Uniparty Republicans are controlled opposition. They are vying for control with the Marxist-Leninists, but they are also being paid by the CCP and the WEF. I am not a personality cult follower of Trump nor any other politician. However, the America First agenda and the Populist/Nationalist/Conservative movement within the Republican party is the only viable defense against the Marxist-Leninists and the Globalists.

f712c419 No.3661759

boo hoo americans are the reason why your country is fucked up. You dont understand who is responsible for anything. dood stfu

50236712 No.3661760

File: 1657372099773.jpg (426.31 KB, 1440x1080, whitemanlegends.jpg)


This Anon gets it. However, it is more a cyclical pattern than intentional evil.

Social cycles are a thing.

“The price we paid was the price men have always paid for achieving a paradise in this life–we went soft, we lost our edge.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune

50236712 No.3661763

File: 1657378367676-0.webm (1023.71 KB, 480x480, black white child enrichi….webm)

File: 1657378367676-1.webm (1.95 MB, 360x360, black babysitting.webm)


There is a difference between exploiting a situation (opportunism) and causing it to happen.

9cdb17c2 No.3661767

File: 1657393613833.jpg (232.29 KB, 1008x1100, FNcT_nAXIAk5elr.jpg)

>That's not the text of the bill.

Your fingers seem to be working! Google it, Bitch.

9cdb17c2 No.3661769

File: 1657396402906-0.png (306.11 KB, 722x639, oathkeeper-betrays-trump.png)

File: 1657396402906-1.png (60.32 KB, 723x443, End-it-now.png)

The Oath Keeper leader who is making deals to stay out of prison for the rest of his life is going to testify in front of the Jan 6th committee about exactly who the oath keepers were working for on Jan 6th.

They expect him to talk about the plans they had which required them to bring an arsenal of heavy weapons and small arms to be stashed just outside of the capitol along with explosives.

They also expect him to name names about which of Trump's allies they were directly coordinating with.

The one people suspect was most directly tied to the Oath Keepers was Republican Ronny Jackson from Texas.

Ronnie found out the Oath Keeper would be testifying live on national TV and had a slight panic attack on Twitter…

f712c419 No.3661770

Witchhunt became real the second they did that demogouge secret cult shit. Oh well. That doesn't matter now because they have what they want, they can witchhunt all day it won't matter because you are their personal puppets and they pull your strings? HOW? The question is that they point the spotlight and you run for it like cats. But knowing they are fooling you everytime, believing you can turn the tides, they are still in the seats of power. It is a game of leverage, you assume that it will be even eventually, but that is where you are dead wrong. You are playing into a delusion that the righteous will stand vigilant in a dark-secretive world, but that crime and corruption SURROUNDS you. Your light is being extinguished. This is the game they are playing and you are losing on more grounds than you can possibly hold together. The evil is winning, and the shadows are growing. You will see the sacrifice they will make come to light, and you will see the witch that you are hunting looming over the hope you cling desperately towards, pulling it from your fingertips as the spotlight moves again. Freedom will falter and crumble. Ultimately you will be a slave. Get used to the life of begrudged servitude, the people will pay for their scraps, they will earn their governmental favor. It is contracted or they will be punished, stripped of the promise of Freedom.

It's more true than protesting, more proven than rioting, more garunteed than a raiding. Is to make agency in every corner and stage the mutinies the people attempt, and control them with a false-leadership, the pied piper of disarment. They will take every chance you have and nuetralize you like sheep to the slaughter of the elite. As you are fooled into line they will play your keeper and master having installed sabatouers within your every social-gathering. You will be suppressed as into deweaponization, it is a totalitarian basis for the NWO.

afefff5e No.3661771


So you trust the Oath Keepers?

Why in the world would you believe anything this guy says??? What is with your insatiable lust for being lied to? Does it make you cum?

50236712 No.3661773

File: 1657415844427.jpg (75.31 KB, 526x463, 2020electionbidentrump.jpg)


Its been six years of President Trump living in the heads of 50 million people.

Its just embarrassing at this point.

I am voting for Trump in 2024,

f712c419 No.3661777

Nice one of the pol conspiracy and I will raise you this. Reptiles are real.

What if the SUN was the Core of the planet? The possibility may not be far off, to have encapsulated an ultimate energy system that also cloaks itself as the sun and not only that projects weather patterns and times of day and night? Well, that is what it would take to harness the power of an actual star and do so without any conjecture from anyone else. You would have mined and mined away the resourcing requiring to terraform a planetary layer seeing as how you have encapsulated unlimited energy you can particulize whatever you would need to paint the world as you wanted. And what else would you do that for if not to control the population on it in such a way you are playing god. We are living inside a ball of massive machinery compiling the world around in a contained space and controlled by none other than reptiles in their game of "intellgent design". We are just toys running in a simulation powered to satiate their fantasys, and that is why its so fucked up and everything isn't a conspiracy except what I just revealed to you. P.s. I am an astrophysicist and I know of the quantum designs in which this scenario is very easily achieved.

f712c419 No.3661779

What we see as the SUN is a Core designed to break down matter into energy, and provide a fuel-byproduct of solar heat which cloaks the machine.

The data of the broken down matter is captured and converted into a light-projection and encoded with quantum programming to simulate reality. (Because it is) The entire process is done so through the spiel of an internalized surface area which is populated by users. Some REMOTE users are relayed through the system and interact accordingly as free-agents in the reality system that mines the data of a closed-enviroment.

"OUR World" is a hologram in which we believe the core is underneath the ground, but is actually a blockaded layer in which the machine datamines the simulation for the entertainment and whims of Reptilian Overlords who have engineered it such. They have devised the projection to emulate reality but it is far from the true cosmic picture, in which they likely have networked using drone clouds and their own loic systems. They do not let the core inhabitates escape and if so it is controlled and any record of it is wiped from the system. (But deja vu and quantum advancements of the "free-thinkers" have made it clear that it cannot stay hidden")

The bane of their thought experiment is the redundancy of data and the quest for original-venue that even the thought policing of their experiement is not match for earnest research. But if it were true, and we are living in the core of the world witnessing it being mined by a Floating-Magic-Drone-Core and digging our way out is No use, then what is our purpose?

It is because we are a memetic experiment that we perform thought control and advance our "ideas into weaponized devices" so our overlords reward us. They know who does this and it is the elite that hand in hand commune to these reptiles through secret-conventions.

The externalized datasphere is used as a strobe to -convert the universe- to the whims of a reptilian mind control in which they can continue to operate the relay for "whatever reason likely to create an unbreakable encode and achieve complete control of the universe and its data-system" Their control is enhanced through a blood-gene and psychic-relapse that is why they feed off adrenachrome as well.

d8041d0d No.3661784


post that in a peer-review scientific magazine or take your meds, please.

f712c419 No.3661785

i guess you would rather hear about how smashed ukraine is right now

9cdb17c2 No.3661786

File: 1657449408298.jpg (615.57 KB, 2641x4096, FOenRSCXEAkzZox.jpg)


Oh, I don't believe anything they say. I fully suspect that this guy would sell out his own mother to stay out of prison but the important thing is he's turned over actual evidence that verifies the links between the leaders of the violence and Trump's people.

>I am voting for Trump in 2024

Go ahead, write him in!
He won't be on the ballot.

If you're charged with overthrowing the country you can't run for office. It's in the constitution. No traitors allowed.

They don't even need to convict him, all they need to do is charge him.

If they can take him to court and drag out the proceedings he won't be able to run and he'll be too old and senile, if not dead, in 2028 to run again.

We win either way because people like you will refuse to vote for anyone else and Republicans barely have enough to win when you are united.

bfab645b No.3661787

Criminal 3B posting again.

bfab645b No.3661788

Terrorist 3B posting again.

bfab645b No.3661789

File: 1657456513042.jpg (25.33 KB, 236x588, 45e52cdd96a0035a2084166bb4….jpg)

So let us get this straight, 3B….ok?
Trump was planning to overthrow the government THAT AS PRESIDENT HE WAS THE HEAD OF.
My God you're fucking stupid.

4e786d69 No.3661790

File: 1657457744124-0.webm (2.83 MB, 848x480, negro shopping phone stor….webm)

File: 1657457744124-1.webm (248.23 KB, 720x1280, negro reparations amazon ….webm)

>It doesn't matter what you call yourself, what matters are your actions.

Why are niggers like this 3Sneed?

I judge them on their actions as violent, stupid non-human creatures.

4e786d69 No.3661791

File: 1657457908853-0.gif (1.65 MB, 300x196, reply home laughing.gif)

>If you're charged with overthrowing the country you can't run for office. It's in the constitution.

afefff5e No.3661795


>he's turned over actual evidence that verifies the links between the leaders of the violence and Trump's people

Show me.

9cdb17c2 No.3661796

File: 1657467941663.png (341.11 KB, 824x761, Pro-life-Republicans.png)


Watch the Jan 6th show on Tuesday where they will be laying out the evidence.

9cdb17c2 No.3661797

File: 1657468061099.jpg (107.16 KB, 708x900, FWMKvByWYAEYXa6.jpg)


Preventing the transition of power from Trump to Biden was his goal. That's still treason.

