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steam hasn't posted in a week…mental hospital, jail or death?

1289f496 No.3672666

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He'll be back.

4064cbff No.3673098

File: 1667552179580.gif (140.73 KB, 400x225, Reading.gif)

Funny, all his posts that were here vanished

11ea202c No.3673102

That's Steam's modis operandi. He drunkposts then sometimes deletes them when he sobers up.

ae4fda61 No.3673110

File: 1667578966511.png (565.22 KB, 1200x704, imbusy.png)

When I'm drunk I go on long winded rants with details that are completely irrelevant.

Long story short, I've been busy with college, applying for internships, and applying to work as a tutor/staff guy for summer learning camps. Yesterday was the first time in over a week that I've drank, and I rarely post here when I'm sober.

20c28fa6 No.3673114

File: 1667580697409.png (519.79 KB, 876x900, Smug_rarity.png)


" irrelevant"

Uh huh. It sure didn't look irrelevant. It looked like detailed account of absolutely everything you've spent the week doing.

ae4fda61 No.3673130

like I said, irrelevant details.

The only thing that really mattered with my giant rant was why I wanted to work one learning camp in particular, reading and writing. I had a hard time getting started with reading and language in general growing up, and I went to one of those camps. I feel that even beyond getting that juicy scholarship, I kinda want to give back and help some poor kids who are falling between the cracks of poor public education.

ae4fda61 No.3673134

File: 1667590720884.jpg (387.51 KB, 1956x1526, Husk_Cheats.jpg)

really though, the only way I'll get picked to be a tutor or counselor for that program is if literally no one else applies. Its not that I'm not qualified, even over qualified, and I've already passed the background check that would let me work around minors, I just don't look the part. IRL I come off as more as a sharp dressed used car salesman with 40 hookers frozen in his basement, than a nurturing soul who wants to spread the joy of reading to impoverished kids.

20c28fa6 No.3673135

File: 1667590735828.jpg (157.17 KB, 718x900, tumblr-artguydis-186598470….jpg)


What if its not education's fault but the parents? And the parents won't own up to being at fault. And they'll try to cancel you if you put the blame on them?

20c28fa6 No.3673137

File: 1667591199209.jpg (82.33 KB, 791x900, deviantart-CyanLightning-8….jpg)

What if…. single parent house holds are why the kids are failing.

How's a child psychologist going to fix that?

0e063a83 No.3673149

> That's Steam's modis operandi. He drunkposts then sometimes deletes them when he sobers up
On a tangential note, the "Steam should be banned" thread has been deleted. Someone must have tried Steam's old deletion password. At least that proves Steam himself created that thread.

ae4fda61 No.3673150

File: 1667593824988.png (480.57 KB, 722x720, 106af7594fca2d4c630cfaf8dc….png)

its a cyclic system. The parents may not know how, or want to help the child learn how to read and write or even speak. The average poor child is exposed to a far narrower spectrum of language than more entitled children. Then the parents pass the responsibility onto the education system, which usually does not pick up the slack, and have CPS try to educate the parents on how to deal with teaching their kids that stuff, and then the cycle ususally continues.

Its a sad affair, but government funded summer learning camps do help occasionally.

I'm not a child psychologist, or a child anything. I'm an electrical engineer in school to be a drug addiction psychologist/social worker. Regardless, my classes do trespass into the realm of developmental psychology and and apparently its a social worker's ethical responsibility to keep expanding their education and awareness.

Single parent households are a problem, especially if the single parent doesn't have a job that can support them, provide child care while they're away, and provide the funds to actually feed their kids 3 meals a day. A lot of kids are left stranded since our current education system is based on the idea that you have two care givers, a stable home life, and a youth's only concern is going to school and doing homework. Considering that more than 50% of whites don't meet that standard, and even more minorities are faring fare worse, it creates a problem. Plus right now as a nation we are having trouble keeping teachers. Recent policies and the whole COVID thing has made a lot of teachers switch careers, leading to a teacher shortage, which means more students per teacher, and less focus on the individual rather than the general goal.

The common core doesn't help. I've taken several advanced mathematics courses, and I struggle to wrap my head around even how basic multiplication is done in common core. So even if parents wanted to help, they probably can't without undermining what is being taught in class.

ae4fda61 No.3673156

that early exposure to language is important btw. Its why Asian people have difficulty with the English "r" sound, and why its woefully hard to learn an Asian language later in life when you primarily speak an English or romance language. Neuro pathways are all over the place in babies and young children, but they get culled as they age, which limits them to the language they're exposed to early on.

Its one of the reason we have the "Head Start" program for poor young children. Some of that damage can be slightly countered if you have educated adults read to them and expose them to more stimuli than they would be at home. It also helps with socialization if you have a situation like what I went through where the child is left alone for long periods and not interacted with by the parents enough.

ae4fda61 No.3673161

File: 1667595202048.jpg (35.58 KB, 400x400, 3wkaixfcozuq.jpg)

I was actually saved from that cycle by a now long dead tutor Mrs Santanito. She was a former one room school house teacher, incredibly intense, borderline abusive, but she pounded all the reading and writing essentials into me. My parents were poor and wouldn't read a book if you held them at gunpoint to do so, but my dad was an electrician so we could afford her rate of 30$ a month for weekend tutoring, she was retired but her husband had alzhimer's and they needed every penny they could get. Not many poor struggling kids have that boon of an opportunity.

She was one of those cruel evil teachers who you hate at the time but love later. Within 6 months she got me from being limited to the kindergarten section of the school library, to finishing Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone. You can thank her for every well structured shitpost I drop.

Its actually for this reason that I don't want anything to do with working with children as a career. Its all soft fluffy kidgloves now, and imo some kids need a good cruel hand dunking them into the reality of academia to get them on the right track. Not advocating for physical violence, I'm being metaphorical. Still, kids are such a thorny patchwork mess of policies and opinions to navigate. I much prefer working with adults, and doubly prefer working with addicts.

I agree largely with the opinions on the problems of social welfare, but I have problematic views on how to deal with them.

20c28fa6 No.3673166

File: 1667596010961.gif (88.25 KB, 720x720, Rarity_clopping_but_not_li….gif)

"The common core "

How is that trash still here?

ae4fda61 No.3673175

who fucking knows, its more of a disaster than NCLB

ae4fda61 No.3673191

File: 1667598576422.jpg (48.53 KB, 450x571, butthurt.jpg)

The second anyone knows how to deal with common core, I'd love to know, because its complicated enough as a basic multiplication and division issue.

When you get into quantum mechanics, applying it becomes very butt hurt for me.

I dropped out of the science field when the common core started dropping in and I had no idea what was going on.

ae4fda61 No.3673193

They didn't explain it to us going into advanced math, they just said that we should have learned it in high school. Which was less than helpful in 2021.

ae4fda61 No.3673194

or the last time I attended high school, in 2016.

5333ecbc No.3673232

assimilate bacon

ae4fda61 No.3673245

File: 1667605336178.gif (3.16 MB, 496x498, stolas-stolas-helluva-boss.gif)

also lol, this girl I asked out in college years ago ended up using me to get ot my brother, where she broke up with me and started going out with him. She turned into a totally psycho wad, and they broke up, but because me and my brother are good guys he brought her here and I used my truck to bring all her crap to a temp house under "betsy mills"

I gave her a few things I wasn't using like an air mattress, a few stored pillows, and a comforter that I abandoned years ago. She tried to hit on me and I was like "you had your chance and you picked the wrong brother. I don't like gold diggers.

She's essentially homeless now but I said if it gets bad I'll help her out, but I limited her to 100$ if she needed emergency support. My brother just went back to his studies, now I have her messaging me every few minutes.

I'm generous, but not generous enough to fall for the same think my brother did. I'm not looking at her as a dating aspect anymore, rather than something to pity.

ae4fda61 No.3673248

luckily for her all my shit it protected against bed bed bugs, so for the next few months, besides the frost, she'll only have to worrry about fleas.

Her parents want nothing to do with her.

Oh my how the high fall.

ae4fda61 No.3673249

File: 1667605850964.png (765.7 KB, 960x960, a59a68d8a24a9640bffd678791….png)

She asked me out when we were unloading her stuff and I was like
"you had your chance" sulk in it, find someone else who thinks your obese ass is cute again. She started taking meds and went from being a cute lithe girl to an obese land whale.

20c28fa6 No.3673284

File: 1667610725874.jpg (108.54 KB, 1200x954, Pro_Gamer_save_scummer.jpg)


So how come your bragging about this?

21abcd16 No.3673299

> luckily for her all my shit it protected against bed bed bugs
And how did you accomplish that? Bed bugs are notoriously hard to control.

ae4fda61 No.3673300

File: 1667616395890.png (357.08 KB, 960x981, detv2xj-a8427332-11ea-41bb….png)

Why not? Im always improving the distance that I have between what I consider to be lesser and what I consider to be worthy.

Its not that I hate hate the poor, I just hate all the things that come from it. I don't like to be reminded of my own childhood.

Arguing on the front lawn, or even up and down the street showcasing the whole thing like if you left the front door I would hear it. Fathers' breaking their hands flattening them while mother's dodged and resulted in crushed bones and lost wages for a week. Drinking and screaming for an apocalypse that never happened.

I hate the poor and all the misinformation and catastrophic horrors that follow children into poverty. As batman put it, I may not be the hero people want, but I'm the hero people deserve.

ae4fda61 No.3673305

mothers daring husbands to strike them while doing everything that would biologically cause a person to strike out just to abuse the judicial system, causing the husband to hit them or punch a wall flattening their fists to the point that they're disabled.
Children crying on baby monitors so long that other parents look for them on the streets, the youth so used to rape that it just seems like a thing that happens and they're ok with that.

Going outside trying to find the source of a baby who is crying only to find a family living in a one room motels who believes that letting a baby deal with its own needs and cry it out is appropriate. Its all criminal and I despise it, but there is only so much I can do.

I hate poverty, I hate the culture of poverty, I hate those who perpetuate poverty. I am a whirling cyclone of hatred. That wind includes holding down people with SUDs and forcing them to do what is right with a judiciary fist.

ae4fda61 No.3673308

File: 1667617512270.jpg (118.58 KB, 392x640, 3100998-bm&r_23-2-owls_r28….jpg)

I actually like to think that the court system has both the right and obligation to eat up those who don't comply.

I just disagree with what the jail system does after that. I personally believe that the system should be focused on rehabilitation and education, not punishment. Some deserve punishment, but most people in the system are just misguided.

20c28fa6 No.3673309

File: 1667617756306.jpg (692.73 KB, 1476x1474, Akuma.Homura.full.2123706.jpg)

Are you sure you should be trying to help people when you got so much rage and bitterness inside?

ae4fda61 No.3673311

I have a fairly advanced theft prevention system on my house, and someone tried to break in, and we tracked them down.

I don't know what would have caused a person to try to break into a house with obvious cameras and a goddamed german shepherd roaming the halls, but someone tried.

I didn't even try to sue him, you can only milk so much blood from a rock, and argued that he should go into rehab instead of me being vindictive, he didn't even get past the window after all.

He managed to be so obscene that he was kicked out intensive outpatient care, covered by his medicaid, and went into jail instead.

I just don't understand some people.

ae4fda61 No.3673313

File: 1667618282485.jpg (85.82 KB, 561x561, ab67706c0000bebbfe6299e20f….jpg)

people relate to that rage and bitterness. It actually makes me a better at my job, as long as it isn't overwhelming. The key is finding a balance between my hatred and my understanding of the individual.

20c28fa6 No.3673315

File: 1667618505278.png (313.11 KB, 564x344, Homura-Akemi-puella-magi-m….png)

How so? I never related to rage and bitterness.


e411704e No.3673316

Are you drunk right now?

ae4fda61 No.3673317

social welfare is constantly under an onslaught of attacks by bean counters, there is a certain level of hatred and snide relation that exists between people like us and entities of the government that funds us. Im slowly beginning to regrat being a Trump supporting MAGA douche.

20c28fa6 No.3673318

File: 1667618594166.jpg (48.33 KB, 512x288, 45.jpg)


Of course welfare is under attack. If more people draw from it than work society collapses.

ae4fda61 No.3673319

I'm getting there but still coherent for an hour or two.

20c28fa6 No.3673320

File: 1667618679724.jpg (209.87 KB, 1549x2923, 112128.jpg)


And I would count on all welfare, retirement, etc being cut in the next 30 years.

What with the massive debt.

ae4fda61 No.3673321

Im more concerned with Social Security than welfare benefits, we're only barely securing social security as it is, the drive to let illegals pull from it is just problematic in general.

21abcd16 No.3673322

> Are you sure you should be trying to help people when you got so much rage and bitterness inside?
I'd just like to point out that psychologists have the second highest suicide rate among all professionals. It seems that people who have struggled with issues are drawn to helping others overcome similar problems.

20c28fa6 No.3673323

File: 1667618917133.gif (757.62 KB, 245x245, Homura-Madoka-puella-magi-….gif)

I wouldn't be surprised.

People always told me that a crazy shouldn't try to help crazies become normal.

ae4fda61 No.3673325

Social security is normally only available to those who pay into it. So its not like if you just show up at 65 you suddenly get SS benefits, disability is different than that.

I'm in support of america pushing out green cards by the barrel full, a lot of illegals fufilff a function of our economy that is required and is none the less ignored . We need illegals to harvest crops, its a fact, almost no American citizen would subject themselves to the cruelty and poor living conditions that harvesters endure.

20c28fa6 No.3673326

File: 1667619290854.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1080, 656665.jpg)

Sometimes even the idea that a person can fix another seems more like egomania than anything else.

And you can leave someone worse than how you found them.

Or they can adopt destructive beliefs that you have and then you be like "Damn, I fuck up his life".

ae4fda61 No.3673327

File: 1667619342850.jpg (814.22 KB, 828x1792, 971274.jpg)

normal is subjective.

ae4fda61 No.3673328

File: 1667619547029.jpg (44.27 KB, 400x310, tumblr_ed2521e0f8799683501….jpg)

I've been found by all legal entities involved to be "normal." I don't know how normal that is accurately, but it figts an apparent criteria of not scooping out eyeballs and being relatively in check.

20c28fa6 No.3673329

File: 1667619649043.jpg (899.9 KB, 1920x1080, Grave.jpg)

Guys I help usually end up refusing to have relationships with women. Because I don't like girls and I think it rubs off on them.

And them not having girlfriends means them never having families. And thats not want I want for them.

20c28fa6 No.3673332

File: 1667619779082.gif (657.22 KB, 640x358, homura-akemi.gif)


I know I'm not wrong for thinking girls are a liability with the current courts and everything.

But still its sad seeing things end up this way and it may be my fault.

bfcdead4 No.3673333

File: 1667619838239.gif (377.77 KB, 498x382, joker-animated.gif)

>As batman put it, I may not be the hero people want, but I'm the hero people deserve.

Hero? HERO? He just said that. You seriously just said that.
BWAHAHAHAAAA Wow That's hysterical.

ae4fda61 No.3673334

File: 1667620550744.jpg (134.89 KB, 1200x675, redhoodexplained-blogroll-….jpg)

I try to be the hero, I work to accumulate dollars, grants, and subsidies that the average low income person could receive. In some cases I am a hero.

In other cases I'm the villian, it all depends on the situation, what I have to work with, and what the government wants.

I know I can be the villain or the hero depending on the situation, and the perspective. I just like to do the hero job when I can.

20c28fa6 No.3673335

File: 1667620953943.gif (981.69 KB, 500x264, Idiot.gif)


I prefer to be the villain. But just because I'm the villain doesn't mean I have to do anything bad.

It means I can do anything I want to do without what I am changing.

Plus how boring it is being the hero in your own story? Thats the same book everyone else is reading. Bah, conformists.

ae4fda61 No.3673338

File: 1667621217484.jpg (142.98 KB, 1024x683, Jason-Todd-Red-Hood-Readin….jpg)

I totally get it, I'm a "hero" who doesn't do anything particularly good, I actually still consider myself a villainous evil doer.

I'm just a bad guy who happens to help the common folk.

20c28fa6 No.3673340

File: 1667621324208.jpg (74.31 KB, 800x728, HD-wallpaper-akemi-homura-….jpg)

"Sometimes the greatest evil is to do nothing" - The darkest faerie neoquest 1

ae4fda61 No.3673341

File: 1667621371125.jpg (33.78 KB, 512x512, 7acb73275befe491e250d988de….jpg)

Im just in it for the chibi's

ae4fda61 No.3673342

please I'm a social worker, the last thing I do is nothing.

ae4fda61 No.3673343

File: 1667621807719.jpeg (120.22 KB, 964x602, e9bef711404efe33622f91935….jpeg)

I pitty the number of ours that I'd spent on volunteer projects that poly would try to attack.

So many hours, so many projects that required my unique skills to complete.

20c28fa6 No.3673345

File: 1667622242888.gif (1.09 MB, 500x281, Time_anomalies.gif)

I suppose whoever is in control decides if I do something or nothing.

Prefer nothing most of the time.

