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740c14b6 No.3732987

Does anyone know of someone who can make me a custom item?

b3e483e2 No.3732989

I make custom ruggedized robotic exoskeletons. But it'll cost your soul.

804e45f1 No.3732999

File: 1708668871069.png (2.14 MB, 1500x1500, 1708206110.syloart_raccoon….png)

I made a portable tesla coil as a deterrent, a nerve gas canister, a what I call the banshee grenade, if that is a thing.

Good lord the banshee will put everyone as deft, blind, and dumb. Plus it has an activator to turn on an ozone generator in the basement. Even if you aren't totally in the zone, you will die of oxygen deprivation.

I'm not allowed to own firearms for a reason. If I die, you die.

804e45f1 No.3733003

File: 1708669508713.jpg (341.85 KB, 1830x1373, 20240223_011743.jpg)

and I don't mean a little boy, my panic button will turn on a massive ozone generator to displace oxygen, and drop a cylinder of detonated thermite straight through my disk drives, and right into my gas lines.

804e45f1 No.3733005

File: 1708670063215.png (827.54 KB, 860x1162, wp5320516.png)

In any case give me the deets and I can make a deal to make the thing done.

I'm the best at making random shit that hurts people.

804e45f1 No.3733008

File: 1708671276732.png (1.97 MB, 1298x1731, 20240223_013817[1].png)

also my panic room has a safeguard against me, you do have to either smash the face or put in the code to release this thing.

Its a little hard to see, but you can see the release cage, and I can disengage the red lights, but I chose not to.

Its a cute little "suicide" button

fdddf5e4 No.3733012

File: 1708674147173.jpg (192.55 KB, 1170x1486, 3d_printed_efp.jpg)

Massive ozone generator?
You know that an ozone generator can also be used to produce nitric acid?

804e45f1 No.3733025

its not THAT big, but its good enough for a standard ware house.

eaeffc1e No.3733056

tbh it looks like u r asking for it

51100312 No.3733098

File: 1708731291772.webm (2.04 MB, 640x480, Little_Button.webm)

So, Steam… why do you have killing/suicide devices in your house, and why are they activated by a button that anyone can press (by accident/curiosity)?
Also - ever heard of hard drive encryption? That way you don't need to blow up half your house, you know. Plus it works even if you don't push any death-buttons.
Finally, chances are that unless you have fantastic anon-abilities (which I doubt), then "everyone" already knows what's on your hard drives anyway.
(I couldn't help but notice you don't seem to have any special escape mechanism just for your doggie, either.)

Sooo… have you seen this video I posted yet?

804e45f1 No.3733209

File: 1708813673466.jpg (63.97 KB, 820x975, the_hobbit___baby_smaug_by….jpg)

I have a decorated past, and honestly I don't want people to look at my porn postmortem and be known as a guy who fucked animals. Its just not true, but furries and zoophiles get piled into the same dump.

Also I created Anon, along with a few other people back in the IRC days, and it went outside our control later, but it is a thing.

The video you posted was dead, but yeah, no escape mech. Its a panic switch for a reason, its an end-game-senario switch. Once you press it, there is death, nothing else.

and I accidently posted my preferable "I AM DEATH" switch picture and had a different password for deletion. I couldn't find it, and trust me, I am sharking you.

804e45f1 No.3733210

File: 1708813930767.png (1.93 MB, 800x1063, Jazz-jackrabbit-dos-front-….png)

its kinda funny that anonymous' core group stemmed from a 6 year old kid with a dial up modem and a second hand windows 95 computer bought for the sole purpose of running brick breaker, educational games, and jazz jackrabbit.

804e45f1 No.3733212

File: 1708814145466.jpeg (29.35 KB, 500x281, 1471939069-47022f4de8aaf0….jpeg)

Also I will say that I have no Anon swing. I got booted as an admn from 4chan on my 18th birthday when I said on the IRC "wow, I can finally post here as a real adult", and was immediately banned forever.

804e45f1 No.3733213

File: 1708814280454.jpg (98.03 KB, 584x826, _fa__wt_snacks_and_moot___….jpg)

That was also when Snacks got das buut, cause we were a thing.

804e45f1 No.3733214

In craptasrophy when desu comes up, yeah that was me.


51100312 No.3733239

File: 1708823650419.jpg (70.43 KB, 755x724, Superbark_gone_wrong.jpg)

>I don't want people to look at my porn postmortem
Ever heard of VeraCrypt, Mr. Anon? If you're worried about forgetting the password due to sauce, then just name it after every dog you had or were fond of in chronological order and add to the end of the password your dick's name. :P The spooks already know about your porn, and anyone else won't ever guess or care anyway.
>The video you posted was dead
No video I have posted is "dead". The important one I'd like you to watch (no matter the reason or lack thereof) and comment on is here, and it works… do it for me?

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