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bd0770a2 No.3718046

Pedophiles deserve doxxing & exposure to their communities. Oh what's that? This pedo psychopath who e-stalks anti-pedos is also a huge white racist & loves Trump(also a pedo). Big surprise there..

"Her" fanboy lonewolf23K is a French-Canadian who raped a teenage girl on a trip to Paris once. Now tell me this loli/shota/cub shit fanaticism is harmless.

Also, if you're still around, Acorn, shut the fuck up, you useless piece of redneck shit.

cfa626ed No.3718048

File: 1696618140360.png (536.76 KB, 600x848, 52446.png)

That foolish screed pictured in your image is badly written and has multiple misspellings. It was clearly made by a retard. Is that your work, OP?

3df4653a No.3718054

Now tell me about the role of Kayla-Na and Doom: Eternal in this conspiracy.

e48894d5 No.3718055

Beezus Christ is a pedophile.

adbd26af No.3718057

Make a Kiwifarms thread, faggot.


0b89e1c9 No.3718060

File: 1696638331604.jpg (57.65 KB, 729x446, Capture.JPG)


Whats it like….to be absolutely wrong about EVERYTHING you believe, everything you write and think, every bit of 'reality' you exist in?

How horrible must your life be?

Your suffering feeds me.

I feast.

16ebb9fe No.3718074

File: 1696660088125.png (2.91 MB, 1254x1771, 52c84baa478b3d2a746d1a20de….png)

Writing fictional stories isn't the same as raping kids, nignog.

If he touched an actual kid, then tell the police, not us.

b5482fbe No.3718085

There are people who don't differentiate between fiction and reality.

There was a study recently that showed people with few social contacts, who rate high on the loneliness scales, don't differentiate between fantasy people in media and stories and real people. Their brain shows no compartmentalization between fantasy and fact when it comes to social reality - so the kiddies they see in cartoon porn are interchangeable for real children in the neighborhood.

493cbe28 No.3718096

Stop pretending that the only reason you aren't posting actual CP is because it's illegal

813b7052 No.3718097

File: 1696697875517.png (318.61 KB, 916x1080, 2554430_arkaid_0102_self_t….png)

Touched a nerve there, did I. Good.

Stay infuriated, Niggerman. Ha ha!

a6b672be No.3718106


Jesus fucking christ dude, they've been gone for well over a decade.

16ebb9fe No.3718131

File: 1696723380579.png (2.69 MB, 1236x1576, aa18fba1c0fe66cfe0b010d693….png)

Yeah, and as a gorefag, the only reason I don't split myself open to get off is also because it's illegal.

b5af8027 No.3720400

> teacher pleads guilty to having sexual contact with a student
Teachers are notoriously liberal democrats. Just like most convicted pedophiles are democrats.

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