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Best animal species to make a fursona with cute feet/paws?

0ca74ec1 No.3717962

File: 1696491981431.png (19.3 KB, 863x956, F6uaxY4WEAAicp-.png)

- bunnies
- squirrels
- raccoons
- possums
- bears
- fossas
- whatever

There is nothing wrong with having "inaccurate" pawa. Things such as toe number/shape, claws or lack thereof, pawpads, that's up to you.

Its your character, there are no rules. Go nuts. Don't let curmudgeons get you down.

0ca74ec1 No.3717963

c5927d55 No.3717968

>>There is nothing wrong with having "inaccurate" pawa.

Unless you are one of the fursuiters now going for extreme realism, where
not only must the fursuit paws match the species
they are representing perfectly and exactly,
but some even go so far as to personally find out what their favorite species' paws actually smell like,
and then try to find or duplicate that scent and then
lightly spray it on the fursuit feet.
Some just op to go with scents like fritos or hot buttered popcorn,
because the paws of a lot of species DO smell like that.
However, sometimes it's completely different
and not at all what you would expect.
For example, skunk feet smell like burnt rubber.
It's all in the name of realism.
I don't know what's next,
unless someone turns their attention to the heads
and goes for various animal-breath smells.

1a096050 No.3717969

File: 1696522014643.png (4.12 MB, 4800x6000, primonyr-kris-tina-by-foxb….png)

+1 for opossums, because the fingerless glove look is underrated.

086748cc No.3717984

Do you wish you were a possum?

cc22f6b9 No.3718277

Cute art

10560a47 No.3723610

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