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c0398d58 No.3681050

Chanukkah Sameach! We here at /furi/ would like to wish everyone a Happy Hanukkah Sameach! Feel free to celebrate the Happy Festival of Lights whether you are Jewish or not. L’Chaim

b3e93820 No.3681051

Aufy is fucked in the head.

de65e1b1 No.3681052

File: 1670546596179.png (473.26 KB, 597x547, Jewish pussy.png)


Calm down Dan. Getting upset at Aufy is no good for your blood pressure. Here's a Jewish cat to cheer you up. Don't worry they don't eat mice, they consider them non Kosher.

63b0cba3 No.3681059

File: 1670549070650.jpg (109.55 KB, 940x672, jewdmandingmoney.jpg)

9c8c2e93 No.3681067

Wait what, Aufy's Jewish?

e76fd80c No.3681074

File: 1670560109416.jpg (635.5 KB, 1000x1192, 441222_Jader_nochebuena_sk….jpg)

Silly pretender.
I only ever post with my tripcode, homie.

3ff6b73e No.3681337

Polybius is a pedophile.

2a103ecb No.3681433

>>3681337 So now we're just arbitrarily deleting posts? It's a valid question. Why do you want Polybius to be on your pedophile club so much?

b99a445e No.3681461

File: 1670795418513.jpg (313.07 KB, 2000x2000, SpaceJews.jpg)

Unless you run the space lasers, count me out.

181dd74c No.3681464

0aa94d57 No.3681535

> If you want to drive Aufy mad…
You actually think he can get more insane than he is now?

be94f58b No.3682003

File: 1670866783461.jpg (99.25 KB, 706x573, 5862bf63ac980c73995d58ee24….jpg)

>You actually think he can get more insane than he is now?

cc60eb72 No.3682137

You're not wrong.

df23a7b3 No.3682155

That is banned ex-user Aufy posing as an army of his supporters.

7f0e5ff9 No.3682157

But are they are wrong though?
Sock puppets or not from what I can tell the story checks out.

df23a7b3 No.3682160

Aufy, you have been wrong about everything you have done recently at lulz. You really need to take a break frum lulz and get your head together.


d3ed18fa No.3682161

If that's isn't what happened, then what happened?

8b89e0ca No.3682306

What story? What check out?

Well we're never gonna know now because the post got deleted.

How are we supposed to keep track of the conversation when posts keep getting deleted?

be94f58b No.3682317

File: 1670970814750.png (904.83 KB, 1903x940, Screenshot 2022-12-13 at 1….png)

a368301c No.3682325

Snorlax is fuck'n hot.
I'd fuck a Snorlax fat fuck'n ass.

84362b9d No.3682347

File: 1670982901660.jpg (59.05 KB, 1217x843, DrKatz.jpg)


The way Aufy's been posting recently reminds me of how Melanie used to post back in the day when they wanted everyone to forget that they asked how to go about trying to get frisky with their underage cousin. I'm not trying to imply anything with that but it's the kind of vibe I'm picking up. A break would definitely help.

3ac3fbf8 No.3682365

> How are we supposed to keep track of the conversation when posts keep getting deleted?
Banned ex-user Aufy gets his posts deleted because he IS banned. He isn't supposed to be having conversations here.

24c1d3eb No.3682371

File: 1670993636518.jpg (44.55 KB, 720x540, MV5BMzIxMDdlMjItZjdiMS00M2….jpg)

What ARE you implying? Aufy didn't have knock all those posts off the board but if he had ever mentioned trying to hit on minors I don't think lulznet would ever let him forget something like that.

He's said some pretty whacky stuff and he's too horny for his own good ever since he started doing this whole bimbo thing.
While I could be mistaken on this I don't recall him mentioning being into that though. But he's acting like he's gone feral or something.

But the problem is if he's banned he could be almost anybody.

84362b9d No.3682388

File: 1670997249189.jpg (16.99 KB, 480x360, talksexsue.jpg)


I wasn't trying to imply anything. The almost obsessive spamming just made me think about that. Frankly, I find the situation humorous. Someone posts cub, Aufy spergs, spam happens, wash, rinse, repeat.

