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139a8db9 No.3661373

Happy 4th of July. Hopefully there will be another one.

2192a132 No.3661382

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Dog Bless Amurrica

d50eedc2 No.3661385

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e0fcdf99 No.3661395

File: 1656955841387-0.jpg (49.78 KB, 543x676, america what went wrong.jpg)

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>Hopefully there will be another one

Not if the left has anything to say about it.

7af3e8e0 No.3661396

File: 1656956788138.jpg (38.61 KB, 590x350, Poo-580290.jpg)

I only lasted 3 hours at my mcdonalds job as a teen, cause some assfuck smeared his shit all over everything, and I was not going to clean it up for 5 dollars an hour.

c60afc73 No.3661447

All three of those images are fucked up, unless underfed women that look like young boys (including masculanized muscles abs) is your thing.

f716ac64 No.3661498


If Trump gets re-elected (which I believe he will) , His presidency will be the last.

And frankly, good riddance. Then we can also finally pull the US sponsored economical rug under Israel away , which is the only thing keeping that Molok standing.

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