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c403903c No.3727920

Just got back from my weird self imposed wilderness sabbatical, and look at all of you, just circular posting like I never left.

I've been out in the woods since November (rented an RV for a month), finished realigning my chakras (sleep cycle), and getting in touch with my inner-self (shooting stuff and catching things on fire), gave up that psychology bs to go back and pursue some more degrees in real science shit that I'm actually good at… and fuck me if all my new classes aren't night and evening classes. Fuck my efforts I guess.

Also I'm on Anabuse now, so drunk steam is dead. I figured it was time I started working towards getting a real career, doing something I actually like doing, with a real company… rather than just drunkenly being an extremely shady cash only contractor who dips out the second anyone even whispers "invoice" or "taxable income" in my presence. I mean the new company might be my own again, but this time it will be at least registered, and I'll finally get some letters before my name. Yay GI Bill, I finally got upgraded from "general under honorable circumstances" to "full honorable," especially since I extinguished my Voc Rehab becoming the worst misanthropic psychologist ever.

I missed talking about myself sooo much.

c403903c No.3727925

File: 1704517510241.png (860.39 KB, 1085x870, suspicious_early_morning_c….png)

Also if you're about to ask why I'm posting at midnight when I just said I had my sleep cycle back on target. Like I said, it doesn't really matter afterall, and I just had my first fast food/caffeine/sugary soda binge in forever, and when I got home, everything was covered in a fine layer of balmy alcoholic grossness, and I can't stop cleaning… well figuratively, bedding, very horrific dishes, and the such have to cycle through, so waiting on that… and I had to organize, clean, and toss out a bunch of fetishy weird sex stuff I've gathered over the years.

Tomorrow, I set out to stealthily dispose of a few thousand dollars worth of dildos and other shitty sex things in various anonymous car wash dumpsters in various surrounding towns.

Also I upgraded my horrific not-death gun and managed to shoot myself in the face, more accurately my chin, and now my formerly just plain evil goatee has been enhanced into an evil goatee with a scar.

1fee45b5 No.3727927

File: 1704518039643-0.jpg (112 KB, 1407x1372, 61vt6Rk4hNS._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

File: 1704518039643-1.jpg (98.82 KB, 1362x1359, 61fjjgQIpQL._AC_SL1500_.jpg)

21a3d732 No.3727928

File: 1704518200960.jpg (240.09 KB, 1280x998, 5c33a0d98a6df663698cf7c8e8….jpg)

Your posts make you sound as mentally unstable as Aufy is.

20170a98 No.3727930

File: 1704519479837.jpeg (15.94 KB, 247x204, download (1).jpeg)

c403903c No.3727936

File: 1704522402840.jpeg (131.63 KB, 934x898, fae9f286c306ac777687559a0….jpeg)

I am totally mentally unstable, but at least when I fall, I fall with style. I at have stable finances, housing (I now own two properties), squeaky clean criminal record, and play my crazy cards with some forethought and tact, at least well enough that I always end up ahead.

Aufy and a lot of other furry failures, just plop down to the ground and roll around in their own shit until they die. When people like Aufy go out of control, they end up homeless or in some lolcow scenario. I just kinda go on vacation and reform the goopy mess I call a persona into something new that will keep me entertained and grounded for a while. My lowest possible low is ending up in rehab, but since I'm a 100% disabled honorable veteran, that just means the gov'ment pays for me to chill out somewhere and pretend to be a dark silent brooding drug-sage of wisdom amongst my brain addled druggie peers.

I'm probably the most stable unstable person I know.

1833a23f No.3727937

> I'm probably the most stable unstable person I know.
If someone is constantly unstable then wouldn't he be stably unstable?

c403903c No.3727939

File: 1704522915107.jpg (20.93 KB, 439x338, charlie_b__barkin_by_megam….jpg)

Also, unlike people like Helios. I keep my crazy contained. I don't go out trying to fuck people over, or infect others with the fallout of my weird antics.

Well except for lulz. You guys just happen to be living in my ground zero, and even then I haven't actively done anything crazy like ejecting someone from a country in over a decade. Even in that case, its kinda their own fault playing with very clearly labeled fire.

c403903c No.3727940

Thats basically the definition of a nuclear power plant. A very controlled time-released explosion.

So yes, I am stably unstable.

1833a23f No.3727943

File: 1704525270216.jpg (452.77 KB, 1280x1879, 46b99eae39ad5e8c930efd6bc3….jpg)

Unstable indeed. Now Steam is deleting his old threads.

c403903c No.3727945

File: 1704525632993.png (402.25 KB, 617x615, tumblr_a8fa813c5acee9fd770….png)

I deleted a lot of them a few weeks ago. They were kinda all over the place, but I haven't deleted any recently. I can't control what mods do when I'm gone.

c3d23c50 No.3727973

File: 1704544971973.jpg (636.74 KB, 2826x2668, wtfdude.jpg)

I was hoping that all my preaching on here had inspired you to leave and become a better man - not leave, become a better man and then come back again and ruin it all!
Please, just stop hurting yourself already.

c403903c No.3727974

File: 1704546280407.png (869.53 KB, 1198x1024, large.png)

please, I'm surprised that all your preaching hasn't made me into a woman.