2d6c14af No.3661798

In literrally the *first example* given in the page, the guy lost big of those AAPL options he bought.

f712c419 No.3661799

He has linked deepstate contenders which will be labeled as class traitors because of their ties to masonic organizations and law enforcement. It's just a corruption reveal and shows directly if not ousts the BlueShare correalating to BLM and Election fraud being interest points to Republican RINOS and the rigging of the party system. He is also a fucker for raiding the whitehouse in the first place don't forget.

f2588a21 No.3661802

File: 1657475081312.jpg (390.48 KB, 778x1200, FV5haewWIA4Ei8t.jpg)


>deepstate contenders…

Here's a fun fact. Trump's kids and his daughter's husband have all testified against Trump without invoking the 5th Amendment which would have allowed them to escape needing to answer any questions at all.

So why would they risk incriminating themselves in this "witch hunt" with mountains of evidence being shown to the public?

Why wouldn't they plead the 5th?

Well, if you accept a presidential pardon you forfeit your 5th Amendment right.

So who wants to bet that he gave all his kids pardons and Rudy his scum bag lawyer who has also refused to plead the 5th?

I think it's a good bet. Do you know what that means?

Once the DoJ actually opened the conspiracy case they are going to go to the office of pardons and pull up the record of all the people Trump gave a get out of jail free card.

Then they are going to use that list to nail him to the wall because the only person a president can't pardon, is themself.

38dd981f No.3661803

More whites killed

More rights willed

4e786d69 No.3661807

File: 1657480382458.jpg (164.84 KB, 577x676, c ccc.jpg)

Reminder, the left thinks these creatures are equal to you and have the same value.

f712c419 No.3661808

You want a conspiracy but you are constaly telling people to take their meds. Stfu.

c2777505 No.3661809

File: 1657481046316.jpg (244.76 KB, 907x1200, FTOy5aMWAAQHloK.jpg)


On average, how much time do you spend every day looking for memes about black people? I'm guessing 3 or 4 hours a day just hate-binging any forum you think might have something insulting to black people on it.

It's really, really, pathetic.

f712c419 No.3661810

He gave pardons and what you don't seem to get is that a pardon pretty much means get over it. If you can't get over it go fuck yourself.

afefff5e No.3661811


So there is no evidence. Cool

4e786d69 No.3661814

File: 1657490705274.jpg (115.2 KB, 746x1024, quote jung the more uplift….jpg)


Meuller investigation on Russia - Crapped out.

Two impeachments - Crapped out.

6 years of media character assassinations - Crapped out

Guess how this 'treason' investigation turns out?

It really is embarrassing.

afefff5e No.3661815


Good thing the target audience has no long term memory.

Remember when 3B thought Matt Gatez was definitely 100% for sure going to prison? That was a funny psyop.

4e786d69 No.3661818

File: 1657499701019.jpg (65.87 KB, 504x687, black white academic stand….jpg)

>memes about black people

The memes are even worse when its true.

de33817b No.3661820

Black people are under more pressure than white people to achieve, well second to asian people. Still I doubt those numbers a are true. Were they taken from actual in school test scores, or standardized test grades? Cause the standardized tests give black people a practically passing score just for showing up.

I say test grades cause me personally, I always hated homework as a kid/teen, almost never did it. My class participation was more doodling than participating, but I've never gotten less than a B- on a test, and that was my blood test.

de33817b No.3661821

the way shools deal with grades is ridiculous, like while I was in high school your final grade was mixed between 50% giving your final test to begin vs your finals at the end, 25% class participation, and 25% homework.

Its hard to stay interested when I got like 98%, or sometimes perfect scores on the final on the first day. It just never made sense to me.

de33817b No.3661823

by standardized tests, I should have been just skipped grades left and right, buuut I never actually participated in class, cause reading or doodling, and I only did homework when I felt like it.

every day assignments of 100 math problems as homework, was just dumb. I usually did like the last 20 just to show I could do it, and my tests proved it. But thats not how the public school system works.

Seriously being in class 9 hours a day is bad enough, if I couldn't get my homework done in study hall, I just didn't bother.

f7710e21 No.3661826

I never graduated high school. Got expelled because some nignog started a fight with me and I had a multi tool in my car. The zero tolerance bullshit after columbine was fucking retarded. It wasn't even on me how the fuck is that considered possessing a weapon

9cdb17c2 No.3661828

File: 1657509951704.jpg (60.99 KB, 515x680, FUm-pF7WIAUXLle.jpg)

Again, you're missing the point. They don't even need to win the case. All they need to do is bring the case and he can't run for president. The evidence is monumentally clear against Trump and his co-conspirators.

You only think it isn't because you're too fragile and cowardly to look at that evidence.

But here's the fun part. The opinion of his cult doesn't matter. Laws don't care about your feelings and the Republican congressmen can't protect him this time.

They know he will take them down with him so they are flipping on him like pancakes.

The SCOTUS won't protect him because they know that a dictator doesn't need a supreme court. If Trump gets into power they lose everything.

There is no one left with any reason to protect Trump and every reason to throw him under the bus so hard it breaks the sound barrier.

f712c419 No.3661829

There is nothing to achieve except for one's own garunteed livlihood the misanthropic political regime and the desperate for handout nonworking populace are the reason why there is a constant barrage of misinformation in order to disuade anyone from "rocking the boat" because that is all they do in a society that is built on exploiting each other. That is a fact you can't change.

The other issue is when they start releasing quantum hackery to destroy entire criticisms of the ruling class because they don't have a decent distraction other than we can just keep you from looking up and you won't see it coming when it happens. (Pro tip its very soon if not just because they are holding back from doing it) The future dystopia is very real and idiots like you FAIL to see that bringing up constant arguments to keep anyone from feeling safe and discouraging them from making rational decisions is all pol is good for.

9cdb17c2 No.3661831

File: 1657514586422-0.png (91.54 KB, 928x465, Bannon-turns-on-Trump.png)

File: 1657514586422-1.png (741.31 KB, 895x508, foxnews.com.png)

File: 1657514586422-2.png (104.41 KB, 1609x536, foxnews.headline.png)

ff5d6146 No.3661832

File: 1657515854079.png (1.26 MB, 883x900, 52004564ac14194dcb7fe58bd0….png)

Where's all this talk of treason when Biden drains the US Strategic oil reserves and sells a million barrels of oil to China in the middle of an fuel shortage, and to a company partially owned by his son?

This is like 'get the nooses and guillotines' shit, and the Democrats are busy holding a kangaroo court where their star witness is testifying about fantasies where Trump punches through several inches of bulletproof glass to throttle his driver.

9cdb17c2 No.3661833

File: 1657516028275.jpg (423.06 KB, 1067x1200, FPwNquAXsAEcNcW.jpg)


You do understand oil doesn't go in your gas tank, right?

He sent the oil overseas to be processed because all of America's companies are already operating at capacity.

That's why the gas prices have gone down every day for 25 days in a row. We're converting oil into gasoline as fast as we can.

ff5d6146 No.3661834

File: 1657516810903.png (1.28 MB, 800x1000, 95945986e828f5b56a13e02473….png)

It's oil to be reserved for internal use in times of an emergency or war, and he sold it to an enemy for his own family's profit. That is a textbook case of treason.

And don't act like it's not him and their green regulations making gas expensive int he first place. The man is doing literally everything he can to weaken the country, or rather, his kike puppet masters are.

d19c605a No.3661835

File: 1657517281106.png (62.46 KB, 800x800, FXG8_fCWQAEuzRy.png)


Why would jews want to destroy the country? Don't we dump a lot of money into Israel?

ff5d6146 No.3661839

File: 1657519049005.jpg (543.07 KB, 3503x2797, f7bbf6341bed3024dbbe75be88….jpg)

Subvert and parasitize has been the way of the jew since times immemorial. You think the US is the only one they're leeching?

9cdb17c2 No.3661842

File: 1657525503214.jpg (148.61 KB, 2124x4096, Natural-resources.jpg)


He traded oil for gasoline. They let him because they'll make a profit off of it.

We get lower gas prices now, they get more money from the U.K. later.

It's win-win. You're just mad he's fixing the problems in a way the Republicans can't block him.

4cfe51a5 No.3661843

could take care of the guy shortly.

f712c419 No.3661844

the way i see it is give me what i want i give you what you want if you want we can have some leverage that is called scratching the back.

when it takes awhile it takes awhile. when sometimes it doesnt go the way it needs to thats just the way she goes…when she is on the rag she goes red.

f712c419 No.3661845

File: 1657530095398.jpg (29.6 KB, 474x711, 328ef09e9a535f5779306b7e4a….jpg)

There are dealbreakers in that where of course you would expect something done if you wrong somebody, you typically get karma. Those who don't are lucky, because if you actually know business like I know business you fuck a guy over and he doesn't forget. I don't like my business to be a jerking match either, that is not where the money is. If you got an attitude people -WILL- correct it. Anyways, politics have no ethics, I don't speak for fuckbags and dirt. Especially one's dressed in suits. They got that way because they took the slide of greed and conning to do so. That is why their gold does not hold weight. A man who is rich knows principle and is keen to make the better choice. You see these people in power making bad choices because they are corrupt by their lust for it. Even if they are stupid puppets being made to dance on a string. The dark world stays in the dark and when the day shines upon them they recoil in fear. The security and the locked gates speak for themselves, the people don't even have to point their type out. A coward hides behind the constitution rather than stands in front of it. Also I am used to dealing with them and I CANT STAND their snake-tongued bullshit knowing its just a rouse for them to bleed the next generations, politicians are weak and therefore fiend on what they percieve is weak. True diplomacy comes from untangling their shitastic comical-junglegym and taking pity on their mentality long enough to tolerate and negotiate a reason not to toss them to their own demons.

de33817b No.3661847

this, 5 dollar artificially inflated gas prices are not an an emergency, its an inconvenience. Those reserves were meant for actual emergencies.

