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3ae0c762 No.3686666

FurAffinity has finally fixed the decades-old exploit that let people upload pictures without size restrictions. The unrestricted upload is now being sold as premium account feature.

What are some viable FurAffinity alternatives?

087fea89 No.3686668

Inkbunny as long as you don't include humans in sexual situations.

296c9ce9 No.3686669

File: 1673768074351.jpg (1 MB, 2000x2000, 4299429_Aval0nX_sep_dec_20….jpg)

If you don't mind cub (you can try filter it) and "no humans" rule, Inkbunny.

780640d9 No.3686671

File: 1673768753752.png (2.37 MB, 2430x873, Pixiv.png)


Most artist's have now moved their artwork over to Twitter,Pixiv,Inkbunny.

FurAffinity bans cub artwork & is a relic of the past, there are better alternatives.

78673662 No.3686672

God, artists who use twitter as a gallery are the worst degenerates. Twitter mutilates and recompresses your images, but hey, you got all that clout from it. Disgusting.

94d154a4 No.3686772

whats worse is artists who use discord as a gallery, or kala-na levels of bullshit and use a paypal to protect their discord and delete their work every few days.

how kayla maintains a ravenous fanbase eludes me.

3ae0c762 No.3686788

File: 1673882990661.png (530.61 KB, 5000x5000, 2886876.png)

I would kill to achieve global no-human legislature. No pictures of humans or humanizations should ever be drawn again by punishment of death. Humanfuckers deserve the rope.

c859e8ce No.3686790

File: 1673885309494.gif (3.72 MB, 500x280, bdsmlr-67318-kQe6XeTl3K.gif)

c859e8ce No.3686791

File: 1673885347404.gif (578.43 KB, 300x167, bdsmlr-67318-7uTdM7LSZI.gif)

c859e8ce No.3686792

File: 1673885404289.gif (1.3 MB, 236x133, bdsmlr-67318-ePRwHICbkC.gif)

93eef9a1 No.3686798

Honestly, we're just waiting for Dragoneer to kick the bucket. FA's gonna crumble when he does.

Then again, as you said; FA is a relic of the past and people need to stop using it lol.

a7119d9d No.3693280

I'm sure everybody has already updated their links, but the FA archive has a new address now.
Just type the artist's name after the final slash in the URL and press enter, or "return" for all you diehard PC-XT keyboard users.
The site index currently seems to be broken, sadly, so you need to know the artist's actual FA handle.


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