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9ff9d4e8 No.3684443

What does furi think of Epic games?

Year after year they release free games. That makes steam look really bad in comparison, because steam rarely gives out anything.

A free game every day of december is really wild. And that they've done it multi years now is more so.

Epic has also been in a lot of drama, including things like paying devs to wait 6 months to release on steam after they release on epic.

66fd977f No.3684444

Fuck DRM. I pirate everything

Also Epic is full of ChiCom spyware like everything else TenCent touches

9ff9d4e8 No.3684445

File: 1672243159446.jpg (53.38 KB, 1000x1000, 66gh.jpg)


DRM does indeed suck I totally gave up on AAA around when I got a new pc and my EA game said like… "You can only have this game install in one machine."

I was like bitch, I ain't ever giving EA money again.

And blizzard can fuck right off if it thinks I'm ever buying an "Always online" diablo game.

66fd977f No.3684451

The last good game Blizzard ever made was D2:LoD. WoW and it's retarded user base ruined the company. I remember playing D2 on the night it released. Tried to do the same with 3 and couldn't because of the always online bullshit. Now the franchise is some pay to win bullshit phone game

Why the fuck would any single player game ever need an internet connection? How the fuck is anyone going to be able to play old games when the servers inevitably get shut down?

5d7fb8e5 No.3684457

Tencent, Chinese spyware.

How do you feel about giving the Chinese govt access to your system?

07dc443b No.3684465

Like giving the US govt is better.

018340b0 No.3684491

Fuck Epic and fuck their predatory Chinese owners. Their exclusivity deals are anti-consumer.

I'd rather pirate my games than install their trash for 'free' games.

66b41407 No.3684495

File: 1672273439974.jpg (329.1 KB, 1080x1080, metro-exodus---button-1544….jpg)


This 1000% ^

When the Epic Game Store was first released on PC, Epic forced a "time locked exclusive" on most of their PC games including the game : Metro Exodus.

Epic is anti-consumer with their time locked exclusives & they try to treat PC gamer's like they are console players which is a no go!

I don't care how many free games Epic Game Store gives away I will continue to boycott their service & stick to using only Steam since that is what I have been using for over 17+ years (2005).

018340b0 No.3684496

I have no loyalty to Steam, but I have open animosity towards Epic. I guess I have open animosity towards GOG too now that they've started pursuing ESG scores.

Like, I don't WANT to suck Gabe's dick, but fuck do all the competitors seem to be cancer.

17a650a4 No.3684516

File: 1672292098971-0.png (906.98 KB, 506x716, Screenshot_2022-12-29 maxr….png)

File: 1672292098971-1.jpg (152.14 KB, 800x960, 41022-unreal-tournament-20….jpg)

File: 1672292098971-2.jpg (39.38 KB, 256x325, Unreal_Tournament_3.jpg)

It's been more than literally a decade since they haven't sucked shit.

Also publishing other people's games is meh.

c56fb634 No.3684562

File: 1672325873060.png (699.01 KB, 1331x838, nazi_senator.png)

74554d04 No.3684584

^ On top of the above valid reasons, the launcher and store altogether is just awful.

It's staunch defenders will scream up and down that, "Steam and other launchers came out like crap so give Epic a break", to which I say: … So? Said launchers had years of R&D and improvements (though lately I'd say Steam's UI is taking a few steps backwards)– Epic has a lot of inspiration, technical know how, experience, decades worth of resources to use and MONEY to craft a good launcher/storefront.

But then again, why care about making a good launcher/ storefront when your cashcow (Fortnite) rakes in cash regardless?

Nitpicks aside, Epic just pretends to be chummy but does a piss poor job at it. You can't say that you support dev's earning more for their work, only to push for exclusive deals.

4a496203 No.3684598

Well not specifically Epic because I was mostly done with Steam and single player games with store launcher/drm/activation/'online features' attached before Epic was a thing. I don't want those even for "free". So I think I have not actually purchased any games Epic Store. I've fiddled with Unreal Engine but to be honest, never got anywhere with it.
GoG is far from perfect but at least their games are supposed to be without drm. They are pushy with GoG Galaxy and looks like 'online features' are slowly creeping there too. GoG also gives out "free" games in exchange for accepting marketing. (Too big price for me.)

a8365097 No.3684602

File: 1672348627226.jpg (84.61 KB, 820x615, tumblr_lyyudaj4D81qk25r5o1.jpg)

Hey I watch that youtube channel. Good stuff.

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