How fucking hard is it to hit the enter key? Seriously, its like I'm the only one who gets this half the time.

9b705197 No.3661850

File: 1657536584064.jpeg (46.16 KB, 453x680, FXW4J4xXgAAXFKs.jpeg)

afefff5e No.3661852


The emergency is China wants to invade Taiwan soon but needs the US to deplete it's reserves first. Gotta find any excuse to dump that shit.

80c5a131 No.3661857

File: 1657544363802.jpg (119.11 KB, 300x281, past america ball throw.jpg)


'''You do understand oil doesn't go in your gas tank, right?

He sent the oil overseas to be processed because all of America's companies are already operating at capacity.

That's why the gas prices have gone down every day for 25 days in a row. We're converting oil into gasoline as fast as we can.'''

You have no idea how the American oil industry works. Capped for trophy.

80c5a131 No.3661858

File: 1657544529236.png (104.41 KB, 1609x536, ffffff.png)


>Looks like Bannon doesn't want to die in prison so under the bus Trump goes!

Did you even read your own image cap?


38dd981f No.3661860

Know it's OK
To kill WHITES

bfab645b No.3661861

Hi, 3B.
Gas is still THREE TIMES as high as it was a year and a half ago when Trump was running things.
You're just another leftist moron who thinks it still being over $4 a gallon is CHEAP.
No mind, no memories, no brain.

afefff5e No.3661862


Yeah, but there's a regional conflict on another continent. That's never happened before!

Definitely nothing to do with global monetary policy.

9cdb17c2 No.3661864

File: 1657553272039.png (47.03 KB, 720x329, gf543.png)

>Gas is still three times as high as it was during the heart of pandemic when no one was driving and we had so much unused gas Trump had to shut down 30% of America's oil facilities. I'm a fucking retard who doesn't know how supply and demand works! Dur dee dur!

Speaking or dumb ass conservatives who don't understand how things work, Texas is about to have a really bad day.

Because Texas only allowed privatized electrical grids, refuses to regulate them, and never required any of the companies making profit hand over fist to update any of the infrastructure of the state, Texas is expecting rolling black outs today and asking that Texans turn off their AC and conserve electricity to allow people in the hottest areas of Texas to survive.

Of course it's a state full of conservatives who are being told that they have to suffer in extreme discomfort in order to protect children and the elderly so everyone fully expects the power grid to collapse under the weight of angry MAGA chuds cranking up the central air to own the libs!


9cdb17c2 No.3661865

File: 1657554764095-0.png (131.63 KB, 653x785, comeandtakeit.png)

File: 1657554764095-1.jpg (44.63 KB, 500x500, FXY0NZNWIAEi3fW.jpg)

File: 1657554764095-2.png (201.73 KB, 651x530, Ididthat.png)

File: 1657554764095-3.png (31.15 KB, 651x219, Avengers-twitter.com.png)

File: 1657554764095-4.png (21.6 KB, 654x180, noone-expected.png)


It's not even noon and the rage storm has begun. I'm rollin!

Texas is getting what it deserves for electing Republicans.

9cdb17c2 No.3661866

File: 1657554794753-0.webm (1.55 MB, 308x270, hellno.webm)

This is my favorite so far.

afefff5e No.3661869


Are republicans responsible for the rolling blackouts in California too?

80c5a131 No.3661871

File: 1657565950650.jpg (50.95 KB, 1720x422, reply nigger.jpg)


Who did he steal that bike from?

7b2d92f7 No.3661872

Exterminate the white

Castrate the right

80c5a131 No.3661873

File: 1657566219855.jpg (53.05 KB, 600x385, blackouts.JPG)


What part of Texas is 'Indiana'? I could not find it.

I am giving you the benefit of the doubt that you are not just being stupid.

a9e1f72d No.3661874

Rolling blackouts have been a staple of life here in California for decades.

Stop trying to argue rationally with 3b

7b2d92f7 No.3661875

Make whites

Afraid again

c5194311 No.3661876



450GB leak of more Hunter Biden Sleaze posted on 4Chan …get it before its all branded Russian disinfo and…. its gone already….

Oh well.

985d6b25 No.3661877

File: 1657578727586.webm (594.63 KB, 360x360, best.webm)


I'll just leave this here….

9cdb17c2 No.3661878

File: 1657582508613.jpg (57.64 KB, 645x512, FXZPeViVsAAra6G.jpg)

>Blackouts happen in other states!

You know Indiana is a deeply, deeply red state, right?

You're just proving my point that Republicans always fail to govern properly and can't ever do their job worth shit.

9cdb17c2 No.3661879

File: 1657583087116.jpg (134.89 KB, 1320x900, FXLQOExUYAAgIAn.jpg)

>We totally found proof of all of our conspiracy theories we just can't show it to you but it's totally real guys! Trust us!

542e9668 No.3661882


Well if that ain't the pot calling the kettle a negro

985d6b25 No.3661884

File: 1657591948591.jpg (13.86 KB, 342x245, reply bugs bunny tiresome.jpg)


>Politicians work in the power grid control rooms.

>Politicians run the power generation plants.
>Indiana is its own power grid.


38dd981f No.3661887

Save a life

Kill a white

b7ad9919 No.3661890

File: 1657592725895.jpg (55.09 KB, 400x493, i-wish-i-had-a-pet-wolf-to….jpg)

de33817b No.3661891

File: 1657593890824-0.jpg (14.99 KB, 210x240, mr-peanutbutter-bojack-hor….jpg)

File: 1657593890824-1.png (1.83 MB, 800x600, da2a9t7-90cfaa10-e4b0-4acf….png)

you really don't, dogs are awesome pets, wolves are awful pets.

f712c419 No.3661900

File: 1657605904842-0.jpg (83.85 KB, 920x1364, 117be9e71a35e8779cee8f262d….jpg)

File: 1657605904842-1.jpg (17.64 KB, 235x308, child-of-shadows-by-abzjha….jpg)

File: 1657605904842-2.jpg (114.32 KB, 850x601, sample-94959999359efce598b….jpg)

File: 1657605904842-3.jpg (142.19 KB, 1024x1277, d3994e52045b5fa5ac6577529d….jpg)

File: 1657605904842-4.jpg (208.98 KB, 1000x1000, one-seven-klaher-baklaher-….jpg)

Now you will face the unbridled truth that awaits us all. Playing with this darkness has a price, playing with the lives and predestined innocence has brought you to this, crumbling figment of reality, your psyche is tearing itself apart. You will be exposed like a naked quivering worm under the inevitable share of contradiction and hypocrisy. The delusion embodies your most depraved thoughts and manifests as your very nightmares, you were warned how oh how you were warned. Now its time to bear witness in the dying loyalty and faithless betrayals made by man himself. What pride brings is the collapse of humanity. And the sacrifice is your souls.

f712c419 No.3661913

File: 1657614136948.jpg (50.13 KB, 443x701, 762518-Artwork, Evil, Necr….jpg)

hmm says here you are a faggot, fair enough.

f712c419 No.3661914

File: 1657614373209.jpg (132.95 KB, 1080x1920, 06bc2e30e4ff249c8b6c7e9ad7….jpg)

its good to kno what i really am
thanks for helping me out thicc book man

2d6c14af No.3661916

>The SCOTUS won't protect him because they know that a dictator doesn't need a supreme court. If Trump gets into power they lose everything.

Wew, it's a very good thing he never got into power then ! That would have been the end of the USA.

88f9a3cb No.3661929

File: 1657631784583.jpg (262.1 KB, 1242x1577, left impeach trump bomb ru….jpg)


Trump will get us into a war if not impeached!!!

Remember that one?

4cfe51a5 No.3661930

File: 1657632985049.jpg (58.43 KB, 430x516, image.jpg)


>We have to impeach Trump before he starts a war!

>Why are we not bombing Russia?

Send a drone after Putin!

Gee I wonder if China has a lot of data on what junk she was fed by the media.

4cfe51a5 No.3661931

File: 1657633588598.png (2.63 MB, 1440x811, Russian-Trucks-Wood-Ukrain….png)

542e9668 No.3661932


That article is from four months ago. Did Russia lose yet? lol

a9e1f72d No.3661933

File: 1657639222583.jpg (172.12 KB, 1024x768, 5420549558_17b26d3b2a_b.jpg)

9cdb17c2 No.3661937

File: 1657650343055.jpg (451.22 KB, 800x1244, FXKGHIvXwAIxAMx.jpg)

In today's Jan 6th meeting they showed evidence that the reporting in Dec of 2020 by the New York Times was 100% accurate.

Trump's team-crazy drafted a presidential executive action to order Homeland Security to take the voting machines and hand them over to the special investigator he designated to find evidence of voter fraud, Sidney Powell.

He also ordered her to be given clearance and the power to arrest anyone who tried to stop her from taking the machines. Which is, you know, arresting your political enemies. Kinda fascism!

Of course, none of that was legal so everyone in power just ignored him.

Sidney Powell, you might remember, as the woman who said that Hugo Chavez was trying to overturn the election with the help of Dominion voting, from Venezuela while being dead since 2013.

Trump "named" her a special council and tried to issue the executive order but everyone in the white house ignored both things because he didn't have any power to do it under the constitution and him just saying she is something doesn't actually make it so.

