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He said he's going to continue making cartoons for Youtube for his fans. The furry fandom may have shit on him in the past but there's no denying that he's a top notch animator with enjoyable content.

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What would be like if he re-animated Redwall series?

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Shawn Keller made that? Damn, that's much better than the actual Redwall animation.

42a4e406 No.3688164

Shawn Keller is legitimately a great animator, and honestly a pretty good visual director. Where he fails miserably is sounds, and he could use a real writer. Dude has chops, professional chops, but he's married to his D- quality sounds and his C+ writing. It's always blown my mind how he does that. It's like watching a chef make a 5 star gourmet meal, and then serve it with hot pickle juice as the only beverage and origami utensils as how you're required to eat it. The utensils are almost an interesting idea, but the pickle juice is straight garbage. Still, you suffer through it because no one else is making the rest of this dish.

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