20c28fa6 No.3673354

File: 1667623768683.jpg (482.51 KB, 1200x675, 75470704_p0_master1200.jpg)

Like hey dark side of my personality, what do you think we should do tonight for fun? "kill"

Okay… We're not doing what you wanna do tonight.

Good side of my personality what do you think we should do? "Pray and sing Hallelujah"

Ehh…. I'll think about it.

Any other voice in here got an idea on what would be fun tonight?

"Tell mean but funny jokes"

Ehh….. Hallelujah wins it.

4d7ce16b No.3673355

> Any other voice in here got an idea on what would be fun tonight?
Unbearable tickle torture with feathers!!!

ae4fda61 No.3673356

File: 1667624198729.jpg (87.53 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

I'd be ok for popcorn.>>3673354
demons only generate 1.4% profit, so if you wanted to watch a movie I wouldn't b against it.


20c28fa6 No.3673358

So steam why do you drink when the love of god should fill you up of any of your emptiness?

You are loved I'm sure for the great young man that you are. Thats trying so hard to be a better person.

20c28fa6 No.3673359

*Pat* *Pat* your a good boy.

ae4fda61 No.3673360

I feel no thing resembling wholesomeness.

20c28fa6 No.3673368

So anyways hows your night? You love to share things. Sharing can be a useful way to find self healing.

Like taking a dirty crystal out and washing it out in the waters of public opinion.

20c28fa6 No.3673370

File: 1667625843184.png (729.35 KB, 515x647, 673.png)

I think tonight is super-riffic. I'm looking over google images because theres so few cute pics on this pc.

Some of these are so cute they can melt one's heart like this little gem

bfcdead4 No.3673376

File: 1667627035859.jpg (17.16 KB, 500x281, MV5BYmZlOGUwMzEtNTFmNS00Mz….jpg)

Ohhhhh so you're a social worker now? That's terrific Steam. Hope this lasts longer than your Christian phase.

Maybe it's just kind'a hard for me to take anything you say seriously because you lie so God Damn much.

I seem to remember multiple exchanges with you bragging to me about how much richer, younger, smarter, sexually experienced qand better looking than me you were and how great it was you didn't have to work anymore.

Finally got tired of not doing jack shit after retiring in your 20's I see? Now that you're a "social worker" bat man figure I also see you feel morally superior to me too.

Well Congratulations on being a better person than Aufy. I see you've set the bar real high for yourself…

I do what I can for people and try to be there for others and I guess that's good enough for me. But being a philanthropist isn't exactly my priority right now.
Maybe I don't involve myself with a great deal of charity work because I'm not riddled with a guilty conscience.

At least you have enough of one to try to do something about yours so props on ya for that.

I want to be happy for you. I really do. But given some of our past exchanges and as many fake Aufy status updates as you've posted, you might understand that this happiness may be met a measurable degree of snark and cynism.
But I do hope you find whatever it is you're looking for.

20c28fa6 No.3673378

File: 1667627293224.png (838.2 KB, 1024x1024, MouseHat.png)

>many fake Aufy status updates

Was this more of his trying to "Manipulate to make someone a better person" stuff?

21abcd16 No.3673381

Ok, you and Steam win. I was making an attempt to keep up with Steam tonight with drinking but after giving it my all, my posts still look almost coherent to me compared with yours and Steams. Well done you two!

20c28fa6 No.3673382

File: 1667628610403.png (1 MB, 1370x1987, Cutie.png)


I think steam already passed out.

20c28fa6 No.3673385

File: 1667629345934.png (7.97 MB, 1585x3780, 2978842.png)

And well… Trying to outlast me is silly. My insomnia can keep me up 2-3 days straight to where I have to force myself to lay in bed because my body is in such pain.

My poor boyfriend used to try to stay up with me. And he would always fall asleep at his pc. And then he'd fall out of his chair and get hurt… Love you got hurt so much for me.

My body simply can't keep up with my soul. Its so hurt from trying. I'm ready to be ripped from it and placed in a better one.

I've always had that power to outlast people. Even back when I trolled people I could win simply by outlasting everyone.

bfcdead4 No.3673386

File: 1667630199086.jpg (239.42 KB, 1920x1080, TVPage_Gallery_HarleyQuinn….jpg)

I'd have a hard time believing that was the intent.

It always happened when I wouldn't have posted for a few days.

I mean always lurk here regardless. So if some one posts something like that I'm gonna see it eventually.

I mean I don't know how dragging someone's name through the dirt is supposed to make them a "better person".

But it sure as shit succeeded at getting my attention.

20c28fa6 No.3673387

File: 1667630996600.png (1.52 MB, 1498x1498, 2961941.png)


I don't know either. Manipulation is always such a complex thing. Its just better not too do it, I think.

And its hard to imagine you always know whats best for a person. When you can be 40+ and still not even fully figure yourself out.

Like I thought burying my dark self of my personality completely would make me a great person. But it left me not willing to defend myself, not wanting to set personal boundries, not caring about being respected. I lacked that anger to stand up for myself, violently if need be.

863ff89d No.3673388

File: 1667631242971-0.jpeg (508.72 KB, 2048x1713, FWb9zBAWIAcPZOE.jpeg)

File: 1667631242971-1.jpeg (64.04 KB, 863x935, FXfJnoKXoAAptlN.jpeg)


Well that's a surprise.

20c28fa6 No.3673401

File: 1667638650552.png (5.18 MB, 4096x2887, 2949185.png)


At one point I realized by trying only to be good and bury every negative part of myself I had enslaved my own self.

Fighting back = bad
Eating meat = bad
Driving a car = bad because it could accidently turn you into a killer
Owning and using a gun = bad
Having a life I was in control of = bad

ae4fda61 No.3673408

my minor is in social work, my major is psychology, but social work gives way more flexibility than psychology. I use terms interchangeably, because lol I can. Psychology limits you to working for corps or doing one on one counseling, social work allows you to do so many things and help way more people. It only makes sense that I'd use that minor as a plug in for more opportunities.

ae4fda61 No.3673409

I'm also still studying Christianity, but I failed miserably at becoming a christian. I'm still reading all the shit they gave me for RCIA, its fascinating stuff, and the root of a lot of our culture. I'm just reading it for its historic value and understanding how other people see the world, rather than being a convert.

I think I'd do better in a philosophical "religion" like Buddhism or something

ae4fda61 No.3673410

File: 1667659851494.jpg (1.33 MB, 1200x1200, -1604492833154.jpg)

Our society punishes anyone who isn't lawful good or chaotic neutral.

For example, back in high school our building was kinda built like an upside down wedding cake over a ravine with sand poured between the floors, and stairs that went outside the building.

I was an introvert goth kid who sat with the other introvert weird kids during lunch. One day a few assholes were kicking my gangly nerd friend down into the ravine as he tried to crawl back up, and ripping up his notebooks and text books while he crawled.

I stepped in and kicked their asses… well in the beginning, it eventually ended up a stalemate between me and 3 bullies. Due to the zero tolerance policy, we all got in school suspension for 3 weeks including the guy who didn't do anything and was just being bullied. Not a big problem for the 3 guys in remidal classes, but a huge problem for me and my friend who were in advanced classes.

Sometimes I realize that playing hero in today's society is not the best course of action. I still think its better than just sitting there and letting life destroy your soul though.

80b5a7af No.3673415

File: 1667664063435.png (7.23 MB, 2903x4096, 77777.png)


Pagan is always fun. But at the end of the day, all that matters is having a strong connection to god and being able to speak with them.

And that comes from having an open heart and self honesty, rather than from dusty books.

80b5a7af No.3673416

File: 1667664843336.png (1.67 MB, 1510x1885, 665344.png)

Course one can always be a Satanist, pagan, atheist like me

ae4fda61 No.3673417

or you could just die https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHbwFSqxLqg

Not an option for everyone, but I was way more relaxed when I was dead than the rat race I got shoved back into upon being revived.

I don't want to dwell on that fact, thats what ends up leading mass murderers. I'm focused on occasinally forcing people to live the best lives they can, usually for the sake of their offspring.

I'm 100% ok with just offing yourself, but you limit your options when you have a kid. Even rape is a hard thing to define, unless it was literally just a guy waiting in the bushes for a lone woman to go to the bathroom alone at 1am.

I might even be technically a rapist. Me and another airman were drunk, I pointed out that I was bi and he fucked me, then I fucked him the next day he freaked out because he had drunk sex with a guy. I don't personally think thats rape, but I got kicked out regardless. It wa an administrative discharge, so it wasn't punitive or honorable, it was a neutral thing.

ae4fda61 No.3673418

File: 1667666197771.jpg (109.78 KB, 1280x1280, military_pony_by_yunguy1_d….jpg)

ive been arguing against that incident ever since, I've been carved apart leading to a 100% disability, exposed to neurotoxins, puffed with spores of anthrax, and shot several times.

I really hate the military.

80b5a7af No.3673419

File: 1667666210759.png (1.65 MB, 2705x1535, Element_Of_honesty.png)


How many different "kicked out of the military" stories are you going to come up with?

ae4fda61 No.3673420

thats the core story. I started freaking out because I was on a medication that didn't agree with me, and I wanted a hug. I was also on pain killers and earlier that night a friend brought me, for some reason several boxes of wine.

Wine mixed with percolate, I went out with some friends, one of my friends tried to rape some girl, and I stepped in drunkenly to stop him.

One thing lead to another, I fought all my friends and won, I'm kinda hardcore, but then got discharged for being a threat.

ae4fda61 No.3673421

File: 1667666654374.jpg (34.71 KB, 499x401, Alucard.jpg)

after being discharged, one guy actually thanked me, I keep everything recorded, because he almost raped some girl who wasn't a working girl, and he said I just have really bad luck and deserved better.

I do deserve better 3 weeks as an officer was not nearly enough to satisfy my urges.

ae4fda61 No.3673422

thats how long I was a lutinate, 3 weeks. I didn't do anything during that time period, but I protected my airmen back when I was lower class.

ae4fda61 No.3673425

File: 1667667308022.jpg (286.13 KB, 2048x1365, EKZrRakXUAMh35Z.jpg)

If I were a lesser man I'd have let the m to rot and been way better off. I chose to protect them, It wasn't anything wrong that they did. A day being hung over here, a few days having to look after your step kids, not being able to get to work because of ice.

It was entirely at the disposal of the corneal, and I sacrificed my self to save everyone else.

cd0886c7 No.3673435

File: 1667673507593.jpg (72.15 KB, 625x455, Y04petergriffin.jpg)

ae4fda61 No.3673439

File: 1667681102594.jpg (21.03 KB, 564x549, lucy.jpg)

You'd be surprised at ha many zero sum games I play


b4c3fbdd No.3673441

> I do deserve better 3 weeks as an officer was not nearly enough to satisfy my urges
So now the lie you were a captain is officially off the table. You now claim to have been a butter bar for three weeks.

All that's left is for you to admit you never made it past TSgt.

1f77995c No.3673449

File: 1667686272577.png (194.4 KB, 325x383, Seems-legit-bike.png)

>One thing lead to another, I fought all my friends and won, I'm kinda hardcore…

I find this story .100% believable.

c497aecd No.3673472

File: 1667692689641.png (1.63 MB, 1920x1080, HELLUVA_BOSS_(PILOT)_4-46_….png)

He has to delete all his threads eventually because they won't add up.

ae4fda61 No.3673480

File: 1667694729509.jpg (9.17 KB, 199x253, images.jpg)

That may be true for some cases, but I've reread all that I've posted here and they're historically accurate.

I don't have a need to remove these stories, other than due to some writing errors, but they aren't so bad that they can't be ignored.

ae4fda61 No.3673495

File: 1667701363477.jpg (23.15 KB, 288x450, 99961493-288-k364508.jpg)

I'm dealing with this issue where a woman with 3 kids separated from her husband is entitled to 3,2000 dollars in support.

A father who is supporting the same is only eligible for 95 dollars. in support. Because he is a man. Its fucking ridiculous.

80b5a7af No.3673505

File: 1667709264550.gif (138.03 KB, 582x629, b17.gif)


ae4fda61 No.3673572

File: 1667739010105.jpg (73.6 KB, 610x610, Mephisto_PP.jpg)

also I don't straight up lie.

i stretch truths and omit details, but I don't lie. Everything I say is fact, its just not always a self evident fact. My logic is somewhat of an anomaly to the uncreative.

ae4fda61 No.3673574

also this would be the epic rap down between me and poly.


ae4fda61 No.3673575

I'would love to hear a few reviews of the hatred that comes from showering in cold water and the pure hatred that comes from being bonded by people.

ae4fda61 No.3673576

File: 1667742387568.jpg (50.5 KB, 421x750, tumblr_4a697b96c6dd0830125….jpg)

sometimes I just want to go to sleep and ignore everything.

22b8c537 No.3673582

File: 1667753924873.gif (2.15 MB, 1280x720, 103664__safe_artist-colon-….gif)


Sleeping pills are a thing

ae4fda61 No.3673601

File: 1667764991800.jpg (46.09 KB, 540x304, tumblr_6c7f911096ac3d752e2….jpg)

True, but they're usually barbiturate derivatives, and I have a really hard time convincing anyone to prescribe them to me. Sleep medication is heavily abusable, and I'm not exactly one who psychs can ethically excuse the prescription when weighting the options.

ae4fda61 No.3673602

File: 1667765308372.png (686.63 KB, 1000x1000, ktqm9kou4w861.png)

I can't deny that I'd probably "miss the bus" on purpose when taking sleep meds, just to experience the walls bleeding and being in a state of REM while being awake. It sounds fun.

Then again that is exactly why no one will give me sleep pills. I'm stuck with alcohol and herbal remedies for sleeplessness.

22b8c537 No.3673603

File: 1667765589015.jpg (48.45 KB, 735x911, 000f84b8ab6956715af27f48af….jpg)

Alcoholism and medication are always a great fix for life's problems.

22b8c537 No.3673605

File: 1667765996105.png (1.43 MB, 2000x1958, 2941971.png)

Theres this guy I talk to you know who's so sad and miserable and drinks all the time. And he wants to die and I'm like bro, if you don't wanna be here just die.

But instead every night he spams shitty song lyrics all the time.

ae4fda61 No.3673606

shockingly the most effecive soultion to my eternal wakefulness has been the stimulat adderall. My mind is all over the place, its hard to reign in, aderall apparently made me focus just enough to pass out.

Good luck convincing anyone to prescribe aderall to an adult college student though. It might be effecive in controllinhg my scatter brain, but so many kids wan to use it that its doubtful I'll ever get a script.

ae4fda61 No.3673607

I don't think i've ever expressed the urge to kill myself. Thats just you projecting.

I may not enjoy living, but I fully intend to live as long as I can.

ae4fda61 No.3673608

File: 1667766526497.jpg (292.85 KB, 840x1542, 187-1873661_princess-celes….jpg)

also ponies, because no threat is complete without changelings lurking all over the place.

22b8c537 No.3673609

File: 1667766682179.png (1.69 MB, 2992x2280, 2770051__safe_artist-colon….png)


Probably, I love the idea of giving people assisted suicide. But thats not legal, so you can't do that here.

Theres no greater gift you can give a person, than to end their pain, and take them out of a world they never asked to be brought into.

Its a lot better than them jumping off a building and injuring people. Or surviving as some messed up person with half a brain gone or something.

22b8c537 No.3673610

File: 1667766908746.png (2.83 MB, 2000x2000, 2968496__safe_artist-colon….png)

One does get so tired of people eternal bitching about how much they hate being alive.

God gave you a gift of life. If you don't want that, then give it back and stfu already.

Thats not to say I never bitch I do. Some years I bitch all the time. But I still like being alive.

ae4fda61 No.3673611

File: 1667767055347.jpg (29.91 KB, 256x249, nwvn-1478097059-346584-med….jpg)

Thats where our ideals shift. You want to kill people, and I want to save people.

Is such a complicated counter argument that I don't really feel like writing the whole thing up.

We can at least set the argument by agreeing that we are two sides for the same coin.

22b8c537 No.3673612

File: 1667767230117.jpg (69.24 KB, 900x750, 1128037__safe_artist-colon….jpg)


They want to die. And if its done with the law's support then it is fine.

Reguardless of one's morality, one needs to follow the law to protect ones self.

Some people are in unrecoverable amounts of pain. That may have no end because its a physical condition or genetic disease.

22b8c537 No.3673613

File: 1667767407623.gif (807.38 KB, 600x500, 1129512__safe_artist-colon….gif)

The law is always important. Because as long as you follow the law you don't have to care about your own morality. You can let it go all over the place. Good, bad, whatever. Its a guiding compass for moral-less person.

ae4fda61 No.3673614

File: 1667767693354.jpg (10.92 KB, 224x225, images.jpg)

everyone wants to die, its the most effective and easier way out of any situation.

Living takes effort, pain, and ultimately something to latch on to. I don't have any latch and I'm constantly wondering why I hold on. Like yesterday my brother expressed ho surprised he was and how happy he was to see me fling myself into the jaws of the beast, so to speak.

