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5f71b2ae No.3717999

Which Ivy League school would you attend and why?

f69eda97 No.3718009

File: 1696577702081.jpg (153.47 KB, 550x860, 660b7be396a6f8ce079cd7c9a9….jpg)

Miskatonic University
Because H. P. Lovecraft.

cff09eea No.3718011

File: 1696585787675.jpg (543.51 KB, 2604x2753, 41413fe97d8c506959c1a42978….jpg)

I had my chances at college. Its hard to remember anything when you're smoking things that don't even have names.

d1a29a47 No.3718021

I spent my college days
working in a private zoo,
repeatedly smoking
the dicks of a dozen different species.
Each one was a new and exciting adventure.
Are you jealous?

5f71b2ae No.3718028

Best and worst dicks?

d1a29a47 No.3718035

Personal preference?
It's BIG and absolutely a fucking incredible shape and they really get into it, as they excite very easily.
This was a tough choice because I certainly enjoyed the male lemurs and their horsecock-shaped dicks as well, AND did you also know they have tiny spines on their dicks? the spines are not sharp though.

The dick shape is interesting, and their balls are above their cock and they seem to enjoy it, but it always smells really bad because they do not clean theirselves ever. I always had to wash them first. Part of the reason may simply be their anatomy, instead of a sheath their dick basically erects out of the same place where their butthole is. Really, not kidding.

3972fa8e No.3718044

possum hole the void of shit and cock

c113e6a0 No.3718052

Cool story bro

57b7f22f No.3718062

File: 1696643075154.png (5.06 MB, 1265x1723, Deadpool_Textless.png)

I have a degree in culinary arts, electrical engineering, psychology, and a technical degree in instrumentation and electricity. Plus a worthless degree from the air force "switching systems" its a radio thing.

I'm also incredibly broken, both mentally and physically.

No one will hire me no matter how weirdly qualified I am.

57b7f22f No.3718063

File: 1696643361379.png (116.41 KB, 624x352, Benderama_3.png)

You want a giant robot that can spit burning oil, sound like your enemy's mom criticizing them on their dick size, while offering them her famous casserole. While broadcasting their face on all air waves.

Gimme some money and I'm your man.

57b7f22f No.3718064

File: 1696643699975.jpg (5.26 KB, 236x212, f247e069780fd431203130fbc5….jpg)

…I need to get a nursing degree too…

Then my applications will be truly fucked.

3972fa8e No.3718080

its cuz your gayh fact u live in a homophobic state but i guess you dont want to admit it

57b7f22f No.3718083

I've tried to get into burger flipping jobs, and I'm turned down.

57b7f22f No.3718086

I can't even get an entry level position, in anything.

57b7f22f No.3718087

3 drive through fast food restaurants denied me because I was "over qualified."

57b7f22f No.3718088

apparently you can't have a psychologist/ engineer/ technician flipping burgers.

b4e59b1f No.3718089

Then why do you even put those things on your job application?
They don't check what you don't list, and sometimes not even what you DO list.
Just put your military service on there and let it go at that.

cff09eea No.3718244

File: 1696834564452.jpg (151.61 KB, 905x1280, 34caa11e3aa6110212582c868a….jpg)

>instead of a sheath their dick basically erects out of the same place where their butthole is. Really, not kidding.
Right you are, opossums have a cloaca. So do reptiles and birds.
The classic cloaca mistake-a.

cff09eea No.3718245

File: 1696834671333.png (3.86 MB, 2400x1500, e3452c34e7a134cdd615a013d0….png)

Fun fact: "cloaca" is the Latin word for sewer.

13e9fdd3 No.3718247

File: 1696839123741.jpeg (51.06 KB, 1002x1002, shopping (1).jpeg)

6a3fdce5 No.3718276

Just draw them with human cocks and balls or a pussy and be done with it.

1f0d6dff No.3718286

Cloacas are sexier

27846fd7 No.3718315

Going to college free of charge for a construction class that just so happens to be giving me on top of the full set of PPE around $1000 in tools and this is only stage II. stage III is a 8 week job placement with a $22-28hr pay plus work experience and employment experience as a bonus. And with welding allready completed i have extra credentials to work with upon moving forward with the job/trade giving me easirr placement and good recruitment odds upon starting the 8 week work placement. Only thing im having to relearn is trig.

cff09eea No.3718320

File: 1696907766839.jpeg (38.19 KB, 540x540, F77-H3IWgAAh4aQ.jpeg)


Good for you. If you're who I think you are, you came a long way from sucking off Ronald McDonald.

27846fd7 No.3718346

Well truth be told you are correct!
Though like ive mentioned before if I get serious and put effort and interest into things I can go places even accomplish some serious goals, all within a single year at that pay.

My goals so far are..
Buy some land estimate is a minimum of $12,000 for 1-2 acres
Prep for developing on land
Get my license and a vehicle of some kind

Id. Say its a pretty big set of goals and well within my reach. Am considering going in for extra training to be a safety rep or even site inspector. I do have the skills ill just need the certification done in order to step up my game after the 8 week paid job placement so i can increase my pay. Im considering also taking my demolition and explosives certification just because I have the knowledge and it would get me into the mines.

b1466d6a No.3718350

File: 1696939000781-0.jpg (224.79 KB, 700x704, house.jpg)

File: 1696939000781-1.jpg (124.44 KB, 500x334, 24163217105_b268391576.jpg)

> Buy some land estimate is a minimum of $12,000 for 1-2 acres
> Prep for developing on land
Ha! If you build your house it would be almost as good as these.

72ace3d9 No.3718366

If you need help with trig, try asking in the math thread >>3717706. I can help with subjects up to calculus and beyond. Linear algebra, differential equations, complex analysis… Seriously, I know math most mere mortals have no business knowing.

3388d3ea No.3718395

I doubt ill need help as of yet, being that its less learning more relearning to apply it on paper in a long ass time

9a6fea98 No.3718585

Though what i could use for help in as i hope to rewrite the book on the guide to construction and create a universal guide that will help future generations to come its more than just a hobby or personal SDS its a complete guide and instruction manual for those entering or continuing the trade that will fully amalgamize everything you will need to know about the materials, their uses functions and proper disposal and what PPE should be used at the bare minimum plus all other information.

The help i may need is ideas thoughts and material details you know and wish to suggest who knows i may actually cite your name in the offical book ill be having printed and put i
On shelves worldwide. Im going to be starting soon as i can get myself at a computer to type and copy/paste/edit entries that are widely available ill come asking while posting individual subject topics not all here may know a lot about so hence the brainstorming and thinktanking ill ne bringing to the table.

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