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a3cc3690 No.3730252

Are there any furcons that you don't need vaccinations for?

"Samantha Kazanczuk
Still require as still lots of sickness going around going to stay that way a while still tbh"


"Vaccination boosters and masking are strongly recommended
We will not be conducting mandatory vaccination checks or requiring masks."

e7db931d No.3730254

Furthermore is still playing covid as well. It's why I started ghosting cons.

51fdaa98 No.3730260

Good riddance

db9cf24c No.3730325

I don't think you understand what "ghosting a con " means sweetheart.

f888d264 No.3730327

the human hubris hit a peak and just about everyone actively wants you to die, its a complicated amount of jealously and misguidedness.

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