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fd87453d No.3690996


Doctor SWOLverine, STRONK medical doctor
Yes I'm a Medical Doctor.
Yes I'll probably answer questions from time to time.

Lets do this FOR SCIENCE! NB/masc-ish/pan 18+

443d25e6 No.3691005

does ivermectin work

16838feb No.3691171

Stronk? Swol?
I've seen pictures of you. You're a tubby little vax shilling Canadian faggot lol.

0197f5da No.3691537

File: 1677040108059.jpg (396.7 KB, 1887x2560, muppets-11-scaled.jpg)

36ac53fa No.3691576

It has blue hair so there is no way I would take any medical advice from that thing as anything other than a joke.

858a21ec No.3693563

Lol Doc_Wolverine is a massive cuck

c9a42968 No.3694900

File: 1678647323154.jpg (69.59 KB, 248x252, this_thread.jpg)

>Reaction to a reaction to an unspecified, inconsequential social media incident from three months ago.

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