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d7c9938a No.3661165

Literally top pandemic hero

8496c6e3 No.3661167

Is this a /pol/ thread out of quarantine?

8496c6e3 No.3661181

File: 1656689442514.jpg (21.66 KB, 234x328, wN4-GfgeqBYTGJt2utMYPWqNqr….jpg)

No one gives a fuck about the political opinions of a delusional retard who thinks he's the dog from a forgettable Disney movie

It's like if Dennis here wanted to run for president on a platform of tranny and otherkin rights while also ranting about how the Jews are oppressing feline-americans

eeda7b8b No.3661188

>damage control now give me boobies

cf51dcc4 No.3661209

File: 1656715372603.jpg (20.62 KB, 320x346, e3061f00887291f26a9c342174….jpg)

Does the medication by your doctor is also part of the conspiracy that you decided to ditch it?

97f9816e No.3661242

the roughest 48/49 I've seen in a while

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