Thats what everyone probably expected.

I mean not for lack of trying.

c403903c No.3727975

File: 1704546528439.jpg (90.35 KB, 850x930, 02b515f834ab71e90ec4350799….jpg)

What is a "better man" anyways?

I consider myself better than most people, less than others… its really a crap shoot when you look at it.

I mean when you get right down to it I'm pretty manly in general… but I can also do hair and makeup cause dorm cuts and a few years in theater… its all subjective.

c3d23c50 No.3727976

File: 1704547497885.jpg (603.51 KB, 2832x2584, WiseCat.jpg)

>What is a "better man" anyways?
For starters, someone who doesn't destroy their body/mind/spirit with alcohol, and someone who replaces damaging/"jew-owned" forms of escapism (such as this place) with healthy forms of personal growth and expansion. (… and also Jesus, but you know, baby steps.) :3

c403903c No.3727977

File: 1704547689493.jpg (92.27 KB, 850x858, b532446e29e1215fe8e1f0a3ef….jpg)

I'm on atibuse, and my liver enzymes are almost at acceptable level, I can give a skin fade to 5', and camera blush.

Bitch a guy can only do so much.

c403903c No.3727978

File: 1704548197149.png (3.68 MB, 2234x1440, 1642464104.twang_boyfriend….png)

From what I've been told, if I lose 10-15lbs, and do some mild cardio, I'll be practically in perfect health. I've been doing some regular work on a cross trainer and my big problem of having a resting HR of ~105 down to ~85 has been a big help.

My fucking Balance watch tells me I'm a fatass if I don't run around every hour or so, and it keeps giving me passive aggressive motivation like "you're more fit than 5% of people who own your watch, fatass"

c3d23c50 No.3727979

File: 1704548835550.jpg (504.92 KB, 2850x2596, Diet_WIP.jpg)

A guy can build on top of the foundation of his previous achievements, (but you're correct about "Man" having limitations on what he can do himself - especially in a lost and dying world temporarily run by youknowwho.)

Nevertheless I've always gotten the sense that you're capable of better things, so if you continue to increasingly avoid what is known to be damaging and then replacing them with what is known to be healthy and good, you'll keep getting stronger.

44d104e8 No.3727994

why do you come back, you may think circular posting is something people do but you literally went off to feel special and pull the same bs self infatuated thread crap, btw you dont know what people are really up to at all just because you touched grass as they say.

2a955b57 No.3727998


40752ce9 No.3728002

File: 1704575002121.jpg (48.41 KB, 640x480, f9d574fb719da18def40e68b8d….jpg)

b7a9b683 No.3728006

File: 1704579420456.png (248.1 KB, 516x656, 564564564564566.png)


Every time a woman talks to me, I so know that feel. God damn, I know that feel.

I just saw yet another Me Too'd thing again today.

c3d23c50 No.3728019

File: 1704587912241.jpg (386.55 KB, 2850x2687, ronerycat.jpg)

Do you see that, Steam? These guys are already destructively jealous of you for having been able to leave this mind/soul/spirit prison for more than a day.
Keep it up, and live!

c403903c No.3728028

File: 1704596705884.jpg (923.72 KB, 3170x2113, 6839b55715047e469febaf302f….jpg)

if its any consolidation to the masses, floating around and really abusing my discounts at state parks and military bases in my rented RV was kinda depressing.

Most the people I talked were retirees who never shut up about their kids. Being a single childless person with just a dog to keep me company sucked. All those old people just looked at me like "why do you even live?" With those sad sad eyes.

I'd give up most of my financial success, just to have a dysfunctional marriage and a kid I could complain about not being able to see in an instant. Its hard being a successful alcoholic and not having anything of importance to complain about.

If anything my dog enjoyed my woodland excursion more than me. He peed on so much stuff.

c403903c No.3728029

File: 1704596818690.jpg (184.38 KB, 1476x583, poop'n 2.jpg)

On the plus side, I really like the smell of wet woodlands, and I kinda prefer the death side of nature more than all the greenry and ticks tbh.

606999fd No.3728034

File: 1704597686421.png (136.99 KB, 1000x1000, Barton-Vodka-175-l_1.png)

> I really like the smell of wet woodlands
What happened to your lie about having no sense of smell?

c403903c No.3728035

File: 1704597705178.jpg (296.54 KB, 1300x956, wet-german-shepherd-dog-sh….jpg)

I think next time I'm going to rent a house boat and just float down the river. Navigating from the ohio down to the mississippi and back sounds pretty chill.

If there is one thing my dog loves more than peeing on things, its river shenanigans.

c403903c No.3728036

File: 1704598102392.jpg (45.88 KB, 900x851, 1vcutt.jpg)

it was true at a time. I still have a diminished sense of smell, and therefore taste. I worked at an old school paint factory and it kinda fucked up my nose.

I can still smell things that are dank, and can still taste things that are savory or spicey. The back of the throat stuff.

