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bd4193fa No.3724304

With how popular the person who wore the inflatable Patrick Starfish costume at Midwest FurFest was, why haven't Furries started getting inflatable costumes of their characters made yet? This could be a huge trend, yes/no?

616abca4 No.3724313

At a furry convention a few years back a furry had a costume filled with water. Whether it was for cooling, to fill the suit out so he didn't look like such a skinny ass, or some kind of fetish, I don't know, but you could hear sloshing noises whenever he walked by.

545b0333 No.3724333

File: 1701951720252.jpeg (92.75 KB, 1474x1240, FJ7JZFMUYAMygZR.jpeg)

Any makers would be wise to look into this. I don't think it will be a major thing, though niche markets like that can be lucrative (if you can find clients, it ain't easy)

8385c02e No.3724351

That wasn't water. It was piss.

*crinkle crinkle*

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