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e6e0d6c5 No.3720022

>barely usable after an almost two month down time
>admins could give less of a fuck and refuses to hand over reigns

dd6aebbb No.3720023

File: 1698462149838.jpg (349.21 KB, 1638x2048, 482aeb7da08d67d21b21da90b3….jpg)

Friendly reminder: https://kemono.party

e6e0d6c5 No.3720025

Sadly will never top yiffparty

cf083eee No.3720026

Just recently checked. U-18chan is back online.

acc3ddae No.3720027

File: 1698465192126.png (97.7 KB, 2111x1290, Furry Booru.png)



Furry booru is also down, it looks like it is now too costly to host an image board.

#RIP the entire internet 2023

2dfb4715 No.3720032

Ychan is also stucked too.

d9003248 No.3720034

If you really care that much, there is a solution to them not having enough money…

e6e0d6c5 No.3720035

>dumbass didn't use a VPN
imagine being in jail for furry smut

dd6aebbb No.3720050

File: 1698477732545.jpeg (358.36 KB, 2026x2048, F8uN6sTW4AAkY9i.jpeg)


I kept lulz funded until Fredrick bought it. People watching is fun.

6455e46e No.3720056

File: 1698496582903.jpeg (501.07 KB, 2270x1135, dd533b4d53dc33f47a05c862a….jpeg)

6a2420e4 No.3720058

File: 1698498539344.jpg (21.73 KB, 393x500, c9c5cc3b0efb9e8ad79b4ad55e….jpg)

There was a case like that that happened in America back in the early 2000's. A guy had a collection of japanese loli manga, figurines, and and dakimakuras. He got caught when a dakimakura he bought was checked by customs.

There is a minimum sentence for every image possessed of CP. They never found any real CP, just animated stuff, physical and on his computer. He ended up with more jail time than every convicted serial killer put together.

The guy sounds like a total creep, but people need to get a grip when they convict someone for a victimless crime, and charge him more harshly than if he blew up an elementary school with a dirty bomb.

b29e5531 No.3720068

2014, I remember that case, it was a little short vid that someone made with CGI on their computer, and even for that time looked pretty real to a dumbass I guess.
It was actually posted here a few times, maybe someone could find it and post it here again.
It just showed a woman on her hands and knees with a CGI tiger humping her, you couldn't even see dick or anything.
I don't remember a Tony the Tiger voice though, maybe some versions added that.

e6e0d6c5 No.3720102

Britain, come the fuck on..

0682f170 No.3720105

File: 1698528202261.png (992.6 KB, 1734x2314, 407ecef7b9ab0ce5ed49b683f4….png)

Oi! You got a loicense for that yiff?

c2bd3f78 No.3720223

Slayerduck isn't this much ESL. I'm thinking this is from the booru.org site owner
>r34.xxx makes me more money, go there

7c1745fa No.3720231

File: 1698615656738.jpg (131.35 KB, 714x928, 1173212037.maxblackrabbit_….jpg)

Or that "Mr_K" who ever he is?

7c1745fa No.3720233

File: 1698617238586.png (5.28 MB, 1971x1869, 5486da2b2e4105b459162c8e3f….png)

> Ychan is also stucked too.
And VCL is still down.

4619d8f7 No.3720241

VCL is probably not coming back up sadly, at least there’s an archive of it… But it ain’t the same WAAAAAAAAAAAAaah

487cbd3a No.3720259

File: 1698633452445.jpg (373.51 KB, 2000x1500, 4277908_Backlash91_wrong_h….jpg)

> at least there’s an archive of it… But it ain’t the same
I'll say! The assholes at archive.org have begun compressing the shit out of the full size images in the archive. That destroys the whole point of the archive.

17172733 No.3720260

File: 1698634379890.gif (594.5 KB, 320x240, don't stick it in her poop….gif)

e816e2ad No.3726124

> Slayerduck isn't this much ESL. I'm thinking this is from the booru.org site owner
I don't know but furry.booru.org now redirects to Slayerduck's board, The Big ImageBoard.

a2a8cb3b No.3726232

So… does anyone know what's going on with U18?

fbc6af8e No.3726238

Think they have heavy uploading issues? site is 8 years old.

fbc6af8e No.3726244

File: 1703206928651.gif (973.1 KB, 450x211, c8TpwtN.gif)

granny smith apple!

fbc6af8e No.3726245

File: 1703207115047.gif (2 MB, 416x261, giphy.gif)

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