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3f7b71f0 No.3683766

It looks like Uncle Kage's boozing has caught up with him. If he continues to drink, how long do you figure it will be until he requires dialysis?

5ed51afb No.3683777

I drank every day during the covid lockdown crap. Wasn't until my gallbladder went nuclear that I quit. Nothing like drinking and then getting 10/10 pain in the ER to sober me up. Had lathroscopic gallbladder removal. Doctor thought the gall stones migrated to my liver but eventually my levels got normal.

When I got released, I went to put on my street clothes and they smelled like death. I've never smelled anything like that before, and haven't since.

5f10d7f7 No.3683860

There's no way this guy has been this deep in the fandom this long without some weird shit going on behind the scenes. What's he hiding?

01ce382b No.3683864

> What's he hiding?

Everything. That's his entire point - he's the "nothing to see here" guy that goes out to do damage control whenever some fag whips their dick out at a furry con.

d90109a3 No.3683867

Isn't he secretly Rage the rampaging city fucking macro edgelord wolf or something?

2bcd7fd3 No.3683915

But what has HE personally done that he doesn't want to be public knowledge? What sort of weird shit does he get up to?

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