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e3035cb3 No.3731444

What say you about Labb Ratt? Do you like them or hate them?


dcc0a0b9 No.3731445

everyone has their own story dood. tbh he looks sheltered af and no real world views. cue thousands of others like him.

a40f1645 No.3731501

All trannies are subhuman scum. This faggot was looking for the most insignificant shit to claim to be offended by before trooning out.

bb11b2f1 No.3731527

First impression of this person was when someone posted one of his videos about the beach incident when Fenrisulfr beat some guy with his megaphone. Labb Ratt was praising Fenrisulfr for his use of violence to exclude someone he suspected of being a Nazi. No evidence or reasoning was ever provided by anyone for suspecting Fenrirsulfr's victim of racism or other bigotry. In fact, there was evidence to the contrary. That's all I know about Labb Ratt and probably all I need to know.

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