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06762399 No.3682007

Inflation-artist-turned-coomer-trooner Boris provides some drama in the form of calling out another person as they allegedly hugged him without his consent. He tries to play it off as being concerned over Covid but even people in the comments aren't buying it as Boris tweets more often than not look like this; bragging about his ass-enlargement surgery.

988d48ee No.3682437

the ass surgery guy?

85147fad No.3682461

SORRY you have 1st world problems.

033ebc0d No.3685757

Dont want to create a new thread and I dont see any specific inflation thread around were to ask this, so I'll give it a try…

I remember seeing a very well done animation of an elephant big guy, inflating quickly a deer (or a smaller animal using is trunk) and then tumbling on the floor. It was on twitter so research with traditional search engine is going nowere, the animation is also not on e621.net…

64bf0860 No.3685883

File: 1673276669058.png (1.7 MB, 1834x1025, pump.png)

Oh yeah, it was by Kahmari/Drlazerrange

e4976c16 No.3685906

Inflation is a retarded fetish for the mentally retarded/autistic

64bf0860 No.3685946

Stay jealous

46dbea63 No.3685948


>About some nobody Twitteroid

>Posted by some never-before-seen Namefag

This is some Alogging, Not Your Personal Army shit. And that guy may be a dumbass but they're right in this instance, no one has the right to touch you even if you're a slut going around letting people slap you on the ass. Permission in one circumstance does not equate to permission in all circumstances. Basic fucking logic.

aa1e2a5f No.3685956

Drama's only interesting if the furry is relevant.

But I will at least say, good effort for sharing.

0892784a No.3686820

You seem upset

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