As of now i basically just can't really enjoy sweet things or more delicate aromas and tastes. Its not abnormal for people to slowly regain senses after severe chemical exposure.

It has its plus sides though, I have a super heightened appreciation for mouth feel. But yeah, a lot scents and flavors just kind blandly blend together.

c403903c No.3728038

its like… a Hershey's bar just tastes bland and feels like syrup, but I can still enjoy a dark chocolate bar, and caustic things like lemonade of sourkraut I can still taste just fine. I actually enjoy them now despite hating them before I lost most of my senses.

But I can't tell the difference between coke and pepsi, and sugary things like vanilla pudding and tapioca taste the same to me.

efa99c92 No.3728163

File: 1704672275331.jpg (127.46 KB, 960x1280, 25669.jpg)

> but I can also do hair and makeup cause dorm cuts
WTF is wrong with you? Just go to the base barbershop.

00f0561f No.3728175

File: 1704684921677.jpg (392.47 KB, 598x696, Steam's Barbershop.jpg)

547f4ae0 No.3728187

File: 1704689955996.png (107.78 KB, 1000x1000, Popov-Vodka-175-l_1.png)

I liked that movie.

c403903c No.3728247

File: 1704749564795.jpg (17.06 KB, 215x263, Paranoid-Airman.jpg)

AB= Always Broke.

Also I made a good deal of money, and favors, doing last minute Sunday evening hair cuts and uniform modifications for when inspections popped up.

It was nice being the well known go-to-guy in the dorms who had what you needed at any time or day… for a price… Plus some guys, have ears that are basically flat against their heads, and uniform regulation requires you to not have hair touching your ears. So I got quite a few cases of just needing to touch people up. Plus I had a little makeup kit, so if you needed your picture taken for some reason that day, and you woke up with a random acne break out, I could touch you up.

Back in dorm life, I saw an untapped market, and latched on like the money grubbing tick I am.

You have to remember, or whatever, that when there was an inspection announced, everyone went to the base barber on their lunch break, and no everyone got in on time. Especially with the bs involved with being in an expeditionary unit. Add on that not everyone in dorms had vehicles to go in town on a whim, I offered an important service to all the airmen Scruffies out there who got caught off guard, or spent a bit too much between pay periods.

c403903c No.3728248

Plus even later as a sergeant with some airmen under my wing. As long as they didn't fuck up their PT scores, did all their CAT work, or cause me paperwork in general, I'd let them show up early to get a quick cut, never late though, just after PT when the hair stuck to them the most. The itchy hair cuttings all day was their punishment and payment. Its not like I could take or lend them money as a supervisor.

bdf91cd1 No.3728251

You should stop posting walls of text nobody will read and kill yourself

c403903c No.3728253

File: 1704754836054.jpg (18.05 KB, 488x488, GUEST_2b42da49-bfa1-471e-b….jpg)

jokes on you, I enjoy posting things about myself, regardless of who reads it. Lulz gives me the power of posting like a needy teenage girl on Facebook, with literally no ramifications. Its a pretty comfy place grey zone to chill.

Seriously come at me bro, whatcha going to do, complain to the government that one of their joe shmoe failed experiments triggered you?

Hell I possibly purposefully laid enough evidence that I may or may not be totally out of my mind, and nothing I could say would be usable at all. I've been locked in enough institutions to justify that.

6a61382e No.3728272

File: 1704762739068.jpg (15.6 KB, 587x400, Caliber-Vodka-175-l_2.jpg)

> I've been locked in enough institutions to justify that
That's one of the more believable things Steam has ever posted. :)

c403903c No.3728292

File: 1704767751800.jpg (80.25 KB, 1000x1414, 46cceda1b4e8dd980007c5404d….jpg)

well when I say locked I mean, obliged to stay. I've never been locked in a place without my consent.

Well except one time that I was given heavily implied ramifications to stay or face unspecified yet very clear and obvious implications to my disagreement otherwise.

But on paper it looks all the same.

Anyone who knows me even a little knows I'm not really dangerous. I just come with a few easy to follow warnings that no one ever bothers to read.

I'm like the Tide Pods of danger. Very easy to avoid, yet for some reason constantly ingested.

3c20ef69 No.3728328

File: 1704791213066.png (355.44 KB, 1000x1000, Smirnoff-Vodka-175-l_1.png)

> I'm like the Tide Pods of danger. Very easy to avoid, yet for some reason constantly ingested
Are the Steam Tide Pods of danger most often ingested orally or anally?

c403903c No.3728342

File: 1704819159028.jpg (7.78 KB, 227x222, Untitled.jpg)

4b1b4f3c No.3728829

Sexy raccoon muzzle. I hope he is a male and has smelly feet.

Post more of him.

4b1b4f3c No.3728830

This all pee should come in my mouth before I lick her cookie to clean it up.

bb32f540 No.3728837

Have you checked the Raccoon Thread
and the Paws & Feet Thread lately?
Some good stuff posted in there
the last few weeks!

You might like this one especially well!

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