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cfca476c No.3710192

Trying to find this very old lewd furry art. It's of a horse and cat together on a bed of straw. I believe it was done in marker? Pic unrelated

72e878aa No.3710197

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21085f2c No.3710217

The one thing that ruins a perfectly good fursuit or piece of furry art is when the character has two different-colored eyes. Most people I've talked to find this freakish and unsettling, as it gives the impression there is something wrong with the character., physically, mentally, or maybe both. I can't imagine why someone would want to ruin an otherwise attractive character by giving them two different colored eyes.
Image downloaded then deleted.

7e4867f9 No.3710334

Heterochromia, look it up. Common in certain breeds of dogs.

dc0a91e6 No.3710336

File: 1690665165037.png (253.1 KB, 430x430, odd-eyed-cat.png)

10% in huskies isn't exactly "common", not sure of other breeds. Regardless, it's always sparkledog shit.

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