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File: 1714594830607.png (151.64 KB, 811x755, Fa7qvK-XgAAp0Mi.png)

ff4f49cd No.3739096

Its time.

ff4f49cd No.3739097

File: 1714595155668.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1622x2048, EuhDvSUXAAEvt9-.jpeg)

I'll be fine.

288533ed No.3739113

File: 1714619162195.png (546.84 KB, 509x850, 1508114086.vir-no-vigoratu….png)

All my shit is gone. Honestly its cathartic.

288533ed No.3739115

File: 1714619930107.jpg (94.7 KB, 640x784, IMG_20240430_092505_215.jpg)

You made it this far. Don't stop.

9657959b No.3739121

File: 1714627037444.jpeg (300.97 KB, 800x800, image-asset.jpeg)

7863f379 No.3739132

File: 1714705245542.png (16.3 KB, 491x449, EV_PY5kXYAAzHtR.png)

I can't find a reason to keep going. Nothing I do works and I'm stuck in this prison of a body.

e95fdf3c No.3739164

I know that feeling.

I keep telling myself that I want to live on, because I want to know what happens next.

e95fdf3c No.3739165

Its not the best way to keep living, but its a way to keep living.

e95fdf3c No.3739167

File: 1714714538462.jpg (121.63 KB, 750x851, zorakj0lk4651.jpg)

raccoon huggles.

e95fdf3c No.3739168

tbh every time I get asked by a psych if I want to kill myself… I'm like… its complicated.

I don't really want to kill myself, but I don't mind if I died… so yeah living to see what comes next is all I have.

e95fdf3c No.3739169

and as a psych myself I know how freakish that answer is. There is no right way to interpret it.

e95fdf3c No.3739170

:D its why I answer it like that.

e95fdf3c No.3739172

File: 1714715583146.jpg (256.84 KB, 1193x1280, 1601763794.lavypandyworks_….jpg)

But seriously you guys, just do what I do and keep living to see what happens.

e95fdf3c No.3739174

I mean seriously, covid was an experience, if I'd checked out I never would have experienced that thing. It wasn't great, but it was a thing.

9657959b No.3739186

you just need a purpose other than being a lazy fat fuck with an internet connection dependency

288533ed No.3739189

File: 1714736280150.jpeg (56.33 KB, 512x512, Eh0wHucX0AAZLc0.jpeg)


I dunno about him, I'm ok

288533ed No.3739193

File: 1714737920090.jpeg (34.41 KB, 351x521, Ew-L5q6WQAIqMtz.jpeg)

Just moving on with my life.

f89c3904 No.3739194

File: 1714740071449.png (16 KB, 944x682, Ep40p6uW4AMUlks.png)

Won't be too long and I'll be in my own apartment. Its just what needs to be done.

f89c3904 No.3739196

File: 1714740464430.png (203.58 KB, 1280x720, EYaNl51U4AA1T4o.png)

I'm going to have a good day at work. Then I will be making some preparations like budgeting and comparing apartments. Its not so bad.

Shame it had to end like this, but we're both better off for it.

e95fdf3c No.3739201

File: 1714745459926.png (1.63 MB, 1024x1536, 067e36c9717a3d73b351380f80….png)

dude, no one here is younger than late 20's. You should have had your own place ages ago.

There is always the option of sharing an apartment with Aufy. He's eternally looking for new roommates.

5df37d4b No.3739202

finally a notbad example of ai, not into cages but at least it shows some expression

93cb335d No.3739231

File: 1714780749187.jpeg (74.92 KB, 1306x700, EY3nPynWkAIoUdN.jpeg)


Nah man, I just got out of a relationship and had to uproot. It was mutually agreeable so at least I didn't make an enemy.

e95fdf3c No.3739234

File: 1714790017695.jpg (124.08 KB, 832x1216, c69542db23b67dfb5bd982ffd9….jpg)


If owning a house, having no debt, and having multiple cars is a baby man. I accept it, with impunity.

e95fdf3c No.3739235

File: 1714790577544.png (1.52 MB, 1400x1000, 79b30aaf35e75d9a4b5a0ecf8f….png)

mind you I don't have children, maybe you could help me with that.

1b9f4bbc No.3739236

File: 1714792105106.png (560.61 KB, 802x573, Screenshot 2024-05-03 at 2….png)

c3f26166 No.3739242

File: 1714797674426.jpg (88.86 KB, 540x559, d2e4bdb9a5dd7808ac4f0a51ff….jpg)


Not you, ya goober. I'm kinda developmentally stunted.

288533ed No.3739245

File: 1714803442477.jpeg (187.68 KB, 940x2048, FaYt9ikWAAQn6Wb.jpeg)

Don't ever settle for someone that doesn't meet your needs. Probably shouldn't be in open relationships either.

fe68e189 No.3739257

someone repost that herm in a chastity cage. why was it even removed?

288533ed No.3739279

File: 1714851868436.jpeg (157.61 KB, 853x1280, EqGGIxpXMAAHhPw.jpeg)


Wasn't me. Probably Steam deleting random posts of his, because that's what Steam does. Steam things.

e95fdf3c No.3739283

File: 1714854456132.jpg (99.51 KB, 850x1109, 8647a710f9b29ff7d17653e435….jpg)

That is my thing, I get drunk and I do Steam things.

af184285 No.3741807

File: 1717555353445-0.jpg (223.29 KB, 1200x1800, 392.jpg)

File: 1717555353445-1.jpg (161.78 KB, 1080x1350, 189255910_180483043956054_….jpg)

File: 1717555353445-2.png (168.45 KB, 1229x1229, eek.png)

File: 1717555353445-3.png (317.8 KB, 512x768, dfkfy9u-afdb48d4-06e8-479a….png)

af184285 No.3741808

File: 1717555378785-0.png (98.86 KB, 753x525, FvjJC2XXsAEL6m2.png)

File: 1717555378785-1.jpg (142.19 KB, 1386x1990, 3416248_kingsusart_aiko-qu….jpg)

File: 1717555378785-2.jpg (160.91 KB, 1254x1777, FTgcBboUsAIBie4.jpg)

File: 1717555378785-3.jpg (199.25 KB, 1686x1585, FTgcBlAVEAAJQEC.jpg)

f2f8cbf4 No.3741818

Kill yourself

288533ed No.3744978

File: 1719906815639.jpeg (367.11 KB, 1280x941, 1414140160.fantasticmrfox….jpeg)

I'm in a far better place after ending the relationship.
I have a greymuzzle bf I love very much.

To my ex, who may or may not be reading this: keep/destroy whats left. You can rot in hell. I hope she dumps you soon, she sure is considering it.

df13db92 No.3744981

All you whiny bitches need to move to Canada or Mexico.

2fa2d74d No.3744990

File: 1719926921722.jpeg (124.83 KB, 709x1280, photo_2024-07-02 08.23.59.jpeg)

Y'all just need to accept Jesuses in your life. all of 'em.

2fa2d74d No.3744991

>>3744978 lol, u gunna die without a legacy while your ex knocked up a bitch that wasn't your dog in a murrsuit.

288533ed No.3745059

File: 1719957348468.gif (7.96 MB, 498x498, john-jonah-jameson-lol.gif)

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