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7c5e5eba No.3738872

Look even Cobalt a former trans person has gone back to being a man.

"Richard Oddson
February 15
Just got home from my grad ceremony in residential construction."

c9b11ff9 No.3739041

File: 1714527143514.png (376.53 KB, 732x1147, cry.png)

Of course its a fad, Like being an Emo or goth was a fad for millennials.

Its first world problems

fbd71187 No.3739177

File: 1714730347870.png (4.23 MB, 2160x3840, areyoulisteningnumbnuts.png)

Trans people have existed from the beginning of humanity. You know the great "seat of western civilization" of Rome was full of gay and trans people.

Men loving other men was considered the truest form of love in Rome.

ff5ccd97 No.3739209

wtf is that?

b6329114 No.3739210

I assume something along the lines of the Finnish.

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