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You messed with me~

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Too lazy to click links - how'd you know he's a lulz "member"?

lolol "member".

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f62b39e5 No.3684456

Already been arrested

19254f24 No.3684471

File: 1672266200156.png (1.03 MB, 1171x658, JFS Cobra Gets Arrested fo….png)

070abeaa No.3684497

that's what pot does to people i guess.

9fa7f329 No.3684518

File: 1672292459150.jpg (227.37 KB, 1121x930, FiV1zdUUYAAh1Dp.jpg)

I don't like his username :(

>people dunking on the 13yo on twitter for being a white supremacist

this is your brain on social justice

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File: 1672304664156.gif (138.19 KB, 300x300, @HunterFloofyFox Ya wanna ….gif)

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57bf2e2e No.3693989

video about this drama

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