I have invisible handholds that I don't realize are there until I grab them. Othewrwise I'd have fallen a long time ago.

22b8c537 No.3673615

File: 1667767927831.jpg (91 KB, 1200x750, 770213__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

Like I can give you an example. If your driving a car and you see a dog that got hit. If you stop to tend to the dog and doing that backs traffic up and makes tons of people late.

You did the right thing for the dog. But you were an asshole to all the people you made late for work.

Was there any good choice? Was there any bad choice? No. But stopping can and should get you a ticket from an officer.

Stuff like that is just sooo complicated. But by the law you know causing a traffic jam is bad.

So the right choice is leave the dog and not stop.

22b8c537 No.3673616

File: 1667768233234.jpg (219.95 KB, 900x1200, 944192__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)


The best latch is unconditional love for someone dear to you.

22b8c537 No.3673618

File: 1667768312846.jpg (200.25 KB, 1300x1700, 2970857__safe_artist-colon….jpg)


HAHAHA like sugar to my ears.

ae4fda61 No.3673619

File: 1667768417111.jpg (117.09 KB, 640x1136, 093cb3e04827054e6081388042….jpg)

no love is unconditional, love is something you have to work for. It doesn't just happen.

22b8c537 No.3673620

File: 1667768418673.jpg (180.99 KB, 1200x1200, 2944709__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

Unconditional love for someone is the best thing ever. It brings you up and out of any pit you may have found yourself fallen into.

22b8c537 No.3673621

File: 1667768585418.png (628.02 KB, 2454x1236, 2943533__safe_artist-colon….png)


Of course love can be unconditional. You can love someone with all your heart even if they no longer have contact with you, no longer like you, or anything.

ae4fda61 No.3673623

File: 1667769241036.jpg (34.14 KB, 680x638, d47.jpg)

You can. I hold a lot of love for people who have long been dead.
I also hold hate for people who have long lived passed their due.

I'm a hateful, evil person, but there are a few smatterings of love still in the cesspit that I call my heart. They show through in the right light under good conditions.

ae4fda61 No.3673625

File: 1667769637705.gif (762.21 KB, 650x650, 2422289.gif)

Let the nicety take control, you don't have to be a dick DK, we aren't impressed by your antics. Let the good tak controooooool.

22b8c537 No.3673627

File: 1667769813445.png (126.25 KB, 1000x1000, 338904__safe_artist-colon-….png)


This is about you not me. I'm not the one drinking myself to death with liquor.

ae4fda61 No.3673629

File: 1667769973054.png (8.92 KB, 348x249, png-clipart-princess-luna-….png)

im only occasionally drinking myself to death by liquor these days. I take days off for studying.

22b8c537 No.3673630

File: 1667770029455.png (438.98 KB, 1366x768, 114919__safe_artist-colon-….png)

Also, you have it wrong. Its not the dark self that dominates me. Its the opposite. And thats not okay.

22b8c537 No.3673631

File: 1667770160747.jpg (97.79 KB, 1280x720, 118812__source needed_safe….jpg)

The good self hates feeling bad when we do stuff that causes harm and that can lead to the two fighting. And the good self just needs to learn to deal with it. And stop making mountains out of mole hills.

ae4fda61 No.3673632

File: 1667770222358.jpg (39.73 KB, 637x358, steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.jpg)

you're capable of good, you just need a swift kick in the right direction… Being you i would probably have to inflict some spinal damage… but….

You're not so evil that you can't ignore your dark side.

22b8c537 No.3673633

File: 1667770354027.png (639.2 KB, 1780x1974, 193180__safe_artist-colon-….png)


Its not a good/evil thing. Its conscious vs subconscious. Yin/Yang.

22b8c537 No.3673634

File: 1667770470009.jpg (61.76 KB, 1280x720, 118813__source needed_safe….jpg)

People teach you all this moral bullshit growing up and you need to unprogram it. To find where you really lie as a person.

ae4fda61 No.3673635

File: 1667770660961.jpg (441.02 KB, 1401x2048, Alastor_Promo.jpg)

I'm using antiquated terms of good and evil. They don' quite fit anymore.

Like me dealing with substance abuse issues in society, I need to have a healthy layer of evil coating me to even get these assholes to trust me.

Sometimes evil can be good and it took a long time for me to figure out how my hates could be beneficial to society. Its not like I can get rid of it.

I know that deep down you want to be a good guy, harness your hate and use it for good. Draw out that good boy hiding inside you.

22b8c537 No.3673636

File: 1667770945674.jpg (3.21 MB, 2160x3840, 2584641__explicit_artist-c….jpg)


No deep down I don't want to be "The good guy". I want to be me.

ae4fda61 No.3673637

File: 1667771081148.jpg (264.99 KB, 2048x1152, MV5BMTk3NDE5MzM3NF5BMl5Ban….jpg)

Coat yourself in evil, and plunge in to places that the good don't tread.

You have a super power that you aren't even aware of.

you may not want to be the good guy, but sometimes the neutral guy is as good as anyone can hope for. Don't be good, just be not bad.

22b8c537 No.3673638

File: 1667771105281.gif (726.5 KB, 640x360, 2100830__safe_artist-colon….gif)

If the real me wants to murder every person I see and drink their blood and fuck in a orgy with the corpses. Then thats who I really am.

And thats fine.

ae4fda61 No.3673639

you're exaggerating, could you really see yourself drinking the blood of randos?

take a step back and try to picture your ideal self.

22b8c537 No.3673640

File: 1667771354718.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1080, the_fuff_wp.jpg)


The point is knowing yourself, accepting yourself, and not breaking the law.

22b8c537 No.3673641

File: 1667771574176.jpg (57.5 KB, 500x727, 66m9rd.jpg)

And its real fucking easy accepting your good self, because society likes that. Its the bad self that society has a problem with.

Which is no surprise as laws and things exist to control that so that socities can even exist.

Otherwise everyone will run around killing, stealing, raping, etc each other

ae4fda61 No.3673642

hey my goal is not making everyone a sjw, or an activist, as long as you're chill yourself my mission is accomplished.

ae4fda61 No.3673644

me going from a trump supporting racist asshole to being slightly less racist and supporting others was not easy. It took a lot of self refllection and dealing with personal issues.

Changing yourself is hard, but worth it.

ae4fda61 No.3673645

you can't let hate eat you up all of the time. Its not great.

22b8c537 No.3673646

File: 1667771902366.jpg (96.6 KB, 1280x720, 118810__source needed_safe….jpg)

I have a hard time believing your honest with yourself given how much you lie. And go on and on and on, about all this save everyone moral bs.

Some people are shit. And its not your job to help them and you'd be fine if you didn't.

22b8c537 No.3673647

File: 1667772131427.png (1.04 MB, 3000x3300, 2119414.png)


Hate also comes from lying to yourself. Telling yourself you are something that you are not.

How do I really know you want to save anyone for yourself, and its not all an act trying to fill in some hole. That'll never get filled.

That your trying to be some martyr cry baby that refuses to grow up.

ae4fda61 No.3673648

File: 1667772198175.png (5.06 MB, 1265x1723, Deadpool_Textless.png)

meh, take me at face value. Sometimes that's all you can do.

What does it matter if im being totally sincere if my message is true and gets through to you.

22b8c537 No.3673649

File: 1667772366316.png (396.5 KB, 1280x1600, 2359537__explicit_artist-c….png)


I see people all the time who are suffering because they are "nice guys".

When they aren't nice, they are naturally mean, passive aggressive, bottled up, etc.

22b8c537 No.3673650

File: 1667772484451.png (889.4 KB, 1452x1697, 2757235__safe_artist-colon….png)

Some people are just nice, because they are too coward to do anything that could result in someone hitting them.

ae4fda61 No.3673651

meh, the biggest lie that is going down right now is you pretending to be a badass.

Just stop and accept that under all that facade you're at leas a neutral if not good person.

ae4fda61 No.3673652

I never said be a "nice guy" I fully advocate drenching yourself in your evil and going about doing good while not being nice at all.

ae4fda61 No.3673653

Being a bad guy doing good guy work is admittedly lonesome, but someone has to do it.

22b8c537 No.3673654

File: 1667772728014.jpg (498.62 KB, 1080x1571, safe_artist-colon-dstears_….jpg)

If you deny, and bury your dark self, your anger. You can end up a doormat.

ae4fda61 No.3673657

again, I never said that you need to suppress your hatred. Embrace it and let what caused it fuel you.

Harness your hatred, and use it to counter your hatred. Nothing satisfies your darkness like working to prevent it from manifesting in future generations.

22b8c537 No.3673659

File: 1667773171492.jpeg (131.18 KB, 509x679, 1827567__suggestive_artis….jpeg)


"Nothing satisfies your darkness like working to prevent it from manifesting in future generations."

No, Its good people have the bad parts of themselves. It helps with survival and is part of being the complete package.

ae4fda61 No.3673661

File: 1667773284105.jpg (53.36 KB, 748x748, 16b21122b15b5bbf01645b3f4b….jpg)

The hate and rage you feel should not be suppressed. It should be unleashed against what it despises. Use it for the betterment of humanity, not to destroy it or have petty arguments online.

Burn off that fuel, don't just keep it buried.

ae4fda61 No.3673664

File: 1667773468949.jpg (26.1 KB, 390x259, serious-men-pat-on-shoulde….jpg)

well I said what I had to say, you're on your own now boy.

22b8c537 No.3673665

File: 1667773484173.jpeg (118.79 KB, 1300x1040, 208f719b8ab426797bb75b024….jpeg)


I disagree

22b8c537 No.3673666

File: 1667773749703.jpg (195.52 KB, 1200x1000, 242943__safe_artist-colon-….jpg)

Everything is always over DK's poor little head.

I don't even remember what I was talking about. It probably wasn't important in the least.

ae4fda61 No.3673667

I'll give you one last nugget of trusth for you do digest.

If something is seeminly over your head, take a step back and do a chin up. If you can't its ok, even if you can't perceive the situation in its whole, you still have a better understanding than when you started.

You run into all your problems head on, take advice from an old man and just stand back to let the situation settle before you start throwing punches. You might learn something.

22b8c537 No.3673669

File: 1667774133881.jpg (96.32 KB, 1000x1000, 1460735__safe_artist-colon….jpg)


Oh hey steam, how's the day going?

ae4fda61 No.3673671

File: 1667774418740.png (270.95 KB, 860x819, 263-2630750_blackjack-post….png)

I say old man, but to be honest, were probably roughly the same age. Still I feel like I''ve learned ore over these years than you have.

Sipping a coffee, drinking a few shots of vodka, reading a book. You know, normal stuff.

22b8c537 No.3673672

File: 1667774493544.jpg (95.17 KB, 700x700, 1019641__safe_artist-colon….jpg)


Oh no long stories this time?

ae4fda61 No.3673673

not unless you want to hear all the stories contained within the "working poor" by david shipler has to offer.

In which case I could drown you in misery, but its one of those cases where i just have to soak it all in.

22b8c537 No.3673674

File: 1667774700109.jpg (343.18 KB, 3000x3000, 2971706__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

Do you like this song? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho2byp23bxQ

I sang it all of yesterday. I love being filled with the light of our lord.

I had a tulpa once and I used to sing it to him all the time.

22b8c537 No.3673675

File: 1667774831439.png (2.81 MB, 2299x2403, 2423016__safe_artist-colon….png)


I don't think I have to soak up anything I don't want, unless its water.

But you know what the kirilins say, if it doesn't rain you'll never see rainbows.

f6ac5bc4 No.3673676

File: 1667774888553.jpg (214.07 KB, 911x674, HarleyQuinnRealWorld_blog_….jpg)

The fuck are you even talking about?
You lie PLENTY.

The posing as me fake Aufy updates, claiming we "worked together" on project sex Demon and I just "didn't take your expert advice" in the alone-on-a-friday-night thread after offering your assistance, then straight up calling me a perverted freak when you literally own a silicone sexdoll and knew exactly what I kind of thing I was working on and would likely ask for help with before hand, spreading the rumor I "groped an old women and got kicked out of my home for it"

Oh then there was the claim you offered me some kind of small business loan?
The fuck was that about?

All of those… we're not "stretching the truth" they're flat out bold face lies.

My removing you from my shit list was entirely contingent on you being a Christian and trying to respect your religious values as assistance with building demonic bimbos isn't exactly Christian.

But now you're claiming you're not even Christian anymore? You offered your assistance knowing what I was up to and immediately retracted and now you don't even have Christianity to fall back on.
You were just being an lying asshole for no other reason than for sake of doing it.

It wouldn't have pissed me off so much if we didn't have this beef before I started construction and I was actually kinda looking forward to working with a real life engineer.

I'm glad you're doing social work and "trying to help people" ya know that's terrific Steam.

But no you are still a liar and on my shit list.

ae4fda61 No.3673677

File: 1667774947117.jpg (74.63 KB, 670x528, NightmareMoon_S3.jpg)

you're falling on humor to mask how uncomfortable you feel about yourself, its a common tactic.

You may not want to admit it, but you're as human as any of us are and prone to the same vulnerabilities.

Be a good boy and accept your weaknesses, and grow from them.

22b8c537 No.3673678

File: 1667775098138.png (387.7 KB, 900x505, 529110__safe_artist-colon-….png)


Oh sex dolls. I have no experience with them but turd flinging money has always praised the doll house ones I believe. He says "spinning robot pussy" is better than the real thing and that it was so powerful that the first time he pulled a muscle in his ab/groan from cumming so hard.

TFM was a youtuber that would one part review sex toys. Other part be radical politics.

22b8c537 No.3673679


Turd flinging monkey I mean. I not money.

He fell in love with his sex doll actually.

ae4fda61 No.3673681

File: 1667775349996.jpg (170.37 KB, 820x824, 226-2266630_fe-littlepip-s….jpg)

Oh joy, and now the clown shows up.

Do you actually have anything of value to add to the conversation, or are you being a shit head like you usually are.

DK unlike you is still worthy of being helped, unlike who who I'd have more luck punching a brick wall.

At least DK is not so far gone that he isn't open to discussion.

22b8c537 No.3673682

File: 1667775384448.jpg (115.78 KB, 1246x1216, 2755210__safe_artist-colon….jpg)

Last time I saw tfm he was shilling mineral oil for his dolls a lot. Saying it was an oil you could just leave in, vs lube you need to clean out.

22b8c537 No.3673683

File: 1667775517392.png (612.22 KB, 1430x1200, 148198__safe_artist-colon-….png)


Huh? What do you mean help me? How can you help me when I'm in a better place than you are?

ae4fda61 No.3673685

lol, you even deleted an old post so you could repost your shenanigans.

ae4fda61 No.3673688

File: 1667775706037.jpg (22.88 KB, 736x414, 8b6c0a6597749bbbebc52c6d83….jpg)

do go on, explain how you are in a better place than me. I'd love to hear an account of your exploits.

22b8c537 No.3673689

File: 1667775831128.png (665.4 KB, 2250x2250, 2944632__safe_artist-colon….png)


I don't usually hate myself. Or think its healthy to manipulate people. I think manipulation is self serving or egotism

ae4fda61 No.3673690

You say one thing, but your general posting says another.

ae4fda61 No.3673691

everything you post is drenched in self hatred and loathing. You denying that is just not true.

22b8c537 No.3673692

File: 1667776016085.png (376.22 KB, 972x1022, 2971412__safe_oc_oc only_p….png)


I'm not sure if I should believe you. You are known to manipulate/ And say shit like "We are a mirror"

cd0886c7 No.3673694

File: 1667776087665.png (6.28 KB, 259x194, images.png)

Well to be fair you made a false claim and you're being called out on it which yes does entirely constitute a positive contribution to the conversation.

Spreading lies about a person and deliberately getting thier hopes up for the sole intent of ripping on them for it is an entirely justifiable reason to be upset with someone.

I'm not sure how this isn't self evident to you.

22b8c537 No.3673695

File: 1667776141822.jpg (492.57 KB, 901x1200, 1f4cebcha_71614306_p0_mast….jpg)


I may not like my body because of all its damage. But I do like my heart and self.

ae4fda61 No.3673697

You are now amongst the people I don't like. I try brah, instead of picking me apart, maybe you could have considered idk, helping my argument?

It doesn't seem like that to me, but if you're happy with what you are, who am I to judge? I just think that you might be happier with a better version of yourself , but that is entirely speculative.

f8f0aac4 No.3673705

>But I do like my heart
Well, everybody likes rock.

e475b345 No.3673707



ur cute btw

5ff05fd9 No.3673711

File: 1667778789255.jpg (198.67 KB, 761x661, clown.jpg)

> Oh joy, and now the clown shows up.

cd0886c7 No.3673716

File: 1667780191059.gif (198 KB, 166x258, griffin-funny.gif)

Ha! What incentive do I have to "help your argument"?
Why would I give a single fuck that you "don't like me"?

I'm not here to be liked. I'm here because I can say whatever I please and some of the drama here is mildly amusing.

