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8fced734 No.3694518


Ruff stuff: city forced to remove “no barking” signs at dog park

The City of Toronto is in the dog house after posting "no barking" signs at a local dog park. As Tina Yazdani reports, they reversed course after backlash from dog owners.

ef53a8f7 No.3694533

Everything about the Canadian government is retarded

0aa007c1 No.3694534

Can they put up "no screaming" signs at schools next?

8745cf80 No.3694546

All is right, why kids scream everytime and zoosexuals do not demand nonscream signs, but if a dog barks then reee you cant make your dog bark.

All no bark signs are absurd because barking is natural dog communication. If you dont like just dont go in the park.

59d5a6d8 No.3694613

if you can't train your dog to stfu you shouldn't have a dog

ffc51f75 No.3694634

I'd assume the no barking sign was for nigs who just let their dogs yap endlessly with no attempt to ever control their animal, and that it was never intended for the responsible dog owners.


5ab2c549 No.3694982

File: 1678682377843-0.jpg (263.5 KB, 1086x724, st_andrew's_dog_park.jpg)

File: 1678682377843-1.jpg (200.34 KB, 1050x521, be_quiet.jpg)

It's a dog park. It's literally designed for people to take their dogs to get excited and play with other dogs there.
• AstroTurf instead of grass so it doesn't get kicked up into a muddy shithole.
• Fence enclosing the entire thing with a double-gate so they never have to cry WHO LET THE DOGS OUT??
• Extra bin just for shitbags.
• Off-leash restrictions overnight anyway.

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