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So how come Daffy Duck never remembers that ducks can fly?

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Clutch Cargo! The best motherfucking cartoon ever made!

And don't you forget it.


ce6682ff No.3740598

I had to look that up on wikipedia after watching the first episode. I can't believe that was actually a thing in the late 50's.

cfe954d3 No.3740599


They used to play this locally when I was a kid. It was in one of those cartoon compilations and it would be shown one part at a time.

Another series that used this technique was called "Space Angel"

The cartoon "Mr Incredible and Pals" (an 'Incredibles' bonus short) was a parody of this live lips onto still images technique.

cfe954d3 No.3740600

Also on Conan O'Brien's earlier show he'd interview some guests like this too

f46dd1ee No.3740624

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Yeah, a local station played reruns when I was young, too. At the time I knew it was really cheap but I still loved it. :)

ec93ad02 No.3740727

> Another series that used this technique was called "Space Angel"
Not surprisingly, Space Angel was made later by the same guy who previously made Clutch Cargo.

80f92887 No.3740756

Those were my favorite parts of conan

f46dd1ee No.3740795

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This channel might be something.

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