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Got some interesting Onions /furi/ ?

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Any way to get in touch with the FA archive guy?

0a13448e No.3684650

Not that I know of but I believe he checks in at lulz from time to time.

How long has the archive been dead?

7d5689df No.3684774

Same thing with the permanent booru. It seems dead as well.

07741991 No.3685107

File: 1672873306270.jpeg (260.82 KB, 1434x2048, FksPmgKXEAAxpfI.jpeg)

Permanent booru is online. FA archive still isn't :(

375eb52f No.3685112

Someone mentioned a zoophilia place called Cloaca Club here before

8da69d78 No.3685129

I think most of it got leaked and can now be found on iNet.

8da69d78 No.3685137

File: 1672882165674.webm (2.99 MB, 440x240, SAMPLE_BearAnalRide_Cloac….webm)

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In addition to Tor, I recommend checking out the I2P dark web.

Eepstatus (Adding of new sites is currently broken) List of I2P sites, current status, and new sites:

TeamPurple - I2P Registry:

I2P Name Registry:

Stats.i2p I2P Addressbook Service:



Eanlib. A rather large library of everything nonfiction:

The Free Library:

Kelvinchan. Most popular I2P-Only chan site:




Websites running on Reddit software or its many clones:


Just point your IRC client to while the I2P client is running on your computer.



Rocksolid Forums:

Foxdick Farms:

The Permanent Booru:

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File: 1672902720497.png (697.18 KB, 716x803, Fdb7xO9WIAITPfi.png)

How do you even use those i2p thingys….

e7d13154 No.3685216

iNet = LuxureTV

617e1d2c No.3686470

The FA archive is coming back alive.

2ae68402 No.3686582


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File: 1673677467500.jpeg (574.58 KB, 2048x1416, Fjjo8y-WYAAQ1C0.jpeg)

2691aef2 No.3686617

I hope the FA archive is easier to navigate now if that's the case.

365f6899 No.3686620

File: 1673715516231.jpg (51.78 KB, 600x642, 1263316578_by_olshy_600.jpg)

The best way I know to use it is by typing in the artist's name, all lower case letters, after the "/fa/" like this:

6f4474eb No.3686625

File: 1673716947061.jpg (11.29 KB, 142x130, apps.26950.140846267920661….jpg)

I'm still shocked that luzlians are still so starved for female interaction that they still obsess over Forya and Accorn, after like what a decade. Spoiler they're probably dead, malformed from pregnancy and bitter, or an angry cat lady (possibly literally), by this point.

There was also barracuda boy, if you were intested in an obese girl who happened to consider herself a straight man but didn't want to trans.

07741991 No.3686629

File: 1673720143067.png (2.01 MB, 944x989, image.png)



eb95db8a No.3686630

>malformed from pregnancy
Inorite? Probably even have c-section scars. Abdominal scars are so unsexy. Oh wait.

dd9fffa7 No.3686632

File: 1673722457279.gif (340.63 KB, 325x267, FocusedSmugBronco-size_res….gif)

Yeah well at least I got mine from combat. There is a difference.

Sort of.

not really… so gross and unsexy.

fdda2128 No.3686633

Is Hirtes dead yet?

62813901 No.3686635

> so starved for female interaction that they still obsess over Forya and Accorn
Forya is male. He always was and he always will be, no matter how badly he mutilates his body, or how many times he tells people otherwise.

7eb8e9ac No.3686637

Does the onion have it's own suacenoa search bar?

it's impossible to find original unnamed of image sources there.

7eb8e9ac No.3686638

File: 1673729253311-0.png (370.74 KB, 375x600, 13175891331701938872.png)

File: 1673729253311-1.png (1.19 MB, 1000x833, 13175891041293728479.png)

a6555149 No.3686654

Never used this before but it doesn't seem to work for me. It gives me an error that says I have a SymmetricalNAT and I can't find any reference on how to fix that or even what it means.

a6555149 No.3686657

Never mind. I got it working and tried most of those links posted for Ip2.

It was mostly angry incels yelling about nonsense. I don't see any thing worth using the software for unless you are a dejected loser.

484be38c No.3686662

Facebook has an onion address. I hear it's popular in places like Iran and China.

If you're concerned that FB via TOR is an obvious contradiction, they explain it here:

d03a048c No.3696111


62b3366d No.3696119

Anons who visited cruel barn and know about lemurs in it, did they got abused (making pain) or was it common porn where lemur orgasms? If it is the last one, where can I find videos? I tried to ask but people think i am zoosadist but i am not. I just want common non-sadistic lemur porn and I know that site had it. It is on tor.

254362c8 No.3696147

That would be interesting to find lost original image there and the original artist; sadly no has come out to find a solution. Give us the toy saucenoa version for it.

e8522929 No.3696148

Bear loves to CUM continously into a male human.

