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c62b041a No.3691372

Make your own adventure. A short story.

The grimicing tale from the mcdonalds murder files - the mysterious deaths at Hamilton's ronald McDonald house

It was a cold august night, with snow piled against the windows, that were just replaced to be double panneled storm glass. The manager who was just 10 hours away from retirement as both the warden of the estate and a police officer, and a volunteer fire fighter, and a substatute teacher stared into the long dead embers of his non functioning fire place. The flames dead for about treefiddy years.

Suddenly there was a crash and a childish scream, and he knew there was only one explanation. Canadian Ninjas had infiltrated the Ronald McDonald orphanage for under-privlidged Ukranian youth. They were obviously armed with several katanas and at least one throwing star. It was time to act.

<continue this story as you see fit>

03b2b7d9 No.3691378

The warden ran down the hall but suddenly spontaneously combusted just as three katona were thrown at him from the doorway. Just then four Ukrainian children showed up in power ranger cosplay to fight the Canadian ninja hiding in the shadows, his boner leaving a shadow against the wall of the hallway.

c62b041a No.3691380

he pulled a mighty sword from his boner shadow, while slowly fondling it's sheath. Suddenly his sword split into twelve swords of equal size defying the laws of physics, and zigzaged around the halways to the ukranian kids in haloween costumes. Leaving hellish fire in their wake as the Canadian Ninja laughed in korean.

He knew de whey, the children did not, because his katanas were going all zig zag splitting the wind in their wake.

c62b041a No.3691381

alas the swords went by the power ranger ukranian children, and went to the bedrooms. Each silently penetrating the sleeping ukranian kids, their hidden ak-47's under their pillows completely unable to protect them against the canadian ninja silently entering their bodies with his hard, polished metal spear, only slightly tinged in brown for who knows why.

6bfb63f9 No.3691384

During the ensued chaos, Cobalt jumped over the counter, grabbed Jamal by the neck, screaming "MCDOUBLE. NOW." Without his burgies, his power level began to wane. Jamal said "mo gappa paddy fo you whitey, bix nood" and whipped together Cobalt's power-up. "dats one dolla" said Jamal. With the quickness of a mongoose, Cobalt twisted Jamal's neck 360 degrees, killing him instantly. He scarfed down the burger, the power flowing through his body like a big hit of meth. "Where's Ron, lemme smash" he thought. So he left the McDonald's, which was now engulfed in flames.

c62b041a No.3691387

cobalt, having mastered the power of ninja time space, reattached his neck once he fell to the floor, and after doing a quick line was back on his feet.

Jamal had just eaten his double and nuggies, and was fused with the power of the ancient mysteries that made up his happy meal.

Cobalt lunged at Jamal while apologizing for racial inequity wielding his mighty sword. Jamal shot Cobalt and he was pissed. Who brings a gun to a ninja fight?

c62b041a No.3691391

Oh but wait, the ukranian ninja power rangers were actually sent by the cartel, and opened up fire on Jamal, who was secretly working for MI6.

c62b041a No.3691392

He was black, jewish, and gay. The perfect cover… if not for his lack of bullet proof vest, which the ukranian power rangers over came with a machine gun and grenade.

He died, leaving the evil ukranian children to fulfill their master plan.

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