Later Sidney Powell would be sued by Dominion for defaming them with her insane conspiracy theories. Under oath, in court, she defended her actions by saying that no sane person would believe anything she had said was true so she could not have caused Dominion to lose any money. She said that her own conspiracy theories were so insane no reasonable person would ever believe it.

f712c419 No.3661939

It was legal when they were directly datamined by Germany to cause a fraud in votes but also the voting machines don't matter if they listen at all to the will of the people we would have a workable world. The united states is one big giant case of 1st world human rights abuse and caring about anything like that is actually pretty stupid and a waste of millions of dollars that could also benefit the world but I guess people in power DONT know how to figure shit out except for themselves. Fuck the System. It''s a dick wagging contest for power hungry hookers.

88f9a3cb No.3661940

File: 1657653901056.jpg (1.05 MB, 1125x1560, genetics.jpg)

This niglet is too young to have learned any kind of aggressive behavior from the environment, so it is pretty conclusive that negro violent behavior is genetic.

f712c419 No.3661942

Don't care didn't ask.

542e9668 No.3661943


How many more weeks until they show the evidence this time?

88f9a3cb No.3661944

File: 1657658996774.jpg (86.73 KB, 634x376, negro chimping.jpg)


And right on cue, this story comes out.

The sheboon tried to buy potato chips for her nigglet and the EBT card she tried to use was declined. She tried to take the chips anyway but the store clerk refused to give them away. She left and returned with the pavement ape insisting the pavement ape beat him.

This ape has 27 priors for violent behavior and was on probation for assault. He starts beating on the clerk and gets stabbed and dies. The sheboon then stabs the clerk three times. He survives with minor injuries.

The police arrive and the clerk was the one arrested for second degree murder. The sheboon has no charges coming.

New York, Harlem, Blue Moon bodego

88f9a3cb No.3661945

File: 1657659142820.jpg (116.3 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3616036454.jpg)

>How many more weeks until they show the evidence this time?

Oh, I know this one. The answer is always 'two more weeks…'

4cfe51a5 No.3661947

File: 1657662061559.png (139.89 KB, 1488x203, corparatecasket.png)

Youtube won't survive it's becoming the new myspace.

49859d6e No.3661948

Myspace was far better than what YouTube is now and even better than what it's becoming

9cdb17c2 No.3661971

File: 1657681118231-0.gif (267.32 KB, 700x906, Trump-executive-order-2020….gif)

File: 1657681118231-1.gif (264.23 KB, 700x906, Trump-executive-order-2020….gif)

File: 1657681118231-2.gif (93.3 KB, 700x906, Trump-executive-order-2020….gif)


They have an executive order Trump tried to issue to force the military to take voting machines from the states so that Sidney Powell could say they found evidence of fraud.

Of course, no one followed that order and ignored it completely because it's illegal non-sense but the order exists, it's on the record and if his legal council had not stepped in to stop him he would have tried it he was very clear about that.

It was after the people in Washington refused to let him end democracy that he had his people start organizing Jan 6th, it was after they refused to end democracy that he started to call for his supporters to come "be wild" in Washington.

It was AFTER his first attempt at destroying democracy failed that he tried to mobilize armed citizens against Congress.

That is why they wanted to establish how eager he was to lead the charge on congress himself earlier in the hearing. They wanted to show clear intent that he went off script, he called out Pence 11 times in his speech where his script writers had told him not to mention the VP at all because there was nothing Pence could do.

After losing 60 court cases.
After hiring his own private company Cyber-Ninjas to find voter fraud and having them find MORE votes for Biden.
After everyone in his cabinet, every lawyer, every expert, and every aid told him over and over, day after day, that he had lost, he still directly incited a riot to try to overturn democracy.
When the rioters went to hang Mike Pence, he said Mike deserved it and refused to tell the crowd to stop for hours.

41f754ad No.3661978

the only reason you are pushing this is because you need to validate your need for pedofilia

41f754ad No.3661979

They found more votes because There was a national effort to corrupt the election from the black community and 'people who voted' twice. It's despicable that any of this matters. The german election machines also hacked enough that none of the "fraudulent poverty-demographic voters' i.e. black people had to do this (black people are paranoid that it won't go there way it was their only chance). This is why there is never going to be the same country again when its clearly catering to exploits even down to have-nots clutching for power. Let them have it, they are destitute in principle and so are you. And so is everyone. And everything. This planet is disgusting. Those two points are also just another issue for anyone to flip their take on, they lied, they lied big, and no one cares. The world can burn and it was burning long before this fauxpas. Trusting the world to make the decisions for people is why it was a sweet surrender for Globalists, they basically snuffed the last freedoms you had with the boot of full disclosed blame on your so called enemy. You are a dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb dumb person. You should just stop. Look around. And see for yourself what a piece of shit you are in reality, no body even likes you here.

41f754ad No.3661980

Pence wasnt in any danger because they escorted him directly by helicopter because they were going to hang him regardless of what trump wanted to do with them or not. He literally made the appearence as the group was inciting for full intrusion of the whitehouse, what was he going to do? Tell them no and then leave with a hop and a skip? Good luck. They are crazy cultists who promoted this to be their hayday. Fuck them all and fuck the people who let them while they play victims. Everyone involved down to the court system through and through is a judist.

9cdb17c2 No.3661981

File: 1657694065739.webm (3.55 MB, 180x320, Mike-4-Democracy.webm)

>Pence wasn't in any danger because they escorted him directly by helicopter

No they didn't. You fucking idiots have clue what happened on Jan 6th. Pence hid in the basement until the rioters were driven out then went back upstairs and finished doing his job because he's a real American, not a traitor like Trump.

9cdb17c2 No.3661982

File: 1657694653129.jpg (57 KB, 680x552, FXeOJdtXEAINcML.jpg)

In other news, the leading challenger in the most stupid person in politics 2022 contest, Republican Herschel Walker, pulled into the lead once again with a stunning new demonstration of stupidity!

His new theory? We shouldn't do the green new deal and we shouldn't try to cut down on air pollution because if we do China will steal all our clean air!

Yes, he is so dumb he thinks China can steal our air.


b2f56962 No.3661985

File: 1657696001835.jpg (75 KB, 1060x680, 61s43ZzjpEL._SL1060_.jpg)

b2f56962 No.3661986

File: 1657696033244.jpg (63.87 KB, 850x850, 5217-HOTB07B-Trump2024take….jpg)

542e9668 No.3661991


What does it mean when an executive order doesn't have a signature on it?

>After losing 60 court cases.

That is objectively false. You are a liar. Stop lying.

Imagine still thinking the election was fair in 2022. You're allowed to change your mind. You don't have to dogmatically stick with your first gut instinct from Nov 4, 2019. You can get as panty as twisted as you want about the riot, but at least acknowledge the election was bogus.

9cdb17c2 No.3661994

File: 1657716613875.png (170.26 KB, 1580x644, y534yh.politifact.com.png)

9cdb17c2 No.3661995

File: 1657716849051.jpg (216.05 KB, 1920x1001, Illegal-FF14-Mod.jpg)

>What does it mean when an executive order doesn't have a signature on it?

Like I said, Trump tried to give the order but it was WILDLY illegal so no one listened to him. Him signing it is the last stage of the process. If no one is willing to do it, he can sign it a hundred times and it still wouldn't matter. Illegal is still illegal.

542e9668 No.3661996

File: 1657717825045.png (22.23 KB, 683x261, Capture.PNG)


Why won't it read?

But okay, sure, lets say Trump is behind every election lawsuit in the country. Let's even pretend that they were all decided on the merits like you guys claim.

Why do I care about any particular basket of 60 lawsuits? How about all the ones he won? Do those ones not matter because others were unsuccessful?

It's not a football game. You don't tally up the score from all the lawsuits and declare someone the god emperor of the law now and forever. Each one is it's own separate thing.

It literally doesn't matter how many lawsuits Sydney Powell got dismissed. That doesn't cancel out the others.

4c18f5bc No.3661998

Jan. 25, 2021 - brain dead has just become pres…. Gas average is $2.392 gal….

July 11, 2022 - ol Joe etal cheer a drop in price. Gas average is $4.646 gal..
down from $5.006 gal on June 13.

So gas prices ROSE 209.3%, but we are to cheer like the leftist clapping seals 🦭 for a drop of 7.2%… a net rise of 202.1% since 01/25/21… these scam artists like 3B must think we are as brain dead as ol Joe

bbffd927 No.3661999

It really doesn't matter it was a occupied riot-revolt that was politically motivated by the people who were "exploited into by several groups including rogue-groups including Psyops and Net-Warriors (or oathkeepers) who are largely responsible for instigating onsite security into a stand off between an angry mob. Everything went the way they wanted it to and now its been all year and no one has been accused except the former President.

No one wants responsibility and all the power for it. Especially you while you seem fixated on pol-think, you push blame while vetting your own antics having any fault, you are a huge scumbag. Go fuck yourself.

9cdb17c2 No.3662012

File: 1657751831739.png (346.03 KB, 653x618, waa-whaa-wa-waaa.png)

Trump humper going to jail for faking an Antifa attack.


9cdb17c2 No.3662014

File: 1657752053303.jpg (461.47 KB, 1831x1500, EywlBPKWQAA1i4w.jpg)

>But okay, sure, lets say Trump is behind every election lawsuit in the country.