Besides when you're constantly lying, lie about lying, instead of just owning up to it, go off about how rich and smart you are while at the same time make these obvious pity party posts trying to make people feel bad for you, picking you apart is par for the course.

>>3673711 This. Exactly! He gives me free porn, makes me laugh, isn't constantly bragging or seeking pity and has some sense of humility.
Honestly he's probably better off without steams help.

ae4fda61 No.3673720

File: 1667782916776.gif (1.45 MB, 640x504, mlp-my-little-pony.gif)

I sometimes get so wrapped up focusing on one issue that I forget that we're a den of scum and villainy.

You have absolutely no reason or even a prognostication that would even begin to incline you to aiding my drunken attempts at "saving" people.

I at least gave DK a few things to think about, he's far more malleable than Polybius. I really don't know how to deal with that guy other than just let him do what he does. He's no fun, when he posts its like a fixture, you can do all you want around hit, but he refuses to budge on anything. Its a headache for someone like me.

ae4fda61 No.3673722

File: 1667783631875.jpg (51.31 KB, 427x600, actor-queen-chrysalis-4458….jpg)

I can understand that. I wear a black surgical mask during all my classes, I pass it off as having a weak immune system. I've shared with a few people who shared their own problems that I also wear the mask because I think I'm ugly, and don't want people to look at my face.

I logically know that I'm not, Im more attractive than most people could dream of being, as long as I don't take my shirt off. I just focus an all the scars and remnants of past fights and war that has left its toll on my face and limbs.

We need to move past those issues, but I have no idea how to do it. Being hungry to achieve an unachievable goal of being perfect to receive love is not something that you're alone in

cd0886c7 No.3673725

File: 1667784232408.jpg (36.48 KB, 720x720, 07de69e17c04c1b46345709deb….jpg)

Sohhh let me see if I understand this, you're idea of "helping" or "dealing with" him is to spread blatantly false rumors and attempting identity theft when you think he's not going to be around to see it?

Not sure how that works exactly.

22b8c537 No.3673727

File: 1667786105061.jpg (121.83 KB, 921x1450, 93.jpg)


"malleable" huh, that a pretty loaded word choice.

Talking like I'm a piece of clay.

ae4fda61 No.3673728

File: 1667786203135.gif (2.17 MB, 460x449, a8e7d4001b9d51f2fff78c7612….gif)

I have no idea what you're on about. Youll have to give me some examples of this lie mongering you seem to think I deal in.

ae4fda61 No.3673732

File: 1667786868049.gif (4.98 MB, 569x600, medium.gif)

healthy humans are akin to clay, they are willing to be shaped and change depending on their circumstances. Its not an insult or insinuating weakness, its just expressing that you are mentally healthy.

Even if you adapted to some degree to my little "art project" if you found it disagreeable, you're you show that you could just flop right back to where you started. No harm done.

People like polybius, not so much. He's like a kilned mug made by a severely autistic child suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome and downe's.

22b8c537 No.3673733

File: 1667786952391.png (1.16 MB, 1359x1662, 2945573__safe_artist-colon….png)

>>People like polybius, not so much. He's like a kilned mug made by a severely autistic child suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome and downe's.

Such insult, such wow, steam

ae4fda61 No.3673734

well I don't mean that you aren't riddled with negative problems, I'm not in the business of actually giving diagnostic evaluations of people's problems

I'm just saying that your mind is capable of dealing with changing circumstances, and you are capable of changing for the better if you wanted to.

Not everyone has that ability.

ae4fda61 No.3673737

File: 1667787414818.png (68.53 KB, 920x975, hate.png)

Me and poly have a solid aggressive stance against each other.


I do that myself, its not safe or healthy. I can be a perfect student, the perfect employee, the perfect friend, the perfect soldier. Occasionally the (my name's sake) Steam will blast out and suddenly youre not dealing with * you're dealing with Steam.

It only happens every decade or so, but when it does, its catastrophic.

You'd be better off not using that method of control for your problems.

ae4fda61 No.3673740

File: 1667787679042.jpg (14.89 KB, 256x256, fz29-1431253094-77-256.jpg)

No such luck, I've tried to "release the beast" on occasion where It would have benefited me to be a giant ball of flaming hatred.

Didn't happen, I have no control over it.

ae4fda61 No.3673745

File: 1667788029780.jpg (27.3 KB, 300x299, Queen-Chrysalis-my-little-….jpg)

I have auditory hallucinations, but its thigs like things breaking, banging on doors, doors slamming. ect.

Cain, my doggo, is pretty much there as a litmus test, if he doesn't react to an explosion, the explosion didn't happen. I don't hear voices or have conversations with myself. Even in dreams. I am full conscious during dreams, but the other entity that I consider my other half has never once talked to me. Despite my efforts.

ae4fda61 No.3673749

File: 1667788173364.png (1.93 MB, 1704x1278, Ninja_GQ_6Apr2016_rex_b.png)

ae4fda61 No.3673753

File: 1667788663512.jpg (9.6 KB, 334x374, c7c1bfaa0557a99be1f8c80088….jpg)

no, my alter ego just kinda stands in the corner being a creeper. It doesn't do anything.

Even if he would have the opportunity to take control of my conscious body, I have no idea what it would do. Probably just stand there and stare at stuff from my experience.

ae4fda61 No.3673758

File: 1667789379356.png (1.45 MB, 2719x1532, Mold-1.png)

I don't think my subconscious alter ego is dead or anything like that. I like to rad books and watch people's lives play out. I'm pretty sure my shadow is a reflection of that. Its not some dead thing, its actively watching and collecting information. Really if you want to get right down to it, my alter is the good version of me, my conscious self is the one to be worried about.

Its not so advanced as I'm fighting entities like "the former" habitually. Although I do occasionally fight versions of myself, I almost always kiss them for better or worse.

They've even taken regular scans to make sure I'm not falling appart, so far so good.

cd0886c7 No.3673761

File: 1667789823074.jpg (7.25 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Honestly I don't know. You'll have to take that up with him. I haven't been here long enough to know much about the drama that happened before I showed up.

He hasn't said anything to me about you.
I'm just piecing together what I can.

But if what he is saying about you is true (which I suspect it is) I can't say I blame him for being pissed off.

I just like his bimbo characters and rp. I've blown so many loads to Nicole and Circusfox I've lost count.

Speaking of that…. I think I might just pull up my Poly folder have myself a good ol' wank right now.

Fuck No Nut November.

ae4fda61 No.3673764

File: 1667790221466.jpg (25.65 KB, 600x600, aps,504x498,medium,transpa….jpg)

seriously, I'd like nothing more than to exterminate my shadow. Its just impossible.

ae4fda61 No.3673767

File: 1667790514870.png (10.78 KB, 348x350, png-clipart-princess-luna-….png)

Why do you hate your life so much? Surely it can't be all that bad?

ae4fda61 No.3673769

ah I get that, I have this ideal self that I would like to be, and I try my hardest to achieve it. I never do. It sometimes feel like these artificial constructs are better than the true me.

I always feel like I'm not really me, and I'm just being a frail reflection of my perfect self.
I feel bad giving advice that I can't adhere to, so I wont, but I'll leave you with my pitty party.

ae4fda61 No.3673772

surgery took a lot of that away from me, I don't feel the need to eat or go to sleep anymore, now thats all controlled by blood sugar. I wish I still had control over those aspects of my life.

ae4fda61 No.3673775

you need to be more definitive.

ae4fda61 No.3673777

File: 1667791825881.jpg (71.34 KB, 736x569, 372ef65be861c5fa284848f23c….jpg)

;3 I'd date you if you weren't such a spaz. You're kinda cute in your own way.

ae4fda61 No.3673780

File: 1667792231358.jpg (80.93 KB, 736x736, 1512d45c34afe9409532561b35….jpg)

well considering I've been trying to murder my shadow for years, Im going to have to guess that you've been equally unsuccessful.

You may not like yourself, but you're still a cool dude. You just need to focus on yourself more rather than what society wants from you.

I may not be evil enough to really get the point across, but I'm here as a friend… and maybe a villian, who knows.

ae4fda61 No.3673782

lol, you might think that is your label, and maybe it was given to you, but sociopaths don't care about others.

You care about people, I know you do. You aren't a sociopath, you've just been hurt more than anyone should have to endure.

We're kindred spirits.

ae4fda61 No.3673785

you do what does good for you my bro friend.

ae4fda61 No.3673787

you have a unique opportunity dealing with your shadow self, I have no idea how to deal with it, that shit is on your own terms.

ae4fda61 No.3673789

i would be really interested in knowing how your shadow behaved. Like I said, mine is boring, yours sounds more interesting.

ae4fda61 No.3673791

I misread, I guess we are more similar than face value suggests.

ae4fda61 No.3673793

as much as alter * would love to be in control, I, like you, refuse to give it control.

ae4fda61 No.3673796

you're a cool dude, if I was a cool enough dude I'd hug you all summer, sadly that is not a thing. I'd love to be yourr friend until the ice age ended.


ae4fda61 No.3673799

well,we can always cuddlefuck with hugs,

ae4fda61 No.3673801

you aren't so bad that I don't want to liknk to to a sho.

ae4fda61 No.3673803

also Id like to happily get comfy in your tree house. SUch comfort, very knots

ae4fda61 No.3673805

lol, I could kill people with plenty of better expressions,than hatred.

ae4fda61 No.3673806

I'm just begging to have buggers infest your level of rope.

ae4fda61 No.3673808

i just dislike hanging myself with out an audience.

22b8c537 No.3673812

File: 1667796422057.gif (207.14 KB, 1080x1080, 70492.gif)

So Did you enjoy DK story time?

22b8c537 No.3673813

File: 1667796613790.jpg (59.11 KB, 300x333, 67534.jpg)


What did anything I say have to do with hanging? Hanging is bad.

fca71819 No.3673814

File: 1667796721494.jpg (58.84 KB, 913x733, c815448925c310794c4119c1ee….jpg)

Oh here we go. More lies form the wolf. If all those fake updates weren't you then who the hell was it? If it wasn't you spreading the false rumor I groped an old lady then who the hell was it?

Who the hell else would it be? It has your M.o all over it. You have stated on multiple occasions that if some ones using some one else's handle here with intent of defamation the chances are it's probably you behind that post. I could be mistaken but I don't recall the rumors and fake updates happening much if at all until after you decided you hated me for being poor and a Bimbo.

I'm not your blob of clay to manipulate. That's pretty fucked up that you would equate malleability as a sign of good mental health. Acknowledging we're not perfect and willing to accept help to change ourselvs into some one we truly want to be… yes … this is a good thing but the change has to some WE want to be, not what YOU want them to be.

Oh and I think I've changed plenty.

I used to be entirely liberal, I used to be a Christian. I didn't always know being a bimbo was what I wanted to be.

But its like now that I've accepted I don't want to be poor anymore, that I've settled on pink bimbo, that I've realized that modern liberalism is just a thinly veiled form of crypto fascism, that Christianity isn't compatible with being a pink bimbo…
All of sudden we've become l enemies? What the hell for? So that you can sit there talking about your alternate selves and your auditory hallucinations and pretend your any less insane than me?

22b8c537 No.3673815

File: 1667797269222.jpg (785.28 KB, 1200x1600, 66532.jpg)

Everyone is a bit crazy this I do think. Because life makes no sense. And when things don't make sense it and it not making sense can manifest in all sorts of ways.

22b8c537 No.3673816

File: 1667797644038.png (1.17 MB, 1151x1290, 4772334.png)

Like life on earth is a constant struggle to survive. But one day the sun is going to destroy the planet.

So what was the struggle for?

fca71819 No.3673817

File: 1667797684765.jpg (130.84 KB, 1600x900, q17fdg4rhik71.jpg)

Aggressive stance? Oh just who the hell's idea was that?

We didn't always have this aggressive stance.

But when you offered your help and then ridiculed me for taking you up on it and then proceeded to post multiple fake Aufy updates yeah… How the hell else am I supposed to take that?

I didn't realize you always resented me for being low income and until recently I didn't realize I resented myself for the same thing.
You're always going off about ohh poor steam his family is so mean to him.
Well yeah what the hell do expect?
That holier than thou superior
attitude creates more hatred towards an individual than just about any other attitude you could possibly display.

Ya know as a Christian being poor is acceptable but as a Satanist I'd kind of like to do better for myself.

Not willing to change?

Bro I was excited, thrilled even to work with you and really work together under your guidance to improve my life and build the biggest pinkest sex Demon I could with guidance of a real engineer. I was 100% ready and willing to take you up on that and change in whatever way I could to be the best bimbo I could.

I mean was doing bimbo stuff before as kind of a mild hobby just sort of getting a feel for it to see how I like it… and you didn't seem to be bothered by it but when I got inspired to build something bigger and pinker than anything I've done before and take my work to the next level, something I would have really appreciated help with, you did a total 180 on me out of the clear blue sky.

How am I supposed to take that?

Fuck you!

Fuck you is how I take it.

22b8c537 No.3673818

File: 1667797721586.jpg (67.97 KB, 752x819, 4556223.jpg)


And maybe for one person this irrationality they know logically manifests as them wanting to fuck ferries wheels.

ae4fda61 No.3673823

If it gets you yo donate, I'll do it, its just hard to keep contributing to the catholic faith. I'm so tired. You always have to do the mother father and holy spirit thing, and honestly, get annoyed by all of the crossing and bullshit that comes with it;

ae4fda61 No.3673826

I do the whole prayer thing, but jesus does not pay the UHAUL that you need to move peoploe's shit.

22b8c537 No.3673829


What are you talking about? They said they are a satanist

ae4fda61 No.3673830

i was better off when I was a satanist.

ae4fda61 No.3673831

we at least took are of materialistic fuckery.

22b8c537 No.3673832

File: 1667798923503.png (1.24 MB, 2000x2500, Bap223.png)


Then be one again. No one can tell you what religion you have to believe.

22b8c537 No.3673833

File: 1667799216848.jpg (130.8 KB, 1024x1497, 444.jpg)

You ever seen the movie "Gone with the wind?"

Its my favorite movie.

22b8c537 No.3673836

File: 1667799423728.jpg (377.62 KB, 1425x1600, 4454.jpg)

Its a movie about a rich woman that grew up in the south. Then the civil war happened and her families estate and everything is burned down.

She then exclaims that she swears to god she'll never be poor again. And she does whatever it takes the rest of the movie to do that.

No matter how much suffering she causes others. She becomes a mean, bitter, controlling woman thats never happy.

22b8c537 No.3673838

File: 1667799807489.jpg (164.73 KB, 850x1381, 56674.jpg)

And in the end, her husband she only married for money leaves her, her only child dies, her family wants nothing to do with her because she ruined their relationships and everything trying to make more money

So she ends up alone, in an empty mansion, on the floor with no one.

fca71819 No.3673840

File: 1667799908050.jpg (133.68 KB, 1280x720, harleythumb-1573604263494.jpg)

Whats it for? BONNERS! For LIFE!
For progress! That's what it's for

Ohhh our sun's going to burn out? That's why our goal as a civilization any intelligent civilization should be to become a space faring species… so that one day we can have some of that hot interstellar space sex.

Getting as many men as hard as possible generating as much sexual energy as we possibly can with the time we have is what it's for… at least for me.

Most people don't realize this because humans are inherently ashamed and afraid of their sexualilty but that energy we feel when we have a bonner… it isn't just "a fun tickle"… it's a physical force of nature.
Like gravity or light or electricity or the strong and weak nuclear force.
It is an energy force that compells matter to become life and compels that life to multiple. It's why cells divide, why samone swim up stream, its why animals breed.

And I intend to use that sexy energy to the best of my ability.

No being a bimbo is not always "easy" the fans always want more, there is a constant demand and to step up your game. The exploring fetishes we're not exactly into… but we doing things we wouldn't normally do because that's what's going to get them the hardest.

The Bimbo primes are going to help guid you either. You just have to learn to swim on your own.

Dealing with all the people flinging themselves at you, people who think your flirting with them because you're actually trying to court them rather simply being there as for them as interactive porn experience… the guilt tripes, the cutters, the absolute Reree's the keeping up with demands, the having to schedule your content drops around everyone else in the house.

and the whole time… no matter how gross or not into it you may be… going for it anyway because that's what's going to get them the most hard.

It's not always easy and it's not always rewarding either.
But sometimes it is..
But it's the life we have chosen and knowing their over there blowing massive loads our contetent makes it all worth it.

22b8c537 No.3673841

File: 1667800040197.png (187.63 KB, 500x500, 5645523.png)


But even having lost everyone. And knowing that ALL OF IT is her fault. She doesn't give up. She says tomorrow is another day.

fca71819 No.3673843

I'm from the south Dk of course I've seen gone with the wind.

22b8c537 No.3673846

File: 1667800937713.jpg (662.17 KB, 2500x3318, 7733332.jpg)


Oh thats great. It seems like people I talk too never have. Its a really really long movie. And pretty old too.

22b8c537 No.3673852

File: 1667803260335.jpg (178.88 KB, 1131x1645, 0cccd855fdad09418793218fbe….jpg)


I remember having a dream like that a long long long time ago. I wanted to be an artist, and try to turn as many people as possible into degenerates with my art.

