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c39cd511 No.3738924

Why is it that straight male furs in general seem to dislike black, especially African and other non-white women?!? You're obsessed with getting it on with every damn species of female furry you can imagine, but when it comes to real life humans you only go for the most "normal looking" white women or the most "white looking" non-whites.

You'd think furries would be obsessed with the most exotic and unusual looking human ethnicities they could find, and I don't see why not. They're the closest damn thing to anthros we got in real life, for God's sake!

I also think fantasy artists base non-human, "alien"/whatever creatures way too much on obviously white physical appearance. Maybe it's a lack of skill and familiarity with drawing any other ethnicities, but it's a bit disturbing when you think about it.

So ITT, let's celebrate the beauty and variety of the human species. Examples enclosed: Andamanese, Melanesian, Khoisan and two of Aborigines.

02b03b87 No.3738927

inb4 slur

Anyway, I think a lot of these cultures allowing women to be free to let their chest be bare is something I have always thought about. I think women should be allowed to do that. We let men be bare chested, why not women? Why do they have to cover their nips while wearing skimpy swimsuits?

I don't get it.

d03157af No.3738928

Christians is why

878e4e74 No.3738929

File: 1714427843210.jpg (173.13 KB, 964x724, 02_02_hyenas-appearance-pr….jpg)

Because hyenas.

62379ee7 No.3738932

It's the same reason there are almost no monkey fursuiters and almost no furry artwork of them either.
There's a reason.
Think about it.

61664594 No.3738937

File: 1714438941099.jpg (37.12 KB, 435x538, North American Pavement Ap….jpg)

The American pavement ape female.

6d74e7e6 No.3738938


Because they are primitive-minded, ugly little mud people. There mere idea of doing anything with them, even shaking hands, give me pause and I would do it so long as a hand-washing station was handy afterwards or a decent sized bottle of hand-sanitizer. There is a natural aversion to touching anything RL your instincts tell you is unclean or inferior. You wanna stick your dick in a tar-souled half-monkey, thats on you. The rest of us will follow our instincts and keep our distance. You fault people for wanting a relationship with a fantasy animal woman and you are promoting a REAL relationship with something completely repugnant and a true beast of the field.

39f640dc No.3738945

It's not just furries bro…

9758c2cb No.3738947

Oprah off of her fat burners and without her makeup.

ee3cb66b No.3738948


No one wants to be a monkey, because its just a human with a tail.

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