No one said that. Literally, no one said that Trump personally brought all those cases. You are arguing against something that only exists in your head. You are arguing with the voices of your paranoia.

079247ed No.3662019


Right. I forgot you're too autistic to understand rhetoric. Sorry bro.

6b8d992e No.3662021

File: 1657758005410.jpg (42.6 KB, 601x407, ssss.JPG)

How is everyone enjoying your Socialism.

6b8d992e No.3662022

File: 1657758148815.jpg (28.42 KB, 645x251, fffffff.JPG)

Biden is working with the Cartels to assist in the last mile of human trafficking and smuggling.

10% for the big guy.

75e459f5 No.3662025

blacks rule

9cdb17c2 No.3662026

>by Chad Wolf

You really expect people to take this seriously?

9cdb17c2 No.3662027

File: 1657761523997.jpg (446.18 KB, 1920x1234, EywlBQYW8AAAJNP.jpg)

>inflation is killing us because Republicans won't tax the rich so America has to print money to pay our bills and that's socialism!

That's just conservatism. You can't run a nation without taxes, inflation is what happens when you try.

079247ed No.3662028

>America has to print money to pay our bills
Have less bills.

f712c419 No.3662031

look at that fucking skeleton shit im not paying for that shit with my taxes

4c18f5bc No.3662034

Libclown logic:

- Socialism is superior to capitalism.
- We must accept all illegal immigrants from socialist Venezuela, because they are escaping abject poverty.

6b8d992e No.3662035

File: 1657764891976.webm (1.79 MB, 1280x720, laughing.webm)


>BTFO again !!!!

>It does no good to call him a racist - he doesnt care….
>I know. Attack the messenger again. That ALWAYS works!

6b8d992e No.3662036

File: 1657765715654.jpg (54.86 KB, 603x452, fry.jpg)

>You can't run a nation without taxes

3Sneed never took American History or is completely brainwashed.

8a0968b5 No.3662038

File: 1657766489933.jpg (13.33 KB, 420x315, 5f2f09faa07e71-40017067.jpg)

9cdb17c2 No.3662041

File: 1657769252404.png (939.86 KB, 1531x857, SWvsAliens.png)


Hey, I agree. If we purged the Red states who spend way more tax dollars than they contribute, we would be far better off. That's why I keep begging you stupid mother fuckers to form the New Confederacy and leave America.

Take your broke asses and get out! We don't want you here!

You're nothing but a drain on America in every sense of the word!

de33817b No.3662042

thats a misconception, red states don't make as much money as other sates, in their own states. They tend to travel and invest in other states with resources, usually oil.

Still they do produce a lot of tax income from those projects. Both for them and whatever state they're working in.

f712c419 No.3662043

you're a piece of shit resorting to over powered mainstreams to support your opinion. fuck off you desperate SHITBAG and you aren't even good at what you do.

38dd981f No.3662044

How many whites must be killed for our rights?

9cdb17c2 No.3662045

File: 1657772385506.png (757.1 KB, 1614x750, SWvsAliens2.png)


Aww, is the wittel baby mad? Reality not turning out to be what you wanted it to be?

Facts don't care about your feelings, bitch.

8a0968b5 No.3662047

You sound scared,
Why is that?

9cdb17c2 No.3662050

File: 1657778540254.png (690.87 KB, 800x1132, SWvsAliens5.png)

Looks like California has decided they have had enough gun non-sense so they made a law to let families who suffer losses in shootings sue gun makers into oblivion.


84a2e9ac No.3662051

That's as retarded as suing car manufacturers for drunk driving

9cdb17c2 No.3662054

File: 1657780500887.jpg (170.97 KB, 933x896, SWvsAliens6.jpg)


If crazy right-wing lunatics start running over large groups of children with cars every week we might have to look into that.

5cd470e1 No.3662055

So you're saying you want to fuck dead children now, Professor Pedo?

5cd470e1 No.3662056

It's California.
They do crazy illogical shit all day long and the rest of the world laughs at them because it never works.

Yep, you're scared.

de33817b No.3662057

california can make laws for anything, it doesn't change national laws, so even if someone won based on a state level, they'd have to bring it up to higher courts to actually get anything, and there it wouldn't fly.

In red states, gun owners are required to keep their ammo and guns locked away, and sometimes with extra locks for the triggers. In most cases even when traveling you have to keep the ammo in the trunk, and the gun in the driving area, or reverse.

Suing gun manufacturers over people using guns to kill people is stupid. Next thing you know they're going to start suing fork manufactures when people get fat.

9cdb17c2 No.3662058

File: 1657790291451.png (743.93 KB, 1607x748, SWvsAliens4.png)

It's true that federal level laws over-ride state laws but there is a loop hole in the federal level laws they are exploiting so now that the plan in in action expect just a shit ton of cases against gun producers before congressional republicans can close that loophole to protect the profit margins of corporations.

5cd470e1 No.3662059

and what is this magical loophole that no one ever noticed before after all this time, 3LIAR?

de33817b No.3662070

I was going to ask that myself, I just wasnt all that interested…

Getting proof either leads nowhere, a rare here you go moment, or 90 billion pages of bs.

Plus its fucking solid 3B, when has 3B ever given proof of anything, he just talks.

079247ed No.3662076


Do you ever take the time to think about the second order effects of the things you advocate for? You're not describing a world you would be happy living in.

9cdb17c2 No.3662077

File: 1657812421375.webm (7.48 MB, 640x360, gun-show-loophole-closer.webm)


The lawyer in the video I linked explained it but I know how you conservatives are terrified by facts so I'll cut out that specific part for you.

9cdb17c2 No.3662078


A world were corporations are not above the law? Truly terrifying…?

9cdb17c2 No.3662079

File: 1657813363788.png (922.13 KB, 1610x744, SWvsAliens3.png)


Remember that Texas law which allows citizens to sue people for getting abortions or helping other people get abortions? This is based on the same idea.

The state isn't taking your guns!
The state isn't suing gun makers!
It's the citizens! It's not the government interfering with your 2nd amendment! It's you're fellow Americans bringing legal action against gun makers and if that American can't afford a lawyer, well the state will just provide one for them! Department of Justice can handle the case for you.

Even if they lose those cases, even if they lose every single case, it won't matter because gun dealers will be driven out of California and the best part is, if the courts invalidate this law, they also invalidate Texas' abortion bounty law since they are based on the same thing.

So choose your poison, conservatives! You can give up having guns for sale in California or being able to sue doctors for not letting women die in Texas, but not both.

8a0968b5 No.3662081

That's what you think.

9cdb17c2 No.3662083

File: 1657821189354.png (62.12 KB, 879x464, rerge4r3.dispatch.com.png)

After the SCOTUS overturned Roe no woman in Ohio can get an abortion, including 10-year-old rape victims.

The right wing has been saying that this story was fake because it makes Republicans look REALLY bad that they are threatening to arrest a 10-year old girl for wanting to not risk her life by carrying a baby to term at the age of 10.

Fortunately the left raised enough money to help her flee the domain controlled by WhiteISIS and she was able to get an abortion.

Now the "fake rapist" has been arrested and confessed to his crime.


079247ed No.3662084


I'm confused. The sources I can find all say Ohio has a medical exemption to the ban. Am I being misled?

ff5d6146 No.3662085

File: 1657822629038.png (3.25 MB, 2501x1725, 472a0ad74d3b56d14a784553e9….png)

It's not even illegal in Ohio to get an abortion if it was from a rape. The story is fake, dude. Get over it.

9cdb17c2 No.3662086

File: 1657823530498.png (278.1 KB, 652x686, octo-reamer.png)

The old laws did have exceptions for medical reasons but just before Roe was overturned, Republicans proposed HB 598 in Ohio making all abortions illegal.

It made all abortions a felony and even talking about how to get one is a misdemeanor.

Minimum of four to seven years and a maximum of 25 years of imprisonment and a fine of up to $10,000 for abortion manslaughter.

9cdb17c2 No.3662087


No one is even sure if HB 598 is even legal because it basically makes it a crime to save someone's life but doctors are erring on the side of caution until the law is settled.

cb444c96 No.3662088


America has gone full Religion-retard-circus. Its both fascinating and scary to behold.

c327f371 No.3662089

File: 1657824612784.png (402.62 KB, 587x756, gnome child.png)

"oh no, i cant murder children, we live in a religious tyranny!"

if you're just gonna kill it anyway or raise it poorly on purpose and out of spite, why not just give it to a pedobro? at least the pedo has a personal interest in seeing that the kid is healthy and well fed.

348304e8 No.3662090


Give it ? Why ?? In a capitalistic society like USA , the least you can do is sell it!

94327d08 No.3662091

Half the pedos are low-IQ retards themselves, not fit to care for a child. The other half are psychopaths who like torturing children.

952b4bda No.3662093

anythings better than murdering it i suppose.

really now? how did a bunch of low IQ retards manage to have an entire island to fuck kids against the law for decades then? that sounds pretty high IQ if you ask me.

94327d08 No.3662094

From the other half.

9cdb17c2 No.3662098

File: 1657837585236.png (448.36 KB, 800x789, Lizet-Inviting-Zoey-small.png)

>the least you can do is sell it!

Sell it? Why sell a slave when you can rent them to someone and reclaim the property if they can't pay the rent.

After all, if you're going to go full WhiteISIS why not embrace the capitalism? Own the people forever, only rent out their services.