I would love finding out all about people fetishes. And I watched hundreds or thousands of furry artists and looked at what they submitted each day.

I got so desensitized to fetishes.

fca71819 No.3673854

File: 1667805354088.jpg (307.51 KB, 500x750, D1ng84t-11c4f513-d5a6-4e71….jpg)

Wait what? You told us you worshiped the Egyptian God Set.

That is entirely different from Satanism.

You ditching Christianity isn't what bothers me. It's the fact that on board of sexual deviance you have the audacity to lecture me about my own comparatively vanilla fetishes and I even forgave you for it on the presentence of you being Christian.

If you're refusal to do the thing you said you'd do was based upon some new found acceptance of Christ and a miscommunication that I could understand.

But without that pretence I have no reason to take you off my shit list.
From where I'm sitting it appears that you have arbitrarily decided that you'd rather have me at your throat than as non hostile party. But that was your choice.
You chose to offer your help
You chose to ridicule me for taking you up on it.
You chose make defamatory posts.
You chose to be a total high horse hypocrite.
Those were your choices not mine.

22b8c537 No.3673855

File: 1667805727500.jpg (106.59 KB, 1024x729, g34.jpg)

Sexual energy huh?

I think the day may come where I stop caring about sex. My days of getting off 7-10+ time are long gone.

3 times now is a busy day. 0-1 might be my usual now.

22b8c537 No.3673863

File: 1667808918104.jpg (1.17 MB, 4600x2594, Shot2.jpg)

Guess I outlasted everyone again. Oh well, the power of my insomnia.

bb9b839c No.3673864

File: 1667810549186.jpg (17.45 KB, 474x474, ittickles.jpg)

*buxzzy drone noises*
pokes you with stick
(no response)
*flies away*

fca71819 No.3673880

File: 1667818227772.jpg (115.44 KB, 690x646, HQ-Current.jpg)

God Damn 10 times?
My personal record is 9.
What an inspiration. ya know what? You're right I can do better than that.
I'm gonna shoot for 10.

ae4fda61 No.3673883

File: 1667819516982.jpg (30.55 KB, 500x500, 2cb7abaa1fcf2ca7048fac740d….jpg)

The Temple of Set is in modern days an offshoot of the Church of Satan. Its fallen into disrepair by the attention of aging ass hats who all want it it ob something that fits their whims.

As much as I personally identify as being in line with the forces of chaos, my chosen profession doesn't really allow it. Which is kinda ironic, I'm working with individuals who are chaotic by nature, but no one wants a setanist/satanic psychologist.

I tried to deviate off the left hand path, but ultimately failed. I learned a lot about right hand religion, tanks to the RCIA, but its just not for me. I'm a being that wants to improve itself and achieve an isolated personal level of unachievable perfection. I might be inclined to help people along the way, but I'm too self centered to be a good christian boi.

ae4fda61 No.3673884

File: 1667820355345.png (354.73 KB, 448x680, set.png)

I'm at the heart of it all, a weird guy. I'm forgiving, anyone who has remose if ok to start from slate one in my book, I have at least that in common with Christianity.

Thats also where I differ, you need to keep improving yourself, forgiveness isn't just a gesture, its an open doorway. You also have to use your personal self realization to help others, and correct their sins.

I'm probably more aligned with the christian savior than I care to admit,I just go about doing things in a more direct approach than he did.

ae4fda61 No.3673885

File: 1667820729637.jpg (5.26 KB, 236x212, f247e069780fd431203130fbc5….jpg)

and no, I don't consider myself a savior or anything of that nature. I was even tossed out of the Temple of Set for focusing too much on helping others. Short sightened in my opinion, but a left hand path that doesn't allow you to be of assistance is limiting imo.

ae4fda61 No.3673887

I actually tried the whole RCIA thing because I had a cardinal of the catholic church talk to me I almost changed my ways, he was slightly not awesome at his selling point though. You'd think that someone so close the the pope could have moved me, but a lass, nope.

ae4fda61 No.3673888

cardinals, bishops, priests, they all could have made a call and the only thing I'd have to spare is a friendly word.

im a guy who is lost to all this bs.

01861cbd No.3673916

File: 1667831355815.png (1.98 MB, 2700x2000, No_gay3.png)


After a point it doesn't really feel good anymore. It becomes a lot of work for not much or no payout.

cd0886c7 No.3673922

File: 1667832845863.gif (98.79 KB, 220x220, tenor.gif)

Oh so now you're telling us that you were kicked out of the Temple of Set for being TOO GOOD a person.

Sure ya were. That's believable.

01861cbd No.3673925

File: 1667833281869.png (275.03 KB, 460x333, X4.png)


And you can hurt your back. And feel awful because your hormones/brain receptors get all screwy for a while.

And sometimes you'd rather have that energy for stuff rather than have spent it getting off.

I've heard stories before of female sex addicts that can go 15-20+ times.

And I've seen a video of a girl before trying to break the world record for most times cummed inside by different guys or something.

01861cbd No.3673928

File: 1667833774538.jpg (24.14 KB, 400x400, 7772.jpg)

01861cbd No.3673940

File: 1667836303428.jpg (595.38 KB, 3000x3549, Lusting.jpg)

One interesting thing is trying to stay aroused all the time, like its your normal state of being. But without cumming.

Which was an idea I got a long time ago after learning about tantric sex. Where the goal isn't to cum.

Where one drags sex out to go on and on and on.

Edging masterbation is a thing, but I know that can make you feel like trash. If you do it too much.

Maybe some trannies know what its like to be horny all the time but can't orgasm anymore. Dunno.

Some depictions of succubi/incubi is that they are constantly aroused, and the arousal is so strong it becomes like an aura around them that dominates people. That step inside of it with the overwhelming lust. As the demon is used to this level of lust since its their "normal", but people are not used to it and can't handle it.

1f77995c No.3673966

File: 1667853758316.webm (1.47 MB, 316x176, White-guys-only-hope.webm)

>accept that Republicans will steal the money you earned by paying taxes as part of every paycheck you earned.

That's what you are really saying.
"Entitlements" like social security is paid for. You have to work to earn it.

Republicans are stealing the money we all earned to give it to their rich donors who will in turn feed some of it back to those same Republicans.

They are stealing from us all.
You just want us to roll over and take it?

1f77995c No.3673969

If you have time to jerk off every day, you are doing life wrong. Work harder at creating a legacy and less at slacking, loser.

c2f82ebc No.3673980

Yes, subvert all sexual energy into creating value while you slave away for someone else's profits.

Do you think wealthy successful people don't take breaks? Do you think they don't spend massive amounts of time screwing, doing drugs and getting drunk? What do you think they're doing with all of the spare time they get when they figure out how to make money off of other people working?

Be a slave forever, self-indulgence isn't for you. Keep being just a finite amount of manpower-value getting slowly burned up.

c2f82ebc No.3673981

I read someone's treatise on tantric sex years ago, it basically boiled down to actually thinking about what you were doing, envisioning yourself actually cumming, in order to gain control over the 'energy' or whatever and prolong it indefinitely.

The effect pretty much flipped me from always cumming too soon to having massive amounts of trouble reaching orgasm.

01861cbd No.3673991

File: 1667862149771.png (1.28 MB, 1252x1470, 452.png)


Why would I care about a legacy?

01861cbd No.3673995

File: 1667863318081.jpg (428.84 KB, 1920x1080, As you like.jpg)

Sure I did care when I was younger. But now I don't.

If theres no afterlife, a legacy means nothing.

If there is an afterlife I can build a legacy there.

ae4fda61 No.3673996

File: 1667863361550.png (391.09 KB, 680x544, fetchimage.png)

Your sorrow ass is getting glomp'd.

Prepare for the glmoponing. For it commeth upon you.

ae4fda61 No.3674044

File: 1667880950323.png (2.74 MB, 2222x1250, friendship is villans.png)

you're not a bad guy, you're just a little off point from true north.

ae4fda61 No.3674046

File: 1667881455772.jpg (180.1 KB, 1920x1200, bd68884e468741ec82528f8adc….jpg)

we all have our personal struggles to get over, I'd rather not deal with yours directly. Your mom died from cocaine, my grandma died of alcohol.

We all have shit to deal with.

ae4fda61 No.3674050

File: 1667881779898.png (35.06 KB, 920x712, png-transparent-twilight-s….png)

people keep saying that I should be dead by now. Im still kicking. I should have been dead by 26, but im still punching life in the face at 32.

go figure. My hatred is stronk.

ae4fda61 No.3674053

File: 1667882051615.jpg (50.16 KB, 735x658, c54b9c62fa261a73bd2f9043e4….jpg)

I'm dealing with that noise. My brother and my dad think I'm a blight on the family name, and hate that im damn near impossible to kill.

Sometimes I wish I was a little less resilient.

ae4fda61 No.3674056

File: 1667882209710.png (1.17 MB, 800x1200, dcfeqza-401e3d7a-7120-4b57….png)

lol, im impossible to kill, I've been ran over by a truck and just walked away from the incident unscathed.

ae4fda61 No.3674058

File: 1667882341103.png (161.91 KB, 740x1079, d5b9368e58d33209ed24e3b332….png)

hell, Ive been showered with isotopic radiation, and was like "bitch…" I'm going to college.

ae4fda61 No.3674060

File: 1667882496235.gif (54.53 KB, 800x630, 2870527.gif)

One does not get bitten by the radioactive dragon and just walk away, unless you're me and somehow acquired invincibility.

ae4fda61 No.3674062

File: 1667882731473.jpg (223.93 KB, 2000x1270, deadpool-2-stunt-died.jpg)

not going to lie, I do like the whole unable to die thing. Its kinda cool.

ae4fda61 No.3674065

File: 1667883301816.png (1.18 MB, 1200x675, deadpool-2-og.png)

not quite, I can't die, I'm not immune to the drawbacks of having half a digestive tract and no spleen. Children with all their diseases and germs are my kryptonite.

ae4fda61 No.3674069

lol back in high school I had a gym teacher like that. She had to use her podium to walk.

she was so obese that it was practically hilarious just to watch her try to move around.

ae4fda61 No.3674070

File: 1667883718247.jpg (7.3 KB, 300x168, index.jpg)

lol she yelled at me as a high schooler and I failed to do 30 laps. I told her that if she could lap me once I'd give her a twinkle, and she could go on it like a hungry hippo.

ae4fda61 No.3674074

File: 1667883910089.png (1000.08 KB, 1280x720, not_quite_evil.png)

I wasn't always the good soul i am today. I used to be straight up evil.

ae4fda61 No.3674077

to an extent that is true, unless you count in all the stuff that you memorized from them when they were alive, in which case they still live on to an extent.

ae4fda61 No.3674085

being poor is not a crime. A lot of people feel like it is, but Im not one of them. I want to help the poor not criminalize them.

I put my money were my mouth is and try to us my fortune to help those in need, not hurt them.

I didn't always understand things the way that I do now.

ae4fda61 No.3674088

I strongly dislike beggars. There is a difference between the poor and beggar vagrants.

ae4fda61 No.3674090

File: 1667886312646.png (98.08 KB, 860x705, 387-3878251_i-want-to-cum-….png)

My dad used to go an lobster dinner rants. Its not the reality of the situation. Most people on welfare don't live life the the fullest, they're usually barely scraping by, and in most situations are working while they're collecting.

Its a sorry state of existence.

ae4fda61 No.3674092

There are occasions where people on welfare will treat themselves to something nice.

I find it despicable that people are so against the idea of the poor on welfare having the occasional good time that they start treating the impoverished like they were animals.

ae4fda61 No.3674094

File: 1667886984433.jpg (60.03 KB, 790x527, german-shepherd-lying-down.jpg)

hell, even worse than animals. I at least buy my doggo squeaks and high quality food, for a dog.

People like to think that the poor are something to be abused, I reject that ideology.

ae4fda61 No.3674097

well there are occasions where things don't exactly add up. like I work on weekends at a food pantry, occasionally you get an asshat who demands that we give them ground beef when we only have donations of almost expired cans of soup from big lots to give.

Its shocking that we even have a steady supply of pet food to give out.

Some people need a solid slap to the head, others are just not capable of grasping the reality of their situation.

ae4fda61 No.3674100

File: 1667887823564.jpg (217.88 KB, 1080x1351, how-much-should-a-german-s….jpg)

Not every homeless person just suddenly poofed into existence. Like say I were to suddenly become homless (not going to happen) but lets say it was a thing.

I've had my doggo for 3.5 years and when he's not pooping, peeing of fence posts, or eating my food, he spends his time making me hate life a little less.

Far be it from me to tell some person who already lost most of what was important to them in their life to give up their dog.

Even you should be able to grasp that basic level of humanity.

ae4fda61 No.3674102


ae4fda61 No.3674105

File: 1667888386613.png (1.31 MB, 1000x714, 44.png)

yeah we have discussions on that kind of ethical issue.

I'm personally in favor as assisted suicide, in my mind its a matter of both comfort and the fact that we only have so long to live.

But ethics, not everyone agrees with my rather bleak opinion. Plenty of people think that I'm a sociopathic douche canoe who just wants to murder people.

I find my stance far from their opinion, but their stance is understandable from the perspective of innocent summer children.

ae4fda61 No.3674108

File: 1667888737927.png (1.41 MB, 1000x714, 44.png)

in my opinion, humans animals, we all eventually die sometimes horribly.

IMO just enjoy your life to its fullest while its still there.

ae4fda61 No.3674111

File: 1667889253809.jpg (834.68 KB, 1800x3214, c793ae372886c450d555352112….jpg)

As of right now the only real family that I care about is my brother. He serves the purpose of making me want to best him at everything, but hes not someone I'd hold onto life for.

I don't really have any logical reason to hold onto life, I've done so in the past, but it was mainly because fuck death, I'm hard core and unkillable.

ae4fda61 No.3674113

File: 1667889664623.jpg (64.91 KB, 900x595, charlie_b__barkin_to_heave….jpg)

If you want to kill me, you're going to need some really high caliber bullets or a crate full of spiders. Otherwise, I'm borderline invincible. My resilience up to this point is proof enough.

ae4fda61 No.3674116

File: 1667890052891.jpg (165.94 KB, 1280x1040, 5b0b8b74439c89954af4c32b2e….jpg)

try being in the military. So many showers, so many dicks.

ae4fda61 No.3674123

File: 1667891394118.jpg (11.87 KB, 350x197, gallery-1501580663-all-dog….jpg)

I gave up on being a better electro nerd than he is. Fuck my life, he's better than me.

So I was like fuck it, you want to out nerd me, I'll become a psychiatrist and high ground the hell out of him.

I'm still an alcoholic psychopath. Really the only thing my brother can't do that I did is go into the military. He might get close to me, but I can always hold that over his head.

ae4fda61 No.3674125

File: 1667891678781.png (74.59 KB, 290x539, a9563a90-15c2-4e0a-8248-e1….png)

he can't hold a candle to me when it comes to my sheer level of doing everything ok.

He might be a master of a trade, but im a jack of all. He doesn't have a house, and spends all his money renting, and I built mine.

Its a lesser accomplishment, but I can still rub his face in it He's still getting over breaking up with my sloppy seconds.

ae4fda61 No.3674129

yeah i lost my guy friends during the Trump election. I thought I was going to lose hardcore, and was braced for it.

Sadly I won, and all my friends left be because of it.

ae4fda61 No.3674182

File: 1667925226927.jpg (56.53 KB, 633x356, AlwaysSunnyS13_FXX_Header.jpg)

Not sure why anyone would want a presidential sex toy. Becoming president is like the ultimate small dick compensator.

ae4fda61 No.3674184

File: 1667926033684.jpg (27.42 KB, 401x469, f7f79dc1d8a03d59966c6f73cb….jpg)

Humans just dropped the evolutionary ball in general when it comes to sex organs. Human dicks are boring, and its pretty pathetic when human vaginas are less suited for sex than assholes.

Hell the one cool thing that we have that animals don't is a foreskin, and in our society's infinite jewish wisdom, we for some reason decided that we should just cut that shit off. If the Nazis did their job right, circumcision would be a thing of the past I'd still have my complete dick.

I'm not a nazi supporter, I just wish they would have done a better job. If you're going to do something, you should do it right.

ae4fda61 No.3674187

File: 1667928635898.png (56.06 KB, 596x558, post-18035-0-48414600-1428….png)

I guess, to each their own. I was a huge Trump supporter, but I'd rather have my prostate beaten empty by werewolf cock than Trump's Viagra fueled erection any day.


Hitler was a drug fueled puppet of his masters. His biggest crime was ruining a perfectly good mustache for all of history

I can't rock a postage stamp if I tried, literally no hair grows on my center lip, its a curse. Still, that style was classy as fuck before Hitler ruined it for everyone.

ae4fda61 No.3674192

File: 1667929161240.png (98.9 KB, 365x600, medium.png)

Seriously, if I'm going to not have the capability to grow proper facial hair thanks to my native american heritage, I should at least get a thunder bird familiar or something to make up for it.

