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9c9bfa7f No.3660957

Well because of Vax mandates,masks requirements that only furry cons institute. Who's ghosting anthrocon this weekend? I know I'll be.

716aff0f No.3660958

>going to furry conventions

Enjoy your AIDS and monkeypox

c302b3d6 No.3660964

I quit going to cons after Morphicon died. It wasn't even that great of a con tbh

9c9bfa7f No.3660965

File: 1656473055869.png (22.4 KB, 200x200, 1640815674618.png)

Turn your TV off faggot.

All I'm Gonna do is wander the westin, bump n grind on a suiter and snatch their badge. By the time they realized its missing. Ill be doing anthrcon flor free while the suiter pays for a replacement badge. Those dorki irretards don't check names on badges.

716aff0f No.3660967

>bump n grind on a suiter

Monkeypox is spread by contact, that includes fabrics that come into contact with pozzed faggots

9c9bfa7f No.3660972

File: 1656474432623.jpg (70.84 KB, 829x1200, C-nIr6YXsAAySM8.jpg)

Did the TV tell you that? How many boosters did you get?

e478049e No.3660977

File: 1656474866152.jpg (413.3 KB, 480x640, 1628215903.aufphone_img_20….jpg)

Will Aufy be debuting his Bimbo costume at AC?

c302b3d6 No.3660979

all 32 boosters brah, one for each year I didn't get one as a kid! I'm all vaccined up an invinci *blah* throws up and has convulsions.


9c9bfa7f No.3660980

That video gave me aids

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