Bears are very safe.

254362c8 No.3696151

suacenoa for furaffinity onion is a must!

254362c8 No.3696152

254362c8 No.3696154

Does furaffinity onion have reverse image search? No.
Can you find reverse search engine on lost images from unknown artist? No.
Is there an Ai bot or a plugin for furaffinity tor that could reverse image search? Apparently someone is lip tight about this it would come out eventually.

Google search for lost art using ai tor bot.

254362c8 No.3696155

File: 1679343339567.png (664.65 KB, 1463x759, does yandex have access to….png)

What if Yandex have access to furaffinity tor browser to reverse image search there would that be possible?

7ab987c4 No.3696166

Why would you use ToR? Last I heard it's just for buying drugs or child porn with crypto currency. What legitimate thing is there to do on it?

9d20c088 No.3696179

File: 1679355827058.jpg (84.42 KB, 669x642, new_year_new_me.jpg)

On the dark web we have forums for general discussion.

A plethora of *chan sites, the majority of which do NOT allow CP.

Three Reddit clones (only one is for drugs, the others are good discussion)

Wikidox; a site where the far-right shares dox on lefties. Tons of internal leaks there too, including the internal member-list leak from the ADL that was scrubbed from 4cuck within minutes, and the leaked roster of JIDF members from a couple years ago.

Fishsticks, Anonymous chat.

Bibliotheca Nex Alea, 3D printed guns, and other homemade guns resource. (I2P darkweb only, not Tor)

Permanent Booru, mirror of E621, but nothing is removed for DNP or being offensive to trannies/nigs/etc.

1e896ad9 No.3696182


I don't like or understand it so you shouldn't either reeeeeeeee

I run a TOR hidden site on my home network that presents network statistics that I have an interest in. While there's not much available that could cause damage, it's another layer of security. I've used discussion boards where the topics are controversial and got banned almost everywhere mainstream (Your COVID fear porn is a good example, in the early days that was some of the best place to discuss what was going on.) TOR provides a way to host websites in a manner that can bypass hosts that don't like your content because it's wrongthink, it's a way to add a layer of anonymous communications, information dead drops, etc. While it can be traced, it's somewhat more difficult than just calling up Namecheap with a subpoena and getting your address.

Your complaint sounds suspicious. Don't shit on tools that are available because you're incapable of finding a use for it.

cf408dd2 No.3696896

File: 1679761737983.jpg (257.9 KB, 718x712, Nazi-fan-base.jpg)

>Three Reddit clones (only one is for drugs, the others are good discussion)
>good discussion

cf408dd2 No.3696897

File: 1679762337044.png (90.05 KB, 230x268, hardpass.png)

Honestly, as fun as you make the dark web sound, I think I'll pass.

I went looking for new an interesting porn but all I found was the same boring stuff from the normal web and pages with child porn.

I did find the furry archive which is nice but not worth keeping a whole separate program installed for.

Is there at least a place you can pirate audiobooks or regular books? You know, normal people books not how to build a bomb books?

49d59625 No.3696911

You can get that on the clearnet.


71c423da No.3701341

File: 1683174271846.png (2.25 MB, 2217x1662, 1681191821.obsidianna_опос….png)


24ec4c3e No.3701359

Zlib is more extensive than libgen, and it's only tor now.

d918bbcd No.3701417

>and it's only tor now.


47d75e34 No.3701422

Its already in the thread (easy to overlook since it wasn't abbreviated)

59e89016 No.3701439

Don't Tor addresses change almost every week? There sure seem to be a lot of broken links out there.

59e89016 No.3701440

File: 1683261496173.jpg (49.42 KB, 533x518, EshPAHqXcAMTaG0.jpg)

Wait, they want your email address before you can download pirated books and you can only download 5 a day for free?

Fuck all the way off with that. What's the point of having a ToR service if it requires trackable information to use?

9d20c088 No.3701472

File: 1683312835336.jpg (43.5 KB, 500x281, jstark.jpg)

Foxdick Chan: http://rcuhe6pk7mbmsjk7bwyja5etvjhjvzmc724rnf3piamemvawoi44z7qd.onion/

Bibliotheca Nex Alea, library of 3D Printable Guns: http://urzthcil4cjyfxqbs2jtjgebuyrr6du7oqsrvw2zgqepj5cqnndtkgad.onion/


I'm not creating a fucking account just to download books, ESPECIALLY when the clearweb version of the same site doesn't require a login.

There are other libraries on the darkwebs.
Waiting for this one to come back online, it's down right now: http://bvpy6xf6ivyws6mshhqmdmr36pruh2hvoceznzeag52mpu647nzq.b32.i2p/

b30f8715 No.3702426

any idea if that place still exists?

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