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Harvard psychologist: If you use any of these 7 phrases every day, you 'may have low emotional intelligence' and What to say instead:

1. "I'm not changing. This is who I am."
2. "I don't care how you feel."
3. "It's your fault I'm feeling this way."
4. "You're just wrong."
5. "Stop being crazy!"
6. "I can't forgive you."
7. "Your feelings are irrational."

47abe617 No.3738450

> 2. "I don't care how you feel."
> 4. "You're just wrong."
> 5. "Stop being crazy!"
These are essential phrases that every lulzian needs here.

066a0a68 No.3738451

"Emotional intelligence"

Into the trash it goes. thanks for bringing up the thing they invented for women to point to and go "See I'm a smart as men, I've got this kind of intelligence."

d57a2f01 No.3738452

ask ChatGPT: Describe the meaning of "Emotional intelligence"

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, understand, and manage one's own emotions, as well as the emotions of others. It involves being able to recognize and regulate one's own feelings, navigate social interactions and relationships effectively, and empathize with others. Emotional intelligence is considered a crucial skill in personal and professional success, as it can help individuals communicate more effectively, make better decisions, and build stronger relationships.

d57a2f01 No.3738453

What to say instead:

1. "I am open to growth and personal development."
2. "I am interested in understanding how you feel."
3. "I recognize my own emotions and take responsibility for how I react."
4. "Let's discuss our differing perspectives."
5. "I understand you are feeling strongly about this. Can we talk about it calmly?"
6. "I am willing to work through this and find a way to move forward."
7. "I appreciate your perspective. Let's try to understand where each other is coming from."

5c3e29e1 No.3738583

The opposite of emotional intelligence


>phenomenon characterized by significant challenges in recognizing, expressing, sourcing, and describing one's emotions. alexithymia is highly prevalent among individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), ranging from 50% to 85% of prevalence.

>may include problems identifying, processing, describing, and working with one's own feelings, often marked by a lack of understanding of the feelings of others; difficulty distinguishing between feelings and the bodily sensations of emotional arousal; confusion of physical sensations often associated with emotions; few dreams or fantasies due to restricted imagination
>An inability to modulate emotions is a possibility in explaining why some people with alexithymia are prone to discharge tension arising from unpleasant emotional states through impulsive acts or compulsive behaviors such as binge eating, substance abuse, perverse sexual behavior or anorexia nervosa.

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