24c1d3eb No.3682403

File: 1671000213288.png (187.72 KB, 560x384, Vlcsnap-2012-12-06-10h52m1….png)

Something IS different though. I mean Dan posts his cub fucking all the time any where he wants. So do the rest of them.
We don't have to like it but what can ya do, ya know? Why rock the boat?

This has BEEN a thing. It's not some new development or change in policy. Why is Aufy only freaking out about it now? Why flood the board repeatedly? Why declare war on the entire site? Last night was probably the hardest he's hit us.

What changed is what I want to know.

84362b9d No.3682408

File: 1671002308671.jpg (50.42 KB, 500x393, EZG8NYeXkAAddCO.jpg)


My best guess is he tried showing someone this place, they saw cub and called him a pedo. Another possibility is he found someone else mocking him with posts and pics taking from here.

24c1d3eb No.3682415

File: 1671006338484.jpg (23.09 KB, 500x375, MV5BMzA4MTk0NzI1N15BMl5Ban….jpg)

Lulz.net has a lot of enemies in the Fandom. Aufy has a big mouth and it's literally tattooed on his arm or something.

I wonder if someone's putting him up to this in exchange for sexual favors or money or something.

b99a445e No.3682454

File: 1671022780375.jpg (64.98 KB, 1200x900, mcjesus-1.jpg)


Sir, this is a Wendy's.

0bbd8e8b No.3682466

File: 1671027532679.png (435.24 KB, 1080x928, TransThem.png)

>Gender neutral language
>Cowing to peoples' gov-induced delusions
← Are you sure this picture isn't more appropriate for you?

BTW, Melanie also posted stories of how he shoved the small family dog's dick into his asshole (of which he also posted photos), how the family ended up neutering the dog because he was constantly mongling it, and posted photos of the kids that were over at his house which he was planning on molesting, and telling stories of how close he already got.
Hopefully he's dead or in jail by now.

99210073 No.3682580

> This Jew… this Aufy person has fallen prey to the prince of darkness and ruler of Hell.
You seem to have an intense interest in permanently banned ex-lulzian Aufy.

You posted in this fake Aufy thread, also in the thread Aufy-the-loser created to whine about "staff" "pedobears" etc. You also posted in the donation thread where Aufy kept making a fool of himself. You even posted in the Satan thread where Aufy revealed that he saw children being fucked in innocent posts that had no such thing.

Why do you have such a special interest in that mentally ill loser?

a411d870 No.3682602

[Deflection and avoidance]

0e4af5b3 No.3683659

File: 1671581419824.jpg (660.45 KB, 1080x1350, 320822287_873964300624468_….jpg)

38735b4f No.3684199

File: 1672009566744.jpg (57.48 KB, 500x567, IMG014845.jpg)

"They" is actually a legitimate use for people you don't know (usually somebody only known by their profession). For example a teacher or a doctor. You have no idea if my doctor is a man or a woman, so if you wanna use a pronoun, it would have to be "they".

But I'm pretty sure Melanie has a penis, so no need to use it there.

38735b4f No.3684201

File: 1672009938351.png (109.54 KB, 1148x1460, 1398665936914.png)

Depends on what counts.

Ethnically, probably not, he's got way too much Nordic and redneck in him. Like most European Jews tbh, who have a hefty dose of Eastern European genes.

Religiously, probably yes.

Though his beliefs are a bit heretical from a Judaic point of view. Jewish people are not supposed to acknowledge Jesus as anything more than a deluded cult leader who got permab& from the server for attempting hax and never came back (that's where Christcucks disagree)

b7886275 No.3684822

File: 1672604476358.jpg (73.08 KB, 812x594, roxmas11.jpg)

Hope you had a good Holiday Aufy!

be94f58b No.3684946

File: 1672722793844.png (900.32 KB, 1171x781, Screenshot 2023-01-03 at 0….png)

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