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Ok, since the other Christmas thread is another Steam ruse, I'm making a thread that won't get deleted.
I know, what a spoilsport I am. Deal with it
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File: 1671219537702-0.jpg (373.43 KB, 825x1280, 2116207_chunie_178_chunie_….jpg)

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>>3664192 chunie_krampus_2019

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File: 1671346802364.png (251 KB, 920x1263, 2538937_Frostbite80_kenni.png)

Merry fucking Christmas.

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File: 1671377790298.jpg (106.88 KB, 1024x768, f34f222e-93d4-41be-bc0c-c5….jpg)

Giant Panda fucking his mouth with a Crucifix.

For all you sex perverts out there to fap to who want to spread your vile deeds among other species also.

4f9d9426 No.3683056

File: 1671388935942.png (731.79 KB, 1280x1024, 1026044_Hladilnick_donkkra….png)

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File: 1671393658065.jpg (305.7 KB, 1030x1280, 1450896484.zen_krampus1.jpg)

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File: 1671399036654.jpg (346.28 KB, 1024x1024, 1670799017.sixthleafclover….jpg)

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File: 1671421924481.webm (3.51 MB, 1920x1080, xvi9.webm)

I LOVE casting spells into YOUR NIGHTMARES!

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File: 1671443069277-4.jpg (456.35 KB, 1200x917, 130450074853.jpg)

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File: 1671443122177-4.jpg (446.38 KB, 1200x917, 130594075796.jpg)

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File: 1671443202992-0.jpg (450.22 KB, 1200x917, 130618680959.jpg)

File: 1671443202992-1.jpg (504.46 KB, 1200x917, 130733870284.jpg)

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File: 1671479651987.jpg (190.72 KB, 1125x1500, 89c92f03a1fde23301dc5f92dd….jpg)

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File: 1671543154399.gif (804.94 KB, 408x395, 57cbbedf107558f2a1dc556579….gif)

>that artist

c1a3ca93 No.3683574

File: 1671549971484.jpg (508.59 KB, 917x1100, 1609016871.personalami_ami….jpg)

Bernal owns the site, but that art is the work of Wolfy-Nail.

f27cadb3 No.3683579

Didn't Jeremy Bernal threaten to sue Choob if any art featured on SexyFur was posted here?

c1a3ca93 No.3683628

File: 1671573644485.png (1.73 MB, 1061x1500, 1575560459.vader-san_kramp….png)

Yes. On old lulz, there was a rule that forbade the posting of SexyFur content. The only explicit rule. I guess it didn't carry over, because Bernal doesn't care about us anymore? Something like that. Honestly can't remember the details.

a06f4ede No.3683635

File: 1671574827979.jpg (195.01 KB, 618x800, 550660 - Christmas Reindee….jpg)

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File: 1671576328139.jpg (219.98 KB, 900x675, 1198387199.netherwulf_holi….jpg)

feeling old?

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File: 1671604191840-0.jpg (174.12 KB, 1280x1023, 1418565433.gorshdolderan_u….jpg)

File: 1671604191840-1.jpg (328.75 KB, 1260x1260, 1419446013.vanttalon_vant_….jpg)

File: 1671604191840-2.jpg (145.98 KB, 904x1280, 1418609659.ldr_xmas14.jpg)

File: 1671604191840-3.jpg (144.85 KB, 904x1280, 1419497090.ldr_xmas14n.jpg)

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File: 1671604289885-0.jpg (203.31 KB, 1280x905, 1419427688.frazzle_sr-sk_n….jpg)

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File: 1671662502976.jpg (197.76 KB, 2160x2160, dreamscreep_c2fa2223-dfb2-….jpg)

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File: 1671688449956-0.png (488.93 KB, 720x844, OtFBNBb.png)

File: 1671688449957-1.png (535.05 KB, 840x545, xc6vHpP.png)

File: 1671688449957-2.jpg (181.63 KB, 1268x1232, iSmZWeJ.jpg)

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File: 1671743016774.jpg (103.17 KB, 1200x1200, MiniFeru_ychassfeetcolorge….jpg)

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File: 1671937679405.png (3.98 MB, 2304x1599, 1671936151.otakuap_sleepy_….png)

