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bd4fed7c No.3710715

They're basically threatening me to sue me AGAIN for my review. They're saying im the liar. But truly, they're pathetic to sue me for a fucking review. I've been only honest.


3b6b4d9d No.3710718

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This place will not help you. Nobody here really bothers with things like this. We don't know you or any of these people, so why should we care? Its not like any of the 12 people here are going to buy a fursuit. Fuck off back to Twitter.

0d4d0a7c No.3710719

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>Fuck off back to Twitter.

Aufy says fuck you.

3b6b4d9d No.3710720

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d86822c2 No.3710728

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6f8617f6 No.3710736

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4c1396d0 No.3710821

The truth is a positive defense.

If you can prove the claim, you can sue them for defamation of character for saying you lied.

I am not a lawyer and can not give legal advice. My post reflects my opinion only.

d86822c2 No.3710847

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I make everyone wet.

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