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1d1911c7 No.3724335

How many furries have bad teeth? It goes without saying that many furries don't shower and if they don't bother to shower they probably don't bother to brush their teeth either. Post furies smiling with bad teeth or rare pics of any with good teeth.

2f2ba43d No.3724346

File: 1701963980953.jpg (64.45 KB, 600x424, tooth-troubles.jpg)

I'm starting to get yellowing, but I hate eating bones or "treats" or brushing my teeth so I just sometimes chew on tree branches, but that's boring and splintery.

df8bd239 No.3724370


This reminds me of that once famously , Insane Belgian guy who thought he was the real Kenobi (?) a furry lion antro who he had drawn (completely talent-less) teaching kids how to brush their teeth. Himself had the teeth or rather remains thereof in a horrible state.

This dude created a giant drama because someone had written a furry novel with a character of same genus and name, it ended with the author refusing to write anymore.

Maybe no-one anymore remember who it was,
I wonder what happened to him.

16b812a5 No.3724377

File: 1701994259021.jpg (111 KB, 1280x1280, IMG_20231205_070447_673.jpg)


Ah yes, Bart. I'm probably the only other person here who knows about him. He actually came to this site one time and fucked off as soon as I called him out.

If you want to waste your life and read a web 1.0 callout of a manipulative bipolar furry, look no further: https://web.archive.org/web/20130117041928/http://sonicblu.tripod.com/documents/

tl;dr he was homeless and was taken in by a furry house that didn't know any better. It was apparently a massive nightmare.

cb1d1e68 No.3724389

File: 1702006186825.jpg (72.63 KB, 1080x739, bulgarians.jpg)

Oh yes, "Nekobe" I still remember his USENET postings in the 1990s, posting under the name "sunnylion" and (falsely) claiming to be part of a medical group that was planning to make people into real furries.

The oldest drama from him I know of was an incident where he was turned down for sex at a furcon, and called the police and falsely accused the person who turned him down of having CP.

Dude eventually moved to Africa for some time. These was a video of him snuggling with an actual cheetah floating around the internet in the past, don't know where to find it these days.

05845db4 No.3724391


There's a pretty funny segment on him in this podcast. It's the ""Yiff the Otter" part


5de130a8 No.3724393

I had forgotten about that guy.

2048a9ac No.3724441


Then "thank me" for reminding you

You are welcome. Now booze and lots of it to forget again. And yes I can recall him now, it was Bart Bervoets .

1d1911c7 No.3724453

File: 1702084226590.png (226.39 KB, 663x398, Screenshot 2023-12-08 at 2….png)

88d579e9 No.3724471

What leads to cheap food and bad diet?

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