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File: 1674272594884.jpg (208.6 KB, 1710x871, waaaaaahhhhh AI genterated….jpg)

fbe1f46b No.3687420

Don't Furries sound so hypocritical when they complain about things like AI generated artwork? Almost all artwork borrows from something previously seen such as poses, characters, the likeness of people, places or animals. Furries just don't like that they've now got computer generated competition.

b47ccc8e No.3687481

I think TrevsArt is a good example from the past couple years; they were taught by LetoDoesArt and their styles are damn near identical. Plenty of people have built their own style off of the style of more popular artists because certain styles sell. The complaint that AI are stealing from the works of others by learning from their work is bunk; just because an AI did it faster than you doesn't make it wrong.

I hope AI art continues to grow and I hope it shellshocks furry artists into being consumer friendly. All of these artists trying to lock commission slots behind patreon-supporter only raffles or exclusively offer overpriced YCH's with $600 AB's should get put out of their "job"; they're not supporting the community, they're preying off of it. And yes, furries are only have themselves to blame for their frivolous and irresponsible spending habits, but the people who have actually matured past that point are left to suffer by the actions of the mindless masses.

Don't get me wrong, my brother is a furry artist and I want to see him succeed and build a successful career, I don't want to see furry artists replaced.. but they absolutely need to provide real human interaction with clients and offer something that's more than a cookie-cutter "please insert $200 and have your fursona colored over my premade YCH!" because at that point they're no different than a decent AI generated artist.

ba7f77f3 No.3687483

File: 1674283359189.jpeg (58.19 KB, 943x1200, FmshdsaXEBIV5Kq.jpeg)

>All of these artists trying to lock commission slots behind patreon-supporter only raffles or exclusively offer overpriced YCH's with $600 AB's should get put out of their "job"; they're not supporting the community, they're preying off of it.
That's just capitalism in action. If the demand continues for expensive YCH crap behind a paywall, there is no incentive to change the model. If you're a popular porn artist, this just prints money. Good for them, honestly.
I'm not saying I like this model, mind you…

b47ccc8e No.3687487

Oh, of course. Inherent value is interpreted by the individual and in general I value furry art commissions less than most (I have other hobbies that take up my spending money.) Those artists are probably living the dream. I can't blame 'em, I'd be doing the same thing if I had that talent.

I've no doubt most artists balance supply (how much they're willing to draw per week) and demand (how many commissioners are willing to pay the price they charge) and if they raise prices but there are still enough people to fill their drawing-time with work every week, then there's no reason not to raise those prices.

Even if it is just how capitalism works, it still reads as exploitation in my book; the balance of power as shifted too much in the direction of artists from my perspective. And I can't wrap my head around the artistically-impaired majority of the furry community ferociously rushing to boycott something like AI art and defend their "precious" artists that are simultaneously squeezing as much money out of them as possible when the technology itself can only benefit them.

f633e7e7 No.3687847

So, this is what hell looks like then.

060a1875 No.3687861

It looks like china during a weekday. This is why we need to nuke out every asian city at least once.

6cda7241 No.3687865

File: 1674538631880.jpg (159.07 KB, 512x512, ryBbIcqzW1CQtc0YovEJ--1--4….jpg)

Attack on Titan in New York

6cda7241 No.3687866

File: 1674539083077.jpg (246.98 KB, 800x800, 1658941131333-furry4.jpg)

6cda7241 No.3687867

File: 1674539138715-0.png (1010.16 KB, 764x831, attackontit.png)

File: 1674539138715-1.png (815.3 KB, 764x831, attackontitii.png)

File: 1674539138715-2.png (934.44 KB, 764x831, attackontitiii.png)

File: 1674539138715-3.png (1.03 MB, 764x831, attackontitiiii.png)

File: 1674539138715-4.png (1.04 MB, 764x831, attackontitiiiii.png)

6cda7241 No.3687869

File: 1674539767529-0.png (524.55 KB, 764x831, scpfoundatinofail.png)

File: 1674539767529-1.png (552.58 KB, 764x831, scpfoundatinofaili.png)

File: 1674539767529-2.png (545.41 KB, 764x831, scpfoundatinofailii.png)

d0db2f5b No.3687916

File: 1674596052756.png (593.79 KB, 755x820, DallEMiniAInotathreat.png)

f781b64f No.3687945

Heads up, I deleted the images and reposted them in the other AI thread since somebody bumped it.

I thought we might as well use this thread for discussion since we're already flooding the other one with examples.

c12c658a No.3687947

Interesting, but I can't find the link to the actual furry porn generator in the article to watch it doing it's thing, do you happen to have it?

f633e7e7 No.3687949

>Heads up, I deleted the images and reposted them in the other AI thread
So… you bastards delete posts/threads outside /pol/ as SPAM and ban the author (deleting all his other unrelated posts on the board) when mentioning/warning about the deathshot and nwo, and posts mentioning (Christian) God as any kind of positive alternative to satanic/jewish abominations.
You allow multiple known gov/ngo propaganda spammers.
You allow multiple pro-satan posts and threads.
You allow pedo-cubshit everywhere.
You allow and foster an environment where blatant pro-commie/woke-talk ("comrade", "them/they", antifa-BS, etc.) becomes common and without concern for reprisal.

And you lovingly merge/repost soulless nwo/jew/wef/un abominations so not to lose them while keeping the board "nice and neat".

Well then. May the karma of your crimes consume of you whatever little is remaining.

f781b64f No.3687955

…are you talking to me? I'm not a mod. I deleted and reposted my own posts at my own discretion.

f633e7e7 No.3687963

Ah, sorry. I was the mad Chihuahua this time, and bit the bystander.

ba7f77f3 No.3687964

File: 1674616216717.jpg (94.99 KB, 720x960, 1674595495829361.jpg)

Sir, this is a furry porn board.

05d140fe No.3687977

ya i guess they should make a disclaimer for it or something

13a34d9f No.3688165

oooor the market gets flooded by AI artists who charge you $600 for something that was computer generated, ripping you off. Just my thoughts on the matter.

AI art is like tracing, IMO; it's useful to learn how to art.

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