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728dc3e2 No.3688017

So, i just found out i got THREE second cousins who are JAW-DROPPINGLY HOT single girls in their 20s, who i had no idea existed until a few days ago. As if that isn't enough, two of them seem to be FURRIES. That's so unlikely i would have thought i was being pranked somehow, if that wasn't impossible.

Naturally, i'm thinking the same thing everyone else here is thinking now. The question is, how should i contact them? How do i introduce myself? They probably don't even know i exist either, nor am i sure they even know of each other, but should i make my intentions clear from the start? What do you suggest?

fcfeeb0f No.3688024

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The question you should be asking is how are you so pathetic that you didn't just take a stand… and how you aren't killing yourself for disappointing all of us and your ancestors.

e487fcba No.3688026

You don't know them enough so don't bother it could be a trap did they send any pics to you? do they have a background of responsible social and financially security? If they don't have these things you are pretty much screwed.

e487fcba No.3688027

File: 1674673651498.jpg (53.47 KB, 600x600, free-candy.jpg)

>i got THREE second cousins who are JAW-DROPPINGLY HOT single girls in their 20s.
Prove it!

bf022355 No.3688030

File: 1674675518683.jpg (192.09 KB, 1067x1280, 2020.12.07 [JKNewLife] Fan….jpg)

What makes you think you have a chance with them if they are ultra hot? If they are that hot, tons of non-related to them guys will want them.

728dc3e2 No.3688060

What do you mean i should do?
No, they're real.
I thought i should get to know them first of all, i just don't know how.

359da453 No.3688102

How about becoming friends with them instead of just thinking about sticking your dick into their holes?

As for contact, you're furry, tell them you learned about them and you're a furry too, show them your mursona and let things evolve from there. Simple.

e487fcba No.3688108

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Fine whatever, research their backgrounds understand who they are working for for. But if they belong to a powerful organization from a rich mafian cartels tough shit. People can turn out to be an absolute nightmare.

e487fcba No.3688109

File: 1674732874745.jpg (52.85 KB, 600x343, 06pawn-span-articleLarge.jpg)

>i got THREE second cousins

They might be owned by big daddies and papas.
Remember, family comes first…

e487fcba No.3688117

File: 1674739857762.jpg (194.79 KB, 1920x1259, 73409-1660566895-118814098.jpg)

Yeah they can be scary but another good news, what games do they play? What are their hobbies? Do they build fur suits, how much dedicated artwork did they commission? Understand their logistics and you might take advantage of it.

e487fcba No.3688118

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File: 1674740532695-1.jpg (47 KB, 561x447, sex-memes-26.jpg)

Other than sex. If you have hobbies or projects that could help them finish their work and benefits supporting their friends and family welcome to the club.

e487fcba No.3688226

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