Merry Christmas and all that stuff. <3

7b00b0a9 No.3684109

File: 1671937698878-0.jpg (232.1 KB, 1182x1749, 1671936501.fivers11_a1a4aa….jpg)

File: 1671937698878-1.png (794.24 KB, 1392x1403, 1671932151.pastelkoala_roc….png)

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File: 1671937736724-0.png (3.57 MB, 1578x1546, 1671933829.digitoxici_xmas….png)

File: 1671937736724-1.png (1.28 MB, 1200x938, 1671936398.ragnarokdragon_….png)

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File: 1671950238046.png (877.22 KB, 1500x1200, 1671931608.drako1997_deand….png)

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File: 1671957763263.gif (6.88 MB, 800x1422, 52556-1626713375-139287419….gif)

c1a3ca93 No.3684133

File: 1671976558690.jpg (185.92 KB, 1020x748, DuPhySnUcAApZYK.jpg)

Merry Christmas!

e84f55c3 No.3684193

File: 1672006139449.jpg (8.16 KB, 259x194, index.jpg)

7e5cdd50 No.3684194

Hope you all got watchu wanted ;3

a06f4ede No.3684200

File: 1672009852877.png (20.65 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

wompas points at you

a06f4ede No.3684202

File: 1672009996392.png (20.24 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


2d516489 No.3684205

File: 1672010089569.png (158.46 KB, 512x512, sticker_webp.png)

Are you the oekaki guy? The guy who drew a fox for me once?

a06f4ede No.3684206

File: 1672010428190.png (30.94 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


a06f4ede No.3684210

File: 1672011033450.png (30.26 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

6e3ecdd7 No.3684219

File: 1672014787465.png (624.43 KB, 900x1017, Mill.png)


All I got was someone bought me breakfast.

An I don't know who because they wrote from santa on the box.

But at my age its still surprising to get anything at all.

6e3ecdd7 No.3684221

File: 1672016108558.png (1.07 MB, 997x1280, 772.png)

Maybe I'll get more idk… Usually I get any gifts several days after xmas. For years now I stopped going to xmas/thanksgiving parties to avoid getting sick. So people bring me stuff whenever they get around to it.

Its easy to feel guilty for not going, but they really do get sick every year since they have so many young children.

2d516489 No.3684222

File: 1672016148320.png (213.95 KB, 512x512, sticker3_webp.png)

38222102 No.3684247

File: 1672026513236.png (632.61 KB, 789x561, Krampus-Cyraxx.png)

Merry Raxxmas to you all courtesy of Lil' Minkers.

a06f4ede No.3684259

File: 1672039320194.png (346.01 KB, 1200x1600, story of a man and vixen d….png)

a06f4ede No.3684260

02b9a9f7 No.3684267

Sexy reindeer wolf thingy.

4f9d9426 No.3684346

File: 1672143133847.png (2.09 MB, 1587x2244, 3853068_Lambent64_krampus.png)

7d87d392 No.3684510

File: 1672289584033.jpg (70.81 KB, 800x1000, EA4k1JTUIAEqAl6.jpg)

Yep that's the one :3

Man I like your sketches so much.

c1a3ca93 No.3684633

File: 1672359884642.jpg (158.35 KB, 750x241, 2017-12-25.jpg)

So, what did you get for Christmas? I got a stomach bug.

1e92542c No.3684700

File: 1672424201566.jpg (112.88 KB, 920x633, SideB_christmas_2022.jpg)

> I got a stomach bug.
Sorry to hear that. For Christmas I discovered the feral cat that lives in my backyard, and that I've been feeding, is pregnant. Just what I don't need, kittens. :(

c1a3ca93 No.3684726

File: 1672444774737.png (2.94 MB, 1735x2123, 1672418894.the-minuscule-t….png)

Y'know, once you feed a stray cat, it instantly becomes your pet. I didn't make the rule.

d4cd2245 No.3684762

File: 1672491373492.jpg (94.93 KB, 988x1280, 1560163699993.jpg)

c1a3ca93 No.3684793

File: 1672535909617-0.png (1.8 MB, 1101x1200, 1672094571.naexus_z262.png)

File: 1672535909617-1.png (1.89 MB, 1101x1200, 5a0697be659bead223e35dc705….png)

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