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639a104c No.3720435

I've waited too long to make this thread. But, here it is.

From Morenatsu to Nekojishi, from 9:22 to Where the Demon Lurks, from Dawn Chorus to Don't Kill Me, Jacob. Step right up and talk about what you have played, are playing, or want to play.

14210ee1 No.3720440

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Did they ever finish Morenatsu? I haven't heard anything about it for many years now.

473e9701 No.3720482

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snoot game is best vn

d0f3a34e No.3720492

I thought Morenatsu was finished, but just never translated. Haven't checked in a long while, though.
What is this?

4cf04841 No.3720505

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for some reason sony thought that an unfiinished furry vn was a great way to advertise the playstation 5
4chan actually made the game just to troll the developers

a3479ee1 No.3720518

Did anyone play Major/Minor? It was free for mobile at the time. Absolute rubbish. There was also some drama surrounding it and Klace years ago. He couldn't fathom why anyone would negatively review his game on Steam, accusing them as personal attackers: https://imgur.io/a/sPIQm

Not just to troll the developers, but also trannies.

a2f19a98 No.3720606

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956f2d24 No.3721633

What's the general consensus on Howly and McSkinny's writing? I used to like it. But, I admittedly haven't played one of their games in maybe three years.

811b899d No.3721707

just finished playing it. I'm not super impressed or disappointed. If anything I'm surprised at the freelance developers doing such a good job finishing a botched project.

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