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9060ee3f No.3660733

So… yeah… Google used it's quantum computer to build a time crystal. It's a new kind of matter which oscillates between two states through time in weird and yet to be fully understood ways but scientists are jizzing their pants over it because it could take computing power to a whole new level.

Get ready for A.I. to take over!



46cc4ca5 No.3660734

a time crystal…with a timer for when its TIME.
you will know its -time- when you hear the chime.
Edge on this crystal while it countsdown to the bustybust. Only 50 space bux a pop.

"Time crystal…oh…you'll know the time."

b010ffeb No.3660736

Antimatter Relays. What now scientists.

f592fa62 No.3660738

Wasn't "Physics Girl" associated with Terry Davis or some shit?

cfefaa47 No.3660740

File: 1656304700414.jpg (209.38 KB, 1280x895, Bolt_and_Friends.jpg)

It's always those who hate themselves the most, and hate those better (in some or all ways) than themselves, who support and get excited over the destruction/"replacement" of natural life on this planet.

They don't care that it will kill/destroy them as well, just as long as others get killed/destroyed along with them.

cfefaa47 No.3660741

Also - these kinds of threads are simply SPAM/POL/Propaganda/Temperature checks disguised as "news".

Trust a broken press-enter bot like OP to post BS like this.

46cc4ca5 No.3660747

temperature check with a big bone…#thatwasawarmup

9c83ea24 No.3660787

File: 1656357012496.webm (5.22 MB, 614x540, unicorn-sandwitch.webm)


Science is only political if you are so stupid that you can only think of science is an unfathomable conspiracy.

cfefaa47 No.3660803

File: 1656378338480.jpg (609.3 KB, 1920x1280, SIENSE.jpg)

Nice comeback, drone. #PregnantManEmoji #TrustTheScience #WeLoveFauci #DrBillGates #BidenIsMyPresident 🌈 🦄 🏳️‍🌈 💉

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