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b0243c8d No.3717479

Anyone going to school?

What is your course?
What is your goal?
What is your progress and where are you now with it?
Image unrelated

b0243c8d No.3717480

Ill start.
Going for construction! Completing stage 2 of 3.
Stage 3 consists of 8 weeks of guarenteed work experience through school partnership guarenteeing work right after school. If i can i hope to get up to heavy machinery technician and engineer which can land me up to a $250 an hr job.

Taking my time in steps to guatentee high success rate

My score for cpr and first aid training was a 96 im kinda proud of myself for where im going.

ffd4afa6 No.3717493

Nigguh, you're gonna be the guy at the bottom of ditch digging a hole by hand for 20$ an hour.

b0243c8d No.3717494

Forgot to mention that the 8 weeks paid will be at a $22-28 an hr.

b0243c8d No.3717659

File: 1696170705496.jpg (73.62 KB, 708x1000, 1273.jpg)

Is no one else going back to school right now?

450cdfe0 No.3717672

File: 1696177651855.jpeg (515.75 KB, 1776x2000, F7CLhCYbkAALZgN.jpeg)


Most of us are old fucks that either got degrees already or work shitty dead end jobs. Sometimes both.

ab19c69a No.3717689

File: 1696189614923.jpg (1.35 MB, 2876x3467, this-is-what-220-in-grocer….jpg)

Cutting down on car cost using bikes.

Tutoring kids and teens on cars and bikes cost.
This is what $220 in groceries in Louisiana looks like (plus $0 in gas)
If school taught you logistics and math your good to survive.

ab19c69a No.3717690

File: 1696190508148.jpg (10.54 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

ab19c69a No.3717691

File: 1696190935361.png (187.03 KB, 860x797, dont need a degree to be a….png)

ab19c69a No.3717692

File: 1696191161265.jpg (329.75 KB, 1600x1677, good-school-bad-school-bet….jpg)

Speaking of schools are there any good ones with strong towns?

0e387a09 No.3717714

>Buying flowers

Well there's your problem

ab19c69a No.3718827

File: 1697373705473-0.jpg (739.75 KB, 1200x1600, 277373742_5292425394135480….jpg)

File: 1697373705473-1.jpg (167.9 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

78172b39 No.3718857

What the fuck? If you're getting so little for $220 you should consider using a car. The costs for energy your body burns for using the bicycle is probably higher than what you would spend on gas.

ab19c69a No.3718859


This statement is not necessarily true and depends on several factors. The cost using a bicycle versus a car can vary based on various elements such as distance traveled, fuel efficiency of the car, gas prices, and personal fitness level.
In general, bicycles are a much more cost-effective mode of transportation compared to cars. Riding a bicycle requires no fuel costs and minimal maintenance expenses. On the other hand, cars require fuel, insurance, registration fees, regular maintenance (oil changes, tire replacements), and potentially parking costs. These expenses can add up significantly over time.

Regarding the claim that the energy burned while cycling may cost more than gas, it is important to note that the human body is highly efficient at energy expenditure. While biking does burn calories, the total cost of energy for cycling is comparatively low, especially when considering overall health benefits and reduced healthcare costs associated with regular exercise.

Ultimately, the cost-effectiveness of using a bicycle versus a car can vary depending on individual circumstances and preferences. It is advisable to assess your specific needs, distances traveled, local gas prices, and personal fitness level to determine the most cost-effective mode of transportation for you.

b99fd3b9 No.3718865

File: 1697410448748.gif (1.97 MB, 344x368, anime-sigh.gif)

I'm working online for duel master's of electrical and mechanical engineering, and my bachelor's of psychology and a bachelor's of substance abuse therapy.

Its kind of a dead end though. I have almost 0 job experience, and no one will take me on for a doctorate's with such a hodgepodge mess of education like I have. I have so many degrees and job lines that even I have difficulty keeping up with it all, and 95% of my references are dead so thats a thing.

b99fd3b9 No.3718867

File: 1697410671629.png (486.9 KB, 800x450, boring.png)

One of the big problems with being your own boss as a contractor, is that when people ask for job references from you last boss, its kind of hard to list yourself. Especially after 10 years of being self employed with no underling employees.

b99fd3b9 No.3718870

File: 1697411757454.png (616.32 KB, 659x1055, SharperSprite1.png)

Its hard keeping employees when you can't sync with anyone. The only reference I need is your bed. I don't really care if its made or not, but if it looks and smells like it hsn't been through a washing machine in a year, I don't want you working for me.

Sadly, most people given that challenge don't hold up.

c663c260 No.3718909

File: 1697425187347.jpg (36.16 KB, 500x350, gbjkkk.jpg)

> Regarding the claim that the energy burned while cycling may cost more than gas, it is important to note that the human body is highly efficient at energy expenditure.
Riding a bicycle adds additional greenhouse gasses you would not have added if you merely drove a Chinese made electric car. Assuming, of course, the vehicle is recharged by clean, nonpolluting nuclear power.

And don't forget, the greenhouse gasses caused by huffing and puffing on a bicycle heats the earth and causes much damage to peoples health.

ab19c69a No.3718916

It's leaking!

ce9e2c4e No.3718964

>the human body is highly efficient at energy expenditure
No it's actually not. Google it. Well-engineered cars are even better than the human body.

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