34f7828b No.3662100

File: 1657839841409-0.jpg (93.76 KB, 604x657, califail.JPG)

File: 1657839841409-1.jpg (1.01 MB, 1438x1080, reply laughing cheetah tal….jpg)

>No guns

Lets see how thats working out for them.


34f7828b No.3662101

File: 1657839993739-0.webm (1.06 MB, 225x400, negrosdestroystore.webm)


Lawyers, doctors and engineers shopping in Los Angeles….

9cdb17c2 No.3662103

File: 1657840906476.png (342.03 KB, 652x749, bussing.png)

Conservatives: We have to stop kids from being hurt in America.

Also conservatives: We have to protect the rights of school shooters to hurt kids in America!


9cdb17c2 No.3662105

>Florida kids doing a stunt for a social media dare.

Because of course it's the capital of conservative stupidity where this happens.


050ba1ed No.3662106


Why do American kids want to murder each other so damn bad? Rifles are legal and easy to get in my country and we don't have this problem. WTF are you idiots doing over there?

38dd981f No.3662108

We're killing whites

God bless us

34f7828b No.3662109

File: 1657848521355.jpg (86.93 KB, 617x616, niggers.JPG)


>Nigging nogs only in Florida
>Thats OK because its Florida
>Thats OK because of melanin
>Its still Trump, er, negros are conservative….ummm……JUST BECAUSE REASONS

3Sneed, how do you deal with all that cognitive dissonance constantly?!?

34f7828b No.3662110

File: 1657848691818.webm (2.78 MB, 786x490, negrolootstorenorthface.webm)

ff5d6146 No.3662111

File: 1657849689166-0.png (551.9 KB, 1500x1200, cd7b6161b6674c32be1f3e000e….png)

File: 1657849689166-1.png (25.45 KB, 597x441, 37da534502b4d4acad015881b9….png)

>Negros being negros
>3b: Why would conservatives do this?

It's not Americans, it's Blacks.

f712c419 No.3662112

its evil people using power for the own cash outs.

9cdb17c2 No.3662117

File: 1657857276210.jpg (69.27 KB, 726x1080, White-Fragility.jpg)

>Rifles are legal and easy to get in my country and we don't have this problem.

Rifles were legal and easy to get in America and we didn't have anywhere near the problems we have now. You know what changed? There was a thing called the "FCC fairness doctrine" which required that news and broadcasters at least acknowledge reality in passing but conservative radio stations fucking HATED that they weren't allowed to just make shit up so they went all the way to the supreme court trying to get it overturned but when that didn't work conservatives appointed people to the FCC specifically to destroy the rule.

The rule was officially repealed in 1987 and in 1988 shows which were no longer required to be even remotely grounded to reality like Rush Limbaugh took off in popularity with the right wing radicalizing them against minorities, immigrants, and "feminazis".

The right-wing ate up the open racism and bigotry becoming more emboldened and the right-wing violence increased every year since then.

Gun violence is a uniquely American problem because in other nations they still have rules against pretending that made up conspiracy non-sense is real. In civilized nations, even the most right-wing people still get a glimpse of the real world from time to time, but not in America.

In America they can go for years without seeing anything even remotely grounded in reality and it leads to very predicable results.

9cdb17c2 No.3662119

File: 1657858054438.png (175.63 KB, 1135x614, Snapshot_2022-07-14_235906….png)


Hey, Numbnuts, that is from the CDC fatal injury report.

That chart is showing that more black people DIE from being shot by firearms not that more black people shoot people.

Seriously, how do you survive being that stupid? Do you have a nurse that keeps you from swallowing your own tongue?

ff5d6146 No.3662122

File: 1657859537637.png (1.11 MB, 884x1100, 0bfb18944ef8af44a6826444c1….png)

Oh, you may be right. Well, do you want me to find the proper graph which I'm sure is even more damning, or shall we just take it in good faith that it's actually that bad?

9cdb17c2 No.3662126

File: 1657860435813.png (92.28 KB, 653x483, awoo.png)


Poor people do more crime isn't news.

If you don't like poor people shooting at you, you have two options. Give them money and opportunity so they don't feel like crime is the best option or take away guns.

For the best results, do both.

9cdb17c2 No.3662127

File: 1657861385964.png (77.85 KB, 842x444, Arrest-the-doctor.png)

Republicans are SUUUUPER mad that a 10 year old girl was allowed to have a medically necessary abortion after she was raped.

They tried putting her parents in prison but there are no laws about crossing the boarder to get an abortion, yet, so instead the Republican Attorney General is trying to lock up the doctor for giving the girl the abortion even though the doctor followed all of the laws.

It's weird how so many Republican law makers wanted to force a ten year old to have her rapist's baby and how FURIOUS they are that she was allowed to get help.


9cdb17c2 No.3662128

File: 1657862037049.png (68.5 KB, 938x392, fox59.com.png)

Ironically, a local Fox affiliate filed a request and got the evidence that the doctor had followed all the rules required by law, and was not in any way in violation of any regulation.

The Republican AG seem to have been unable to find this paper-work that the local news station found within a day but now that it's public record and the Republican AG can't pretend she broke the law he is calling on the Republican Governor to investigate the doctor and find a way to punish her.

They are SUUUUPER mad that the 10 year old wasn't forced to have that rape baby. I mean, just foaming at the mouth angry about it.

So weird, that they are going to the mat to protect the rights of a rapist instead of a 10 year old girl.

It's almost like they are a party of pedophiles!


8a0968b5 No.3662132


8a0968b5 No.3662133


8a0968b5 No.3662134

What's funny, I never have to actually read anything 3B posts to know it's horseshit and respond. I just see the name, or, if it's one of his sockpuppets it's pretty obvious after the first sentence or two it's him, and i just give a "one size fits all" response to anything he wasted time from his life putting together and posting here.
It's hilarious.

9cdb17c2 No.3662137

File: 1657873905953.png (309.11 KB, 654x686, Kill-more-women.png)

Just in case it was ever unclear how much the Incel party hates women, Texas Republicans are now suing the Biden administration for posting guidelines explaining that according to laws which have been around since the 1980's, if a woman needs an abortion to NOT DIE, no form of state legislation can be used to prevent that.

Doctors are expected to continue to provide abortions where it is medically necessary to save the woman's life, no matter what the state laws may say. Failure to act will get the doctor and the facility punished under law.

Republicans are of course, furious that Biden DARED remind people that the law doesn't allow them to murder women for having sex.


9cdb17c2 No.3662138

File: 1657874263542.jpg (14.84 KB, 553x553, This-is-you.jpg)

>I never read what he posted.

If you never read it, how do you know it's debunked and falsified?

Sounds to me like you're just butt hurt and screaming like a little crying baby.

8a0968b5 No.3662141

I read this one, because it displays your ignorance. Most I do not. Because you have a VAST HISTORY of lying on here, ergo, odds are that anything you post will be some kind of LIE.
So I just give canned responses to your horseshit and save myself a bunch of time, while at the same time scrolling off your posts.

8a0968b5 No.3662142

Always have to post something underage, don't you Professor Pedo. But babies? BABIES?? I would say that's a new low even for you but obviously it's not.

050ba1ed No.3662144

planned to investigate the doctor

You version:
trying to lock up the doctor

I wish I could make you understand the difference between these two things.

8de7ca2d No.3662145

File: 1657889682286-0.jpeg (195.26 KB, 893x765, 1656773124494.jpeg)

File: 1657889682286-1.jpeg (201.56 KB, 893x765, 1656773137902.jpeg)

LoL at antifags drawing themselves like some Tom of Finland characters instead of the scrawny little shits they are

Someone find the rest of this comic for me

e59c7a0a No.3662158

File: 1657919069655.jpg (1.52 MB, 1430x2017, FFhaqDMUcAMeHSS.jpg)

Because you throw a tantrum is exactly why I keep posting young looking characters. I fully intend to make your blood pressure so high you have a stroke.


It's hilarious to me that conservatives are so scared of gay Antifa super-soldiers that they make this kind of art. Or maybe they just want it to be true because they want a big dicked liberal to dominate them?

7ff1b539 No.3662159

Antifa is just an idea bro

2601af9c No.3662161

Yeah, a bad idea.

155574f5 No.3662164

File: 1657928332261.jpeg (111.91 KB, 1000x779, 1000.jpeg)

I'll kill the saudi sand mo–wait…Lol just kidding bro. You didnt hear anything?

9e26cb0d No.3662167

File: 1657935522391-0.jpg (105.27 KB, 962x866, negro violence around the ….jpg)

File: 1657935522391-1.jpg (60.96 KB, 501x503, equality facts 13_blackvio….jpg)


>The right-wing ate up the open racism and bigotry becoming more emboldened and the right-wing violence increased every year since then.

You stated in the past that American is becoming more liberal and becoming less racist - that conservatism is a small minority. Therefore the increased violence is a result of leftist socialism.

>Gun violence is a uniquely American problem

So Mexico is safer than America? You genuinely say that????

The truth is that NIGGERS are a 'uniquely American problem'.

That is not true either…..ANY BLACK CITY anywhere is incredibly violent.


9e26cb0d No.3662168

File: 1657935774171-0.jpg (61.59 KB, 1536x864, Ohio-Rape-10-Year-Old-Girl….jpg)

>rape baby

Rapist is non-white, as always.

9cdb17c2 No.3662175

File: 1657943811615.jpg (60.99 KB, 528x1000, FOPAXbnXsAMw-M4.jpg)

>You stated in the past that American is becoming more liberal and becoming less racist - that conservatism is a small minority.

