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File: 1694878008741.png (479.39 KB, 720x1440, Screenshot_20230916-111305.png)

fb117534 No.3716011

This is BIG news!
It was always thought that a dog-fox hybrid was impossible because they had become too genetically distant over millions of years, and one had never been discovered before in the wild or even where they had been held captive together.
DNA testing shows that this new creature had one Canine parent and one Lupine parent. It is not clear yet which parent was the father.
Where such a thing has been discussed before, it was always asked what a fox/dog hybrid would LOOK like. Well, now you know. And it's a safe guess that color variations are possible.
Now the big question is, what is this one to be bred with to produce more, since this is the only one known? Could it breed with a fox, or a dog? Or both?
Sorry for the sloppy screencap, am on cell phone.
Also, this is the new SPECIES YOU DIDN'T KNOW EXISTED" thread.

fb117534 No.3716012

Apologies, forgot the link to the article:

Dogs and foxes diverged from each other 6.7 MILLION years ago, that is a LONG time. Also, dogs have 74 chromosomes and foxes have 78, a big difference, making a cross seem impossible.Yet the FoxDog tested as having 76 chrmosomes, right between the two!!
NOW what comes to mind, is a human-chimpanzee hybrid possible??

cfcf8332 No.3716015

Is incarcerating for life the whore scientists/etc. who are messing with genes/DNA possible? Yes.

80a3115b No.3716028

File: 1694892811251.png (3.39 MB, 1840x1840, 1693773715216832.png)

We're in the middle of a mass exctinction event, we need all the new species we can get.

Try to crossbreed with as many species as you can!

590cd273 No.3716037

Give me a female baboon and I will try to impregnate her and also make her to enjoy the process, and for me, too!

d0bf71d7 No.3716039

dont those things eat their own children

c17e456d No.3716041

File: 1694901131658-0.png (2.03 MB, 1068x1500, 1639669302.hioshiru_20_sm.png)

File: 1694901131658-1.jpeg (890.75 KB, 1875x1875, TELEMMGLPICT000349112187_….jpeg)

Vulpine. Lupine means wolf-like. Mother was a Pampas fox; father was a dog. Too bad the poor girl died mysteriously.

f7868bb7 No.3716042

File: 1694901201348.jpg (231.72 KB, 1009x704, vtroXyz.jpg)

and then make a movie out of it!

30af498f No.3716044

>“Although the common English name is pampas fox, the species is not closely related to the European foxes,” Dr Kretschmer said.
>“The pampas fox is more closely related to dogs. Even so, this hybridisation occurred between two species that are more phylogenetically distant than the previously reported hybridisation reported in other parts of the world.”
Oh, that's why.

c17e456d No.3716046

File: 1694906999657-0.jpeg (2.15 MB, 2048x1366, original.jpeg)

File: 1694906999657-1.png (17.76 KB, 448x605, Pseudalopex_gymnocercus_ra….png)

Pic related is a Pampas fox and it's native range in South America. They're more closely related to wolves than foxes. They look vulpine due to convergent evolution. I remember hearing that canines have very "flexible" DNA. It allows them to look radically different yet still be the same species. And it allows different canine species to interbreed. Coywolves are a thing. Coywolves, as the name implies, are coyote-wolf hybrids.

43b6f21d No.3716049

File: 1694909612834.jpg (118.55 KB, 400x526, MAD MONKEYS MANNED THE LIF….jpg)

> baboonami

c17e456d No.3716050

File: 1694909860945.jpg (188.7 KB, 588x437, Coywolf_hybrids.jpg)

Pic related is coywolves. Ofc, Pampas foxes aren't in the same canis genus as are wolves and coyotes. Pampas foxes are Lycalopex gymnocercus. The fact they crossed the genus barrier is impressive.


7eded4d4 No.3716051

Yes my error, I meant vulpine, and typed lupine for some reason.
I'm pretty sure a place that does genetic testing like they did would have had a way to preserve her tissue samples for cloning so they can bring her back.
Cloning is done all the time now. Most likely they would use a female dog as a surrogate mother, as a womb for her to grow in The surrogate mother dog would provide no genetic material to the FoxDog hybrid.

c17e456d No.3716055

File: 1694914767800.jpg (993.56 KB, 1200x1144, dog-fox-hybrid-l.jpg)

How could you not clone a face like that?

c17e456d No.3716060

File: 1694916985932.webm (4.8 MB, 1920x1080, First Documented Case Of ….webm)

I wonder if she has littermates roaming around out there.

b34cb66a No.3716097

>>NOW what comes to mind, is a human-chimpanzee hybrid possible??

Nobody knows for sure yet, it's a big maybe.
BUT what you would probably get would be a shuffling hairy human with violent tendencies that had an IQ of about 60 (borderline retarded).
In other words, a niigger.
Or another KIND of niigger, with shorter legs and big toes that stuck out to the sides instead of being straight, shit like that.
Just what the world needs, huh?
I am curious though what the hybrid's cock would look like, a Chimpanzee's dick doesn't look like a Human dick.
If I were a genetic scientist I'd probably do it just for the perversion of doing such a thing and see what the result was.

b34cb66a No.3716098

File: 1694934520998.jpg (82.51 KB, 600x800, Cbposter.jpg)


Of course, you might also get something like this….

481efbfd No.3716128

We already have black people

fcdbed46 No.3716133


3e7f487c No.3716135


The possibilites include:

Social welfare parasites
Ethnically challenged deadweight
Afterbirth of the Human Race

You know….. i am racist and not very brights.

3e7f487c No.3716169


Actually, I forgot to doctor the word "Nig-ig-ig-ger" so the fucking auto-filter on this shit board wouldn't catch it. Silly me.

8fdae966 No.3716174

Would something like this help?

3e7f487c No.3716175


How are you rigging it such the auto-censor isn't detecting it?

7d275988 No.3716177

File: 1695002085485.jpg (12.5 KB, 499x496, tumblr_mwbhd117fd1qdvatvo1….jpg)


Only nig­gers don't know how to get past a simple word filter without using a tool.

fa9604df No.3716179

>File Deleted
Darned jew moderators.

80a3115b No.3716232

File: 1695058124675.jpg (104.71 KB, 640x1280, F4snbtlWkAABRov.jpg)

sir this is the dogfucking board not the racism board

d553f2e6 No.3716254

Female huskies are the best in sex with human males.

f4dabb65 No.3716262

File: 1695072112886.png (1.47 MB, 1000x1192, c0b0b38ac0357116e635e7117c….png)

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