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You messed with me~

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About PuffMastersttv

I'm a stoner who games and lives in the GTA, I vape, listen to metal and the games being streamed on this channel are a little bit of everything under the sun if possible. Streams 10pm EST every saturday

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There are two options here.
1. You are impersonating this streamer to draw negative attention.
2. You are stupid enough to advertise your streaming on an imageboard.

Either way, fuck off. Not your personal army.

087959f8 No.3722951

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It sounds like you're having a grumpy day Gonzo.

71b7852d No.3722954

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Yeah, I got the 'rona. Going kinda stir crazy. Plus I'm waiting for my new-new job to schedule me. My partners are sick too. Had to fight the pharmacy about a refill.

So not really a good day lol

f1f8b8a6 No.3723021

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Get well soon, bro.

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Thank you Mr. Mustelid.

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