Instead I get stuck with splotchy facial hair and a dog that steals my spot in bed, and barks at nothing, and then thinks hes entitled to scratches for his antisocial borking. I'd prefer a thunder bird, instead I get 145 lbs of Cain.

ae4fda61 No.3674194

File: 1667929509702.jpg (24.75 KB, 460x512, 828200361bf83717606f44ef46….jpg)

I run a fine line there, youd think I'd be more popular as a dating aspect, but despite being rich, I'm an alcoholic, and only just mentally stable enough to pass a background check.

I have money for days, and I'm one of the few people in my generation to actually own their own house and land, but its just not worth my crazy. I mean I'm a genius too, but the big problem with having abnormally high intelligence, is that it tends to lead you to have abnormally high levels of instability as well.

ae4fda61 No.3674202

File: 1667930046913.jpg (319.54 KB, 820x1154, 266-2663262_nightmare-rari….jpg)

I'm not like cobalt where I consider it a defining factor of my life that I take pride in. I just like knowing stuff, and enjoy my IQ's ability to let me perceive the world more thoroughly.

I'm already a self made man, I'm done. I'm not trying to subjugate anyone or be some intellectual asshat. I'm pretty mundane when I'm not in a super liberal over zealous mode. I like to be left alone, and I contain my ranting to this half dead remnant of web 1.0 board.

ae4fda61 No.3674205

File: 1667930320365.jpg (189.19 KB, 1000x750, mikenlos-rarirtytw.jpg)

Thats where being semi humble helps, I don't mind being showed up by someone smarter than me. The only thing that does is grants me an opportunity to correct errors in my logic and learn from their technical superiority.

I may be a prideful lawful evil monster, but I take the extra exp when I can get it.

ae4fda61 No.3674209

File: 1667930711809.png (2.13 MB, 1280x1387, nightmare_rarity_by_inarim….png)

It is a problem. Two of the main reasons I drink is because I can't shut my own head up, second is I can't shut it up enough to actually sleep. Its a pain.

I didn't exactly hit the jackpot when I got my super high IQ. I unfortunately have the self awareness to realize that its more of a curse than a blessing. Personally I envy those downsey retards who always seem so happy. I wish I had that kind of ignorant bliss.

ae4fda61 No.3674212

File: 1667931098110.jpg (50.04 KB, 800x463, HD-wallpaper-nightmare-rar….jpg)

I have accomplished a lot in my time, almost on an unbelievable scale.

If I find a lacking in my abilities, I correct it, through a combination of being mentally capable and playing my dealt cards as best I can.

I try to avoid letting people down, but I almost always end up doing so regardless. I'm extremely self adsorbed, and even when I do care about people, I tend to neglect them. Even when I pay attention to people, I've been told I talk over people and can come off as a little overpowering in conversations. Usually women complain about that. They just talk for so long and their logic is usually flawed, and I feel the need to correct their misunderstandings.

ae4fda61 No.3674216

you're more aware of situations like I'm in than most "smart" people. I applaud you.

Everyone wants to be intelligent, but it always seems to come with a cost.

ae4fda61 No.3674219

File: 1667931986723.jpg (232.87 KB, 1020x1170, tumblr_c1e826bd83722a505f2….jpg)

Like, I can type as fast as a demon, and I can entire text books in a sitting. I can write research papers that are supposed to take days in minutes.

Unfortunately, that makes it so that if I'm having a direct conversation with someone, everything they say just comes off as boring and irreverent. Then people start talking about their problems, and the solutions, at least to me, seem entirely self evident.

A lot of conversations I have with people are so boring. Its like most people can't even comprehend their own situations.

ae4fda61 No.3674221

File: 1667932186842.jpg (8.37 KB, 235x208, 46b2f2aad81e7e1f5d33c553bf….jpg)

I may come off as being a psychotic, but there is a method to my madness.

If there weren't I wouldn't own my own house, have several degrees, and have enough money to do whatever and not worry about it.

ae4fda61 No.3674223

I vaguely remember that show, if I remember right it was on a block labeled as "crime inc"

ae4fda61 No.3674225

File: 1667932603742.jpg (38.58 KB, 512x384, 443e763fcf35a2245d0c48b9c1….jpg)

I have nothing else to say right now that would be appropriate for dilapidated image board.

I might have more to say if i get drunk in the evening, but I'm trying to not do that anymore. Its still probably going to happen, you're just going to have to wait a bit.

ae4fda61 No.3674227

File: 1667932872369.png (779.87 KB, 600x800, bae.png)

I guess I do have one last response before I retire to studying my course material.

I do have those thoughts, and whether you like it or not by your talking to on this extended level, I've learned a lot about you.

You became an open book to me, and I read the pages.

ae4fda61 No.3674229

File: 1667933229947.jpg (15.48 KB, 236x354, 122e0d9f7b79cabcfc5a844421….jpg)

dont worry, its not like you shared anything incriminating, I just know how your brain works now. You don't have to worry about me fucking with you.


I'd rather live in the moment then constantly putting things off for some unattainable future date. I might be a little impulsive, but thats why I'm able to get so much done.

ae4fda61 No.3674231

File: 1667933584791.jpg (49.86 KB, 640x360, r2_52d028f8d052a3.79298159.jpg)

oh please, as if your nice facade would interest me.

I'm interested in your dark side, and shocker, your dark side isn't all that dark at all. You're a good boy whether you want to be one or not.

ae4fda61 No.3674234

File: 1667934030015.png (617.85 KB, 993x1024, 6e78778c9526ab01485b7c501e….png)

Easy. You show compassion, understanding of other people's situations… AKA empathy. You can have conversations that aren't soaked in illogical rage. Thus, you are a good boy.

There are dark elements sure, but they're largely artificial and self imposed.

ae4fda61 No.3674236

File: 1667934485058.png (486.9 KB, 800x450, boring.png)

Plus in all your time posting, you've never shown an inclination to committing a crime. Sure you've went on rants about raping and murdering people, but thats hot topic goth talk imo.

You are not a criminal, you aren't dark, and you don't seriously want to hurt people. You can rage all you want, but ultimately your mindset is lawful neutral at worst. In other words, boring.

ae4fda61 No.3674240

File: 1667934938037.jpg (94.18 KB, 754x1200, 6aaad5e566d6eebd2c19cc5b35….jpg)

well, no telling if you grew up with empathy but you have it now. You might as well embrace it.

It kinda sucks being being good, I had to and I didn't like doing it anymore than you do.

ae4fda61 No.3674242

File: 1667935250498.gif (1.24 MB, 498x498, princess-luna-princess-lun….gif)

doubtful, unless you're truly schizophrenic your "tulpas" are probably just an extension of your own conscious desire to not suck.


You have to ask yourself, do you really want to manipulate and control people, or do you wan to just be accepted and loved? Its up to you. Eventually you'll have to decide whether you want to lie to yourself or be truthful to yourself.

ae4fda61 No.3674244

File: 1667935392243.gif (32.13 KB, 220x179, princess-luna-princess-lun….gif)

yeah? I was tortured too, I even have the scars to show it. Sometimes you just have to let things go. Do you really want to give someone the rent free ride in the back of your head your whole life?

ae4fda61 No.3674247

File: 1667935635523.jpg (125.54 KB, 1920x1080, 2b1nv8w7-1920.jpg)

Bro, thats called trauma. I wont just say get over it, because everyone has their own ways to get over it, if they can.

You might need to talk to someone, not me, like an actual licensed professional. Still you seem like the kind of guy who can overcome that kind of thing despite initially internalizing it.

ae4fda61 No.3674250

File: 1667935781337.png (394.14 KB, 1092x731, 82e.png)

ha and you think I have a normal level of empathy?

My mind is half broken and I've seen things that would make a normal person crack. My empathy is not normal, its more like an urge to help people deal with pain than actually understanding them.

ae4fda61 No.3674252

I'm diagnosed with PTSD, you're crying to the choir here.

ae4fda61 No.3674253

I have 100% disability, and the military does not do that unless you're wall licking crazy or got blasted to hell.

2ea55a34 No.3674259


Anyways, so what have you learned from your ptsd?

ae4fda61 No.3674266

Lulz is limiting my posting, I'm not ignoring you, Dan is just being a dick.

ae4fda61 No.3674267

File: 1667939386645.png (188.16 KB, 600x600, Luna_portrait.png)

Leave it to a pedophile to ban constructive conversations.

2ea55a34 No.3674268

File: 1667939675411.jpg (20.39 KB, 300x268, e82e077cdf9032db35cad7bdc2….jpg)

We're the only ones having a conversation or posting.

The poll thread hasn't had a post in like 2 hours

I think only the "Western Furries and Eastern" has had any post in 2 hours.

ae4fda61 No.3674269

File: 1667940016704.png (33.37 KB, 900x944, loona.png)

well yeah, it usually falls on me to rile people up enough to have decent engaging threads, the /pol/ thread excluded.

I need to limit my responses, because Dan., bu I think we need to conclude this conversation. Not because I want to, but the mods are being jerks, and I don't have enough pull to drudge this stuff along.

2ea55a34 No.3674270

File: 1667940536778.png (184.94 KB, 512x512, 45554.png)

Okay then.

2ea55a34 No.3674272

File: 1667944143845.png (300.81 KB, 961x721, Rip_thread.png)

Did you just delete your thread with to octavia op image?

That anon posted an interesting, yet complex video.

ae4fda61 No.3674281

File: 1667946530661.jpg (23.82 KB, 500x500, avatars-000278648204-wgxfv….jpg)

I haven't been able to post enough o do any real damage. I have no idea how many posts I'm limited to in a day, but its enough to limit my operations.

ae4fda61 No.3674283

File: 1667946807762.jpg (147.52 KB, 1280x718, animesher.com_undertale-as….jpg)

Really if the mod weren't so shitty here i might be able to help a few of them. Im usually drunk, but on the rare occasion I can be helpful. I occasionally have words wisdom to dispense.

ae4fda61 No.3674284

File: 1667947056349.jpg (7.18 KB, 199x253, flower.jpg)

Im not even giving life changing advice, its mainly just "dont be a shit waffle" some people just can't wrap their heads around the concept.

ae4fda61 No.3674286

File: 1667947587968.jpg (269.68 KB, 678x1280, 1593914006.hun_447_chunie_….jpg)

well DK is an exception. Most of you just need a judge in the right direction and don't warrant the attention that I give DK. He's a special case.

ae4fda61 No.3674287

File: 1667947663472.jpg (430.37 KB, 886x1280, 1590863896.hun_437_chunie_….jpg)

DK is my special boi.

2ea55a34 No.3674288

File: 1667947815920.png (44.98 KB, 910x910, 80742893894207b8f1d59fb769….png)


Don't get the wrong idea. I talk to you a lot because your here and other people usually are not.

1546be6f No.3674289


that's it pretty much. Steam abuses everyone who has shown kindness to him. We just talk to him because there's nothing else to do. It's like chatting with a retarded kid with no self awareness whatsoever

2ea55a34 No.3674290

File: 1667948781696.jpg (86.17 KB, 850x1133, 66555.jpg)

I have an ungodly amount of free time these days. And my BF is always working. And lately he's in his ghost me moods since fall started.

2ea55a34 No.3674291

File: 1667949810899.png (951.47 KB, 1358x1500, 42bece38ee9c42cff5fd574090….png)

I would post all the time in another forum but its daily user count has dropped so much. The mods there really went ham.

So I really don't know where to spend my time at.

ae4fda61 No.3674296

File: 1667951836905.jpg (158.24 KB, 1275x1500, hellsing-alucard-red-wool-….jpg)

seriously? I can harm as much as I can help. Me being a jerk to some people is not the same as me going out with the intend to hurt them. I can do way worse to an individual than just being a general jerk. You drastically underestimate my abilities.

2ea55a34 No.3674297

File: 1667952037262.png (366.04 KB, 600x1000, 4277799f35f6054428edf3f87c….png)

Other than my one friend I don't have any friends either. People do want to be my friend but I always push them away, and don't accept friend requests.

Some people try very hard to force being my friend. A Russian guy has been trying to be my friend for maybe 1-2 years now, quite forcefully. But I don't want a Russian friend.

The last time I tried being friends with a Russian he was a pedo and burned all bridges with me. I thought he could move past being a pedo, move past being a moron, but I was wrong. and he burned me hard.

ae4fda61 No.3674298

File: 1667952042922.jpg (37.85 KB, 426x600, actor-alucard-hellsing-130….jpg)

Trust me, its far better to have me be a neutral party than being your enemy. I'm not threatening you, I'm just stating a fact.

2ea55a34 No.3674299

File: 1667952461328.jpg (93.99 KB, 850x1111, 98e22519b4d887b8b232f577b0….jpg)

Theres a lot of reasons I stopped having friends. But one of them is dealing with a stalker.

I thought really highly of them and trusted them.

ae4fda61 No.3674300

File: 1667952895250.jpg (37.89 KB, 300x400, Portrait.twilightsparkle.jpg)

I'm not the one to consulate you you on the subject of friendship. In the past when I had friends, it was mainly because an extrovert adopted me. My ability to form friendships is limited at best.

2ea55a34 No.3674302

File: 1667953133844.png (345.86 KB, 750x375, Kurumi-Date-a-Live.png)

I also picked to stop having friends steam because I was tired of hurting people via manipulation. I stopped having friends to protect people from me.

While I got better.

ae4fda61 No.3674303

File: 1667953227136.jpg (31.58 KB, 752x440, Let-The-Rainbow-Remind-You….jpg)

I'd like to be your friend though, you're an adorable ball of hateful fluff.

2ea55a34 No.3674304

File: 1667953243387.jpg (107.01 KB, 732x1200, 16153d86f43908fb967aa83401….jpg)

If your a bad person, the best friend you can be for someone, is a friend that makes them find another friend thats better than you.

2ea55a34 No.3674306

File: 1667953356130.jpg (163.43 KB, 1151x1409, 7cdd57f72dd588e53e1d0ee6c8….jpg)


I'm not hateful.

ae4fda61 No.3674307

File: 1667953433825.png (954.08 KB, 1470x1820, d80vmgj-f58ee8aa-db06-4682….png)

Good luck with that.

*snarky remark*

2ea55a34 No.3674308

Early on into my relationship with my friend what attracted him to me. Was my mean-ness and all of that.

My friend was used to people mistreating him.

And I became less and less mean.

ae4fda61 No.3674310

File: 1667953866184.jpg (106.04 KB, 800x1035, over9000.jpg)

the more I talk to you, the less obviously mean you seem to be.

2ea55a34 No.3674314

File: 1667954003586.png (1.56 MB, 2000x1688, 1d4ea065d7fab5aff441d4dbce….png)


I am super duper, ultra mean. Bad as I ever was.

ae4fda61 No.3674315

File: 1667954045982.png (227.28 KB, 800x450, luna.png)

some people like >>3674289 seem to think I'm kinda bad myself. I'm like you, deeply misunderstood.

ae4fda61 No.3674316

File: 1667954195356.jpg (71.3 KB, 1280x720, MV5BZDBkZTc5MzItYTNjYS00ZT….jpg)

bitch, I already visited this. You don't have it in you to be truly bad. You're so good I want to put frosting and sprinkles on you.

ae4fda61 No.3674318

File: 1667954489410.jpg (81.16 KB, 1280x784, tumblr_inline_oonwy5mtEZ1r….jpg)

again, you're showing your empathetic nature. You just need a really big hug.

ae4fda61 No.3674323

File: 1667954994508.png (128.44 KB, 781x439, 91c.png)

I'm going to give DK angry snuggles and he's going to accept them.

ae4fda61 No.3674325

File: 1667955223173.jpg (97.19 KB, 1037x716, Nightmare_moon_vector_100_….jpg)

face my snugly wrath. Your friend is of no importance and I am tired.

ae4fda61 No.3674328

File: 1667955706397.jpg (457.6 KB, 820x1771, 523-5231860_queen-chrysali….jpg)

As much as I'd love to pick your brain to figure out what you're going on about, I am super tired. I have a super fluffy pillow and an annoying dog waiting for me in bed.

ae4fda61 No.3674329

File: 1667955836318.jpeg (109.12 KB, 1200x630, sig-4707357.sig-4707357.1….jpeg)

The aforementioned annoying dog is probably sleeping on the aforementioned pillow. I might be an assclown, but he learned from the best.

2ea55a34 No.3674331

File: 1667956550557.png (400.19 KB, 900x1000, a589f1530ed1242f0e81b0b1f3….png)


Okay, have a nice rest. Maybe next time I won't make the conversation all about me.

2ea55a34 No.3674332

File: 1667956685566.png (320.87 KB, 1000x1000, 42453.png)

Though its hard to let it be about you, when you lie so much.

e475b345 No.3674360

File: 1667962028864.jpg (32.1 KB, 300x673, concessionaccepted.jpg)


File: 1667552179580.gif (140.73 KB, 400x225, Reading.gif)

Funny, all his posts that were here vanished

Anonymous 11/04/22 (Fri) 13:55:59 11ea202c No.3673102>>3673149

That's Steam's modis operandi. He drunkposts then sometimes deletes them when he sobers up.