Yes, the right-wing is growing smaller and more radicalized. It's desperation. They know the end of their philosophy is coming.

They know that humanity has had enough of their bullshit and the boot is coming down.

That is why they have given up trying to win the war of ideas and are just trying to kill anyone who disagrees with them.

Every year the number of people willing to be associated with them grows smaller. Even relatively normal people who are Christians are distancing themselves now.

Only the crazies are willing to stand with Republicans which is how you get congressional candidates like "China is stealing our air" Herschel Walker.

The crazy vote is all you have.

9cdb17c2 No.3662176

File: 1657944460672.jpg (360 KB, 2000x1743, FXp_p9bUIAA63j_.jpg)


The problem conservatives and Republicans have is that they don't base their party on anything founded in reality.

They only back bad ideas like trickle down economics and a total prohibition on all abortions in all cases.

Every time a 10 year old girl has to go out of her way to have an abortion, every time a mother dies because the doctors hesitate due to fear of being put into prison, every mass shooting that happens because conservatives refuse even the most basic common sense gun laws, it all exposes how the myth of conservatism and the reality of conservatism are VASTLY different.

The worst thing that can ever happen to conservatism is them getting what they want because what they want is horrifying when put into practice.

Republicans are fucked because they have let themselves become the party of radicalized racism and bigotry.

The democrats were at least smart enough to flee the south in the 1950's and 60's but Republicans crawled right into bed with the KKK because there is no line they won't cross to protect the wealthy.

5cd470e1 No.3662180

Name is 3B so off it goes, whatever it is.

5cd470e1 No.3662181

3B in header, don't even have to look or read to know it's pure radicalized indoctrinated horseshit.

2c02e2ea No.3662182

More whites slayed

More rights conveyed

8a0968b5 No.3662183

Hi, 3B.
You would have NO rights if not for whites, think about that.
Do you really believe NigNogs, Muslims, and so forth would give you any rights, or even CARE?

9cdb17c2 No.3662184

File: 1657961900288.gif (1.73 MB, 320x180, Conservative_Butthurt.gif)

>I'm so afraid of what 3B says that I never read it, I just keep crying about it like a baby and hope if I whine enough he'll go away!

8a0968b5 No.3662199

Whites invented cars, trains, planes, ships, submarines, medicines, modern day education and thereby created a modern world of comforts and luxuries.

The Liberals have teamed up with strange looking diverse gangs who want to take everyone back into stone ages and introduce their bullock carts, camel and horse carts and woven twig homes for all with bon fires (without Gas or Electricity of course).

Diversity is regression of human race!

8a0968b5 No.3662200

I won't read this, all I see is a picture you posted of some scared little boy who is apparently crying because you have him cornered and are approaching him with your dick out.

f712c419 No.3662224

File: 1657967356759-0.jpg (114.1 KB, 857x933, 7f4a611c822ddaa9d9759c045f….jpg)

File: 1657967356759-1.jpg (52.84 KB, 521x690, 372810edca0e2e019fd0a0f1a1….jpg)

File: 1657967356759-2.jpg (54.58 KB, 658x600, 6cae32b14a5955f041006b247b….jpg)

Democrats are supportive of blacks
Republicans are supportive of kkk

Not Racism.
Democrats want to defund the police.
Police side with 'wealthy' Republicans.

But Muh hate crimes!
Along comes the Conduct Patrols:

Police are racist because of crime stats.
Police are racist because due to funding.

Now which one is it that commits more crimes Eskimo Joe?

Hahaha I am playing the polgame now.

09e61725 No.3662230

File: 1657970826180.jpg (1.07 MB, 1920x1280, vegan-fox.jpg)

…And in other news, here's a picture of a fox eating a pumpkin.

0289a682 No.3662233

File: 1657975860206.png (536.78 KB, 1000x667, reply black whitehouse bri….png)


Its just a bot. Ignore it.

Whats the more interesting thing is that ChoOb allows a bot that makes racially themed death threats to operate freely.

0289a682 No.3662234

File: 1657976174814.jpg (32.94 KB, 680x432, 1657889258493.jpg)


You say such 'pants on the head' retarded shit that its difficult to respond. That image is what I think when I read your posts. You cry, you whine, but you have no basis in reality for what you post. You try desperately to get a rainbow to come out your ass but its always diarrhea.

I genuinely wish you were intelligent. I learn nothing by reading essentially political propaganda.

2965dd5c No.3662235


Bro. This is literally a paranoid delusion. Get some help or it's only going to keep getting worse for you.

0289a682 No.3662239

File: 1657987851816.jpg (90.54 KB, 589x611, google fu.JPG)

What was the penalty for treason again???

Biden telling Ukraine to sit down and shut up so President Elect Trump wont find out what Biden did.

This goes back to Hunters involvement in those energy companies and withholding 1Billion in military aid to Ukraine if the 'Prosecutor is not fired in six hours'

The very thing they tried to impeach President Trump with later on.


f712c419 No.3662241

He had to consult him after giving him all that money. Because he is instigating an oil-pledge for it.

The only thing possibly resourced from ukraine is swamp gas (aka naphtha gas) which they will be fracking by the payload.

The people are being seperated from mineral rights and being forced into indoctrinated camps (because of war not because of the Ukraine)

They are being forced and shaped into modernization where "it will likely fail" but the Fracking will already be in order, Americans will either keep their natural gas prospect overseas of Russia will take them. The war is on Ukraine. Not America.

As soon as BIDEN decides he thinks he can defend gas that he doesn't really have he will find out what it means to be like Ukraine. The laundering of money and munitions is going to bottom out the American Economy (standard recession and inflation). People DONT even feel the hit because of factory efficiency this day but as soon as they over-extend it the grocer's and supply chains from our own logistics will take such a hit there will be crime-flares and roaming mobs.

We are getting in over our heads being this cocky, and AMERICA needs to drop the expansion ideas and secure RENEWABLE ENERGY NOW. Before we fail to liberate ourselves from constant recession and IMMINENT warchoking.

The pumps and wells overseas and in the ocean are a PIPEDREAM and the only realistic option is to maintain trade-agreements while they are slowly captured from outside our grasp. We cannot keep everything the way it needs to be to sponsor a democracy without someone else directly owning it and accepting trades, anyway, the hypocrisy is to say we own their land. (Ukraine knows they are going to be taken by NATO, and that is their dying chance to remain independent) PUTIN will pursue taking mineral-resources for his own leverage, CHINA WILL THEN BUY IT ALL. And Then CHINA will establish itself as world ruler and unfortunately take TAIWAN in the very same (Ukraine type fiasco) Or it will be understoof what they are doing to themselves is foolish and they will handle it diplomatically. Knowing the breaks of their estates and maintaining a forced-compliance as not to breach a peace treaty. Then the USA will have to manage trade deals with all these countries and the world will stop the blood-rites for resourcing.

9cdb17c2 No.3662243

File: 1657996082049-0.webm (4.21 MB, 288x300, Rights-for-me-not-for-the….webm)

File: 1657996082049-1.png (211.2 KB, 444x422, rebelmouse.io.png)

Mormon guy is given 500 dollars to prank his pro-life mom by telling her he got a stripper pregnant.

It went exactly like you would expect.

9cdb17c2 No.3662246

File: 1657996547372-0.jpg (267.75 KB, 1299x1698, FG1XvHSXwAkKWyb.jpg)


Cho0b let conservatism fester on this board for so long without banning it that it has driven away all the normal people.

Just like the Republican party, he let them grow unchecked and like the cancer they are, it destroyed his work.

8a0968b5 No.3662251

Rich white conservatives are AGAINST abortions, dumbshit.

8a0968b5 No.3662252

File: 1658002803888.jpg (22.93 KB, 324x500, 41j2AEILyaL.jpg)

a8d5ad32 No.3662253

That's the point dumbshit. They're against it until it's personally inconvenient. Then suddenly this shameful crime beneath their undertaking becomes absolutely necessary.

9cdb17c2 No.3662260

File: 1658018566522-0.png (370.89 KB, 651x651, No-Right-to-travel.png)

File: 1658018566522-1.webm (3.15 MB, 480x270, American-Taliban.webm)

The GOP are trying to make it illegal to cross state lines to get an abortion. So it's state's right to make their own laws, as long as those laws are ones that the conservatives want.

Sounds a lot like Sharia Law to me.

9cdb17c2 No.3662262

File: 1658019909983.png (323.49 KB, 656x850, Rapist-rights-activists.png)

Friday a GOP senator proposed a nation wide ban on abortion, no exceptions for rape or incest and if the rapist isn't convicted, they can take the child and sue for child support.

As there is no age exception for the bill. This guarantees thousands of underage girls will be forced to give birth to a child only to have that child handed over to a child molester to be used as a live-in cock-sleeve.

Really makes you wonder why the GOP are fighting so hard to protect the rights of rapists and pedophiles.

8a0968b5 No.3662266

File: 1658022153399.jpeg (14.9 KB, 420x315, 9dfba6b556bf6510ceab088de….jpeg)

8a0968b5 No.3662267

File: 1658022176546.jpg (6.75 KB, 420x315, 8f15013203a654886ee22d39d1….jpg)

9cdb17c2 No.3662287

File: 1658037357964.png (353.24 KB, 500x497, nobody-panics-when-things-….png)

Az Republicans have changed the law so that teachers are no longer to have a college degree to teach.

