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d674ef16 No.3723479

Who do you think are the weirdest looking human ethnicity?

I say the Tsapanawa. They have weird monkey-like face shapes with no eyebrows, completely different from any other people who live nearby. They must have been extremely isolated and developed peculia traits.


8ea2d9fb No.3723490

inb4 200 n1ggerposts

dd924a5e No.3723538

jews bc they do weird shit like circumcision and they have a guy who sucks the blood out of babies dicks when they cut the foreskin off and also they hate everyone else and are super passive aggressive towards non jews.

c2f5921a No.3723566

Must be Judas bloodline.

9f24ee31 No.3723576

File: 1701452938036.jpg (273.5 KB, 1600x1200, P1020085.JPG)


31cdf211 No.3723584

File: 1701454175615-0.jpg (63.08 KB, 399x343, typical nigger 037.jpg)

File: 1701454175615-1.jpg (28.68 KB, 306x409, typical nigger 017.jpg)

> Who do you think are the weirdest looking human ethnicity?
Niggers, if we agree to postulate that niggers are human.

7439120b No.3723613

lololololololololol true

6c1e7e84 No.3723618


Unlike Jews, i am racist and not very brights would have stayed in Africa but noooooooo , we just had to bring them everywhere!

Jews spread their vile genes and influence all over the planet quite uninvited,

35ab4f5c No.3723619

Jews ran the slave trade and every jew in the US prior to the civil war owned multiple slaves. They're the ones who brought them over.

The kike bankers Lehman Brothers got their start as cotton traders in fucking Alabama, not as bankers in Jew York

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