Steam 11/04/22 (Fri) 16:22:46 ae4fda61 No.3673110>>3673114>>3673316

File: 1667578966511.png (565.22 KB, 1200x704, imbusy.png)

When I'm drunk I go on long winded rants with details that are completely irrelevant.

Long story short, I've been busy with college, applying for internships, and applying to work as a tutor/staff guy for summer learning camps. Yesterday was the first time in over a week that I've drank, and I rarely post here when I'm sober.

e475b345 No.3674361

File: 1667962046682.png (20.32 KB, 250x250, 1657434876572.png)

bitch, I already visited this. You don't have it in you to be truly bad. You're so good I want to put frosting and sprinkles on you.

Steam 11/09/22 (Wed) 00:41:29 ae4fda61 No.3674318

File: 1667954489410.jpg (81.16 KB, 1280x784, tumblr_inline_oonwy5mtEZ1r….jpg)


again, you're showing your empathetic nature. You just need a really big hug.

Steam 11/09/22 (Wed) 00:49:54 ae4fda61 No.3674323

File: 1667954994508.png (128.44 KB, 781x439, 91c.png)

I'm going to give DK angry snuggles and he's going to accept them.

e475b345 No.3674362

isdom to dispense.

Steam 11/08/22 (Tue) 22:37:36 ae4fda61 No.3674284

File: 1667947056349.jpg (7.18 KB, 199x253, flower.jpg)

Im not even giving life changing advice, its mainly just "dont be a shit waffle" some people just can't wrap their heads around the concept.

Steam 11/08/22 (Tue) 22:46:27 ae4fda61 No.3674286>>3674287

File: 1667947587968.jpg (269.68 KB, 678x1280, 1593914006.hun_447_chunie_….jpg)

well DK is an exception. Most of you just need a judge in the right direction and don't warrant the attention that I give DK. He's a special case.

Steam 11/08/22 (Tue) 22:47:43 ae4fda61 No.3674287>>3674288

File: 1667947663472.jpg (430.37 KB, 886x1280, 1590863896.hun_437_chunie_….jpg)

DK is my special boi.

863ff89d No.3674388

I'm sure the TOR archive caught all that fyi
Not sure about archive.ph I thought that wasn't automatic

ae4fda61 No.3674406

File: 1667972885654.jpg (103.99 KB, 850x944, f9ac6f259664ec4b76226e2868….jpg)

I don't know why you're being all butthurt about a few deleted posts. I mostly just remove things to correct grammatical errors, formatting or occasionally accidentally hit submit with the wrong image or something.

I'll usually repost an improved version a few seconds later. Its not like you're missing out on anything.

ae4fda61 No.3674408

File: 1667973575274.png (294.97 KB, 755x804, AlRender-MikiMatzuki.png)

I'm still not entirely shure how I got the reputation of being a liar. I rarely ever straight up lie, I might omit some parts of the truth or fancy up factual statements for some dramatic flare, but its like once in a blue moon that I'll actually just fabricate some nonsense.

Speaking of nonsense, I didn't get the sleep I wanted. I live next a nursing home and I guess someone died or something. Sirens blazing and lights flashing just outside my bedroom window. Then my stupid dog decided he was going to bark at it, then he found his squeeky ball and despite all my efforts to stay asleep he just stood on my chest "squeek, squeek, squeek" right in my ear for like 10 minutes. Now I'm just awake enough to shit post and play video games.

ae4fda61 No.3674409

File: 1667973875033.jpg (119.48 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I love that dog to bits, but fucking hell can he be an annoying shit when he wants to be.

e475b345 No.3674410

it's because of straight up lies like this:

>I'm still not entirely shure how I got the reputation of being a liar. I rarely ever straight up lie

ae4fda61 No.3674412

in my memory, no one has ever been able to cite an actual lie I've told.

The closest thing was a hand full of times where I was misinformed about something. I don't count honest mistakes as lies.

ae4fda61 No.3674413

File: 1667975014872.jpg (162.27 KB, 1280x1024, 1428703692.ldr_male_one.jpg)

The closest I've come to telling a lie in the past year was just me offering to help polybius with his financial situations, and for some reason he thought I was offering to build him a free animatronic bimbo fucksuit.

He still refuses to let that go.

e475b345 No.3674414

no one believes you


e475b345 No.3674416


e475b345 No.3674423

Shame you hate yourself so much. No wish to improve at all

ae4fda61 No.3674425

File: 1667980107438.jpg (341.35 KB, 1280x917, 1658778677.areyes_screen_s….jpg)

You know I don't always have a super intrecret story to tell.

Like right now the most interesting thing in my life is that I have a pimple just on the back crease of my left ear, and it refuses to die.

I'm not actually a constant artisan wellspring of interesting stories.

e475b345 No.3674426

This “terrorist” BS is why I voted left wing for as long as I did. 20 years ago, the neocons tried to pull this whole “you’re not a Patriot if you don’t support the Patriot Act” nonsense. Us moderates/anti-establishment types tried to warn people of how the Patriot Act would be used against US citizens and right wing NPCs would say “you just have to follow the law… you have nothing to hide if you’re a good person.”

And now here we are. I’m so annoyed that the right wing NPCs supported this nonsense and now we all have to pay for it. And only NOW they’re realizing how bad the FBI and CIA are. /facepalm. It really just makes you want to scream out of frustration.

And they want to paint people who were left wing as the NPCs when they were all used by the government to take away our Constitutional rights. Each side is happy as long as big government pushes their agenda.

Only a few years ago, right wingers considered Edward Snowden a traitor for leaking that the government was doing this! They just really had way too much trust in daddy government. I find it ironic that they now ridicule the left for being pro big government when they were like this only a few years ago prior to the Trump admin.

The silver lining in this is that finally more people are waking up. Stupidly, the left are becoming pro-establishment right when we need them to not be. Ugh…

Send help. We are surrounded by NPCs everywhere.

ae4fda61 No.3674427

Bitch my life is constant improvement. Not always effective improvement, but improvement none the less.

Still true I'm physically a shadow of what I used to be, time has not granted me any favors. Mentally I'm a little better off, but damn if I don't miss the days that I could do a push up a second and run a marathon.

e475b345 No.3674431

nvm not going to try to talk to y ou again

ae4fda61 No.3674433

File: 1667981422685.png (1.37 MB, 960x1280, 1667761299.jaykat_morningl….png)

lol now you're the one who looks like they're drunk posting.

I guess compared to other people who are as old as I am, I'm not too bad off. I work out on my elliptical machine every day, so my cardio isn't all that bad, and I can still bench my body weight. Which at 230 lbs isn't all that bad.

I've got degrees and certificates for days, and my own personal library. I could be worse off. I'm still not happy with myself, but it could be worse. I definitely couldn't be the femboy that furries so aspire to be, but I can at least rock a DILF bod.

e475b345 No.3674435

ur just talking to urself. i literally dont give a shit about anything you say

e475b345 No.3674436

i never drink either >>3674433

ae4fda61 No.3674437

File: 1667981977307.jpg (101.16 KB, 850x885, 1655562187242-0.jpg)

I may not be a young gun military guy anymore, but technically speaking, being a built DILF psychologist isn't all that bad.

Hell my choloestrol is almost zero, and my blood pressure is good, I don't have diabetes or any major medical problems other than the absence of a spleen, and I have enough screws and implants in me to set off metal detectors.

Still I won't say I'm happy with where Im at, but all things considered I'm doing pretty well.

ae4fda61 No.3674438

File: 1667982207007.jpg (294.32 KB, 825x1280, 1631746044.hun_558_chunie_….jpg)

good for you I guess, I've never known anyone to not have vices. I mean you are on lulz, something is seriously wrong with you. It might not be alcohol, but I wont speculate.

ae4fda61 No.3674443

I laugh at him for the support check thing he has to do. He's paying alimony to two women he was never even married to, and child support for 3 kids that aren't even biologically his.

Such a cuck.

e475b345 No.3674444

Its actually pretty annoying how much people irl get on me for the alcohol thing, like my brother. He was bitching at me for it, and I'm like "my dude" I have a house, all the bullshit that goes with owning a house, a few acres of land I don' do anything with,several degrees, I own more vehicles than I know what to do with, and almost infinite money.

He rents, has no savings, two alimony checks per month, and even though he has an electrical engineering degree, he works tech support from home. Plus he smokes weed all the time.

I choose to be an alcoholic, I choose to keep buying the bottles, but my alcoholism should not cancel out all my positive aspects.

I'm the most successful person I know, and I'm surrounded by failures, but no, that one aspect of my being just seems to eclipse everything I've accomplished.Its actually pretty annoying how much people irl get on me for the alcohol thing, like my brother. He was bitching at me for it, and I'm like "my dude" I have a house, all the bullshit that goes with owning a house, a few acres of land I don' do anything with,several degrees, I own more vehicles than I know what to do with, and almost infinite money.

He rents, has no savings, two alimony checks per month, and even though he has an electrical engineering degree, he works tech support from home.

I choose to be an alcoholic, I choose to keep buying the bottles, but my alcoholism should not cancel out all my positive aspects.

I'm the most successful person I know, and I'm surrounded by failures, but no, that one aspect of my being just seems to eclipse everything I've accomplished.

ae4fda61 No.3674446

Its actually pretty annoying how much people irl get on me for the alcohol thing, like my brother. He was bitching at me for it, and I'm like "my dude" I have a house, all the bullshit that goes with owning a house, a few acres of land I don' do anything with,several degrees, I own more vehicles than I know what to do with, and almost infinite money.

He rents, has no savings, two alimony checks per month, and even though he has an electrical engineering degree, he works tech support from home. Plus he smokes weed all the time.

I choose to be an alcoholic, I choose to keep buying the bottles, but my alcoholism should not cancel out all my positive aspects.

I'm the most successful person I know, and I'm surrounded by failures, but no, that one aspect of my being just seems to eclipse everything I've accomplished.Its actually pretty annoying how much people irl get on me for the alcohol thing, like my brother. He was bitching at me for it, and I'm like "my dude" I have a house, all the bullshit that goes with owning a house, a few acres of land I don' do anything with,several degrees, I own more vehicles than I know what to do with, and almost infinite money.

He rents, has no savings, two alimony checks per month, and even though he has an electrical engineering degree, he works tech support from home.

I choose to be an alcoholic, I choose to keep buying the bottles, but my alcoholism should not cancel out all my positive aspects.

I'm the most successful person I know, and I'm surrounded by failures, but no, that one aspect of my being just seems to eclipse everything I've accomplished.

e475b345 No.3674466

Steam 11/09/22 (Wed) 08:55:47 ae4fda61 No.3674446

Its actually pretty annoying how much people irl get on me for the alcohol thing, like my brother. He was bitching at me for it, and I'm like "my dude" I have a house, all the bullshit that goes with owning a house, a few acres of land I don' do anything with,several degrees, I own more vehicles than I know what to do with, and almost infinite money.

He rents, has no savings, two alimony checks per month, and even though he has an electrical engineering degree, he works tech support from home. Plus he smokes weed all the time.

I choose to be an alcoholic, I choose to keep buying the bottles, but my alcoholism should not cancel out all my positive aspects.

I'm the most successful person I know, and I'm surrounded by failures, but no, that one aspect of my being just seems to eclipse everything I've accomplished.Its actually pretty annoying how much people irl get on me for the alcohol thing, like my brother. He was bitching at me for it, and I'm like "my dude" I have a house, all the bullshit that goes with owning a house, a few acres of land I don' do anything with,several degrees, I own more vehicles than I know what to do with, and almost infinite money.

He rents, has no savings, two alimony checks per month, and even though he has an electrical engineering degree, he works tech support from home.

I choose to be an alcoholic, I choose to keep buying the bottles, but my alcoholism should not cancel out all my positive aspects.

I'm the most successful person I know, and I'm surrounded by failures, but no, that one aspect of my being just seems to eclipse everything I've accomplished.

2ea55a34 No.3674471

File: 1668000468125.png (414.27 KB, 1033x795, Y7.png)

My people have been busy.

Alcoholism can be pretty bad. I grew up around an alcoholic.

He could ask me a question, I answer it, then he ask me it again like I never answered him. And it could go on until I stopped answering.

And my older brother he drinks too. He can come into my house, comment on it, such as the bathroom. And then the next day not remember having had been in my house.

2ea55a34 No.3674473

File: 1668001078131.png (258.79 KB, 894x894, 52334.png)

One thing I think is scary about drinking is, if you have trauma and that trauma is making you act out, be unhappy, etc.

How can you work through it, if you drink to the point you can't remember it?

Just because you can't remember a memory, doesn't mean it can't still hurt you. Like repressed memories and all that?

32da66a7 No.3674563

It's not like a repressed memory, because you didn't make one in the first place. No short-term to long-term memory transition takes place.

5cd19bb8 No.3674565

File: 1668034646164.png (163.82 KB, 454x600, medium.png)


What do you mean?

I'm saying like… Say you got abused as a kid. So you drink to forget. And now you can't remember, but your still angry and got the emotional issues

4dd67aea No.3674580


Alcohol blackouts interfere with the brain's ability to imprint memories. You make an absolute, gross fool of yourself but can't remember what happened.

Other people end up knowing more about your shame than you do. An absolute social nightmare…

e475b345 No.3674591

Its actually pretty annoying how much people irl get on me for the alcohol thing, like my brother. He was bitching at me for it, and I'm like "my dude" I have a house, all the bullshit that goes with owning a house, a few acres of land I don' do anything with,several degrees, I own more vehicles than I know what to do with, and almost infinite money.

He rents, has no savings, two alimony checks per month, and even though he has an electrical engineering degree, he works tech support from home. Plus he smokes weed all the time.

I choose to be an alcoholic, I choose to keep buying the bottles, but my alcoholism should not cancel out all my positive aspects.

I'm the most successful person I know, and I'm surrounded by failures, but no, that one aspect of my being just seems to eclipse everything I've accomplished.

1b0c1bd2 No.3674621

File: 1668068899588.jpg (57.57 KB, 1024x568, harley_quinn_no_flash_by_r….jpg)

Let it go? You're talking about it right now!

Let it go? I stop posting for here for like a week and you're on here making up complete and total bullshit under my handles. I can't let go? You're the who keeps fucking with me.

I wasn't asking you to "build it for me" that's bulshit. You offered your assistance. I took you up on it and you called me freak.

Fuck off!
Then you we're all "Oh no I meant providing financial advice, not engineering advice. I'm not helping you build the one thing I knew you'd ask me to help you with"
Then when I explained to you.
"Huhhh steam that's great and all but any financial advice or any help what's so ever is going to go to benefiting this project" you were all "well then I'm not helping you at all"
It's like as soon as I decided what I wanted to do with my life, as soon as I decided I was no longer content being a low income sack of crap and was ready commit to something…

You just arbitrarily decide that you're gonna start fuck'n with me.
Do I have pull up the screen shots? Is your memory that shots or did you delete that to?
What about the alone-on-a-Friday-night thread? Where you going off about how
"I sUggEst wE tHiS diReCtiOn bUt CraZy AuFy WanTeD spEnd oN tHat."

I can't let go? YOU CAN'T LET IT GO.
I try ignoring you and then you just keep goading me on. Like with this post here.

1b0c1bd2 No.3674623

File: 1668069759557.jpg (185.16 KB, 1200x675, Safeimagekit-resized-imgpn….jpg)

And what's worse … in all my naivete…before this happened I was on team Steam.

People kept telling me…Now Aufy… now I know you think steam is smart and handsome swell guy but that's how he does people.
He acts all kind warm and interested and friendly … and then BAM! He turns on ya. He's a lair and he's not to be trusted.

And stupid bimbo me… I was all like…
"WelL I gUeSs sO but he's My bUdDy"
And the thing is… if ya did this to me and lied your lies about me… How many other people have you done this to?
On /furi/ or otherwise.
How many more will ya do it to after this? Your reputation of being colossal lying venomous snake dirtbag started long before you and me had beef.

1b0c1bd2 No.3674627

File: 1668072349227.jpg (76.55 KB, 1280x720, 4739e9f2cd02fb6fc23aee2dcf….jpg)

And what's up with this narrative you spew that
"Oh Aufy's beyond help, he's a lost cause, he won't budge on anything, he's a crazy person low income lunatic, I guess there's nothing anyone can do."
"I guess all that's left to be done is make a bunch fake Aufy updates and spread a bunch of God Damn rumors."

When I was ready to change, I was ready hang on your every God Damn word.
You offered your guidance and I came to you willing and ready to be guided, then you gave up on me before even trying.

e475b345 No.3674683

you just have to accept you're the only one stupid enough to talk to steam and trust his bullshit, and all of the dehumanizing that comes with that. You are worth less than dirt

3e7dde7a No.3674748

Aufy is fucked in the head.