So, yeah, just let anyone teach kids! Come on in pedophiles! Are you taking a night class in basket weaving at your local community college!? Well that's good enough to let you have an all you can molest buffet in Arizona!

Republicans want to make it easier for pedophiles to molest kids so they can force those pregnant girls to have rape babies! It's all part of the plan!


de33817b No.3662350

Colleges do the same thing. You either have to have a degree, or good credentials. Just because you have a master's in mathmatics doesn't make you not a pedophile.

2d6c14af No.3662352

France does the same. 2 days of interviews and tests and off you go teaching in school.

Protip: we are as socialist as it gets.

d340872a No.3662410


Give me one good reason why a college degree is necessary to teach children.

9cdb17c2 No.3662416

File: 1658059011279.jpg (48.64 KB, 640x501, FXChOBNWQAUQLD3.jpg)


No, you're missing the point. Under this law you don't even need to have graduated high school.
No GED, no certification, no oversight of any kind.

You can take a totally meaningless class like drawing or bible studies at a local community college and that is all the qualifications you need to open your own private school in Az because you are legally, "in college".

Between this law and the "Universal voucher" system, in Az literally anyone can be qualified to be a teacher and be paid our tax dollars to teach what ever the hell they want.

They could teach that the universe is a computer simulation or that Satan is the real God and to graduate you need to murder a house cat and it wouldn't matter under Az law.

They would still get our tax dollars and be handed kids to molest every year.

9cdb17c2 No.3662417

File: 1658059071119.jpg (100.2 KB, 716x690, FXbR9cRWYAAMDNm.jpg)

>Give me one good reason why a college degree is necessary to teach children.

So that people like you aren't allowed to exist in society.

d340872a No.3662433


>He graduated from Texas A&M University in College Station in 1954

>a third-generation graduate of Harvard University

> In 1986, Santorum received a J.D. degree with honors from Dickinson School of Law.

>a Master of Arts in geology from Ball State University in 1975

>Bachelor of Arts degree from University of Texas at Austin.

>He studied liberal arts at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia and Pasadena City College

9cdb17c2 No.3662440


I know, right? It's amazing how conservatism ruins otherwise intelligent people. It's a shame what brain rot can do.

2d6c14af No.3662483

Funny citations, especialy the one about God.

If a woman get raped and pregnant and then aborts her baby, it is also something God intended to happen.

9cdb17c2 No.3662486

File: 1658085635154-0.jpg (466.75 KB, 2732x2048, FWGKqqeUAAEO3R2.jpg)

File: 1658085635154-1.jpg (239.82 KB, 1876x1044, FWHaF6tUAAACUlE.jpg)


Yeah, there is no bottom to the stupid barrel with Republicans.

I don't recall the name of the guy but there was a Republican senator at a hearing on the heart beat bill why doctors couldn't make a pill with a camera in it that women could swallow and the doctor could use it to show her the fetus in the womb.

Let that sink in for a moment.

9cdb17c2 No.3662487

File: 1658085785061-0.png (47.7 KB, 725x481, Why-are-you.png)

File: 1658085785061-1.png (508.4 KB, 724x748, learning-things-are-scary.png)

Right now, today, Republicans are crusading on social media to get congress to pass legislation to shut down National Public Radio (NPR) by pulling all its funding.

Why? Because they are upset that the NPR disinformation review board labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story as unimportant.

9cdb17c2 No.3662493

File: 1658090278886.jpg (85.79 KB, 1045x1018, FUQGNJIXEAEmOG5.jpg)

It dawned on me how stupid and ignorant the conservatives are on this board so I thought I should ask to make sure at least one of you gets the point…

What is wrong with the idea of dumb ass conservatives demanding congress shut down NPR by pulling the funding?

Why is it stupid? Are any of you smart enough to see what the problem is?

I remain hopeful there is some small spark of common sense in you, show us you're not completely empty headed!

You can do it!
I believe in you!
You can figure it out!

d340872a No.3662498


>Because they are upset that the NPR disinformation review board labeled the Hunter Biden laptop story as unimportant.

Are you not?

9c459e6b No.3662507

File: 1658113748348.jpg (41.04 KB, 800x419, pelosi-NPR.jpg)

I'm a long-time NPR listener, and I have no problem with most of their cultural and arts programming. It's their so-called news reporting that has gotten so incredibly biased that it's impossible to deny anymore. They were always left-leaning, sure, but now they are pretty much nothing but paid liars for the far-left Marxists that presently run the Democrat party.

But I agree that cutting NPR's funding wouldn't be a good idea. What needs to happen is a Congressional investigation into the large scale failures of NPR to report on the influence peddling crimes of the Biden family, the failures of Nancy Pelosi to do anything on 1/6/21, and the obvious corruption in the Justice Department for example. This will be happening after the crushing defeat of the dems coming up in November.

This will show that the present directors of NPR need to be removed, and a lot of their staff should be gutted. The threat to remove funding has happened before. Last time they made some "major editorial changes" to save their jobs.

NPR is in even worse shape now. Their funding is down by 15%, they have a hiring freeze, 25% pay cuts, and travel restrictions due to their failing management and Marxist news department They may just fall apart with no help from the outside.

f712c419 No.3662508

File: 1658113872494.png (743.86 KB, 611x665, deluxeversion.png)

You and me, we have plans…me and this empty world…we'll have it made.

9cdb17c2 No.3662578

File: 1658168808217.png (211 KB, 717x607, Opera Snapshot_2022-07-18_….png)


Seriously? You really think the Democratic party runs NPR?

If you think that, why did the Democrats cut the funding to it? If it's working for them, why cut it?

9cdb17c2 No.3662606

File: 1658180882797-0.png (479.46 KB, 721x655, fucking-furries.png)

File: 1658180882797-1.jpg (1.51 MB, 4032x2268, FX7_fJZacAAn2hP.jpg)

File: 1658180882797-2.jpg (1.48 MB, 4032x2268, FX7_i4yakAA517v.jpg)

File: 1658180882797-3.jpg (1.17 MB, 2268x4032, FX7_dU0aIAAMyGG.jpg)

How mad you conservatives must be about all the gay furies coming out in public.

ab9dcd53 No.3662608

>Seriously? You really think the Democratic party runs NPR?
Quote the part of their post where you think they said that.

9cdb17c2 No.3662610

>Quote the part of their post where you think they said that.

>They were always left-leaning, sure, but now they are pretty much nothing but paid liars for the far-left Marxists that presently run the Democrat party.

392afd0a No.3662616

File: 1658190112558.jpg (30.52 KB, 506x422, npr.JPG)

>paid liars for the far-left Marxists that presently run the Democrat party.

Its a complete mystery

392afd0a No.3662617

File: 1658190219435.jpg (53.35 KB, 503x475, npr.JPG)


NPRs own reporters blasts NPR.

9cdb17c2 No.3662622

File: 1658198089905.png (54.26 KB, 723x465, taxevasion.png)


The reporter in question said that NPR was wrong for calling it "not a real story" because the laptop could have evidence of tax evasion on it.

She knows how readers are foaming at the mouth for hot tax accounting news!

9cdb17c2 No.3662623

File: 1658198362938.jpg (283.9 KB, 2780x2166, FX8IQbzWQAETMjd.jpg)


I know you're mad because reality has a left leaning bias but you still do understand that the the Democrats don't run NPR, right? NPR is not a branch of the government. It's a private company.

You get that right?

241018db No.3662691

Wrong, incorrect.

241018db No.3662692


241018db No.3662740

May the sweet sound of aluminum ball bats on commie skull, reverberate across this great land.

9cdb17c2 No.3662760

File: 1658264653624-0.png (343.83 KB, 722x583, London-is-burning.png)

File: 1658264653624-1.png (178.72 KB, 722x609, Massive-Heatwave.png)

File: 1658264653624-2.png (437.29 KB, 726x851, missing-water.png)

So, London is on fire, half the world is burning up with 100+ degree heat, rivers are evaporating and conservatives are on twitter saying it's all a conspiracy!

I guess the global elites are burning everything down, draining lakes and rivers around the globe with Jewish space lasers and all to justify funding for scientists continuing to do studies they have been doing for over 60 years?

Logical, right?

406b7ddf No.3662764

The world actually is done for, the pollution is too bad. The waters are too soft, you need to import oceanic waters inland. Yet they will try to decry not converting to technocars using electricity, they didnt listen and its too late.

406b7ddf No.3662765

It really shows full circle that humanity is too STUPID to know how to protect its own planet.

2ce7a714 No.3662766

File: 1658269737603.jpg (322.31 KB, 1024x660, eaters.jpg)


There is nothing unusual going on here. The planet has been warmer than this….but without humanity. Adapt. Its that simple.

If you are really concerned about all this and consider it a problem, then get rid of the useless eaters….Africa, Asia and South America. Overpopulation is the root cause of every major problem you care to name. These areas produce the vast majority of every kind of pollution from CO2 to plastics and deforest the land to barren desert.

406b7ddf No.3662768

but yes also space lasers

406b7ddf No.3662769

Africa actually is not useless with the amount of oceanic coasts it has and the same for South America each a veritable lush country for exotic renewable materials.

Asia is a large swath of valuable land that can be exploited to take care of the world's population 10x over.

2ce7a714 No.3662774

File: 1658276400962.png (813.72 KB, 1259x1279, reply come here.png)