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This is why I quit going to furry cons after 20 years,that and it's turned into a repository fir sexual deviants

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> Covid Policy still in place
There is nothing at all wrong with requiring vaccination for gatherings of people. The vaccines are safe. They have full, complete FDA approval.

Anyone who does not have medical insurance that pays for vaccination can get free vaccinations from local organizations or public services.

The lunatic morons who believe nonsensical myths about vaccines do not matter. They are just as stupid and mentally ill as (((Business Dog))).

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Yesva vaccine so effective they had to change the definition of vaccine. Lol go get your 5th booster loser

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Lunatic moron identified.

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Libtard sheep detected

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> “The absolute risk is miniscule,” said Dr. Steve Nissen, a cardiologist and researcher at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio. “I mean it is trivial in comparison to the risk for people over 85 of dying from Covid.”
What did you imagine you were showing by posting that link? Are you so mentally disabled that you can't understand what is written?

That article shows that vaccination is better than not.

childrenshealthdefense.org is a hotbed of vaccine deniers. It is nothing but lunatic morons echoing nonsensical myths back and forth.

You are just one more lunatic moron echoing the myths.

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> Lunatic moron identified.

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