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File: 1714070481373.jpg (99.87 KB, 662x1036, issue_nr1_-_front_cover.jpg)

8af7d74f No.3738571

Could someone please change the word STUPID on their shirts to STINKY if you have the time? I think it would funnier and more on the nose because they're skunks. ^.^;

b529f8bd No.3738575

File: 1714071285643.gif (286.89 KB, 662x1036, smelly.gif)


8af7d74f No.3738577

File: 1714071775460.jpg (70.76 KB, 960x720, rhea-P7130887.JPG)

Ha! xD
Take this old Anthrocon '02 photo for making me laugh at least.

444e954e No.3738604

I remember being there at ac 02, everyone was fanboing for her! Her name was cheetoy or something like that.

0ba83402 No.3738613

File: 1714085440453.png (955.19 KB, 662x1036, 1714070481373.png)


Stinky Minkies!

8af7d74f No.3738617

Yay! Thank you. XD
And yeah AC's Philadelphia days were the best. Things were soooo different back then!

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