2b46bc31 No.3674862

You got taken in by a sociopath, dummy. Happens to all sorts of mentally ill people, because you're easy to take advantage of. You're just especially stupid because Steam isn't very good at hiding the fact he is one and it becomes blatant pretty quickly if you pay attention to anything he does.

ad62dd99 No.3674871

File: 1668145538086.jpg (793.04 KB, 1500x2080, ad048e310388002b1aa9c5c58f….jpg)


He can talk a whole day about caring, empathy, innocence in the other thread. And not take one step in here since poly came back

Its funny even.

e475b345 No.3674874

yeah the guy is basically evil. He had a really nice bf too, shame he had to screw it up by threatening to kill him all the time

ad62dd99 No.3674875

File: 1668148185331.jpg (713.57 KB, 1500x2080, a998ee10d7013a8744d8a0072f….jpg)


I don't even know at this point if he's had anyone. I haven't been here in so many years. And his stories change so much.

e475b345 No.3674877

The guy told me all about it personally and he used to be our premiere image dumper

ad62dd99 No.3674878

File: 1668148643589.jpg (684.27 KB, 2080x1500, e60608b89db231e9d233e5904d….jpg)


I guess steam's got one on me there. I've never met anyone from the internet before. Much less got a boyfriend irl out of it.

What happened to the guy? Did he need to see anyone after that for mental help?

e475b345 No.3674879

The guy was super optimistic and friendly so I think he just moved on. Even with Steam messing with him and cucking him one day, lol

e475b345 No.3674880

Its actually pretty annoying how much people irl get on me for the alcohol thing, like my brother. He was bitching at me for it, and I'm like "my dude" I have a house, all the bullshit that goes with owning a house, a few acres of land I don' do anything with,several degrees, I own more vehicles than I know what to do with, and almost infinite money.

He rents, has no savings, two alimony checks per month, and even though he has an electrical engineering degree, he works tech support from home. Plus he smokes weed all the time.

I choose to be an alcoholic, I choose to keep buying the bottles, but my alcoholism should not cancel out all my positive aspects.

I'm the most successful person I know, and I'm surrounded by failures, but no, that one aspect of my being just seems to eclipse everything I've accomplished.

8d40f974 No.3674883

File: 1668149235000.jpg (180.36 KB, 1200x1200, b8b50041fc5b6269c706786b02….jpg)


Its hard to be super optimistic in todays world.

You can try, but then you fail, and fail, and fail.

And then you can get a reputation as a flip-flop. Where people say that your being happy is an act and is all fake and that your really ultra depressed.

649b6151 No.3674907

File: 1668153732929.jpg (106.37 KB, 1400x700, harley-quinn-hbo-max-featu….jpg)

It's not so much the head as much as it is the heart.

>>3674862 It's a minor annoyance. But I figured it was worth a shot.

>>3674874 I don't know about evil. I think maybe he's just immature. Probably sees us as an easy target to project his insecurities. It's possible he could be just be envious of MrJ, I dunno.

At least a valuable lesson came of it. Only one's gonna change me to the bimbo I know I can be is me. Mr.J's gonna respect me more of I can improve myself on my own rather than being guided by a narrasistic mentor.

>>3674883 Who isn't put'n on a face? Sometimes the best cure for depression
ain't trying to make it obvious and talking about it all the time, expecting other people to give ya the validation you think you want. Every one loves validation but we can't rely on it.

It's not so much bottling it up as much as it is trying to keep it ourselves but honor those feelings explore on our own time why we feel the way do, how we'd rather feel and try to take the nessecary steps to move from where we are to where we want to be emotionally or otherwise.

Some times it's just pretending you're happy until ya actually are. Ya know sometimes we can't expect any one else to pull us out of our own funk but our own God Damn selves. We gotta find a light source, some reason to move forward and keep going.

Harley's so in love MrJ no matter what.
She had to accept and honor that. So rather than denying her love, she decided that she's gonna follow in thier foot steps and hope that some day they'll be proud of her. Even if MrJ never accepts Harley she's got a path to follow now. Harley accepts Harley and she's gonna move forward no matter what.

e475b345 No.3674913

>I don't know about evil. I think maybe he's just immature.


a028e795 No.3674922


Are you for real on the jay thing? Idk you long enough to know if its a joke or for real.

649b6151 No.3674926

File: 1668155431327.png (1.02 MB, 1200x1200, harley-cropped.png)

Well… maybe he is maybe he I ain't, I dunno, I dun care. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. I wish'em the best on his "journey to better his person" really I do.
But he can drop dead for all I care.

ae4fda61 No.3674930

File: 1668156135441.png (1.52 MB, 1710x900, hyaluukhkf081.png)

Im chaotic neutral at worst.

Also I am doing awesome in my classes, I'm rocking a 99.8% average grade. Still its not like I have much more than internship experience and that isn't any more than taking notes, don't take my comments to heart.

a028e795 No.3674931

I'm not saying I can't be optimistic, but I can dial it up much higher than lulz has seen.

And thats the one that usually makes people go wtf. And call me a faker if I return to normal/crash.

ae4fda61 No.3674932

File: 1668156577098.png (1.37 MB, 1280x720, junko.png)

Please don't dial anything up, you were so much worse in the past. Just do what I do and contain your crazy to threads that mention you if you must explode.

a028e795 No.3674933

File: 1668156731265.png (2.29 MB, 2000x2000, ddbpgnp-b92a28be-a5dd-4174….png)

My most optimistic state is like scary. For me. Because I usually have to go very spiritual.

And it tells me to do all kinds of things I don't want to do…

ae4fda61 No.3674934

File: 1668157045044.png (127.47 KB, 211x239, monokuma.png)

still nothing like you used to be. I tried to get you to commit suicide and then you disappeared for like years. I used to be able to barely flick you and you'd go off the roof, glad you didn't kill yourself, you came back and turned out entertaining.

I'm sure all the other posters appreciate you distracting me as well.

a028e795 No.3674935

File: 1668157195294.jpeg (853.34 KB, 1280x685, 1622070542639-2.jpeg)


You had nothing to do with me leaving. I was banned.

ae4fda61 No.3674936

File: 1668157235258.jpg (99.66 KB, 827x1169, c044c59fb2cac1a37ab1d446f0….jpg)

i men I don't appreciate the whole "it looks like spam" thing that I get hit on you with, but bear in mind if i vanish for a while, its probably the site's fault.

a028e795 No.3674937

File: 1668157300504.png (856.73 KB, 1080x834, 1621625903840-4.png)

And you had nothing to do with me switching FA accounts.

b8dfbcc9 No.3674938

File: 1668157511279.jpeg (10.33 KB, 259x195, images (4).jpeg)

Ohhhhh God.
Careful Aufy.
Dial it back.

>>3674907 No he's huhhhh not exactly joking and he's not exactly talking about the Joker either.
Uhm yeah, it's just best to not read to much into these things.

ae4fda61 No.3674939

File: 1668157566278.jpg (150.52 KB, 1440x810, 4.jpg)

well despite that I took credit for a long time for your suicide. It was kind of surprising when you randomly showed up and started posting again, we honestly needed some old blood back in there.

So not disappointed at all, people only took your disappearance with Fancy and Unell's the same way anyways.

a028e795 No.3674940

File: 1668157708945.jpg (73.08 KB, 544x800, shad3.jpg)

You weren't even my friend in the old days. And we didn't talk that much.

If you weren't still here I'd probably barely remember you.

People I still remember are like shadow who seems to have jumped all the way into futas

a028e795 No.3674941

File: 1668157803472.png (1.13 MB, 1772x1682, ca799ebee76d2b4019902d8fcf….png)

Hardiman I talked with a bunch before he died. And some people I was friends with.

And a couple people were really bad.

ae4fda61 No.3674942

Hes not entirely untruthful in some of the threatening things I said. He asked me to be scary so I was, but I never actually was physical with Unell. He just wanted me to be scary, we had a simple safe word he just never said it so I guess I actually scared him. We reinforced the safe word every time though.

a028e795 No.3674943

File: 1668158350533.jpg (60.33 KB, 900x630, twitter-LAndyPommel-114606….jpg)


I'm sure its fine. I've seen and heard so much messed up stuff. Almost nothing shocks me.

Who is MrJay? A suit? A pet? Their father?

a028e795 No.3674944

File: 1668158535157.png (261.76 KB, 793x976, Cock_snack.png)

I used to talk to a girl in love with springtrap. And he's a walking, rotting, evil robot with a human skeleton inside him.

ae4fda61 No.3674945

I wasn't a dunk back en either, Unell just like it, and 99% of the time, I was the one in bondage. He's the one who got me into chastity and convinced me to get my dick pierced.

a028e795 No.3674946

File: 1668158735838.png (1.39 MB, 1156x1400, 1571161451.the-guardian-ma….png)

ae4fda61 No.3674947

i even got a stud put into my tongue for him, not nearly as painful as its made out to be, but I couldn't stop messing with it and I managed to break it loose

Really quick healing, i can still feel the knot where I was pierced if i drag my teeth over my tongue. I only had it in for like 3 days.

a028e795 No.3674948

You know what they say. "If he has a pierced tongue he'll probably suck your dick" -chris rock

a028e795 No.3674949

File: 1668159100606.png (595.12 KB, 1200x1200, 095.png)

ae4fda61 No.3674950

A lot faster than the prince Albert, that thing stung like a bitch when I tried to piss and i had to have a glove tied to my dick just to prevent the blood from being obvious. The ladders were way easier than the PA.

ae4fda61 No.3674953

I can feel all my subdermals still there, they aren't still open like my PA, I even had my nipple pierced, lucky I never did something really stupid like getting heavy gauged. Really if anyone should be complaining about pain it should be me. I have a phobia of needles, so I needed him there to hold my hand for every one.

ae4fda61 No.3674954

I can brace myself fine for one. I had a 6 rung ladder put in under the PA. Since removed with no issue or open holes, but fuck me. getting those were intense.

ae4fda61 No.3674956

fucking hell, how am I still awake?

a028e795 No.3674957

File: 1668160680121.jpg (800.99 KB, 3240x2500, 1641665001.korasu_sedu-04-….jpg)

Sleep sounds perfect.

d434a3c6 No.3681798

File: 1670840415819.png (10.89 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Steam hams!

4444d835 No.3686134

File: 1673443840987.png (266.25 KB, 574x301, pdvd005n.png)

Stesm, you are a Lulz version of Baron Munchausen!!
For those who don't know who that is:


46483541 No.3686148

How so? I've never been caught in a lie as far as I know.

The whole "Steam the liar" thing has always been weird, since no one has ever given an example of me lying.

46483541 No.3686149

File: 1673459961971.jpg (5.69 KB, 157x322, maiq the liar.jpg)

I mean I've been here for over a decade, at this point at least one screenshot of me telling a solid lie would have shown up by now.

My "lies" are more of a meme at this point than a true history of fabrication.

4829c40e No.3686210

>The whole "Steam the liar" thing has always been weird, since no one has ever given an example of me lying.
So claims SteamTheCompulsiveLiar.

d434a3c6 No.3686313

File: 1673484524904-0.jpg (193.07 KB, 1200x1181, 9b9c5727ce7351e6b062c53166….jpg)

File: 1673484524904-1.jpg (146.47 KB, 1200x1181, 99bf8ae0357415e0894f48a46c….jpg)

File: 1673484524904-2.jpg (308.96 KB, 1473x1877, c588d0f18ec8946fb8b05b4b05….jpg)

8b5ec7d6 No.3686438

File: 1673542988050.jpg (24.75 KB, 500x483, d601807eed5b3c364270252797….jpg)

I don't know what this thing is, but I want to have blackout drunk sex with it. Which is the only kind of sex I've ever have… or at least I assume.

7102e8a0 No.3686580


Fact check: Steam has never had sex and has never met a gay person.

46ee167d No.3686598

File: 1673672597697.png (1012.83 KB, 1080x1080, Homelander-S3.png)

Fact check: Unell, in the least. We were super romantic, a Lulz power couple went on lots of gay adventures together, until I tried lobotomize him.

Then I fucked his fantasy romance Fancy_Tux in front of him and sent him back to canada in a taxi.

Like I do.

1d7a47b0 No.3686601

File: 1673679457622.jpg (442.09 KB, 1125x750, 1206750199.grisser_daddysh….jpg)

Neither was Baron Munchausen. One only can tell limited number of stories of their improbable achievements before people stop believing anything of it. Too bad.

8d72d2f6 No.3686608

What is that hideous, ugly thing?
Is this a Halloween thread?
Somebody can't draw.

8d72d2f6 No.3686611

File: 1673689409703.jpg (32.74 KB, 640x600, The_Baron.jpg)

"The fictional Baron's exploits, narrated in the first person, focus on his impossible achievements as a sportsman, soldier, and traveller; for instance: riding on a cannonball, fighting a forty-foot crocodile, and travelling to the Moon."


1d7a47b0 No.3686615

File: 1673702996147.png (826.37 KB, 1000x1000, 1277180499.vu06_312.png)

I have no idea. I was looking for random gay from old porn archives to attach and stumbled on that.

62f1557b No.3686681

File: 1673775406172.jpg (283.66 KB, 2400x1350, 4yISgBCY7nauaZUatiQUadBn1k….jpg)

It's not one big lie, it's a lot of little things.
For instance, you could not have lived the ten lifetimes it would require to have done and experienced all the things that you claim, it's impossible. There would not be enough time.
Secondly, if anyone had underwent all the injuries and surgeries you claim to have suffered, they would be a bedridden invalid for life, AT BEST. It's simply not possible.
And so on.
Don't take this the wrong way, it's a lot better than the bullshit 3B posts, his posts only being great for comedy, because nobody on here ever believes anything he says and it's marvelous watching him waste his life accomplishing nothing.
You on the other hand, at least are sort of interesting.
So go ahead, embrace your inner Munchausen.
Do him better even, ride TWO cannonballs.
It's ok.

8b5ec7d6 No.3686714

File: 1673796038529.jpg (21.13 KB, 376x407, e23d1cb86ff015164e9d988465….jpg)

that or the metaphor of the candle that shines twice as bright or whatever, kills itslef out twice as fast. Thus why I do nothing now. I am broken by disappointment.

I've shown physical evidence of all the surgeries and shit I've had trying to do literally everything. I pushed myself too hard and got hurt, a lot.

I've stretched some truths, but I've just lived a very colorful life. I'm paying for it now and just sort of resting on a nest egg built of weirdness.

5c2863b0 No.3687242

File: 1674180916728.jpeg (122.58 KB, 861x648, Web capture_19-1-2023_211….jpeg)

1e1a122f No.3687246

File: 1674185040447.jpg (193 KB, 1508x1505, 1670870949553-4.jpg)

Reminds me of this dumb vixen who froze her pussy to a cold sign post.

8b5ec7d6 No.3690603

File: 1676566270490.png (100.75 KB, 196x257, index.png)

If this was bumped because of my latest post, you'll remember a couple of months ago I said to expect me to be gone for a while, its directly related. I fully anticipated jail time.

Also I totally fall in line with this whole "steam the liar" thing with this because although I didn't lie in court, I barely said anything, I did pull one hell of a "deep fake." Possibly the deepest fake I've ever pulled.

It was magnificent. I became a whole other person for months irl to pull this off.

8b5ec7d6 No.3690604

File: 1676566453768.png (80.85 KB, 280x283, 2043570.png)

and my parents told me all those years in the drama club would never pay off.

d077dcf5 No.3691351

File: 1676988034517.png (371.35 KB, 1863x883, Steam_house_thread_3000.png)

Rip another steam thread.

7d1c9446 No.3700276

wtf happened to Steam? He hasn't been online in over a month

bfaecd5b No.3700286

File: 1682274283662.png (41.14 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

I have no idea where Steam is…

bfaecd5b No.3700287

File: 1682275305951.jpg (51.99 KB, 653x900, bHs6cTI.jpg)

15abfc24 No.3700302

File: 1682281652914.jpg (130.39 KB, 763x1000, Miley_Cyrus_nude_outtake.jpg)

> wtf happened to Steam? He hasn't been online in over a month
Steam violated his probation. He will be in prison for the next two and a half years.

df226d9a No.3700307

If he was as rich as he said he was he could have just hired a good lawyer to find some excuse to get his charges completely dismissed.

937f1c35 No.3700311


It seemed like he squirmed out of getting popped for drunk driving (if that was even real. Who knows). The thing with drunk driving is that a significant amount of people don't learn their lesson the first time. So maybe he's actually dead or in prison. Hopefully he didn't kill anyone while driving drunk.

df226d9a No.3700327

All that AA rehab and it didn't work for him. That goes to show that even Aufy and Cobalt have stronger convictions than Steam has.

18937b63 No.3700363

Theres no way hed be gone this long without making a big deal out of it or showing up on the discord at least once. If he was in jail he'd have posted bail by now hes either dead or in an asylum.

df226d9a No.3700364

It could be something completely different. Something could have came up regarding his family and he had to take care of their estate and funeral arrangements.

73c06e48 No.3701699

File: 1683511579389.jpg (457.62 KB, 2926x4096, bafybeibhl6xpmntznlmouqtig….jpg)

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